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  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Flashpoints and Diplomacy Edition
    published on October 21st, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as flashpoints in the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar warzones are the scene of conflict and furious diplomatic activity.

    Intaki Assembly Agrees to Unconditional Evacuation for Lai Dai Forces on Intaki V

    Intaki, Placid – The Intaki Assembly has signed an agreement providing for the "unconditional and unrestricted evacuation of the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment and allied forces from the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Facility." The agreement comes against a background of continuing Federal Defense Union control of the Viriette constellation and the presence of a Federal Marine force on Intaki V itself.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has learned that the agreement between the Intaki Assembly and Lai Dai includes an undertaking to provide disarmament codes for an extensive array of "disposable autonomous defense, denial and interdiction" (DADDI) systems that have been seeded in a wide band of territory surrounding the transorbital facility. Reports from Intaki V have alleged that DADDI munitions and drones have been responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries since the 203rd CAP Regiment retreated behind their fortifications at Kainta Yavaat. Lai Dai representatives have disavowed responsibility for the DADDI systems in the region and claim the codes were obtained through "intelligence operations against independent mercenary groups."

    Despite the seemingly noble goal of ensuring the disarmament of countless deadly and indiscriminate weapons scattered across the exclusion zone, the Intaki Assembly has come under repeated fire from protestors, non-governmental organizations and radical political parties over alleged payments made to assembly members by Lai Dai. The Scope understands that LDPS evacuation flights have already begun and are being escorted by CONCORD conflict monitoring units.


    House Sarum Orders Mobilization and "Reclaiming" in Reaction to Alleged "Militia Corruption"

    Sarum Prime, Domain – House Sarum has signalled an escalation of military operations, following accusations of "militia corruption" in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone governed by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act (CEMWPA) of YC110. In a response to allegations of collusion between Amarr and Minmatar militia groups, the Private Secretary of Royal Heir Arrach Sarum, Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum, relayed orders to "redouble efforts" in Devoid and the Bleak Lands, and specifically designated the Arzad system a "priority objective."

    More controversially, the House Sarum representative also announced the commissioning of "labour acquisition expeditions" to the "Upper Rebel Provinces" and an order for the "full reclaiming" of Floseswin IV. According to the recent reorganization of territory in the Amarr Empire, the Upper Rebel Provinces refers to the Minmatar Republic's Metropolis region, though this is believed for practical purposes to be limited to operations in the militia warzone. Minmatar Republic officials have reacted with extreme hostility to the implication that "slave-taking contrary to CONCORD law and treaties between Republic and Empire" will be carried out in the Metropolis warzone systems.

    In response to requests for clarification on its position, the Royal House of Ardishapur, which has notional territorial responsibility for the "Lower Rebel Provinces" or Heimatar and Molden Heath regions, has stated that it is "focused on the defense of Derelik from Triglavian and Blood Raider threats, while providing firm support to our loyal militias in the warzone." House Ardishapur has also stated that it is "far more concerned by allegations of corruption among 24th Imperial Crusade officials and has recommended the Ministry of Internal Order investigate irregular convoy activity and suspicious financial activities."


    CONCORD Inner Circle Debates Legality of Occupied Warzone Planetary Operations

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Inner Circle has convened a meeting to discuss the legal status of planetary operations in the occupied warzones of the CEMWPA administered systems along the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar borders. With recent activity by Caldari PMCs and megacorporate forces and the threat of increased operations by Amarr house forces and mercenary groups, the Inner Circle is reported to be concerned that resources needed to combat the threat from Triglavian, Drifter and terrorist pirate groups will be diverted into escalating border conflicts.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx was able to ask Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the Amarr delegate to the Inner Circle, to comment on recent developments before he went into the closed session of the Inner Circle: "The position of the Imperial Throne on so-called "extralegal planetary incursions" is considerably affected by the continuing extralegal, as one might say, sanctions unilaterally imposed on the Amarr Empire and its subjects by the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Perhaps, if they are so keen to see an end to "extralegality" in interstellar affairs, they will reflect on the destabilizing effects of their policy of economic blockade and sabotage."

    Delegates Keitan Yun of the Minmatar Republic and Devan Malate of the Gallente Federation were not available for comment before the Inner Circle session began.


    Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi Megacorporations Form "Combine TNR" Corporate Alliance

    New Caldari, Kimotoro – Caldari State megacorporations Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi have announced that they are now aligning their operations in a new corporate alliance. While the three megas remain entirely independent of one another, they intend to co-ordinate their interstellar business interests through a new jointly-owned  trade and banking consortium called "Combine TNR".

    The announcement follows a series of meetings between the three megacorps that culminated in a recent summit on the ocean world of Matigu in the New Caldari system. Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi are now considered to be grouped into the Tiuunakama Nenkanavu Rymasaikkan, or "Ocean Winds Corporate Community", in a move that appears in large part to be a response to the recent formation of the PKN Interstellar consortium by the CBD, Nugoeihuvi and Lai Dai megacorporations.

    Observers of Caldari corporate politics have noted that the recent formation of two major consortiums has effectively split the so-called "Patriot Faction" of Caldari megacorps and indicates a major realignment of the entire "Big 8" is ongoing. The prevailing assumption among analysts is that Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa will soon declare their own corporate alliance.


    Federal Elections Commission Sets Gallente Presidental Election Date

    Villore, Essence – The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has announced that the Federation Presidential Election will be held over the 28th and 29th of February YC122. The inauguration of the Federation President will take place on the 20th of March. The Presidential Election will be held alongside voting for 180 Federal Senate seats as per the system of electing a fifth of senatorial seats each year on a five-year cycle.

    The announcement of the date has come after consultations with the Federal Senate, System Governors, Federal Military Commission and President Jacus Roden, following the "quadruple lock" regulations to ensure all federal territories continue to have access to the franchise despite prevailing conditions of conflict or other political considerations. The ongoing conflict with the Triglavian Collective has been of some concern to many looking forward to electing a new Federation President, but outgoing two-term President Jacus Roden has been vocal in his insistence that all Federation citizens will have the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights.

    Gallente news media have been speculating on who will be the leading candidates for several months and now expect a series of declarations to mark the beginning of the campaign period running up to the end of February election weekend.


    In Other News

    • Governor Ekroz Salaf of the Ammatar Mandate Meets with Molden Heath Commandant Kanth Filmir
    • Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa Hold New Round of Talks at Corporate Mountain Retreat on Achura
    • Matar Planetary Security Carry Out Security Sweeps after "Capsuleer Renegades Threaten Assassinations"
    • BREAKING: Rioting in Intaki V Cities of Lenoika and Navyii Akat; Intaki Assembly House Stormed
    • BREAKING: Intaki Militia Loyal to Assembly Reportedly Fighting with "Rebel Militia" Backing Protestors
    • BREAKING: Federal Marines Moving Back to Cities as CONCORD Conflict Monitors Oversee Lai Dai Evacuation


  • Empress Catiz I Revokes Heideran Decree and Announces Sweeping Territorial and Military Reorganization
    published on September 27th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime – In the course of a wide-ranging "Address to the Faithful" on the occasion of the third anniversary of her coronation, Empress Catiz I has declared an end to the so-called "Heideran Decree" and ordered a rearrangement of the "territorial and military fiefs overseen by the Royal Houses of the Privy Council".

    The Heideran Decree was a ruling in YC105 by Emperor Heideran VII that limited military forces in space to the Imperial Navy. The effect of the Heideran Decree has varied considerably since its inception but was considerably diluted during the reign of Empress Jamyl I. The revocation of the decree restores the right of all Amarr Holders to raise and maintain military forces and permits their deployment in space. Though a major benefit for all houses, the revocation also eliminates the remaining limits on House Kador's fleet numbers due to the "Kador Incursion" incident of YC110.

    However, the most sweeping announcements concerned the territorial and military organization of the Amarr Empire under the Imperial Throne and Royal Houses. Empress Catiz I has promulgated her full doctrine in a work entitled Pax e Kilizhi Do, or "Peace of the Two Swords", but her address picked out key elements of her vision for the future of the Amarr Empire.

    The Amarr Empire has been divided into "Imperial Military Circuits" that are to be overseen by the Royal Houses of the Privy Council:

    • Throne Military Circuit: Throne Worlds and Norgoh Imperial Zone
    • Ardishapur Military Circuit: Lower Domain, Derelik and Lower Rebel Provinces
    • Kador Military Circuit: Kador and Upper Genesis
    • Khanid Military Circuit: Khanid and Aridia
    • Kor-Azor Military Circuit: Kor-Azor and Lower Genesis
    • Sarum Military Circuit: Upper Domain, Bleak Lands, Devoid and Upper Rebel Provinces
    • Tash-Murkon Military Circuit: Tash-Murkon, Jakemhih-Kashag Development Zone and Providence Marches

    The six Royal Heirs are designated "Sword Marshals of the Imperial Military Circuits" and have been given "supreme command authority within their military circuits subject only to commands of the Imperial Throne". While the Empress is technically "Sword Marshal of the Throne Military Circuit", the command authority is likely to reside with the Court Chamberlain for practical purposes. The status of ancient fiefs and holdings within the Throne Worlds also remains unaltered where they are unconcerned with space defense.

    As further outlined in the address by Empress Catiz, the Sword Marshals, that is the Royal Heirs, are expected to provide for the "defense of their territorial and military fiefs personally, and through their own vassals and subjects." The Holders of the territories falling under each of the new Imperial Military Circuits are instructed to "take all such steps as are necessary to secure adequate defense of their own holdings and comply with the lawful commands of their Sword Marshals and liege lords."

    The overall import of the Pax e Kilizhi Do is a significant reorganization of territorial holdings across the Amarr Empire. A large number of systems with unclear lines of command and feudal responsibilities have been allocated so that all lines of feudal and military authority flow towards a single Royal House and through them to the Imperial Throne. As a result of reorganization and reallocation of the previously confused territories in Aridia, Bleak Lands, Devoid and Genesis, it would appear that Houses Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor and Sarum are major beneficiaries of the shake-up.

    However, House Ardishapur appears to have successfully resisted growing calls by some to break up its rule over the Ammatar Mandate and held onto its key Domain region holdings. It has been suggested that House Ardishapur's repeated successful defense of the Ammatar Mandate from Triglavian and Blood Raider assaults strengthened their position. The more mercantile oriented House Tash-Murkon has also acquired control over a small development zone in the prestigious Domain region. The main losers are a large number of minor houses who have been placed unambiguously under vassalage to one of the six Royal Houses where previously the position was unclear due to a webbing of pre-existing fiefs and feudal charters.

    Imperial state and civil authority as manifested by the powerful ministries of the Amarr Empire appears to have been left relatively untouched by these developments, with the Empire-wide authority of such bodies as the Imperial Chancellory and the Ministry of Internal Order reaffirmed. The Ministry of War has been given direct authority to "inspect the adequacy of the defenses of Holy Amarr and report insufficiencies of provision to the Imperial Throne." The Imperial Navy is currently in the process of reorganizing its forces into Imperial Military Circuit fleets within the new territorial and military structure. The Order of St. Tetrimon has reportedly had its Empire-wide mandate to seek out heresy and rebellion among slave populations renewed at the recommendation of Lords Ardishapur and Sarum.

    Observers of the Amarr Empire have been quick to speculate that the reorganization is in large part a response to the pressures and costs of the Triglavian Invasion, which has hit the sprawling Empire particularly hard. The Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel has issued a communique welcoming the reorganization as "sensible and measured given the ongoing requirements of the war against the Triglavian menace by all CONCORD member states."

    The Minmatar Republic's Tribal Council has responded to the news by describing it as "a total victory for ultra-militant forces in the Amarr Empire" and has sent task forces to reinforce systems bordering the Amarr Empire and Ammatar Mandate. The Gallente Federation has not formally responded, and the Federal Navy is currently co-ordinating with Imperial authorities over a major Triglavian invasion group straddling the Amarr-Gallente border.


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Jubilation and Strife Edition
    published on September 27th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden on the third anniversary of the Coronation of Empress Catiz I.

    Coronation Anniversary Week Celebrations and Pilgrimages Limited by War Footing

    Amarr, Domain – As the Amarr Empire celebrates the Third Coronation Jubilee of Empress Catiz I, the extent of the revels has been limited by the war footing on which the Empire has been since the Triglavian Invasion began. While Amarr Prime, and in particular the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, has had its population swollen by large numbers of pilgrims, their numbers have been fewer than on previous celebrations of Empress Catiz's coronation.

    Despite the lower numbers of pilgrims, military forces throughout the Amarr Empire have been on the highest alert for several days due to the large numbers of dignitaries travelling to Dam-Torsad. The Royal Heirs of the six houses of the Imperial Privy Council have been present on Amarr Prime for some weeks due to an extended series of meetings of the Amarr Empire's highest state council.

    The Theology Council's various orders and committees have also been involved in a large number of meetings, not least concerning Empress Catiz's new doctrinal work Pax e Kilizhi Do, or "Peace of the Two Swords". Most observers of the Amarr Imperial Court are expecting significant announcements will be made shortly, particularly given the extensive meetings of the Privy and Theology Councils over the last weeks.


    Triglavian Invasion Forces Strike at Multiple Amarr Regions; House Fleets Respond

    Aridia, Genesis and Kor-Azor – While the Amarr authorities have prepared for the coronation anniversary, the Triglavian Invasion has continued to strike at various regions of the Empire. Invasion forces have been attacking Amarr systems in the regions of Aridia, Genesis and Kor-Azor, with multiples forces from the Imperial Navy, Royal Khanid Navy and fleets of Houses Kador and Kor-Azor responding.

    Fresh from a successful defence of the Mishi system in Aridia, units of the Royal Khanid Navy have responded to the latest attack on the region by a Triglavian invasion group. Queen Zidarez Khanid herself has been escorted by her personal squadron to Amarr Prime in order to take part in the jubilee ceremonies. The Kador Family's fleets have been heavily involved with defence of Amarr holdings in the Genesis system, and were once again in action as an invasion force struck at the Genesis border between Amarr and Gallente space.

    With a major Triglavian invasion force emerging in the Kor-Azor region, the ruling house's formidable fleet was naturally involved in operations to combat the invaders. The extensive domains of the Amarr Empire continue to be a major target for Triglavian invasion groups, with the new expansion of the Collective's war outwards into low-security space evidently leading to even more assaults against New Eden's largest empire.


    In Other News

    • More Protests Erupt on Intaki V as Evidence of Lai Dai Payments to Assembly Members Emerges
    • CONCORD Conflict Monitors Advocate DMZ Between Kainta Yavaat and Lines Held by Federal Marines and Intaki Militia
    • Lai Dai Protection Service Denies Use of Area Denial Munitions on Intaki V; "Cannot Speak for Mercenary Units"
    • Matar Planetary Security Arrests "Armed Intruders in Dokvat Airport Investigation Offices"; Local Clans "Under Suspicion"
    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Condemns "Inflammatory Rhetoric from Outlaws and Renegades Draping Themselves in Tribal Symbolism"
    • Jade Coast Hospitality and Gaming Association Reports "Drastic Fall in Tourist Numbers"; Casinos Record Lowest Earnings for a Decade
    • Kimotoro Eskeitan Overseeing Defence Operations in New Caldari Prime as Triglavian Invasion Touches State Capital System
    • Security High as Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi Corporate Leadership Hold Summit at Matigu Resort
    • Nugoeihuvi Awards Quafe Exclusive License to Produce and Sell Starsi Brand Soft Drinks in State and Empire


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Expansion and Construction Edition
    published on September 18th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as the Triglavian invasion's expansion into low-security space is accompanied by reports of new construction efforts in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace.

    CONCORD Taps New Eden Defense Fund to Combat Triglavian Expansion into Low-Security Space

    Yulai, Genesis – After a week of sustained conflict in multiple new war zones, the CONCORD Inner Circle has declared the expansion of Triglavian invasion operations into the low-security periphery "major new war fronts" and authorized the release of resources from the New Eden Defense Fund to enhance local defense capabilities in afflicted zones.

    Speaking to the press at the DED's weekly war briefing, Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall stressed the importance of local defense forces to the fight against the Triglavian invaders. "CONCORD forces are involved at every level of this war but we are ultimately limited by constraints on personnel, materiel and our many other responsibilities under CONCORD Assembly mandates. Speaking frankly, we are grateful that the large bulk of our personnel who are seconded from core empire militaries continue to be available to the DED under authorization of their national leaders. I can only welcome the Inner Circle's decision to release more resources from the New Eden Defense Fund to bolster local authorities in their defense planning and implementation."

    Low-Security Invasion Zones See Heavy Fighting and Some Successes by Defenders

    Khanid, Aridia and Molden Heath – News from the low-security fronts is mixed but overall reported to be stable. A serious Triglavian strike into the Khanid Kingdom's Seevadin constellation was successfuly repelled by the efforts of capsuleers and Royal Khanid Navy forces under the command of Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya. "We are most grateful to loyalist and allied capsuleers for their contribution to the security of the Khanid Kingdom, particularly in the face of these demonic invaders from the abyss," said Commodore Nomarya from his Vezila system HQ.

    In Aridia's Mayonhen constellation, the RKN taskforce personally commanded by Queen Zidarez Khanid, who continues to hold her rank of Grand Admiral, has met with stiff resistance from Triglavian forces. Reportedly, there has also been some interference by "outside agitators hindering the common defense of civilization", as the RKN press office put it. Reports that Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez has led a landing of his 7th Asbara Cyber Knights in a southern region of Mishi IV are as yet unconfirmed. A wing of the Kador House fleet has also arrived to join in the defense of the constellation, having been released from the defense of Kihkounad constellation in Genesis.

    On the other side of New Eden, a Triglavian incursion into the Almur constellation has been the scene of fierce fighting between the invaders and local defenders, including capsuleers and units of the Molden Heath Fleet Reserve under the command of Regional Commandant Kanth Filmir. A retired Republic Fleet Admiral, Commandant Filmir has been the head of the Molden Heath Fleet Reserve for eight years. Despite falling out of favor over a decade ago, and holding a reserve position focused on training and logistics, Commandant Filmir has been given overall command of the combined local militias and reservist forces in Molden Heath due to his extensive combat leadership experience during a long career in the Republic Fleet proper.


    Above: New Triglavian Construction Array (Imaging Data Courtesy ARC)

    New Triglavian Construction Platform Discoveries by Capsuleers Confirmed by CONCORD Intelligence

    Yulai, Genesis – In a brief statement, the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency has confirmed that reports by capsuleer explorers of a new series of Triglavian construction platforms in Abyssal Deadspace are accurate and "certainly indicate ongoing efforts by the Triglavian Collective to enhance their military capabilities in the light of experience and intelligence they have gained during their operations in New Eden." Analysis of the construction arrays suggests a program of capital ship building has commenced but the CDIA considers this a "provisional assessment of the available intelligence".

    The existence of Triglavian construction capacity in Abyssal Deadspace pockets has been the subject of considerable debate among military experts since the discovery of the Xordazh-class World Ark shipyards some six months ago. Controversy has raged over the nature of Triglavian civilization and the continuing search for their home bases in the Abyss. Analysts are sharply divided on the question of whether the Collective exists in a nomadic mode or if it in fact maintains major population centers deeper in the mysterious domains of Abyssal Deadspace. Capsuleer explorers and commentators are also hotly debating the issue with no clear consensus emerging as yet.

    PKN Interstellar Consortium Meeting and Celebration Held on Jita 4-4 Trade Hub to Mark Expansion Project

    Jita, The Forge – The PKN Interstellar consortium has held a combined summit meeting and celebration aboard the Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy station with early work on the group's trade hub expansion project underway. Founder corporations of PKN Interstellar are led by CBD, Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi, the three megacorps comprising the Pikotsaunen Kaatso Nuijaa, or "Dark Forest Business Club". Other major corporations joining or investing in the consortium also have delegations in attendance with Quafe, Impro, Khanid Works and Tash-Murkon Investment Bank notably present.

    Rumors that the Aliastra corporation was also joining PKN Interstellar have proven to be false but major FTL provider Semiotique Superluminal and the Thukker Tribe's Trust Partners have been confirmed as investors and have a presence at the summit. Accusations of "dark money" being funnelled to PKN Interstellar from the Serpentis Corporation via the Leisure Group have been robustly denied by PKN's public relations officers. The celebrations are formally being hosted by the Modern Finances bank and local sources have exclusively revealed to Ret Gloriaxx that large quantities of luxury canapés, using ingredients such as premium Hanging Long-limb roes and rare varieties of Lirsautton melons, have been ordered in from high-class Jita 4-4 restaurants. The Caldari Navy has referred all requests for comment to the CEP's press office.


    In Other News

    • Major Protests in Intaki Cities at Assembly Deal with Lai Dai; Hundreds of Thousands March in Lenoika and Navyii Akat
    • Imperial Court Prepares for Coronation Anniversary as Rumors of Major Announcements Sweep Amarr Empire
    • Gallente Federal Elections Commission Meets to Consider Presidential Vote Timetable
    • Quafe Corporation Withdraws from Ishukone Case Against Onikanabo Brigade and Lai Dai Over Intaki V
    • Matar Planetary Security Issues Witness Summons to Survivors of Blood Raider Attacks
    • Attack on Seshi by Triglavian Forces "Could be Connected to Vimoksha Chorus Raids" Claims Source in AEGIS

    Breaking News

    • BREAKING: Federal Marines Reported to be Landing on Intaki V Supported by Federal Defense Union
    • BREAKING: LDPS 203rd CAP Regiment Declares 1,000 KM Suborbital Exclusion Zone Around Kainta Yavaat
    • BREAKING: Colonel Aina Yuminoro Confirms Authorization to Enforce Exclusion Zone with AAS Missiles

  • BREAKING: SCC Lifts Nullsec Bandwidth Limits After Restoration of FTL Infrastructure and Supplies
    published on September 16th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – The Secure Commerce Commission has confirmed that it is lifting bandwidth and usage limits on nullsec FTL communications via the New Eden fluid router network. The SCC states that they are doing so "due to restoration of affected FTL infrastructure and resumption of full supply of Quantum-Entangled 4-Helium across the network."

    Despite the ongoing Triglavian Invasion, and its expansion into the low-security periphery, the decision to lift nullsec communications limits has been authorized by CONCORD's Inner Circle because QE 4-He production has exceeded pre-invasion levels. While Triglavian forces remain a serious threat to space commerce and logistics, the relatively low level of Drifter activity in nullsec has also permitted secure supply of QE 4-He, vital to FTL communications, to resume in full. Resources made available by the New Eden Defense Fund played a key role in the accelerated reconstruction of critical production and supply networks.

    "CONCORD and the core empires have managed to overcome the loss of production facilities and stockpiles during the early stages of the invasion," one source at the SCC told the Scope. "Production of QE 4-He is now considerably greater than it was when the invasions began and strategic stockpiles of the material have been completely refilled and distributed widely. With the Drifters quiet once more, the logistics crews have managed to bring nullsec infrastructure back up to the point where it can go fully online again."

    The SCC has cautioned that the restoration of full communications bandwidth is "contingent on strategic requirements as directed by the CONCORD Inner Circle and therefore service levels are subject to change, at short notice, according to circumstances."

    In Other News

    • Survivors of Attacks on Matar's Mikramurka Coast Recovered from Blood Raider Installation
    • Lai Dai Negotiates Lease for Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility with Intaki Assembly
    • Sansha's Nation Splinter Group "Vimoksha Chorus" Raid Seshi VII Colony; Repelled With Heavy Losses
    • Mordu's Legion Confirms Total Withdrawal of Onikanabo Brigade Forces from Intaki V
    • RKN Taskforce Commanded by Queen Zidarez Khanid Arrives in Mishi to Fight Triglavian Invaders

  • CEP and Caldari Navy Greenlight Jita 4-4 Expansion; PKN Interstellar Consortium Seals Contracts
    published on August 23rd, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Jita, The Forge – A rumored scheme to expand the Caldari Navy's Jita 4-4 station was confirmed today, with the formal announcement by the Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel that it has approved plans and contracts for the project. The PKN Interstellar consortium, led by a group of three Caldari megacorporations, has won the bidding to renovate and significantly expand the most important station in the Caldari State, some would say in all of New Eden.

    PKN Interstellar was founded by the so-called Pikotsaunen Kaatso Nuijaa, or "Dark Forest Business Club", a grouping of the CBD, Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi megacorporations. The PKN grouping appears to represent a realignment of these Caldari megacorporations away from old factional dividing lines. PKN Interstellar is a consortium organized around the Modern Finances bank and has a number of associate members and investors from around New Eden.

    Confirmed PKN Interstellar associate members include corporations such as Impro, Khanid Works, Tash-Murkon Family and Quafe. It is rumored that other associates and investors include Aliastra, Leisure Group, Semiotique Superluminal and Trust Partners.

    The Jita 4-4 renovation and expansion project is understood to be intended to provide much needed additional space and specialist facilities for the many corporations that operate out of the station. Although the CEP and Caldari Navy have not commented on other bids, it is rumored that both the Upwell Consortium and a group led by the Ishukone megacorporation also submitted plans.

    PKN Interstellar chair Alakoni Ishanoya expressed delight that her industrial consortium had won the day saying, "We at PKN Interstellar are certain that this decision will lead to the rejuvenation of the Jita 4-4 business ecosystem and considerably enhance prosperity for all involved." It is believed that initial construction work based on the ambitious plans will begin within weeks.

    In Other News

    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Commends Krusual Tribe for "Work to Enhance Matar Planetary Defense Facilities"
    • Triglavian Invasion Reconnaissance Forces "Pose Challenges but Have Not Penetrated Orbital Defenses" say AEGIS
    • CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency Satisfied with Roll Out of Frigate Technical Readouts Program
    • Republic Justice Department Links "Sundsele Six" Transport Attack with Krullefor Organization in Mikramurka
    • Preparations for Third Anniversary of Coronation Begin as Imperial Officials Brace for Petitions to the Throne
    • Lai Dai Corporation Signs Ceasefire Agreement with Intaki Assembly; Onikanabo Brigade Withdrawing from Intaki V
    • Full Amarr Privy Council Meetings Held with Theology Council Delegates; Rumors of "Radical Restructuring" Emerge
    • Intaki Dissidents Allege Lai Dai "Being Allowed to Leave With Plunder"; Protesters Claim Ceasefire Deal a "Betrayal"


  • Space-Time Disturbances "Indicate a Spike in Wormholes" Leading to Drifter Hive Systems
    published on August 9th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – Project Discovery's network of deep space astrometric arrays has detected "an increase in spatio-temporal disturbances with a signature matching those emanating from unstable wormholes associated with Drifter Hive Systems," according to an advisory issued by the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency (CDIA).

    The CDIA advisory notes that this "could indicate a spike in wormholes forming as connections to Drifter Hive systems" and adds that "multiple spatio-temporal signals resonating with these increased disturbances could be caused by additional wormholes forming between Drifter Hive systems and other systems in the Anoikis network."

    The CDIA notice raises its advice on exercising caution when travelling near ruined Jove Observatories and unidentified wormholes to "avoid if possible, exercise extreme caution on encountering, and leave the vicinity immediately." The CDIA have also reiterated longstanding CONCORD advice that "exploration of Drifter Hive Systems should be avoided at all costs."

    CDIA Capsuleer Support Project

    In a related development, the CDIA has confirmed that is preparing a series of technical readout datafiles for the use of newly-qualified capsuleers and expects to make a more detailed announcement shortly. The project is believed to be part of CONCORD's continuing effort to build up capsuleer force capabilities during the Triglavian invasion crisis and is reportedly benefitting from resources provided by the New Eden Defense Fund.

    In Other News

    • Security Situation on Intaki V "Static but Unstable" Say CONCORD Conflict Monitors; Opposing PMCs Maintaining Positions
    • Krullefor Organization Claims "Record Shipping Profits" as Capsuleer/Warclone Anti-Smuggling Group Forms in Molden Heath
    • Amarr Privy Council Meetings to Resume Following Week-Long Break to Mark Foundation of Basilica of St. Gheinok
    • Lai Dai Application to CBT for Exemption from State Economic Guidance on Toxic Waste Disposal Denied
    • No Results After Week-Long Search for "Sundsele Six"; Local Press Claims Eyniletti Rangers Assigned to Manhunt
    • Breaking: Lai Dai Corporation "Studying Options for Relocating Toxic Waste to Conflict Zone Sites"
    • Breaking: Recently Deceased Head of House Gallius "Assassinated by Poisoning" Claims Amarr MIO Source


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Death and Taxes Edition
    published on August 1st, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as tax and brokerage rises come into effect across SCC regulated markets.

    SCC Implements Tax and Brokerage Increases as NEDFA Comes into Force

    Yulai, Genesis – Following the swift passage in the CONCORD Assembly of the New Eden Defense Fund Act YC121 (NEDFA), the Secure Commerce Commission has implemented the increases in transaction tax and brokerage fees called for by the funding provisions of the legislation. Base tax has increased from 2.00% to 5.00% on SCC market transactions, while the base brokerage fee has risen from 3.00% to 5.00%.

    Above: holo-poster promoting New Eden Defense Fund Act – tax and fee details embedded

    Improvements to the SCC tax code mean efficient accounting and brokerage negotiations will provide significant reductions in taxes and fees. However, minimum tax and brokerage fees will still be above levels currently achievable through skilled accountancy and good relations with market operators.

    The DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall commented, "With the resources provided by the New Eden Defense Fund, the fight against the Triglavian invasion will be joined by renewed fleets and benefit from improved defenses across the cluster."


    Standoff on Intaki Prime as Lai Dai Refuses to Withdraw Forces from Key Locations

    Intaki, Placid – Despite protests from the Intaki Assembly, Federal Senate and Mordu's Legion, the Lai Dai Protection Service (LDPS) has refused to withdraw its forces from several locations on Intaki Prime. In legal filings at the Caldari Business Tribunal, Lai Dai representatives confirmed that the Onikanabo Brigade (OB) private military company is operating on the planet under contract with the megacorporation.

    The fifth planet of the Intaki system, and ancestral homeworld of the large and influential Intaki diaspora, has been the scene of low-intensity conflict since the Onikanabo Brigade and LDPS began operations there almost two months ago. The threat of serious warfighting was at its highest levels when OB and LDPS forces broke out of fortified positions at the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility in the foothills of the Northern Akat Mountains. Their subsequent sweep through Ida monasteries and attached research centers in the region brought them into conflict with units of the Intaki Assembly's militia.

    Serious fighting was avoided as the overmatched Intaki militia units were forced to retreat south to secured zones around the Intaki administrative capital of Navyii Akat. Units of the Condotta Rouvenor and Isuuaya Tactical PMCs are reported to have established a defensive line around Navyii Akat, while Mordu's Legion has confirmed it has deployed freshly-arrived troops at positions defending Lenoika, the largest city of Intaki Prime and the cultural capital of the planet.

    Reports of heavily-defended LDPS convoys moving back and forth between Kainta Yavaat and a number of locations in the Northern Akat Mountains have been independently confirmed by CONCORD conflict monitors. Colonel Aina Yuminoro of the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment issued a statement declaring her unit's operations to be "in accordance with Caldari State corporate law and principles of reclamation from conflict zones and territorial possessions of the Caldari people."

    The LDPS appear to be anticipating a lengthy stay as Kainta Yavaat's defenses were reportedly augmented last night with detachments of LDC-ISU-8-118 "Orochi" self-propelled multiple rocket launchers and LDC-SOMA-303 "Itsumade" anti-aerospace missile batteries.


    BREAKING: "Sundsele Six" Missing after Terrorist Attack on Sebiestor Tribal Marshals Convoy Leaves Three Dead

    Matar, Pator — A "terrorist attack" on a Sebiestor Tribal Marshals convoy has killed three marshals and apparently resulted in the kidnapping, or escape from custody, of the so-called "Sundsele Six", a group of defense officials from the Mikramurka region under suspicion of negligence or sabotage following a recent Blood Raider attack on the Sundsele urban coastal zone of the Northern continent of Matar.

    Although reports are confused, it appears that the Sebiestor marshals took charge of the Sundele Six this morning, following their arrival on a secure RSS flight into the Dokvat Airport south of Sundsele proper. A convoy of Tribal Marshals vehicles carrying the prisoners was apparently in transit along the stretch of the Snow-Eater Road between Dokvat and Sundsele when they were assaulted by a heavily-armed force.

    One report has stated that the Snow-Eater Road was blocked by an overturned road-train, forcing the convoy to slow and attempt to pass by the highway's hard shoulder. The lead and rear vehicles of the convoy were disabled by rocket-propelled grenades while the prisoner transport was passing the road-train. An eye-witness has stated that masked "terrorists" then assaulted the transport and seized the six being held within. The three dead Sebiestor marshals are understood to have been killed in the RPG strikes on their vehicles. Several more marshals are seriously injured and a number of bystanders are suffering from light shrapnel wounds.

    Responding to the news, Khumatar Allek Berialsh, Matar Planetary Security Co-ordinator, said, "This shocking attack clearly has the aim of thwarting the search for truth and justice over the Sundsele attack. Matar Planetary Security will be assisting the Sebiestor Tribe with every means at its disposal." Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe said, "My thoughts are with the families of our dead and injured Tribal Marshals, and also with those of the six Mikramurka officials who remain innocent in the eyes of the tribe until otherwise shown to be guilty. Sebiestor security and investigative forces are hard at work on the Snow-Eater Road, in Dokvat and in Sundsele. Justice will be done for all those who have suffered from these vile terrorist attacks."

    In Other News

    • Amarr Privy Council Meeting Sessions Enter Fourth Day; Likely to Extend Over Weekend
    • Attack on Marmeha IV Colony Confirmed as "Vimoksha Chorus" Raid; Thousands Missing
    • Thukker Tribe Deny Claims of "Militarized City Ship Project Hidden in Drone Regions"
    • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Hold Joint Orbital and Planetary Defense Exercises
    • Federal Senate Holds Closed Oversight Meeting on Semiki; "Investigating FIO Penetration"
    • Fault in Kurniainen-Oyonata Gate Traced to Feral Fedo Infestation; Purge Teams Sweeping Local Gates


  • BREAKING: CONCORD Assembly Passes Tax and Brokerage Increases to Bolster New Eden Defense Fund
    published on July 29th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – Substantially increased tax and broker fees are to be levied on interstellar market transactions by the Secure Commerce Commission, following today's passage in the CONCORD Assembly of the "New Eden Defense Fund Act YC121" (NEDFA). SCC markets will see base transaction tax increase from 2.00% to 5.00%, while the base brokerage fee will rise from 3.00% to 5.00%.

    Above: SCC poster promoting New Eden Defense Fund Act

    While the core empires supported the New Eden Defense Fund Act's goals, they were keen to arrive at a means of raising the funds that would spread the load across the New Eden economy and focused on interstellar trade taxes as a means to achieve this. Welcoming the passage of the NEDFA legislation, the DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall was again keen to emphasize that funding for capsuleer loyalty programs and improved training will be maintained due to the contributions to New Eden's defense of capsuleer fighters.

    Capsuleer efforts in the struggle against the Triglavians have been acknowledged with preferential tax and brokerage levels made possible through skilled accounting and the continuing benefit of collecting broker fees when operating Upwell structures. Improvements to the SCC tax code will allow efficient accounting and brokerage negotiations to gain improved savings relative to the increased base tax and fess. However, minimum tax and brokerage fees will still be above levels currently achievable through skilled accountancy and good relations with market operators.

    Capsuleer news services have been extensively reporting on the Triglavian invasion and other emergent threats, and the ARC Studios-broadcast show The Discourse has reported on the New Eden Defense Fund Act and consequent tax measures.

    The Scope understands that the SCC will run market stability simulations imminently and plans to implement the new tax and brokerage fee regime within days.

    In Other News

    • "Sundsele Six" Handed Back to Sebiestor Tribe as Jurisdiction in Case Affirmed by Tribal Council
    • Lai Dai Corporation Accuses Quafe of Hiring PMCs on Intaki V and "Interference in Caldari Corporate Sovereignty"
    • Ishukone Corporation in Talks with Mordu's Legion, Hyasyoda, Wiyrkomi and Quafe Over Intaki V Crisis
    • Gallente Senate Issues Formal Protest to CEP Over "Breach of Agreement to Protect Intaki Assembly Sovereignty"
    • Amarr Privy Council Meeting Commences as Empress Catiz I Welcomes Royal Heirs to Imperial Palace
    • Claims that Drifters and Rogues Drones Have Clashed in Drone Regions; Reports Unconfirmed
    • Leaked RJD Case File: Krullefor Organization and Seykal Clan "Control Majority of Smuggling in Molden Heath"


  • Empires Urge CONCORD Assembly Action on New Eden Defense Fund Proposals
    published on July 29th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – Debate in the CONCORD Assembly of a proposed "New Eden Defense Fund" in a weekend-long special session has been marked by strong support for action to bolster New Eden defenses against the Triglavian invasion and other threats.

    The New Eden Defense Fund proposals outline an extensive program of works to improve planetary and colony defenses, and enhance the defensive and offensive capabilities of vital installations. The CONCORD Inner Circle referred the defense fund proposals from the DED and AEGIS to the full assembly, with a recommendation to set up the fund, but left details of sourcing the necessary monies to representatives of all member states.

    AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir reiterated in her statements to the Assembly the importance of survival technology for military personnel, advocating augmentation and personality backup wherever feasible. The DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall emphasized the importance of continuing to support capsuleer efforts through loyalty programs and support for accelerated training for those combating threats such as the Triglavians and Drifters.

    The Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation have been particularly strong supporters of the proposals, with their extensive territories coming under repeated attacks by the Triglavians. Though defending more compact empires, the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic have also lent support to the measures but criticized Amarr and Gallente suggestions that all four empires share the financial burdens equally.

    The Assembly is currently in closed session but is reported to be "thrashing out details of a formula that will spread fundraising fairly across New Eden's economies."

    In Other News

    • Quafe Corporation Joins Ishukone Case Against Onikanabo Brigade and Lai Dai Over Intaki V Crisis
    • Condotta Rouvenor Troops Covering Intaki Militia Retreat to Positions Secured by Isuuaya Tactical PMC
    • Mordu's Legion Secures Communications of Navyii Akat as Intaki Assembly Holds Conference with Federal Senate
    • Chief Acassa Midular of Sebiestor Tribe Formally Insists on "Sundsele Six" Facing Trial by Tribal Peers
    • Unrest in Mikramurka Region Subsiding as Sebiestor Clan Chiefs Appeal for Tribe to Support Chief Midular
    • Reports of Khanid Royal Navy Buildup in Alpakian Constellation Ahead of Privy Council Meeting on "Fabai Claim"
    • Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur and Governor Ekroz Salaf Arrive on Amarr Prime After Tour of Ammatar Mandate


  • DED and AEGIS Leadership Propose New Eden Defense Fund at Inner Circle War Council
    published on July 26th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's military leadership submitted proposals for the establishment of a "New Eden Defense Fund" at this morning's meeting of the Inner Circle's War Council. The DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall and AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir jointly advocated the measure in response to mounting losses of personnel, materiel, and installations vital to the fight against the Triglavian invasion and other emergent threats to New Eden.

    According to the plan outlined by Marshals Elladall and Valkanir, the New Eden Defense Fund would: pay for essential works to improve planetary and station defenses; provide resources for CONCORD defense fleet repairs, replacements and expansion; and fund research into anti-Triglavian and anti-Drifter countermeasures. Key elements of the plan also focus on recruitment drives to make up losses in personnel, a program of enhanced training and augmentation of troops, and funding for personal survival equipment – including highly expensive backup personality recording systems.

    Inner Circle delegates received the DED proposals "in grim but attentive silence" according to one aide that spoke to the Scope. Just prior to the defense fund presentation, the meeting had reviewed a digest of losses incurred by CONCORD and core empire forces while fighting Triglavian invasion forces, as well as repelling Drifter, Sansha's Nation and Blood Raider attacks, over the last month.

    CONCORD military and security budgets are additionally under great strain due to the costs of supporting capsuleer efforts to repel the Triglavian invasion with loyalty programs and training uptake support using SoCT technology. Star Marshal Elladall is said to have been persuaded of the importance of backing capsuleer defense operations by Provost Marshal Valkanir.

    The Inner Circle subsequently voted unanimously to recommend the proposal to the full CONCORD Assembly, with a request that legislation be implemented to fully fund the measures. The CONCORD Assembly is set to begin a special session tonight, and remain in session over the weekend, to debate the options for funding the huge expansion in military spending advocated by the Inner Circle, DED and AEGIS.

    In Other News

    • Lai Dai Protection Service Forces Raid Monasteries and Medical Research Facilities on Intaki V
    • Onikanabo Brigade Reportedly Engages Intaki Militia and Condotta Rouvenor Troops in Support of LDPS
    • Protests by Local Clans in Sundsele as Six Arrested Mikramurka Defense Officials Transferred to Tribal Council Custody
    • Federation-CONCORD Ecological Survey Teams Reports "Significant Progress" in Mannar VIII Restoration Efforts
    • Reports of Arrests of MIO Officials on Alkabsi, Mabnen and Thebeka by Imperial Guard and House Troops
    • Devastating Raid on Stoure IV Federal Colony Attributed to Sansha's Nation Splinter Group "Vimoksha Chorus"
    • Arcurio Scorpions Score 31-22 Victory Over Caille Blasters in Blistering Luminaire Gravball League Season Opener


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Lights Going Out Across New Eden Edition
    published on July 15th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as the Secure Commerce Commission takes extraordinary measures in response to pressure from Drifter assaults and the continuing Triglavian invasions.

    SCC Confirms Limits on Nullsec Bandwidth to be "Maintained Indefinitely" Despite Fall in Drifter Assaults

    Yulai, Genesis – Following its imposition of bandwidth and usage limits on nullsec FTL communications via the New Eden fluid router network, the Secure Commerce Commission has confirmed that the limitation on communications will be "maintained indefinitely due to the effects of both Drifter attacks and the ongoing Triglavian invasions on the security of supplies of Quantum-Entangled 4-Helium." The possible impact of both Drifter and Triglavian attacks on the supply of QE 4-He has been extensively reported on by the Scope's Galactic News Network.

    The SCC has reiterated that its primary concern is to maintain the "integrity and sustainability of the fluid router network for strategic and essential communications" and noted QE 4-He resupply logistics have been put under serious and continuous strain by the Triglavian invasions. Sources within the SCC have revealed that the Triglavian attacks began to seriously affect resupply missions once the so-called "major conduits" phase of the invasion campaign began. Since the Triglavian World Arks began to spearhead the assaults, there have even been attacks on stockpiles of QE 4-Helium.

    "The Drifter attacks in nullsec came close to being the tipping point for the imposition of bandwidth limits but it wasn't until we lost an entire QE 4-He production facility to a Triglavian assault that the SCC decided to act. We've since lost some other stockpiles but the DED have stepped up fleet presence at all the critical locations," said one source in conversation with Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx.

    AEGIS Estimates Fatalities from Triglavian Planetary and Station Raiding at "Several Hundred Thousands"

    Yulai, Genesis — AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir released estimates of fatal casualties running into "several hundred thousands" due to Triglavian raiding of planets, stations and other orbital bodies, at a press conference held this morning at DED Headquarters in Yulai. Collated in the course of AEGIS operations supporting, and in some cases providing, defense of stations and orbital bodies, the figures reflect the relatively successful outcomes of most orbital defensive efforts.

    Questioned on the remarkably low fatality figures, Provost Marshal Valkanir conceded that "Triglavian assaults on static targets are typically aimed at specific objectives and not at inflicting high levels of casualties." Provost Valkanir went on to say, "The best assessment of AEGIS, and indeed the DED as a whole, is that Triglavian operations on planets, moons, stations, and other orbitals, are primarily focused on intelligence-gathering efforts. This does include some degree of seizing property and personnel, presumably for analysis and, in the latter case, interrogation." The Provost Marshal also confirmed that Triglavian forces attacking orbitals have included so-called "rogue drones" apparently operating under their command.

    In closing her remarks, the Provost Marshal noted that, in contrast to the relatively low casualty levels due to Triglavian assaults against orbital bodies, the combined number of dead and severely wounded due to Triglavian attacks in space is running into several millions, with CONCORD and core empire naval personnel suffering the bulk of those casualties.

    Lai Dai Protection Service Pursuing "Corporate Interests in Conflict Zone" on Intaki V

    Intaki, Placid – Over a week after its troops were reported to have landed on Intaki V, the Lai Dai Protection Service (LDPS) has released a statement claiming that its "203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment is engaged in operations in pursuit of Lai Dai corporate interests in the Placid Conflict Zone." This statement coincided with a formal response to the Caldari Business Tribunal after reports of the LDPS landings at the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility on the Intaki homeworld were brought before it by Ishukone Corporation.

    The Kainta Yavaat facility is currently occupied by forces of the Onikanabo Brigade, following its own "corporate reparations" operations on Intaki V. The arrival of the 203rd CAP Regiment's large contingent of mechanized infantry and armor, supported by aerospace fighters, has aroused fears that further depredations against Intaki property are envisaged by the combined Lai Dai and Onikanabo force. The Ishukone Corporation has formally requested that its petition before the CBT against the Onikanabo Brigade be extended to include the LDPS as a defendant party.

    Fears of a serious conflict breaking out on Intaki V have been heightened by reports of numerous mercenary units moving into positions around the Kainta Yavaat facility. Additionally, the Intaki Assembly's own planetary militia has been reported to be mobilizing reserves and deploying to positions that are speculated to be of interest to the LDPS/OB forces. Capsuleer organizations with Caldari and Intaki interests have also held an "Intaki Security Summit" in an initiative welcomed by the Intaki Assembly and the Ishukone Corporation.

    CONCORD Revises Casualty Estimates of Drifter Attacks in Outer Regions After SAR Missions

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD has formally revised downward estimates of overall casualties in the outer regions due to widespread Drifter assaults in nullsec, declaring that "confirmed and reliably reported fatalities" amount to just over one billion lost. While this figure reduces the estimated death toll by a factor of ten, it would still mean that the recent Drifter attacks represent the deadliest series of events in the New Eden cluster since the Seyllin Incident and connected stellar events of YC111.

    CONCORD has revised the figures downwards considerably after carrying out extensive search and rescue missions in nullsec regions. While a large number of nullsec colonies were attacked by Drifters, particularly those on asteroids, moons and in low orbit of gas and ice giants, many that had dropped out of contact had been "too hastily assumed to be lost". CONCORD reconaissance and SAR missions have established that in most cases outer region colonies survived unscathed, despite having been cut off from access to the civilian layers of the fluid router network due to attacks on FTL communication hubs by Drifter forces.

    Drifter attacks on non-capsuleer installations appear to have preferentially targeted resource extraction colonies and facilities of various types, while secondarily mounting attacks on communications and logistics infrastructure. CONCORD has noted that it appears Drifter assaults on nullsec colonies generally stripped all resources from the target before entirely destroying the associated installations. In most cases, fatalities were total, resulting in the high numbers of dead. CONCORD has not confirmed or denied reports that in some cases there is a near total absence of corpses or biomass residue remaining amidst the destroyed infrastructure.

    While there will be some relief that the death toll was not so high as first thought, the grim reality is that there has been a vast loss of life due to the Drifter attacks. While CONCORD refuses to comment or speculate beyond the facts, it has not been lost on some commentators, the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx among them, that the Triglavians have been comparatively restrained in contrast to the inhuman ruthlessness displayed by the Drifters.

    In Other News

    • Confusion and Disputes Arise Over Arrests of Mikramurka Defense Officials by Matar Planetary Security
    • Federal Intelligence Office Refuses to Discuss Semiki Intrusion in Open Senate Session; Requests Closed Meeting
    • Lord Ardishapur Hails Defeat of Triglavians and Blood Raider Assaults in Mandate by Ammatar Fleet and Capsuleers
    • Caille Rogue Drone Cultural Exchange Society Vows to Continue Outreach Efforts Despite Firebombing and Intimidation
    • Intaki Syndicate to Hold Summit Meeting Discussing Nullsec FTL Comms with ORE, Thukker Tribe and "Strategic Partners"
    • Calsif Shadekior Breaks Speed Record for Solo Warp Flight from Pator to Lustrevik; Vherokior Tribe Celebrates



  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Drifter Destruction in Nullsec Edition
    published on June 28th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as the Drifters assault a wide spread of nullsec systems and are reported sieging multiple capsuleer structures.

    Sudden Drifter Offensive in Outer Regions Takes CONCORD and Capsuleers by Surprise

    Yulai, Genesis – Drifter strike forces have been attacking at least 70 star systems, spread across the Outer Regions of New Eden's nullsec space, for the last two days, reports the Scope's Alton Haveri. Accounts from nullsec have confirmed assaults by multiple Drifter fleets in over 20 regions. Areas as far apart as Period Basis and Cobalt Edge have been struck by raiding forces of Drifter cruisers and battleships, with every quadrant of the Outer Regions suffering multiple and repeated attacks.

    Drifters attacking structures in nullsec as well as capsuleer ships (The Scope with Alton Haveri)

    CONCORD has only commented that it is "aware of the situation and monitoring developments", while neither the Directive Enforcement Department's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall nor the AEGIS devision's Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir would respond to requests for interviews or comment on the sudden Drifter attacks. Sources within the DED have indicated to the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that CONCORD's military, law enforcement and security forces are entirely focused on the Triglavian invasion in the core regions.

    As one anonymous source commented to Ret Gloriaxx, "After all, we're concerned with the safety of decent citizens of civilized worlds. These capsuleer warlords and pirate groups don't respect the law so I guess they can look after themselves."


    Triglavian Invasion Sparks Alerts as Luminaire and Caldari Border Zone Attacked Simultaneously

    Luminaire, Essence – Serious tensions were raised and alerts sparked on both sides of the Caldari-Gallente border as two Triglavian invasion forces appeared to operate in tandem to create an invasion zone that stretched from the Gallente Crux constellation, across the Caldari Border Zone, and as far as the Caldari constellation of Kantanen.

    Two Triglavian Invasion Forces Link Up Across Caldari Border Zone (The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx)

    State forces in the Caldari Border Zone were already at a high level of readiness and immediately mobilized and deployed across the zone. The Caldari Navy has ordered the Kantanen reserves to stand by and corporate security forces are deploying in neighboring constellations.

    In the Federation, the presence of Triglavian invasion scouts in Luminaire prompted President Jacus Roden to order the Luminaire Defense Fleet to high alert at deployed positions in the system. Gallente Prime and Caldari Prime planetary defense forces are fully mobilized and orbital defenses have been placed on a war footing. Command Admiral Auvier Bauvon of the Crux Defense Zone has moved his center of operations to Auberulle and Tripwire Operations are in effect.

    The tensions at the border are acute but both empires are co-ordinating in full awareness of the common enemy. Non-capsuleer interplanetary traffic is at a minimum and capsuleers are reported to be responding across the conjoined invasion zones.


    Intaki Syndicate and ORE "Alarmed and Concerned" by Drifter Situation in Nullsec

    4C-B7X, Outer Ring – The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has learned that senior figures within the Intaki Syndicate and ORE are "alarmed and concerned by the Drifter attacks" across nullsec regions close and far from their own regions. The Intaki Syndicate's Space Police are also dealing with the impact of a Triglavian invasion in neighboring Placid region, with Triglavian scouts active in the Syndicate system of PF-346.

    Mining operations run or sponsored by ORE in the Outer Ring have been reduced, and in some cases withdrawn, as the Drifters indiscriminately attack any ship or structure they encounter in nullsec. The Syndicate has reported a severe slowdown in trade flowing from the Outer and Cloud Rings, and through their region to the Gallente Federation. Non-capsuleer traffic is severely restricted and the movements of capsuleers are unpredicatable as they contend with the attacking Drifters.


    Ishukone Challenges Onikanabo Brigade Actions on Intaki V at Caldari Business Tribunal

    Maurasi, The Forge – The Ishukone Corporation has entered a formal complaint over the actions of the Onikanabo Brigade on Intaki V. Ishukone are seeking a lien to freeze Onikanabo transports and materiel still present on the planet, pending a judgment for relief on the basis that the Brigade's "corporate reparations" operations harmed the megacorporation's interests on Intaki V.

    Special Corporate Counsel Majima Umokka appeared for Ishukone and entered the petition for relief before the CBT's Panel of Receivers for the "Placid Conflict Zone Franchise System." Special Counsel Umokka also attached several corporate ethics violations charges against the Onikanabo Brigade and "any clients, partners or sponsors as yet unknown and unspecified who are party to their gross criminality and abuse of corporate law." As the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has reported, the Brigade is said to have "sacked a dozen Ida monasteries and burned down a score of attached villages and communal plantations."

    The Onikanabo Brigade has not responded to the complaint or charges made by Ishukone Corporation. Latest reports from Intaki V indicate that the Brigade's convoys from the areas it allegedly raided have stopped, and its forces have withdrawn behind fortified positions surrounding the occupied Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility.


    In Other News

    • Ammatar Mandate Forces Under Heavy Attack from Triglavians in San Matar Constellation
    • Outer Regions Fluid Router Security Under Scrutiny from CONCORD's SCC Division
    • Placid Region Senators Allege Crux Security "Treated as Higher Priority" as Invasion Hits
    • Interbus Announces Review of Border Transport Services as Invasions Increase Risks
    • Brutor Clans on Matar Condemn Ramijozana Mud-Wrestling Plan as "Unseemly" After Petition Over Mikramurka
    • Bellaron Decries Delay of Federal Capital Punishment Bill as Senate Prioritizes Emergency Measures
    • Breaking: Rumours of Drifter Assault on Kubera Mining Platform in Cloud Ring Denied by ORE


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: World Ark Aftermath Edition
    published on June 25th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx provides your roundup of the latest news from around New Eden as the Triglavian Collective brings its invasion to a new climax with the appearance of "World Arks" and new messages from the enigmatic Zorya Triglav.

    Terror from the Abyss as Triglavian World Arks Invade Multiple Star Systems

    Yulai, Genesis – Despite continued reassurances from CONCORD that the Triglavian invasion is "contained", the last week has seen repeated incursions of the vast "World Ark" vessels into multiple star systems across New Eden's core regions. The best efforts of capsuleer forces appear to be the only serious opposition to the Triglavian threat, although CONCORD and its DED forces have made claims that they are regularly disrupting the formation of conduits from Abyssal Deadspace into the heart of our star cluster.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has consulted with a number of eminent scientists and technical specialists from centers of learning and reputable corporations across New Eden. The result of this survey of expert knowledge is a clear consensus that the Triglavian Collective has, in fact, achieved a primary first goal in its invasion efforts by establishing a subtle but important alteration to the fabric of space-time in the core systems of the cluster. The result, in the words of Dr. Santina Ygrai of Duvolle Laboratories, is "a form of lasting resonance or attunement of the local space-time of the core regions of New Eden with the, so to speak, fabric of Abyssal Deadspace's deep folds and whorls of space-time."

    As extraordinary and incomprehensible as this claim may be, there appears to be a swelling consensus in the scientific and technical community that theTriglavians have at the very least determined the most expeditious and efficient means of transporting the enormous mass of their World Ark vessels from the Abyss into New Eden. The long-term consequences of this development are highly uncertain but clearly hold the potential for widespread destruction and tragedy across New Eden's civilization.

    Zorya Triglav Sends New Message Through Triglavian Devices; Capsuleer Theories Increasingly Accepted

    Yulai, Genesis – As the Triglavian offensive unceasingly ramps up, capsuleers have been continuing to receive or intercept messages of Triglavian origin on the communications devices known as "Semiosis Conduction Consoles", sharing the basic data and their various conclusions with the GalNet-viewing public. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands that CONCORD, government agencies, national corporations and many other organizations have also been listening in on Triglavian communications but notes that none of these parties have been forthcoming with the information that public-spirited capsuleers have provided to all.

    The latest series of communications from the Triglavians have included a message that is apparently an operational update pertaining to the appearance of the "World Arks", a partial schematic of uncertain design, and an enigmatic but highly menacing message apparently delivered by the entity calling itself "Zorya Triglav". Capsuleer analysts of these messages, and the many that have gone before, are increasingly finding their theories accepted as plausible in the mainstream academic, political and security communities of New Eden's core empires. Despite this, there are numerous competing and strongly-held interpretations among both capsuleer and non-capsuleer analysts.

    Attempted Triglavian Raids on Planets "Repelled by Enhanced Orbital, Atmospheric and Surface Defenses"

    Yulai, Genesis – In perhaps the most disturbing development of the invasion yet, Triglavian vessels have attempted to raid a number of planets, confirmed Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of AEGIS, in an interview with the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx. The head of CONCORD's AEGIS division declined to specify the planets involved, "as that is a matter for the relevant local authorities." However, the former SARO field agent was able to reveal that a number of core empire planets had been raided by Triglavian forces, sometimes supported by subverted rogue drones, but that these assaults had been "comprehensively repelled by enhanced orbital, atmospheric and surface defenses."

    For the duration of the Triglavian invasion crisis, the CONCORD agency headed by Provost Marshal Valkanir has been given a co-ordinating role in the over-arching campaign of defense against Triglavian attacks on static targets such as space installations, asteroid colonies, moon settlements and, most vitally, planetary bodies. While the core empires and their respective regional governments are directly responsible for defense of systems and their celestial bodies, AEGIS is supplying vital logistical support, detachments of specialist troops and equipment, and early-warning and intelligence of Triglavian movements.

    Khumatar Allek Berialsh Inspects Matar Orbital Defenses; No Comment on Tronhadar Free Guard Deployments

    Pator, Heimatar – Matar's newly-drafted Planetary Security Co-ordinator, Khumatar Allek Berialsh has completed a preliminary inspection of the planet's orbital defense network amidst an atmosphere of increasing controversy over the circumstances of the recent attack on the coastal zone of the Mikramurka region by Blood Raiders.

    In particular, questions have been raised over the Krusual Tribe's re-activation of their mountain fortresses and underground bunkers shortly before the attack took place, though these have been angrily rejected by the Krusual as "insulting conspiracy theories." Despite the Krusual Tribe's dismissal of those questions, the news that units of the Tronhadar Free Guard were deployed for cold-weather warfare training in an undisclosed area of Mikramurka tundra has breathed new life into the brewing tribal dispute.

    Mikramurka clans and the locally-dominant Sebiestor Tribe have also expressed some disquiet at the swift appointment of Khumatar Berialsh, despite his connections to the Sebiestor and the late Chief Karin Midular. Though none will admit it publicly, the fact that Berialsh chose to leave the Sebiestor and join the returned Starkmanir Tribe under tribal adoption provisions has caused a number of clan elders in the Mikramurka region to express private dismay that he should be appointed in the aftermath of their local tragedy.

    Onikanabo Brigade Justifies Intaki V Operations Using Corporate Reparations Provisions in Caldari CEMWPA Zone

    Intaki, Placid – The Onikanabo Brigade has issued a formal notice that its mercenary operations on Intaki V are in pursuit of "corporate reparations" in breaking and extraordinary news from the Intaki system. The home system of the Intaki culture is currently within the Caldari-controlled portion of the disputed zone between the Caldate State and Gallente Federation specified by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act. The Caldari PMC asserts that it is operating on behalf of a client with "well-founded claims to recover reparations from properties and resources linked to certain radical sects of the Ida movement." Reports from Intaki V claim that the Brigade has "sacked a dozen Ida monasteries and burned down a score of attached villages and communal plantations."

    The status of Intaki V has regularly been a matter of some uncertainty as control of the Placid region, and Intaki system in particular, has shifted over the long years of the Caldari-Gallente militia conflict. A long-standing, tacit agreement between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation has generally allowed for the Intaki Assembly to maintain its sovereignty and control of Intaki V even during periods where Caldari militia forces have controlled the system itself. The Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel, representing the balance of consensus among the "Big 8" Caldari megacorps, has been content to leave the arrangement undisturbed since the fall of Tibus Heth's Provist regime in YC115. The role of Mordu's Legion in maintaining this situation has undoubtedly been key, as an organization trusted in both the Caldari State and broad sections of Intaki society.

    However, the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands that Caldari corporate law allows a significant degree of latitude in which the more independent corporations can in principle operate when the system is under State control as part of a war zone. Despite this, it is thought unlikely that even such an organization as the Onikanabo Brigade would take the step of forcibly seizing properties and resources on Intaki V without the backing of at least one megacorporation. For its part, the Ishukone megacorporation, which has long maintained a major interest and investment in the system, has signalled its intention to challenge the Onikanabo Brigade's use of corporate reparations provisions as justification for seizures and related operations on Intaki V.

    In Other News

    • DED Chief Lauds "Triglav Defense Community" Swift Response and Rout of First World Ark Detected in New Eden
    • Federal Senators Open Hearings into Presence of Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation at SoCT-Hosted Summit
    • Petition to Tribal Council by Local Chiefs in Mikramurka Region for Inquiry into Blood Raider Attack
    • Jin-Mei Business Mogul Kidnapped from Hueromont Home; No Police Comment on Rumored Link to Underworld Conflict
    • Matar Raid by Blood Raiders Sparks Reprisals by Matari Communities Against Sani Sabik on Federation Worlds
    • Sarum Police Guards Dismiss Reports of Fighting in Ves-Mekhios as "Routine Live Fire Exercises"
    • Republic Justice Department Expand Investigation of Seykal Clan to Include Krullefor Organization Links


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Major Conduits Established Edition
    published on June 14th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around New Eden as the Triglavian Collective continues its invasion and efforts to establish persistent conduits from its domains in Abyssal Deadspace into the very core of the cluster.

    Triglavian Invaders Using Major Conduits to Bring Reinforcements to New Eden

    Yulai, Genesis – Triglavian invasion forces have once again escalated the scale of their deployment in New Eden, confirming that the Collective are working to an invasion plan or timetable that is unfolding according to a deeper strategy. Developments in the last few days have included the establishment of so-called "major conduits" by the Triglavian Collective, and increased reports of raids on space facilities, asteroid mining installations and even moon colonies.

    The Triglavians' major conduits appear to be a step up in capacity and effect from the many minor conduits their forces have been observed defending. The consensus among the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx's panel of military experts is that these major conduits are being used to bring an ever greater number of Triglavian forces into New Eden space, likely in preparation for a major assault in the coming days or weeks. CONCORD's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall has urged "vigilance and co-operation among all the forces of civilization in New Eden."

    So far, there have been no reports of Triglavian landings on planetary bodies but many system and planetary defense forces and governments fear that it is only a matter of time before such events take place. Across New Eden, major planets are mobilizing reserves and rushing new atmospheric and low-orbit defenses into production and deployment. Recent opportunistic attacks in high-security space by Sansha's Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant have only increased the urgency of these efforts. It seems clear to the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that almost all major inhabited planets, and many minor planets, will soon be heavily defended and more hardened against attack from space than ever before.

    Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Secure as Triglavian Incursion into Ammatar Mandate Beaten Back

    Tanoo, Derelik – Lord Arim Ardishapur, the Royal Heir of House Ardishapur and Holder of Derelik, has issued a statement assuring "All Holders, Common Peoples and Servants of House Ardishapur" of his personal safety despite the recent Triglavian incursion into the San Matar constellation of Derelik, the most populated area and administrative core of the Ammatar Mandate. Reports issued by the Governor's Palace on Tanoo II outline the successful defense of primary installations in space, together with all population centers in the widely scattered mining colonies of the constellation.

    Lord Ardishapur's statement included a note of "most profound gratitude to all those who took part in the defense of San Matar, including our loyal capsuleers and any others who stood for human civilization and dignity against the inhuman threat posed by the invaders." The Governor's Palace issued notices of commendation to a number of Ammatar Fleet and auxiliary units, including the 1st Consular Guards Squadron, 3rd Tanoo Fleet Reserve Wing, 9th Sasta Fleet Combat Regiment, and the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade. A formal notice of gratitude was also delivered to the Derelik Chapter of the Order of St. Tetrimon.

    Local Ammatar news organizations are also reporting that Lord Ardishapur intends to make a "major announcement" at the culmination of his inspection tour of the Mandate.

    SoCT-Hosted Summit Breaks Up With No Public Communique Released

    FDZ4-A, Geminate – Although no public communique has been released, the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands that the SoCT-hosted summit meeting between major CONCORD powers and many minor sovereign entities has broken up. Sources indicate that while no common platform for defense against the Triglavian threat was agreed to, there was broad and general agreement between the attending states and organizations to co-operate where possible and avoid any action impeding counter-Triglavian operations.

    Attendees of the FDZ4-A summit meeting included the core CONCORD empires, together with associated states such as the Ammatar Mandate, Khanid Kingdom and Thukker Tribe. Independent states and organizations included the Intaki Syndicate, Mordu's Legion, Outer Ring Excavations, Upwell Consortium, and the Servant Sisters of EVE. The summit was particularly notable for including invited delegations from the Angel Cartel, Guristas, and Serpentis Corporation, entities normally considered criminal in nature by CONCORD and the core powers.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has also learned that Colonel Kasiha Valkanir, Provost-Marshal of AEGIS, personally attended the summit and negotiated certain additional concessions pertaining to freedom of action of AEGIS troops for the duration of the emergency.

    Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Appoints Allek Berialsh as Planetary Security Co-Ordinator for Matar

    Grand Caravanserai, Matar – Following the shocking assault by Blood Raiders on the coast of Mikramurka and the increasing threat from Triglavian forces, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has appointed Allek Berialsh as Planetary Security Co-Ordinator for Matar. Holding the rank of Khumatar, Berialsh will report directly to the Sanmatar and have overall authority and accountability for all matters pertaining to the defense of Matar's surface, atmosphere and orbital zone in the Pator system.

    After the attack on coastal Mikramurka, and in view of the Triglavian invasion, Sanmatar Shakor was accorded emergency powers by the Tribal Council for the co-ordination and command of all Minmatar Republic defense, security and public order agencies. The measure was proposed by Krusual Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon and supported by the heads of the Brutor, Starkmanir, Thukker and Vherokior Tribes. Informed sources have told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that the Chiefs of the Sebiestor and Nefantar Tribes abstained during the vote.

    It has also been reported that Sanmatar Shakor "lambasted the head of Mikramurka coastal defense in his private office for twenty minutes" before issuing a memorandum to Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor recommending the dismissal of that official. The Sanmatar's office has, in contrast, issued a glowing notice of thanks to Minmatar capsuleers who "aided in the efforts to bring order to the chaos in Mikramurka and helped strke back at the Blood Raider terrorists."

    Khumatar Allek Berialsh is believed to have a background in the Republic Security Services, and was once an aide to the late Chief Karin Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe. After her death, Berialsh became a security consultant to Starkmanir Chief Jeoran Setul, apparently having discovered some ancestral links to that tribe some time after the Starkmanir returned to the Republic.

    In Other News

    • AEGIS Deploys Special Tactics Groups to Installations and Colonies in Space, on Asteroids and Moons
    • Guristas Strike Force Assists Local Caldari Defenders in Nagalaiken Constellation
    • Mercenaries Clash on Intaki Prime; Onikanabo Brigade Accused of "Desecration" by Ida Monasteries
    • Khanid Prime, Kihtaled and Nohshayess Defenses Prevent Major Landings by Sansha's Nation
    • Krusual Tribe Condemn "Vile Slanders" Suggesting Advance Knowledge of Blood Raider Attack on Mikramurka Coast
    • Unrest on Ham VIII "Merely Minor Slave Revolts" says RKN; Reported Dead Include Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail and Retinue

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Space-Time Conduit Escalation Edition
    published on June 7th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around New Eden as the Triglavian Collective escalates its operations to establish persistent conduits through space-time from the depths of Abyssal Deadspace into K-space itself.

    New Triglavian Strategy Emerges As Collective Establishes "Minor Conduits"

    Yulai, Genesis – A new phase in the Triglavian invasion has developed in the last few days, with it becoming clear that the appearance of sites of space-time distortion across invasion zones is an effort to establish persistent "conduits" from Abyssal Deadspace into New Eden's known space. Triglavian messages heralding the appearance of the conduits were received by a number of capsuleers. CONCORD has designated the sites as "Minor Conduit" locations but the Triglavian Collective are maintaining significant forces at these sites, while continuing to roam across the systems within the invasion zones.

    In an apparent change of strategy, the current invasion zones centered on Charmerout, Elonaya and Esescama have persisted for two days so far with no sign that the Triglavians intend to retreat as they generally did within 24 hours with their previous roaming scout operations. CONCORD sources continue to maintain that a strategy of "containment and defeat in detail" is the best method of combating the Triglavian threat. The Empires are continuing to establish co-operation protocols and a summit meeting hosted by the SoCt in FDZ4-A is continuing. Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall of the DED continues to co-ordinate CONCORD response efforts in space, with Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of AEGIS responsible for planetary and installation defense operations.

    Sansha's Nation Launch Incursion in Fabas Constellation; Widespread Landings in Nasreri System

    Nasreri, Genesis – New Sansha's Nation incursion operations in the Fabas constellation have included major landings on the third and fourth planets of the Nasreri system. Reports indicate that major cities and colonies on those planets have been raided by True Slave forces and large numbers of people have been carried off in Sansha's Nation vessels. Civil defense has been overwhelmed in the face of what appears to be an opportunistic attack while CONCORD and Amarr forces redeploy in response to Triglavaian invasion fleet movements.

    There are growing fears that the colonies and settlements of Ebasez system will soon be raided by Nation forces seeking more people to convert into True Slaves. The third and fifth planets of Ebasez are in a state of panic, while the underground mining colonies of Ebasev IV have apparently gone into lockdown and cut off all communications with the outside world.

    Analysts believe the large population raiding parties, significantly larger than seen in recent Nation incursions, are geared towards building up Sansha's Nation forces in light of apparent Triglavian hostility to the cybernetic dictatorship of Sansha Kuvakei. The scale of the planetary raiding suggests that Nation strategy has decided to focus on massive raids of populated locations, concentrating their slave ships in the effort.

    Blood Raider Attack on Matar Staged from FOBs in Evannater Constellation; Atgur Mining Operations Also Raided

    Matar, Pator – The coast of Mikramurka on Matar has been struck by a vicious assault by the Blood Raider Covenant, with the seaport of Sundsele especially badly hit according to reports. The Blood Raider strike force is believed to have staged out of forward operating bases in the Evannater constellation. Mining installations in the Atgur system have also been struck by the Blood Raiders, with the cultist pirates apparently taking advantage of mobilization and redeployment movements of local Republic Fleet elements.

    The coastal zone of the Mikramurka continent is reported to have been saturated with "Deathglow" missiles, particularly at key locations such as the bustling and popular seaport and resort of Sundsele. Casualty reports are suggesting several thousand dead and injured at least. Unconfirmed reports indicate the Blood Raiders took a number of people captive. It is unclear what the motive for this assault could be, although there is some suggestion that the Raiders, like Sansha's Nation may be trying to bolster their numbers. If reports that the Raiders were primarily targeting teenage children are accurate, this is a sinister and tragic twist amidst the chaos of the Triglavian invasion.

    Upwell Consortium Announces Small Arms Contract with AEGIS

    Yulai, Genesis – Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu expressed delight today, as he shook hands with Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, the head of CONCORD’s AEGIS division, at a gathering of defense contractors in Yulai. Shortly after their first time meeting in person the two signed an indefinite contract that marked Upwell Consortium as a supplier of armaments for the spacelane and installation security division.

    During the gathering, Chairman Arteu explained that the new contract comes with the public disclosure of a new line of small arms designed by Upwell Consortium. In accordance with the needs of the AEGIS division, the weapons are engineered for ease of production utilizing standardized components and a familiar aesthetic as well as modular capabilities. Representatives would not go into detail about the destructive capabilities, citing AEGIS operational security, though those later noted that the weapons appeared to be capable of immense damage.

    In Other News

    • Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Holding Audience for Local Dignitaries at Governor's Palace in Tanoo
    • Military Governor Takes Command of Defense Operations in Patrie Constellation
    • Mobilization of Kaalakiota's Home Guard and Lai Dai Protection Services in Minnen
    • Tribal Council Meeting to Consider Special Powers for Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor
    • Accusations of Jovian Interference and Collaboration with Triglavians Directed at SOCT

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Invaders from the Abyss Edition
    published on June 4th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around New Eden as Triglavian invaders from Abyssal Deadspace roam throughout "high-security space" while CONCORD advises the people of the Cluster to "remain in situ and stay calm".

    Invasion Fleets Roaming at Will Across High-Security Space

    Yulai, Genesis – Since the first appearance of Triglavian ships in clusters of systems centered on Colelie, Haatomo and Yuhelia last Tuesday, a large number of systems across New Eden have been visited by roaming fleets of Triglavian vessels. So far Triglavian forces appear to have restricted themselves to extensive scouting operations, though they have ruthlessly attacked many space vessels coming within their field of operations.

    Systems with Triglavian scouts present are afflicted with a number of different effects that are said to be a consequence of extensive use of Triglavian spatio-temporal conduits and their singularity-based technology. Some analysts are speculating that the Triglavians are carrying out deliberate experiments in altering the nature of local space-time.

    Perhaps more disturbing is the evident interference with communications networks in systems visited by the roaming fleets, with Triglavian information warfare apparently capable of penetrating SCC networks and the secure stargate and station information protocols. CONCORD officials remain tight-lipped beyond maintaining that the situation is "contained" and encouraging independent capsuleers to aid in efforts to remove the roaming fleets from space.

    CONCORD Response Criticized by System and Planetary Authorities

    Yulai, Genesis – Representatives of systems invaded by Triglavian roaming fleets, and major planetary governments in such systems, have been criticizing the response of CONCORD to the Triglavian presence in their local space. Federal System Governor Cirial DuFey of Orvolle described the DED response as "feeble and not much better than the Federal Navy's efforts" in a blast at both CONCORD and the Federation's response. Gallente Federation delegates to the CONCORD Assembly, elected from the Federal Districts, have been amongst the most vocal critics of CONCORD's policy of "containment".

    Republic Militia General Volgar Kulsebok of the Hek Civil Defense District, covering Ani, Barvigard and Fribrodi constellations in the Metropolis region, expressed himself as "unsurprised by the lackluster response by CONCORD" and reflected that he had gained "much more co-operation" from his colleagues in the Federal Militia of the Algintal Constellation. General Volgar noted the "sterling efforts of capsuleers in fighting against the Triglavian incursion centered on Colelie system which affected both the Republic and Federation".

    Amarr authorities have so far been silent with respect to CONCORD's activities but a number of planetary Holders have complained about the restriction on trade caused by the incursions. System- and constellation-level Holders, responsible for enforcing the non-capsuleer trade route closures imposed by Imperial defense policy, have restricted themselves to issuing security notices but the Imperial Court at Dam-Torsad has been swollen by large numbers of representatives in the last few days. The Caldari State for its part has been releasing large numbers of weapons from its extensive stocks to system and planetary defense forces and has asserted that it will not rely on CONCORD for "any part of the necessary defense of the Caldari State".

    New Eden Powers Hold Summit on Invasion Defense and Co-operation

    FDZ4-A, Geminate – In response to the invitation of the Society of Conscious Thought, the New Eden powers comprising the five members of the Inner Circle, together with CONCORD delegates, have assembled at a secure location in the SoCT-controlled system of FDZ4-A. Delegations from many other sovereign powers have been invited, including the Intaki Syndicate, Mordu's Legion, ORE and Servant Sisters of EVE. Representatives from associate polities such as the Ammatar Mandate, Khanid Kingdom and Thukker Tribe are also in attendance.

    Extraordinarily, representatives from the Angel Cartel, Guristas and Serpentis organizations have also been invited, at the special insistence of the SoCT. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been informed that no delegations from the Blood Raider Covenant or Sansha's Nation have been invited to the summit.

    Supreme Court Strikes Down FIO Injunction on Invasion Reporting; Notes Capsuleer News Services Render Issue Moot

    Villore, Essence – In an urgent weekend hearing granted by the Supreme Court of the Gallente Federation, a panel of seven Supreme Court Justices gave summary judgment unanimously striking down an injunction obtained by the Federal Intelligence Office preventing detailed reporting of the Triglavian invasion by news agencies registered in the Federation. Chief Justice Broyal Alserette additionally indicated that the full court of thirteen Justices would decline any request by the Federal government to hold an en banc hearing on reimposing the injunction.

    The hearing panel noted in their decision that the injunction was rendered null and void for effect, and therefore moot in its entirety, due to the widespread access to capsuleer news services guaranteed to citizens of the Federation living in space installations and colonies covered by the Yulai Convention's provisions on FTL communications routing. Three of the Justices joined in a supplementary opinion that the federal injunction verged upon unconstitutionality for effectively introducing a disparity in access to information based on the domicile of Federal citizens. The FIO offered no comment after the judgment was handed down.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx joins with our colleagues in all news outlets to celebrate this important reaffirmation of the important role of quality, well-researched and hard-hitting journalism under the Federal constitution.


    In Other News

    • Intaki Terrorists "Carry Out Attacks Against Khanid Kingdom"; RKN Dismisses Claims as "Fabrications"
    • Republic Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Seykal Clan Over Wanted Slaver Orlon Zashev
    • New Aerospace Defense Net Construction on New Caldari Prime Jointly Funded by Big 8 MegaCorps
    • Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Begins Tour of Ammatar Mandate Despite Triglavian Threat
    • Krusual Tribal Leadership Refuses to Comment on Rumors of Tronhadar Valley Fortresses Being Reactivated
    • Khanid Nobles Appointed to Theology Council Include Duke Fayez of Youledian and Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III
    • Federal Senate Funds and Invokes War Powers Extension of Mercenary Contracts in Luminaire and Intaki Prime

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Conspiracies Everywhere Edition
    published on May 17th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around the cluster as claims of conspiracy and plots emerge amidst concerns of a looming Triglavian invasion.


    SOE Splinter Group Claims CONCORD Preparing "Safe Zones" and "Bunkers for Elites" as Invasion Fears Mount

    Yulai, Genesis – The Pharos of Thera group, a splinter faction of the Sisters of EVE, has claimed that CONCORD is preparing extensive "safe zones" and even "planetary bunkers and other survival strongholds for the ruling elites of New Eden" in the event of a Triglavian invasion of New Eden. The allegations come at a time of rising fears that the inscrutable and mysterious Triglavian Collective is preparing to mount an assault on New Eden using "World Ark" super ships it is building in Abyssal Deadspace.

    Pharos of Thera has often warned of covert activities carried out by CONCORD or the core empires, as with their YC120 claim that the DED's Special Affairs for Regulations & Order unit was engaged in bizarre experiments under cover of a timebase measurement project. CONCORD has declined to comment on "wild conspiracy theories" and will only "reiterate that our newly-formed AEGIS division continues to co-ordinate the ongoing response to emergent threats."


    Criminal Conspiracy Alleged as Amarr Capsuleers meet with Thukker Renegades and Khanid Slaver

    D85-VD, Syndicate – The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been passed imaging data that purports to show a meeting held earlier this week between a number of Amarr Empire-aligned capsuleers, an alleged Thukker renegade group and the notorious Khanid slaver Orlon Zashev. Apparently held on the Intaki Bank Vault station in the D85-VD system of Syndicate region, the meeting is alleged by the Galactic Hour's source to be evidence of "a criminal conspiracy by liberal capsuleers to overturn the order of Holy Amarr in conjunction with Thukker renegades and a wanted criminal."

    Amarr Capsuleers Meeting with Thukker Renegades and Khanid Slaver

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been able to authenticate the image despite some adjustments evidently intended to obscure the presence of one person in the system. Public routing data and locator agents on contract to the Galactic Hour's award-winning investigative team have confirmed that a number of the persons shown in the imaging data were present in the D85-VD system on or about YC121-05-14, the day it is claimed the meeting took place. The Scope's source has claimed that the parties present left separately despite this meeting potentially being related to a public auction of Orlon Zashev for bounty by the Seykal Expeditionary Group's Sesli Ashok.


    Semiki Network Attack "May Have Been a Cover for Intrusion into FIO Data" Claims Whistleblower

    Villore, Essence – A powerful network intrusion attack in Semiki was primarily aimed at penetrating a Federal Intelligence Office covert listening post operating out of the Aliastra Warehouse in the system, according to a whistleblower claiming knowledge of the Gallente Federation's investigation into the incident.

    "The Caldari side's investigation has focused on the background and apparent motivations of the alleged perpetrator, Steine Vailakkel, and understandably so. But our side immediately focused on the FIO's covert post on the Aliastra station. The word from on high was that any sign of intrusion was to be reported straight up the line. When the investigation uncovered evidence of data-siphons running on the personal implants of FIO staff, all the hells broke loose. The hammer came down on the whole business and the Black Eagles got involved. Everyone on that post has disappeared into a black hole. If you ask me, Vailakkel was a catspaw for someone playing another game entirely."

    The Galactic Hour's source has shared confidential data confirming their account via a secure and anonymous data drop. We would like to emphasize that not even Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx is aware of the identity of this source.


    Allegations of Bribery Cast Doubt on Tribunal Proceedings over NOH and CBD Smuggling

    New Caldari, The Forge – Bribery allegations have prompted fresh calls for the Caldari Business Tribunal to accelerate proceedings and fully empanel a corporate audit and adjudication board to deal with charges that Nugoeihuvi and CBD corporations engaged in smuggling during a CEP mandated Caldari-Gallente border closure. Media outlets controlled by the Ishukone, Hyasyoda and Quafe corporations have been airing claims that officials of the Caldari Business Tribunal have been bribed or approached with offers of bribes to deliver summary judgment to dismiss the charges under provisions of the Caldari corporate sovereignty laws.

    Experts in Caldari corporate jurisprudence have noted that decisions based on Caldari corporate sovereignty laws are normally rendered by a full panel of corporate auditors of the highest rank. Caldari corporate auditors of the "extrajudicator" rank are given total immunity from specific megacorporate laws under direct guarantee of the Chief Executive Panel as extraterritorial adjudicators. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands that the focus of the bribery attempts was aimed at having the case heard by lower-ranking adjudicators who would not normally deal with corporate sovereignty.


    In Other News

    • Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Announces Tour of Ammatar Mandate
    • AEGIS Opens Tendering Process for Small Arms Contract
    • Sebiestor Chief Acassa Midular Visits Capsuleer Memorial Station in Colelie
    • Talks Between Chandeille Equatorial Zone Factions Break Down Threatening Two-Year Ceasefire
    • Mordu's Legion Organized PMC Exercises Continue on Caldari Prime and Intaki V


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Capsuleer Day YC121 Edition
    published on May 6th, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden as capsuleers across the cluster celebrate the 16th anniversary of independent capsuleer licensing on Capsuleer Day YC121.


    Capsuleer Day YC121 Celebrations Across New Eden

    Around New Eden the celebrations are getting into full swing as Capsuleer Day is marked by capsuleers, space-industrial corporations and baseliner fans and aspirants to the status of "The Elite" across New Eden. The Upwell Consortium has issued a strong profits notice in its regular assessment of business with the capsuleer sector, while the Society of Conscious Thought has noted the anniversary and expressed its hopes for "continued progress by the heirs of Jovian capsule legacy." Many festivals and sports events are being held in communities where "capsuleer fandom" is at a high level. Particularly notable events are the Jita 4-4 Capsuleer Day Mind Clash Open, the Hedion University's "Religious Poetry in the Empyrean Age" Festival, and of course the long-running "Cosplay as a Capsuleer Carnival" held annually on the Crystal Boulevard, Caille.

    Amidst the celebrations, concerns continue to be expressed over the intentions of the Triglavian Collective as further intelligence is gathered from their gigantic constructions sites in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace. CONCORD itself has adopted a more conciliatory note towards capsuleers as the signs of a serious threat from the Triglavians have mounted, and the Inner Circle issued a note celebrating the contributions to "the prosperity and security of the cluster that have been made over the last decade and a half by capsuleers."


    Ishukone Watch Concludes Oimmo Investigation

    Malkalen – Final charges were filed today against the remaining co-conspirators covered by the so-called "Oimmo Investigation," according to an Ishukone Watch press release. The investigation represents one of the longest-running in Watch history. The operation began in YC110 and targeted Guristas infiltration of Ishukone holdings in the Mito constellation, primarily in the Hakonen and Oimmo systems. A botched Provist raid in YC111 compromised the undercover component, which allowed many of the subjects to flee or avoid identification. In spite of the Provist interference, the Watch was able to arrest 304 of the 351 suspects at the time. Pursuit of the remaining 47 was handed over to the Ishukone Watch Office of Special Investigations.

    Ishukone Watch Press Officer Aimon Anttulen said, "With today's charges, the final three surviving perpetrators have been brought to justice. This should be a message to all criminals that the Watch will find you, and you will pay." Oswik Shimala and Raigaken Airiken are accused of being couriers for the Guristas organization in Mito. Cilis Tahiri was an Ishukone employee in accounting who allegedly gave the Guristas unauthorized access to Ishukone systems. The three of them were reportedly residing in the Republic, and the Watch has declined to comment on how they were apprehended or returned to the State.

    Major Marko Sandan (ret), the original commander of the operation, commented, "While I wish I could have been there to see the last of them brought in, I always trusted that the Watch would get the job done. We always do."


    Leak in Thukker Mix Reveals Next Gen City Ships

    EZA-FM IV – Leisure Group publication Eagle's View published extensive documentation and video evidence of a major Thukker city ship project, late last night. The anonymously sourced evidence confirms suspicions that Thukker Mix and Core Complexion are collaborating on the construction of new city ships using technology recovered from several expeditions into the Rogue Drones regions. The source, claiming to be an engineer, says their leak was motivated by concern about the poorly-understood technology, which has a record of behaving unpredictably.

    Timestamps on the digital documents date the start of the project in YC111, though research missions in the Rogue Drone region had apparently been ongoing for several years prior. Construction is stated to have commenced in several Great Wildlands deadspace pockets during YC114. Eagle's View has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that their investigation into the ultimate disposition of the "city ships project" is continuing.


    Chaotic Scenes as Reborn Senator Assaults Suvio Bellaron

    Villore – In extraordinary scenes, just before the Federal Senate convened for debate this morning, Senator Nakula Chattarak punched Senator Suvio Bellaron in the face, breaking his nose and sending him tumbling down the auditorium stairs. Senator Chattarak is a Reborn Intaki representing the Intaki system subdistrict and is Suvio's junior by several decades. When Senate gendarmes approached the two to restrain them from further hostilities, Senator Chattarak excused himself from Senate business for the day. Chaos ensued as Bellaron's supporters shouted for the gendarmes to restrain Chattarak, over the loud objections and wild gesticulations of opponents. Order was restored after Bellaron requested his faction to return to their places.

    Senator Bellaron brushed off the affair as "a professional disagreement" and declined to file charges against Chattarak. "I'd rather not distract from the important ongoing discussions any more than Senator Chattarak already has," he commented. After the assault, Senate debate centered around a directive bill Bellaron had previously submitted to the floor, dedicated to abolishing capital punishment at the Federal level and imposing strict guidelines for its administration at lower levels of governance. Early debate has suggested senators from Essence, Verge Vendor, Sinq Laison, and Placid are receptive to his proposal, though observers were surprised when other Reborn senators presented strong arguments against the legislation. No further violence interrupted the session.


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Impending Invasion? Edition
    published on May 3rd, 2019 at 03:37 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden to GalNet as continuing transmission from Triglavian sources indicate increasingly ominous signs of what capsuleer explorers and analysts believe is an impending invasion from the Abyss!

    Triglavian Transmissions Reveal "World Ark" and Star Survey Activity

    New developments in the nature of data received via Triglavian "Semiosis Conduction Consoles" have emerged, with datastreams that apparently show the exploration and surveying of multiple New Eden star systems by mysterious Triglavian scouting parties. As has been the case for several weeks, capsuleers have been receiving transmissions that are clearly Triglavian and are sharing their analyses of the data with the public on GalNet. The latest and perhaps most disturbing development has been a datastream that appears to show a gigantic "World Ark" running through various checks and apparently confirmed as ready for action. Capsuleers now seriously fear that the Triglavian transmissions, and multiple reported construction sites of these vast vessels, represent a prelude to invasion of New Eden by the denizens of the Abyss.

    CONCORD Places AEGIS Division in Overall Command of Response to Emergent Threats

    In a related and welcome development to the unfolding Triglavian emergency, it was announced by Colonel Kasiha Valkanir that CONCORD's AEGIS division has assumed "command responsibility for investigation and response to related emergent threats, in particular those covered by Case Green Magic and Case Red Gamma." The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands the "Case Red Gamma" coding to relate to emergent threats such as the Drifters and the Triglavians. It is widely speculated that the coding "Case Green Magic" refers to activities of Sansha's Nation and that intelligence has determined the forces of Sansha Kuvakei to be involved in a struggle with the Triglavians. If true, this would suggest a three-way conflict is ongoing in Abyssal Deadspace between the Triglavians, Drifters and Sansha's Nation. However, Nation forces have not been sighted by capsuleer explorers in the Abyss and the locations of the speculated conflict remain a mystery.  

    Colonel Valkanir, who is Provost Marshal of AEGIS, has also declared that she sees no reason "to place obstacles in the way of independent agencies operating within the law" regarding the Triglavian emergency. The Scope hopes that this apparent change to a more open policy will lead to concrete efforts to place more information on this critical issue in the public domain.

    Calls for Noir to Be Stripped of Aidonis Ahead of Malkalen Disaster Anniversary

    The upcoming anniversary of the Malkalen Disaster of YC110, on May 15th, is to be marked by a number of memorial events in the coming weeks, not least a capsuleer gathering organized by the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive for this weekend. However, the run up to the anniversary has been accompanied this year by a reignited controversy over the Aidonis Statue that was awarded to the rogue Admiral Alexander Noir before his infamous act of terrorism 11 years ago. Calls to strip Noir of his Aidonis Statue were made in the aftermath of the Malkalen Disaster but the Aidonis Foundation ultimately decided to leave the matter as it stood on the basis of the award being made for his contributions to peace in the previous decades. However renewed calls to strip Noir of the Aidonis are being made again, with an influential op-ed piece raising the profile of these demands. So far, the Aidonis Foundation has not commented on these new calls for action.

    Notorious Khanid Slaver Auctioned by Thukker Bounty Hunters

    Orlon Zashev, a notorious Khanid slaver wanted by authorities in both the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic, has reportedly been captured by a Thukker bounty hunter group and is currently being auctioned to the highest bidder via GalNet. The Seykal Clan "headhunter", Sesli Ashok, claims that Zashev was captured by her group due to carelessness on his part. Amazingly, the former colonel in the Khanid Royal Uhlans, alleged war criminal and long-time slaver has proven to be ISK-poor and is the subject of a Republic Justice Department bounty of 500m ISK that Ashok described as "not all that" and "a bit low". Ashok and her group instead opted to auction their bounty target to the highest bidder and have apparently received bids from a variety of interested parties associated with Amarr and Minmatar factions. The auction remains active until the stroke of midnight Monday evening.

    Suukuvestaa Launches New Achura Tourism Campaign in Minmatar Market

    A major campaign featuring holographic displays of the verdant landscapes and ornamented towns of Achura (Saisio III) has been launched across the Pator system by Suukuvestaa's tourism division. Commuters in the Hukerenui township on Huggar (Pator III) may drive by billboards featuring Kasom Glades, and casinos on Matar's Jade Coast have started swapping classic slot machines out for Pensria Temple-inspired versions, which showcase dancing monks upon obtaining spiritually significant numbers. A commercial during a break in last night's Shifting match broadcast featured an animated Achura girl, Kanya Pongcha, smiling and singing as she skipped through the narrow streets of Chalerm township. At the end of the break, Kanya invited watchers to write down their favorite product from the Sukuuvestaa brand and send it to a specific GalNet address for a chance to win an all expenses paid vacation in Chalerm. Several audience members commented on how the character's facial features appeared to be exaggerated.

    The targeted marketing effort is part of Sukuuvestaa's new tourism push for Saisio, aiming to capitalize on the recent celebrated achievements of Katia Sae, the Achura capsuleer who recently completed an epic journey around New Eden. As part of the initial roll out, Sukuuvestaa will be offering a limited amount of vacation packages, but a representative shared plans to expand the program depending on demand. In the coming weeks, similar roll outs will happen in Luminaire and Amarr.

    Tragedy in Dam-Torsad as Famed Residential Aboretum Complex Goes Up in Flames

    Late-breaking news reports from the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime state that a famous residential aboretum incorporating a number of noble estates has been the scene of a major blaze. Details are confused but several reports indicate that the inferno began in the vicinity of the estate of House Elkin and swept through the ancient and rare trees and plantings of that section of the aboretum complex. Authorities refuse to confirm or deny reports of arson and rioting but one eyewitness has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that several visitors to the arboretum "suddenly ran amok and then exploded into fireballs". The claimed suicidal firebombing attack is then said to have started a major blaze that destroyed much of the aboretum and gutted the main palace of the Elkin estate. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several members of the noble House Elkin are missing at this time.


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