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  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: A Triglavian Mystery and Minmatar Politics Heat Up
    published on March 26th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings an exclusive account of a Triglavian mystery in Sinq Laison, news of political strife in the Republic, and our usual summary of other news from around New Eden.

    Exclusive: Authorities Mystified as Population of Esmes III Town Discovered in Triglavian "Environmental Facility" on Goinard II

    Goinard, Sinq Laison – The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx can exclusively reveal that the population of the town of New Concept on Esmes III are alive and apparently reasonably well. After detecting strange signals emanating from the storm world of Goinard II, CONCORD's AEGIS division discovered a bizarre environment maintained on the rocky surface of that inhospitable planet. Within the heavily protected environment were the population of New Concept colony, so recently believed to have been reduced to their constituent molecules by a Triglavian raid on 8th March.

    While intrepid reporter Ret Gloriaxx, of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, was unable to gain access to the strange environment or interview the fortunate survivors of New Concept, it was possible to secure an exclusive interview with AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir. It should be noted that this interview was only granted after Marshal Valkanir had assured herself that the situation in Goinard system was secure, following unusual Triglavian activity in space and on the surface of Goinard II.

    "I am afraid that operational secrecy requirements mean that I cannot reveal too much to you, Sieur Gloriaxx, but I can say that all inhabitants of New Concept, Esmes III, that are in the records available to us were found in the Triglavian facility on the surface of Goinard II. The nature of that facility? Clearly some form of experimental environment. The structure itself was considerably hardened against the storms of Goinard II and guarded by Triglavian combat drones. More than that I cannot say at this time. Our operation to secure the facility and the inhabitants of New Concept was a complete success. They are now safe in AEGIS custody."

    "Motivations of the Triglavians? It's not my role to speculate, Sieur Gloriaxx. I'm a soldier charged with organizing major elements of the defense of New Eden. Our forces responded to a threat and by good grace were able to save lives thought lost. Are they all completely unharmed? I can't say that, I'm afraid, and I'm unwilling to discuss individual cases. Suffice to say that Triglavian methods of intelligence gathering can be taxing to the subject. We've seen this sort of thing before, on a smaller scale. Yes, I'd say the Triglavians are adapting their approach as the invasion campaign continues. They remain a dire threat to New Eden. Thank you, Sieur Gloriaxx, that will have to be enough."

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx wishes to note that a combined force of capsuleers cleared the Goinard system of a substantial Triglavian scouting force during the time AEGIS and CONCORD forces were apparently carrying out operations on Goinard II. Other sources available to investigative reporter Ret Gloriaxx have suggested that AEGIS has secured a number of similar facilities elsewhere in New Eden. The Scope has also been told that captured civilians and military are almost certainly being tested in various ways by the Triglavians. One source has claimed that Triglavians are "biologically adapting" some prisoners to various environments.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx will continue to pursue the truth and publish it for all citizens of New Eden!

    Minmatar Tribal Council Passes New Internal Security Measures Amidst Heated Debate

    Matar, Pator System – There were heated scenes at the Tribal Council, this morning, as proposals for a "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination" were passed by the votes of the Brutor, Krusual, Starkmanir and Thukker Chiefs. Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe vigorously opposed the measure, while the Nefantar and Vherokior Chiefs chose to abstain.

    The debate on the controversial proposals was held in open session at the insistence of the Sebiestor and Vherokior Chiefs, under the rule that any two tribes of the Republic may call for and be granted an open council. Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor did not exercise his option to speak in the discussion and under the rules of the Tribal Councli he has no vote on decisions.

    A particularly robust exchange of views was had between Sebiestor Chief Acassa Midular on one side, and Chiefs Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual Tribe and Einnar Aeboul of the Thukker Tribe on the other. Chief Midular raised the issue of "vast financial and resource appropriations for mysterious purposes that my own forensic accountants have traced to the Krusual Covert Operators, Tronhadar Free Guard and Trust Partners."

    Chief Dykon asserted that matter was "not remotely germane to the proposals before us and the raising of it demonstrates a reckless disregard for proper order that has come to be the hallmark of certain Sebiestor clans and their representatives." Chief Aeboul described the evidence brought up by Chief Midular as "barely worth the notice of the council," but added "I shall be sure to have an aide make a note to look into it further."

    Starkmanir Chief Jeoran Setul brought the debate to a close, moving the proposals to a formal vote that passed by four to one, with two abstaining. The new Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination will have broad powers of investigation, evidence gathering, witness summons, arrest of suspects and appropriation of material vital to the security of the Tribal Republic.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx hopes and trusts these measures will be temporary and not overlong impinge on the liberties of the Minmatar people!

    In Other News

    • Federation's Aliastra Rumored to be Seriously Exploring Application for Full Corporate Status in Caldari State
    • Gallente Federal Defence Union Complete Full Capture of All Systems in Caldari-Gallente Militia Warfare Zone
    • Uneasy and Unstable Situation on Floseswin IV as Minmatar Liberation Armies Fortify Lines "Trisecting Amarr Occupied Zones"
    • Capsuleers on Each Side of Amarr-Minmatar Militia Conflict Debate Terms of Ceasefire and Amarr Withdrawal from Floseswin IV
    • Guristas Pirates Reportedly Using Capsuleer Sourced Corporate Scrip to Purchase Black Market Ship Manufacturing Upgrades


  • CONCORD Inner Circle Summit Breakthrough on Emergency Militia War Powers Act
    published on March 24th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Inner Circle Summit on the militia warzones crisis has made a diplomatic breakthrough on the rules for strategic operations and system control as laid out in the Emergency Militia War Powers Act YC110 (EMWPA). The so-called "YC122 Revision 1" to the EMWPA will also provide a framework for future revisions dealing with the status of orbital bodies in militia warzone systems.

    CONCORD's executive and directive council, made up of Empire Delegates and CONCORD's Presidium, the Inner Circle has been deadlocked for months over the breakdown in norms and conventions concerning the conduct of warfare and administration of occupations in the two militia warzones that straddle the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente borders, respectively. While high-intensity talks continue on the status of planetary and other orbital bodies, the newly-agreed EMWPA YC122 Revision 1 measures are coming into force across the warzones by Inner Circle directive.

    In a major concession to the Amarr Empire's delegate, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the influence of special interests groups and agents operating from militia stations will be heavily curtailed. The Minmatar Republic's Keitan Yun was for his part keen to see that "outside parties be properly designated as valid combat targets when intruding on militia operations." It is believed that the Federation's Devan Malate continues to back the Republic's position. The State's Alakoni Ishanoya was apparently in support of all these measures while promoting revisions aimed at enhancing the role of battleships and other heavy vessels produced by Caldari megacorporations.

    Diplomatic sources have indicated that the breakthrough is in large part due to the intervention of the Society of Conscious Thought's Elder Mentor Matshi Raish. Considerable pressure on forging a solution has also been brought to bear by Federation President Jacus Roden and the Chief Executive Panel of the Caldari State. CONCORD's Presidium, together with the DED and AEGIS, has additionally been highly concerned that escalating warfare between the empires could render New Eden highly vulnerable to Triglavian invasions, Drifter subversion efforts or the depredations of Sansha's Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant.

    In Other News

    • Gallente Federation Security Council Eases Restrictions on Communications Bandwidth as Infrastructure Restoration Completed
    • Minmatar Tribal Council Meeting to Consider "New Measures to Enhance Internal Security of the Minmatar Republic"
    • Explosion on Muttokon II Claims Life of Krullefor Organization Underboss; Mercenary Commandos Reported at Scene
    • Strange Signals Rumored to Emanate from Goinard II; AEGIS Operation Reported to be Underway; No Comment from CONCORD
    • Federal Defence Union Capsuleer Militia Complete Operation to Seize Control of Entire Kurala Constellation
    • Capsuleer Offensive Against Triglavian Stellar Manipulator Installations Claims Complete Removal Outside Invasion Zones


  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-19
    published on March 19th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    President Jacus Roden Sets March 28th Date for "Normalization of Gallente Federation Politics and Society"

    Luminaire, Essence – Responding to growing public and political pressure, President Jacus Roden has announced that he intends all branches of the Federal Administration to work towards "the normalization of Gallente Federation politics and society by March 28th." The President outlined his instruction that staged easing of the Federal State of Emergency should complete on the specified date, as well as his request to the Federal Elections Commission to be in a position to announce on that day the date of the Federal Presidential and Senate Elections.

    The Federal Senate has been requested by President Roden to prepare proposals for the establishment of an Independent Commission of Investigation into the Election Attacks. The Federal Security Council has been directed to reduce all restrictive measures to the necessary minimum and terminate them entirely on March 28th. The Federal Intelligence Office has been tasked to work on evidence-gathering at the express direction of the Senate Security Intelligence Committee.

    While protests against emergency provisions that are increasingly seen as unnecessary have continued, a number of civil society organizations have expressed satisfaction at the President's commitment to normalize Federation political and social freedoms by the end of the month. Planetary authorities across the Gallente Federation are calling on protestors to cease actions such as blockades and occupations, while congratulating their citizens for reasserting their freedoms.

    Inner Circle Recalls All Empire Delegates to Yulai for Renewed Negotiations as Conflict Monitors Warn of "Catastrophic Scenario" on Floseswin IV

    Yulai, Genesis – The CONCORD Inner Circle has urgently recalled all Empire Delegates to Yulai for renewed negotiations over the crisis over the administration of militia warzones. CONCORD conflict monitor warnings of a potentially "catastropic scenario" unfolding on Floseswin IV have put new urgency into the call for resumption of negotiations.

    The Inner Circle's CONCORD delegates aim at steering the "Big 4" empires towards a new settlement reconciling the Yulai Accords and Convention with the Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110. The previous rounds of negotiation have always foundered on deep disagreements between the Amarr Empire and the united front of the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic as to the legal status and scope of Federation/Republic trade sanctions against the Empire. The Caldari State has generally adopted a flexible attitude but has maintained its support for the basic Amarr argument that any renegotiation of the Yulai Accords and Convention should include the sanctions issue.

    A series of planetary conflicts involving apparent acts of aggression by each of the "Big 4" over the last year or so have highlighted the unworkability of the confused legal situation going forward. While the Caldari State and Gallente Federation have variously drawn back from the relatively minor incursions perpetrated by forces loyal to their empires, the conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic has erupted from bitter border fighting to a situation perilously close to open war beyond the militia conflict zones. In particular, the fighting since the House Sarum invasion of Floseswin IV has brought the sides to the brink of mutual annihilation on the planetary surface.

    The Inner Circle will embark on a high-intensity summit meeting in a last ditch effort to hammer out a compromise over the next few days.

    Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid Openly Threatens to "Unleash Ninety-Three Thousand Black Daggers Across Rebel Provinces" in Campaign of Terror

    Floseswin, Metropolis – The notorious Khanid warlord and religious leader Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid has broadcast messages across Floseswin IV threatening a campaign of terror across the Minmatar Republic. In the broadcasts, Chakaid promises to "unleash ninety-three thousand Black Daggers across the Rebel Provinces where they shall surely seek the dark hearts of the Minmatar blood beasts." The references to "Black Daggers" and "Rebel Provinces" denote Amarr ceremonial weapons and the Minmatar Republic respectively. Students of Amarr sacred mythology suggest the number ninety-three thousand to have some special significance within Khanid cult practices, though this is unclear.

    Chakaid's broadcasts from his base in the occupied city of Jolan Kraal have been a notable element of Amarr propaganda on Floseswin IV since his arrival on the planet. The Chakaid propaganda is particularly detested by Minmatar fighters for its religious and ecstatic nature. The Cardinal Duke's unwavering habit of opening and closing his broadcasts with devotional chants and ululations of exhortation is reportedly also disliked by several Amarr field commanders.

    On condition of anonymity, one source at the Amarr Imperial Court spoke to the Scope about this extraordinary development: "While many nobles consider the Cardinal Duke of Fabai 'out of control', as the direct vassal of King Khanid and a Theology Council Cardinal, Chakaid is undoubtedly considered one of the most dangerous men in the Amarr Empire. Even so, many are asking themselves how he can keep getting away with his outrages. It is whispered that Privy Council measures have been taken to limit his scope but, in the context of what is increasingly seen as a holy war, this latest action does no more than skirt the limits of the law."

    In Other News

    • Mordu's Legion Planning Space Combat Exercises Across Lowsec Regions as Concerns Grow Over Maintaining Military Capability Against Triglavians
    • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Reportedly "Apoplectic" at Hearing News of Khanid Terror Threats Against Minmatar Republic During CONCORD Press Briefing
    • Angel Cartel Suffers Serious Blow in Molden Heath as Raids Carried Out by Seykal Expeditionary Force and Krusual Covert Operators Under RSS Mandate
    • Minmatar Tribal Council Meets to Consider "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-operation" Proposal; Matar Planetary Security Warns of Threat from Amarr Agents
    • PKN Interstellar Commissions Quafe to Research "Entertainment Refreshment Potential of Subcranial Nanocontrollers Meshing With Soft Drink Delivery Systems"


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  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-16
    published on March 16th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Protests Outside New Riennes FIO Building Flare into Violence as State of Emergency Comes Under Continuing Fire

    New Riennes, Mies IV – A seventh day of protests outside the New Riennes FIO Building turned violent this morning, with several injured as growing crowds reacted to the attempts of FIO security guards to clear a path for a vehicle convoy.

    Chaotic scenes ensued outside New Riennes FIO as a crowd of several thousand surged around the front and sides of the building, blocking the path of road vehicles. The FIO's uniformed security guards attempted to clear the crowds from a side entrance as an incoming convoy approached but tempers flared into a series of running battles between protestors, security guards and New Riennes city police. A number of people were hospitalized but no serious injuries have been reported.

    The latest incident comes as political and civil pressure builds up for President Jacus Roden to end the Federal State of Emergency and establish an independent commission of investigation into the election terror attacks.

    Lord Arrach Sarum Declares Floseswin IV "Land of Devotion or Damnation"; Escalates Planetary Conflict to Total War

    Sarum Prime, Domain – Royal Heir Arrach Sarum has issued a declaration in religious terms that amounts to a formal escalation of the Floseswin IV conflict to a state of total war.

    "As Royal Heir and Sword Marshal of House Sarum, I declare that Floseswin IV is a land of blazing devotion and blackest damnation, where only martyrs or apostates can possibly remain. The Holy Light of Amarr spread itself over that world, in generosity and charity, and even still apostasy reared its head. Floseswin IV is a world now where only holy swords and divine flames can answer the evil shadows lingering there. Martyrdom in this blessed struggle brings life eternal and glorious to the faithful. Persistence in sin and blasphemy shall bring only the final death."

    The Scope's correspondents in the Amarr Empire and at the CONCORD Assembly in Yulai understand that the speech amounts to designating the entire planet of Floseswin IV a warzone in which all present are formally considered combatants under Amarr laws of war. While such a declaration would previously have been the exclusive preserve of the Imperial Throne, the ancient office of Sword Marshal, now revived by Empress Catiz I, retains the religious privilege to make such rulings.

    Valklear General Kanth Filmir, commanding Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV, expressed contempt for Lord Sarum's declaration. "This has always been a total war for us. It was a total war the day the cursed Amarr arrived in Pator. It will be a total war until the day the last brother or sister is returned to us. Everything else the slavers say is their usual brand of hypocrisy and self-deception in service of vast evil. Needless to say, the liberation of Floseswin IV continues."

    Matar Planetary Security and Republic Security Services Back Tribal Proposals for "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination"

    Matar, Pator System – Proposals for a "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination", laid before the Tribal Council by the Brutor, Krusual and Starkmanir Tribal Chiefs yesterday, have received the backing of Khumatar Allek Berialsh of Matar Planetary Security and Chief Director Kril Efrit of Republic Security Services. In a joint statement, Khumatar Berialsh and Chief Director Efrit lauded "these commendable proposals by the chiefs of several of our great tribes and we feel sure the other chiefs will recognise the sagacity of the idea, joining all the Seven Tribes in pursuit of public safety and tribal security."

    Recent developments in the militia conflict in Metropolis region, increased Angel Cartel activity and "violent outback guerilla campaigns against Matari security forces" have reportedly cemented thinking in Republic security circles along hardline proposals evocative of "Rebellion Era necessities." Tensions between a number of tribes with counter-posed views on Minmatar security and survival have been rising since the Mikramurka Coast attacks by the Blood Raider Covenant.

    So far, comment on the new proposals has not been forthcoming from the chiefs of the Nefantar, Sebiestor, Thukker or Vherokior Tribes.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange Trading Limits Eased After Senate Commerce Committee Reports "Financial Market Risks Reduced"
    • Bizarre Rumors of "Giant Black Hounds" Attacking Troops Close to Occupied City of Jolan Kraal Sweep Republic Command Southern Army Group
    • Caldari State Reimposes Full Customs Regime on Trade with Gallente Federation as "Immediate Need for Support Expires"
    • Triglavian Invasion Forces Continue to "Probe, Raid and Seize Colonial and Orbital Assets and Populations"; AEGIS Deploys More Troops to Invasion Zones


    <<< previous The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-08

  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-08
    published on March 8th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Senators Privately Call on President Roden to Establish Commission into Security Failures; Protests at Security Council and FIO Measures Grow

    Villore, Essence – A number of Federal Senators have privately called on President Jacus Roden to establish a commission of investigation into the security failures leading up to the election terror attacks, the Scope has learned. Protests are also growing over the continuing imposition of certain restrictions on freedoms during the ongoing Federal State of Emergency.

    While President Roden has so far publicly resisted the immediate establishment of a commission of investigation, the Scope's sources have suggested he has indicated sympathy for the idea in private discussions with a group of senior Federal Senators. The Federal Security Council and the Federal Intelligence Office have both advised that a commission should only convene once the evidence-gathering phase being overseen by the FSC and FIO has concluded.

    Public scorn and outright opposition to the FIO's enhance powers of investigation, seizure and arrest are growing daily, however, and the Federal Security Council, more respected and trusted by most citizens than the FIO, is now attracting ever more strident protests. The Scope joins the calls of concerned Federation citizens and experienced Federal Senators for a swift start to an independent investigation into the outrages perpetrated during the election attacks.

    Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force Retake Floseswin System Control in Counter-Offensive Against Amarr Militia

    Floseswin, Metropolis – Militia fighters of the Tribal Liberation Force have successfully seized control of the Floseswin system following a days-long counter-offensive aimed at reversing the successes of the 24th Imperial Crusade and squeezing off the pipeline of reinforcements and supplies to Amarr forces on the planet of Floseswin IV.

    Valklear General Kanth Filmir hailed the recapture of the system as "a victory for the annals of the Minmatar people." The Republic Command's Southern Army Group on Floseswin IV has begun sustained bombardments of Amarr orbital defense positions and reports of guerilla operations behind occupation lines have reached the Scope.

    For their part, House Sarum and its allied forces have satisfied themselves with retreating behind the newly-extended field fortifications and shield-generators now covering all occupied cities and major towns in Southern Floseswin IV. The Scope understands that Minmatar intelligence believes the largest cities have been garrisoned with the "most fanatical" Amarr forces newly-arrived on the planet.

    The presence of a large number of antimatter reactors sited so as to power the shielded defenses of the Amarr remains a matter of concern for CONCORD conflict monitors. Additionally, an unknown number of Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines armed with hypersonic antimatter missiles remain hidden in the oceans of Floseswin IV.

    In Other News

    • Triglavian Raiding Party Depopulates Colonial Settlement on Esmes III; Report: "Town Stripped of Biological Matter on Molecular Level"
    • Caldari State Requests Mobilization of Reserve Security Corporations to Defend Outlying Colonies from Triglavian Attacks
    • CONCORD Assembly Authorizes Release of New Investment Tranche for Fortifications from New Eden Defense Fund as SCC Reports Increased Revenues
    • RSS Condemns "Outside Agitators with Links to Amarr and Angel Cartel Slaving Rings"; "Attacks on Minmatar Clans on Behalf of Cartel are Terrorism and Treason"
    • Intaki Assembly Assures Concerned Citizens of Safety and Integrity of Medical Support for Victims of Election Terror Attacks
    • Exsanguinated Minmatar Corpses Found in River Flowing North from Amarr Occupation Zone in Southern Floseswin IV; General Filmir Accuses Amarr of "War Crimes"


    <<< previous The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-05

  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-05
    published on March 5th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    President Jacus Roden Addresses Federal Senate; Promises Continuity of Democratic and Constitutional Order

    Villore, Essence – President Jacus Roden has promised that continuity of democracy under the Federation Constitution remains his "first priority" in an address to the Federal Senate. Describing the holding of elections as "absolutely essential" and his personal relinquishment of power to the next president as "my greatest desire as a citizen", President Roden expressed his view that a date should be set by the Federal Elections Commission no later than the end of the month.

    The Presidential Address ranged across a number of topics connected to the 27th February Attacks and their aftermath. President Roden updated the Senate on the continued progress in restoring system- and planetary-level communications networks to full capacity, following the resumption of parity of communication across the federal networks. The Senate also heard that the Federal Security Council would be lowering the alert status of the Federal military from an effective "war footing" to what the President described as "a more prudent emergency status that will avoid unnecessary risks."

    While the President emphasized his "deep yearning to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice", he reported that investigative efforts were in a preliminary phase of gathering evidence from a "very large number of affected locations, distributed networks and virtualized datastructs." The Senate also took a vote endorsing the ongoing emergency measures and operations of the Federal Administration.

    House Sarum and Allies Land Reinforcements on Southern Floseswin IV as Amarr Militia Maintain System Control

    Floseswin, Metropolis – House Sarum has been landing large numbers of reinforcements at the occupied cities and towns its forces control on Floseswin IV, following sustained system control by Amarr militia and the establishment of orbital dominance over Southern Floseswin IV. As well as a considerable number of House Sarum and 24th Imperial Crusade ground forces, the reinforcement groups include troops from a variety of other Amarr military organizations.

    In an unmistakable sign of House Sarum's commitment to the struggle for Floseswin IV, Lady Kiyshara Sarum, a member of the Sarum Royal Family, has arrived in command of the 12th Lance of the Sarum House Guards. Lady Kiyshara, a cousin of Empress Jamyl I, is also accompanied by a large contingent of Cult of St. Jamyl Militants. Even more notably, House Ardishapur has also committed a member of its royal line, Lord Ottakar Ardishapur. Forces deployed by House Ardishapur include the 19th Ammatar Consular Brigade and a chapter of the Flagellant Order of St. Arkon.

    Other forces include a mixed force of Royal Uhlans, Asbara Cyber Knights and Khanid Zealotic Sikarrs led by the notorious warlord Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid. A full Commandery of the Order of St. Tetrimon is also present, bringing with it three cohorts of Tetrimonic Kameiras. The markedly religious flavor of many of the military formations reinforcing the House Sarum occupation is considered "an ominous sign" by military historians and analysts specializing in Amarr doctrines of warfare.

    CONCORD Conflict Monitors Gain Access to Devastated Coastal Town in Southern Floseswin as Amarr Forces Retake Littoral Zones

    Southern Continent, Floseswin IV – Amarr forces under Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari have escorted a CONCORD conflict monitoring team to the destroyed coastal town of Northflow Bay, following the successful retaking of a broad sweep of the littoral zones connecting the three main Amarr occupation zones. The monitoring team has reported a confirmation of the destruction of the town by antimatter device detonating in an airburst over the settlement.

    House Sarum forces were able to push back the Republic Command's Southern Army Group as Minmatar positions on the coast became untenable under offshore and orbital bombardment. Establishment of space superiority by 24th Imperial Crusade forces has led Valklear General Kanth Filmir to retrench his lines across terrain the Minmatar can more readily defend. The majority of Minmatar gains made in the recent offensive remain secure as both sides reorient and reinforce.

    General Mazari asserted that Northflow Bay's civilian population had "either fled the fighting or been massacred by rebel partisans," at a recorded briefing of the CONCORD monitoring team on site. "Northflow Bay was an entirely military and valid target at the time of its destruction by our strategic submarine forces. We could not allow a vital supply node to remain in enemy hands. The missile strike was legal under interstellar norms but more importantly entirely justified under our own laws of war," General Mazari claimed.

    In Other News

    • Intaki Assembly Declares Restoration of Planetary Communications Complete; Cities Remain Quiet as Federal Marines Patrol Streets
    • Growing Calls Across Gallente Federation for Independent Commission of Investigation into Security Failures Leading to Election Attacks
    • PKN Interstellar Adopts Lai Dai Subcranial Nanocontrollers into Technology Licensing Package Aimed at Khanid Kingdom and House Tash-Murkon
    • Sanmatar's Taskforce for Counter-Subversion to be Headed by Chief Director Kril Efrit of RSS Clandestine Activity Division
    • Guristas Pirates Reportedly Hijack Shipment of Archaeological Artefacts from Kirkinen Risk Control in Oijanen System


    <<< previous The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02

  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02
    published on March 2nd, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    State of Emergency Maintained as Gallente Federal Communications Networks "Restored to 97% Capacity"

    Luminaire, Essence – President Jacus Roden has reaffirmed that the Federal State of Emergency across the Gallente Federation will be maintained until further notice, despite the news that federal communications networks have been restored to almost full capacity.

    As was hoped, the Federal Security Council was able to issue a notice last night declaring "all Federal Communications Networks are open to traffic with the totality of bandwidth restored to 97% capacity as it stood before the attacks against the Gallente Federation, last week."

    However, at the executive directive of President Roden, the Federal Security Council has indefinitely extended the Federal State of Emergency. The Federal Senate has formally declared no objection, though it retains the ability to countermand the emergency measures as a matter of the Federation Constitution. The ongoing efforts to re-establish full security across Gallente regions, continued work to restore system and planetary networks, and the intense investigative efforts all contribute to a sense that the Federation remains under serious threat.

    Gallente Federal Elections Commission Rules Out Swift Decision on Election Date

    Villore, Essence – Following meetings with the Federal Administration, Senate and the Federal Military Commission, the Gallente Federal Elections Commission has ruled out a swift decision on the date of the elections that must be held as soon as possible once the emergency has abated. The Commissioners are "totally committed to holding the necessary and constitutionally mandated elections." However, the Elections Commission believes it cannot set a date until the situation has fully stabilized.

    Consideration has also been given to the medical status of a number of leading presidential candidates who were seriously injured in the terror attacks on 27th February. Governor Celes Aguard, Senator Suvio Bellaron and Mayor Shaileen Ramnev are all considered out of danger. Governor Aguard's personality synchronization following body death and recloning is understood to have left her with some experiential time loss. Fellow presidential candidate, Councillor Wayaki Kayara has been assisting in her contempogrok therapy. Senator Bellaron has regained consciousness following successful treament to prevent neurological damage and is recovering well in Intaki system. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev is no longer in critical condition but remains under intensive care.

    Amarr Militia Forces Regain Control of Floseswin System; Minmatar Offensive Pauses as Orbital Struggle Ensues

    Floseswin, Metropolis – The Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade has regained space superiority and system control in Floseswin, following an offensive evidently aimed at cutting space and orbital support for the Minmatar offensive in the southern continent of Floseswin IV. Heavy fighting over the last weekend saw the Republic Command Southern Army Group's thrusts into Amarr-held territory effectively divide into three broad zones the occupied cities and towns controlled by House Sarum.

    The Minmatar offensive does appear to have paused having achieved this strategic objective, following the successful seizure of the system by Amarr militia. A fierce struggle for dominance of the orbital zone over Southern Floseswin IV has begun. Reports of further strategic launches from southern oceanic deeps are unconfirmed. Amarr occupation zones all maintain access to the sea and House Sarum efforts are reportedly focused on regaining land corridors between their zones along a coastline they appear willing to devastate with antimatter weapons.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Reopens Under Limited Trading Regulations Activated by Senate Commerce Committee
    • CONCORD Conflict Monitors: "Orbital Surveys of Southern Coastal Port Town on Floseswin IV Confirm Antimatter Warhead Airbust"
    • Caldari State Lowers Alert Status of Caldari Navy and State Peacekeepers; Maintains Low Duties on Supplies to Federation
    • Khanid Lord Alar Chakaid Elevated to Cardinal Rank in Decree Marking Consecration of Grand Basilica of St. Garkeh
    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Expresses "Grave Concern That Minmatar Republic May Harbor Uncounted Enemies Within"


  • President Roden Speaks as Federation Communications Stabilize Following Terror Attacks
    published on February 28th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Luminaire, Essence – In the aftermath of last night's terror attacks and suspension of Federal elections, President Jacus Roden has addressed the Gallente Federation, vowing to secure democracy and bring to justice the perpetrators. President Roden made his address as Federal communications networks stabilized, although some planetary networks continue to operate under heavy limitations.

    President Roden's address outlined the events, his administration's immediate reponse, and what future efforts will be made to resolve the crisis.

    "My fellow citizens of the great democratic Gallente Federation. We have been attacked. We have all been attacked in the most infamous act of villainy since the betrayal of the traitor Anvent Eturrer. Grave as his treachery was, it is eclipsed by an attack not simply on the Federation but, crucially, on the foundational principles of this great democracy. Let me be clear. Like the traitor Eturrer, those who perpetrated these vile attacks on our way of life shall be brought to justice swiftly and surely.

    "Allow me first, my fellow citizens, to mourn with you for those we have lost, for those injured so gravely, and for all victims and families affected by these outrages. It is my sad duty to report that the confirmed death toll from these evil attacks stands at over 7,000. Tragically it is likely to be even higher in the final accounting. Many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, have suffered injury.

    "The physical attacks on presidential candidates, Federal installations and civilian infrastructure account for the greater number of the immediate casualties. Sadly, such was the scope and effect of the parallel network attacks, it is sure very many will have been injured consequently, and many more will lose their lives. We will mourn in full, as a democracy and a Federation, in due time.

    "Now, I wish to update you all on the status of those of our leading democratic presidential candidates who were attacked in the course of last night's events. I am glad to report and confirm that Governor Celes Aguard is alive and recovering in a secure facility. Though she suffered physical death in the bombing at New Riennes, along with so many others, her federally-registered personality backup and clone was successfully restored. The assassins failed here, even as they brutally murdered thousands.

    "I can also report that Senator Suvio Bellaron is alive and in stable condition, following transfer by Federal Marines to a secure medical facility in the Intaki system. We hope and trust that he will fully recover. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev's condition remains grave though I am told it has stabilized. I have directed Federal Marines to secure the hospital in Arcurio and their Medical Corps to render all necessary assistance."

    "Councillor Wayaki Kayara was slightly injured in a terrorist attempt made on his life, while he visited military veterans on Mannar Seginde. I am told those brave men and women, who have already given so much to our Federation, unhesitatingly fought to protect him. One veteran has been hospitalized but Councillor Kayara is expected to make a full recovery. It would appear that there was no direct attempt made on the lives of Senator Kelen Ontbad, Chief Director Mentas Blaque or General Julianus Soter, though our initial intelligence assessment is that they were all targets.

    "If these violent acts of terror and attempted assassinations of presidential candidates were not evidence enough of a monstrous plot to strike deep at the heart of our democracy, which plainly they are, then the attacks on our Federal and planetary communications more than confirm the base intent of these attacks. With deep regret we agree with the Federal Elections Commission's decision to suspend elections until further notice. We are resolved that this suspension shall be short and that the necessary, vital democratic process will work the people's will as soon as possible.

    "The Federal Administration, working with all federal agencies, CONCORD agencies, and trusted commercial partners, has restored the core functionality of the Federal FTL communications infrastructure. Even so, much data has been lost and many planetary networks remain unstable or are providing limited service.

    "My administration is working tirelessly to restore full communications function at every level of the Federation: regionally, system-wide and on every planet and orbital. I can report that the Federal and civilian FTL connections to Solitude region have been restored after a mercifully brief period of disconnection. Military and security force networks retained basic connectivity. The Federation is grateful to CONCORD for making available SCC and DED bandwidth for Federation government traffic.

    "I am also grateful for the measured and generous response to this tragedy, not only from CONCORD, but from our interstellar neighbors: the Minmatar Republic, Caldari State and Amarr Empire. All have assisted in some measure and a greater tragedy may well have been avoided by caution and forebearance. I must express my particular deep gratitude to Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and the Tribal Council of the Minmatar Republic for their unstinting and valuable support during this crisis. Our alliance, founded on our common belief in the liberty of human beings, remains strong.

    "Let me now turn to the future. I wish to reassure you all, simply as a fellow citizen of the Gallente Federation, but yes as the President of our great democracy that the continuity of democratic government is my number one priority. Meeting that priority requires the re-establishment and reinforcement of the security of the Federation and its citizens. It requires that democratic elections be held securely and in full freedom. It requires the peaceful transfer of power to the next duly-elected President of the Gallente Federation.

    "I pledge to meet the priority I have laid out in full. My fellow citizens, amidst this scene of tragedy and villainy, take heart. The Federation will endure. The Federation is Liberty; and Liberty can never die."

    President Roden's administration has estimated that close to full service on interstellar and system-wide FTL comms networks will be restored over the weekend. Planetary networks and other infrastructure may take more time to restore. It is projected that essential services will be restored early next week in most locations. The Federation Navy and Federal Marines remain on high alert.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Remains Closed to Trading Under Directive of Federation Security Council
    • Kimotoro Stock Exchange Experiences Volatility Over Day's Trading but Megacorporation Stocks See Slight Gains
    • Republic Command's Southern Floseswin Army Group Close to "Cutting Land Communications Between Several Amarr-Held Cities"
    • Full CONCORD Assembly Session to Meet Over Weekend as Inner Circle Co-ordinates Escalation Avoidance Efforts Along Recognised Empire Borders
    • General Ceasefire Efforts in Militia War Zones Break Down as Minmatar Republic and Caldari State Reject Proposals for Conflict Freeze
    • Minmatar Republic Asserts its Right Under the Yulai Accords and Emergency Militia War Powers Act to "Liberate Floseswin IV" and Continue Metropolis Campaign
    • Caldari State Maintains Militia Warfare in Caldari-Gallente Conflict Zone Must Continue as a "Legitimate Exercise in Recovery of Corporate Property"
    • Amarr Privy Council Meeting Continues as Political Strains Caused by Efforts to Quell Dissent Among Holders in Sarum and Ardishapur Realms Over Course of War
    • Khanid Kingdom Military and Security Police Forces Carry Out Widespread Sweeps in Aridia and Khanid Regions; Reports of Many Thousands of Arrests
    • BREAKING: Reports of Antimatter Warhead Detonating Over Small Coastal Town on Southern Continent of Floseswin IV Confirmed; Casualties Unknown
    • BREAKING: CONCORD Monitors "Tracked Submarine Launched Hypersonic Missile Flight from Position in South Polar Deeps," Claims Source
    • BREAKING: CONCORD Believes "House Sarum has Several Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines Hidden on Floseswin IV," Leak Indicates
    • BREAKING: Source "Urged CONCORD Monitors to Share Intelligence with Minmatar Republic"; CONCORD Mission Maintained Neutrality Under Yulai Accords


  • Federal Elections Suspended After Presidential Candidates Attacked and Federal Networks Collapse
    published on February 27th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    BREAKING: Luminaire, Essence – The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has formally suspended the Presidential Election following multiple terrorist attacks on presidential candidates and federal communications networks. The suspension also applies to all other federal elections scheduled to be held over the 28th and 29th of February.

    While the Friday and Saturday elections would have been dominated by the Gallente Presidential Election, they also included the fifth of the Federal Senate seats up for election in this year's cycle. The suspension is until further notice. The Federal Elections Commission has not considered a rescheduled date for the elections, as the situation in the Gallente Federation continues to develop.

    President Jacus Roden has broadcast a brief message to the Federation assuring all citizens that: "The security of the Federation and its citizens, the continuity of democratic government, and a peaceful transfer of power to the next duly-elected President of the Gallente Federation are the first and last priorities of my administration."

    President Roden is personally co-ordinating the Federal Administration's response to the attacks and crisis through the Federal Security Council and Federal Military Commission. A full broadcast to the Federation will be made when sufficient bandwidth is available.

    Communications disruptions are ongoing across the Gallente Federation's networks with some service slowly resuming as Federal and CONCORD agencies organize countermeasures, secure routers, and establish provisional relays. Federal networks remain congested and intermittently subject to collapse due to ongoing information warfare network agent intrusions, attacks on physical infrastructure and elevated communications traffic due to the emergency.


    • Celes Aguard Survives Assassination via Backup Clone; Governor Aguard Recovering in Secure Location; Experiential Time Loss Unknown
    • Shaileen Ramnev in Critical Condition in Arcurio City General Hospital; Ramnev's Aircraft Made a "Hard Landing with Cabin Intact"
    • Suvio Bellaron Placed in Medical Coma to Reduce Risk of Neurological Damage Following Apparent Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agent
    • Wayaki Kayara "Slightly Injured" in Foiled Attack at Mannar Veterans Association on Mannar Seginde; One Veteran Hospitalized; Terrorists Dead 
    • Republic Command Offensive on Floseswin IV Continues; House Sarum Unconditional Ceasefire Offer Apparently Ignored
    • All Core Empire Fleets Adopt Cautious Defensive Posture Along All Borders After Inner Circle Delegates Agree Mutual Defensive Alert Protocol
    • Amarr Privy Council Orders all Imperial Subjects to "Refrain from Baseless Speculation on Events in Gallente Federation on Pain of Enslavement"
    • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Directs "All Possible Aid from Republic Agencies to the Federation"; Orders "Any Request from Gallente Federation Has Priority"


  • Federation Under Election Eve Comms Network Attack as Terrorists Target Presidential Candidates
    published on February 27th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    BREAKING: Luminaire, Essence – The Gallente Federation is under attack. At least three of the leading presidential candidates have been attacked in a series of co-ordinated terrorist strikes. The communications networks of the Federal Administration are heavily disrupted, and several major planets have been virtually blacked out from the FTL net by what appears to be a parallel sequence of network attacks ahead of the Presidential elections.

    While many accounts are confused or unconfirmed, multiple sources have reported the following events:

    President Jacus Roden is secure, has declared a Federal State of Emergency, and mobilized the entire active list and reserves of the Federation armed forces. The Federation Navy and Marines have been ordered to invasion defense positions.

    Governor Celes Aguard's motorcade was attacked in a major bombing outside the New Riennes Stadium on Mies IV. Massive casualties are reported. The status of Governor Aguard is unknown at this time. Mies system comms networks are sporadically dropping in and out of service.

    Several reports indicate that "multiple explosions" and/or "a gas attack" took place at the Intaki Assembly Chambers while Senator Suvio Bellaron was giving a presidential campaign speech. Intaki Prime's planetary communications networks are almost all offline and connections to the Intaki system and Federal FTL relays have collapsed. The status of Senator Bellaron and the members of the Intaki Assembly is unknown.

    Mayor Shaileen Ramnev's flight into Arcurio reportedly downed by missile strike on final approach. The presidential candidate was enroute to eve of election rally in home city. The status of Mayor Ramnev is unknown and Caldari Prime has been hit by a near total communications blackout.

    Mannar Seginde in Leremblompes system has suffered a similar communications blackout to those affecting Caldari Prime and Intaki Prime. While there has been no report of an attack on Councillor Wayaki Kayara, another contender for the presidency, he was last known to be present in the capital of the adopted Mannar homeworld.

    Senator Kelen Ontbad is reported to be secure aboard the Parchanier V Egonics Inc. Development Studio, having been there to record an election eve "EgoCast" in support of his presidential campaign. Communications with the Egonics station are being routed through the relatively unaffected capsuleer channels and Senator Ontbad has apparently been moved to the capsuleer quarter by station security.

    Chief Director of the Federal Intelligence Office Mentas Blaque has resumed his duties, having recused himself from active FIO service during his own presidential campaign, and was last reported to be in session with President Roden and the Federal Security Council. Scattered reports from Luminaire, Renyn and Villore are claiming that there were attacks on FIO offices in those systems. Chief Director Blaque's campaign schedule had him attending a rally in Hueromont on Gallente Prime later this evening.

    The Federal Elections Commission has convened an emergency session at the instigation of President Roden and the Federal Military Commission. Widespread disruptions of the Federal Administration networks are ongoing and overstressed commercial networks are close to collapse. A significant number of heavily populated systems and planets are experiencing reduced bandwidth, erratic connections or outright blackouts. These network conditions evidently place the technical ability to run the Presidential and Senatorial Elections in jeopardy, even were it decided to continue following terror attacks on at least three leading presidential candidates.

    So far, no party has credibly claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks on presidential candidates or the comms network attacks.


    • Governor Celes Aguard Reported Killed in Attack on New Riennes Stadium; Status of Governor Aguard's Registered Backup Clone Unknown
    • Senator Suvio Bellaron Reported to be Hospitalized in Navyii Akat; Unconfirmed Report of Attack on Intaki Assembly Claims "Deathglow Chemical Weapon" Used
    • Status and Whereabouts of Shaileen Ramnev and Wayaki Kayara Still Unknown; Report that Ramnev Flight Made "Hard Landing" at Arcurio Central Airport
    • Inner Circle Calls for Emergency Full CONCORD Assembly Session; AEGIS Ordered to Reinforce Security of Fluid Router Relays and QE 4-He Stockpiles
    • SARO Detailed to Support Federation Security Response; DED Military Operations Against Triglavians Continuing with Reserves Called Up
    • Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Declares "Outrage" at Attacks on Federation; Offers Support and Suspends Customs Duties on Vital Supplies
    • Minmatar Republic Rushes Military Aid, Emergency Responders and Technical Assistance to Federation Under Treaty of Mutual Assistance
    • Empress Catiz I Convenes Privy Council Meeting and Orders All Imperial Military Circuits to Alert Status
    • House Sarum Orders All Forces to "Defense Only" Posture; Offers Unconditional Ceasefire to Minmatar Republic
    • House Ardishapur Countermands Ammatar Fleet "War Alert"; Return to Border Patrol Status Ordered
    • Federal FTL Comms Networks in Solitude Suffer Complete Collapse; Remote Region Cut Off from Core of Gallente Federation


  • Minmatar Republic Launches Surprise Offensive During Break in Southern Floseswin IV Rains
    published on February 27th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Floseswin, Metropolis – Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV have launched a major offensive aimed at removing the Amarr occupation of the large majority of the southern continental landmass. CONCORD conflict monitors are reporting Republic military formations advancing on multiple fronts towards population centers on the southern landmass. Sources within Amarr-held cities are additionally reporting widespread incidences of sabotage, public disorder and guerilla warfare.

    Initial reports indicate that the Amarr occupation forces were surprised by the sudden offensive, which comes mere days after the 24th Imperial Crusade regained control of the neighboring Aset system, a key location for Amarr supply bases. Analysts suggest that the Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV had prepared the offensive for the first available break in weather during the southern rainy season. The overwhelming dominance of the Tribal Liberation Force and allied capsuleers across the Metropolis conflict zone appears to have allowed the Minmatar to move large amounts of troops and materiel onto Floseswin while maintaining operational secrecy.

    Observers also speculate that the Amarr focus on restoring their supply bases in Aset, coupled with an assumption that Minmatar command would likewise focus on retaking the system, may have lulled the House Sarum-led forces into a false sense of security. Amarr forces have also been highly concentrated on maintaining security within their zone of occupation as a sustained campaign of low-intensity but highly-distributed guerilla warfare has stretched the occupiers relatively thinly. Amarr forces are most heavily concentrated behind massive fortifications and forcefields protecting the six major cities of the southern continent, the primary mining belt facilities, and the two largest seaports.

    While there has been no public comment from Republic Command's Valklear General Kanth Filmir or House Sarum's Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari, both sides have been flooding communciations frequences and channels across the planet with opposing propaganda, demands for surrender, and warnings of retribution. The situation in the major fortified cities is unclear but there were scattered reports of explosions and public disorder before communications were cutoff by Amarr military authorities. Reports from minor cities, towns and villages indicate widespread uprisings against Amarr installations and forces spread thinly in the countryside.

    Although it is impossible to assess the outcome of this rapidly developing situation, the early signs indicate a favorable military situation for the Republic Command's forces and the Minmatar resistance. However, CONCORD monitors have cautioned that the primary fortified Amarr positions are highly unlikely to be taken by assault without massive loss of life.

    In Other News

    • CONCORD Inner Circle Delegates Recalled to Emergency Session Following Minmatar Offensive on Floseswin IV
    • House Sarum Bases in Bleak Lands and Devoid Reportedly Attacked by "Minmatar Terrorists"; Sarum Regional Fleets Responding
    • Ammatar Fleet Placed on War Footing Along Derelik Borders with Minmatar Republic; House Ardishapur Fleets Mobilizing
    • Caldari State "Maintaining Open But Secure Borders" with Republic, Federation and Empire; Urges "De-Escalation"
    • Federation Navy Places Reserves on Alert; Federal Military Commission Meets Ahead of Presidential Election
    • Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf Bans "The Peace of Kahah" Holofilm in Ammatar Mandate as "Prejudicial to Good Order and Community Harmony"
    • Angel Cartel Turf War with Seykal Clan and Krullefor Organization in Molden Heath Continues; Gangland Death Toll Over 1,000
    • Over 100,000 Attend Aleqa-Hierodeakon Alar Chakaid's Inaugural "Holiness and Right Action Ministry" Sermon in Khanid Prime
    • SARO Raid on Guristas Black Market Exchange in Nalvula Nets Over 500bn ISK in Illegally Registered Corporate Scrip


    • BREAKING: Massive Explosion Outside New Riennes Stadium on Mies IV as Governor Celes Aguard Arrives for Presidential Election Rally
    • BREAKING: Governor Aguard's Motorcade Last Seen in Vicinity of Blast Zone, According to Mies News Media Reports
    • BREAKING: Communications Disruptions Reported Across Gallente Federation; Caldari Prime, Intaki Prime and Mannar Seginde "Blacked Out"


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Dragonaurs Danger and Presidential Politics Edition
    published on January 16th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of the latest news as more Gallente Presidential election candidate declare and CONCORD intelligence identifies a new threat from the Templis Dragonaurs and Vimoksha Chorus terrorist organizations.


    Templis Dragonaurs Pact With Vimoksha Chorus a "Clear Threat to New Eden" says CDIA

    Yulai, Genesis – The CONCORD Intelligence Directive Agency has described a new pact between two terror and piracy groups as a "clear threat to the security of New Eden". The CDIA has confirmed reports that the Templis Dragonaurs, an ultranationalist Caldari terrorist organization, has been identified as working with the Vimoksha Chorus, a pirate group that is a splinter faction of Sansha's Nation.

    The CDIA assesses that the two organizations are presently "engaged in an exchange of military technology and armaments, in an effort that can only make both these dangerous and unpredictable terror groups even more of a threat than they already represent." CONCORD's DED has responded by distributing all location and tracking data on the Templis Dragonaurs to the general security networks of the empires and encouraged capsuleers to join in fighting the new threat.

    Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of CONCORD's AEGIS division additionally commented, "We cannot afford to allow this nascent alliance between two dangerous but relatively minor threats to grow into a major new security crisis. The ongoing Triglavian invasions, the danger of Drifter attacks and incursions by Sansha's Nation itself could only be harder to counter with yet another such threat on the scene."

    The Templis Dragonaurs are an ultra-nationalist Caldari organization considered terrorists by most governments of New Eden. Once associated with Tibus Heth's Provist government, they suffered a major blow when his regime fell in YC115. It is believed they maintain large numbers of infiltrators and agents throughout the Caldari State and its megacorps.

    Led by a former Sansha's Nation warlord, Cornelius Sedek, the Vimoksha Chorus is understood to have survived the suppression of Sansha's Nation by a CONCORD-led coalition in YC37. The Vimoksha Chorus operated as a pirate group for many decades before its recent escalation to planetary raidng. It is believed to still be an independent splinter faction at odds with Sansha Kuvakei's Nation.


    Governor Celes Aguard Formally Declares Candidacy for Gallente President at Rally on Mies IV

    Mies, Essence – Addressing a capacity crowd at the New Riennes Stadium on Mies IV, Governor Celes Aguard formally declared her candidacy for President of the Gallente Federation in a speech that focused particular attention on the periphery of the Gallente territories. "My friends, I can confirm my campaign for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime is underway, here, tonight. I welcome you all and thank you for sharing in my vision of the future prosperity and security of this great, liberal and forward-looking federation of ours."

    As Governor of Mies, Celes Aguard presides over the administration of one of the Federation's most prosperous core systems and has long been a driving force in the development of her system and the wider infrastructure of the Crux constellation and Essence region. Despite this, Governor Aguard has long been popular in the periphery of the Gallente Federation, with her support for the development and security of outlying systems and constellations a repeated theme of her political careers.

    "My friends, my fellow citizens, we must never forget our families, friends and fellows who make their lives on the frontiers of this great federation. Never again can the threat of political abandonment and security apathy over the periphery be allowed to take root in the federal system. I pledge that no region, no constellation and no system will be left behind. The Gallente Federation is for all, not just the core systems. It gladdens my heart to see so many of you here, so many of you citizens of Mies, Luminaire and Crux, to support our cause of a Federation of peace, prosperity and security for all."

    Despite two previous attempts that saw her fall short, Governor Aguard is considered a strong presidential candidate with name recognition and overall approval ratings that most other candidates struggle to match.


    Councillor Wayaki Kayara Announces Run at Presidency on Return from Kabar to Mannar Seginde

    Mannar, Everyshore – Councillor Wayaki Kayara of Mannar Seginde has announced his own run at the Gallente presidency, following his return to Mannar Seginde (Leremblompes II) after a visit to the former Mannar homeworld of Kabar (Mannar VIII). The Mannar Councillor of Diplomacy made his announcement from the steps of the Mannar Seginde Council of Notables building in Fou Mannai, "The people of the Federation know that we can only prevail and make progress by righting the wrongs of the past, and it is in that spirit that I announce my candidacy for President of the Gallente Federation."

    "All of us have seen the devastation on our homeworld, the legacy of the Doa dea Kabar, and many of us have experienced that legacy first hand. I have just returned from Kabar and I bring a message of hope that an old wrong may be righted and our ancient home be restored to us. The initiative to restore Kabar has made such progress as you would not dare hope for. That I dared not hope for. Yet it requires more from us all and, I say, from this Federation that so long neglected Kabar and only rewarded the service of so many Mannar in its cause with limited aid to us here on Mannar Seginde."

    "This is not just about us. We know how the Federation speaks of equality and justice for all yet seldom delivers it in full to those who maintain their own cultures. We have seen how the Intaki home system and Placid region have been treated. We have seen how the Minmatar diaspora has been marginalized. How the Federation has allowed war to continue across our own borders and those of our Republic allies. We have seen how our Deteis, Civire and Achura citizens have been affected by the ongoing conflicts. We must stop all this. Reconciliation beyond our borders, with the Intaki Syndicate and, yes, with the Caldari State is necessary. But so too is reconcilitation necessary within. With our Jin-Mei friends, with our Intaki brothers and sisters, and with us, the people of Mannar Seginde and Kabar."

    Two former presidential candidates expressed mixed views on Kayara's platform. Long-time Federal-Populist and anti-war figure, Senator Vilard Garioss of Nexus said, "I sympathize with some of Councillor Kayara's positions, even support them, but his message seemed confused to me and I have a hard time believing it will resonate beyond his core following." Retired Admiral Daren Fasio, an ethnic Mannar himself, was more forthright in his assessment, "This was a blancmange of a speech. No doubt it will appeal to pacifists and fools. I doubt that the Mannar men and women I served with would find anything appealing in it, let alone the citizens of the Federation who understand that a strong defense requires us to confront our enemies, not 'reconcile' with them."


    Mentas Blaque Comments on Roden Administration's Militia Warzone Diplomacy in Clear Appeal to Hawks

    Renyn, Essence – In off the cuff remarks today, Federal Intelligence Office chief Mentas Blaque said, "The Federation cannot afford to take a weak position on the debate over our sanctions against the Amarr Empire and its satellite states." His comments, made to journalists at an FIO briefing on the Templis Dragonaurs and Vimoksha Chorus situation, continued: "I have advised against pursuing a strategy of legalistic debate with the Amarr. I know Sirdan xer Qosh well. He's a slippery fox who will tie up these negotiations in all sorts of arcane knots and twists."

    While Blaque's comments included a criticism of Amarr Inner Circle Delegate Sirdan xer Qosh's assertion that Federation and Republic sanctions are a breach of the Yulai Accords and Convention provisions against a general trade blockade of a member state by other member states, most Gallente commentators see the remarks as a clear criticism of the Roden Administration's attempt to chart a diplomatic course through the militia warzone crisis.

    "These remarks are on the edge of open criticism of President Roden's policy in this matter and given the looming election, I believe they are a clear appeal to hawkish political blocs and voter sentiments across the Federation," Senator Ulve Fabronne of Peccanouette told the Scope's Galactic Hour. "I think we will see Blaque declare very soon," Senator Fabronne added.


    In Other News

    • CONCORD Conflict Monitors Report on Floseswin IV: "Tacit Ceasefire is in Effect; Sporadic Exchanges of Fire; Scattered Paramilitary Reprisals"
    • "The Peace of Kahah" Breaks Box Office Records in Khanid Prime; Duke Chakaid Hails "Masterpiece of Truth Illuminating the Victory of Faith"
    • PKN Interstellar Bid for Security and Shipping Franchise in Intaki System Described as "Bizarre and Insulting" by Intaki Assembly
    • Tribal Liberation Force Regains Initiative with Combined Fleet Actions and Guerilla Strikes; Kurniainen and Vimeini Fall
    • Kyonoke Inquest Organization Statement on Capsuleer Experiments: "Kyonoke Cure Remains Effective. Samples Secured Under HFA Act are Inert or Compromised."
    • Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone Activity Increasing; Military Experts say Federal Election Season "Driving Renewed FDU Strategic Offensive"
    • Inner Circle Peace and Militia Reform Talks Remain Deadlocked on Trade Sanctions Issue; "Amarr Attempting to Distort Anti-Blockade Accords" says Keitan Yun
    • Federation Ambassador Devan Malate: "No Contradiction Between the Anti-Blockade Provisions of the Yulai Accords and Limited, Targeted Sanctions"
    • Caldari Mediation Continues: "We Share the Legal Interpretation of the Amarr Empire but Resist Accusations of 'Hypocrisy' on Either Side of this Contractual Dispute"
    • BREAKING: President Jacus Roden Announces Successful Rescue of Civilian Government of Vevelonel V by Federal Marines
    • BREAKING: Braille District Gendarmes Arrest Vevelonel V Colonial Militia Officers Following Daring Rescue Operation
    • BREAKING: President Roden also Signs Executive Order for Enhanced Disaster Relief and Resettlement Finance in Octanneve System


  • Gallente Foreign Relations in Campaign Spotlights as Ramnev Declares and Ontbad Visits Minmatar HQ
    published on January 8th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Shaileen Ramnev Announces Presidential Run and Major Campaign Theme from Hueromont on Caldari Prime

    Luminaire, Essence – Former Arcurio Mayor, and runner-up in the YC117 Gallente presidential elections, Shaileen Ramnev appeared today at a press conference in Hueromont to announce her candidacy in this year's election and address the future of Caldari Prime as a major plank of her campaign.

    "I can confirm that I am a candidate for the President of the Gallente Federation," announced Ramnev. "Standing here in Hueromont, and after my visit to dear Arcurio, I see clearly that this great Federation remains strong in its diversity, tolerance and resilience. The healing of this vital world has been nothing short of miraculous and I am proud to seek the highest office in a polity that can achieve this."

    "Now, though, it is time that the destiny of Caldari Prime is put in the hands of those who call it home," Shaileen Ramnev continued. "Mordu's Legion involvement after Operation Highlander was a risky but necessary choice, which in the end played out well. Mordu's Legion Command lived up to its reputation, and I as a citizen of this planet am very grateful to them. But after the long years of recovery, I say that we, the people of Caldari Prime, should not be seen as a problem to solve, but as a valuable community that will contribute to Federation and interstellar prosperity. We also should not allow the relationship with our Caldari neighbors fester for lack of attention to a shared pain that requires a shared solution."

    Ramnev has issued a campaign document detailing a long-term solution to the vacuum that will be left by the impending departure of Mordu's Legion, already reduced during the period of their contract's extension. She is proposing a "planetary oversight body" with officials elected by all permanent Caldari Prime citizens. Such planetary institutions, she says, would oversee matters of global security, and act as a neutral regulator of the legal and business interactions between Caldari and Gallente settlements, leaving full autonomy over internal matters to regional authorities.

    "I have seen communities everywhere on our scarred home," continued Ramnev. "They are different. They are unique. They hold dear different things. But they also seek the same things every community does. Peace. Prosperity. Happiness. These are things that no one can reach if everyone seeks them only for themselves. Now is the time to search for them together. Our Federation is never at its best when it 'directs' the many peoples of our union. Rather it reaches its heights when it aids the people in their quest for liberty and self-determination of their home communities. Providing the aid that is needed without demands for political conformity shall be my guiding principle as President of the Gallente Federation."

    The Scope's political analyst Renyart Colsten suggested that Ramnev's pitch is "a clever message that may well appeal to communities across the Federation, such as the Intaki homeworld and Jin-Mei autonomists, without seeming false or artificial given her history and the direct anchoring in the Caldari Prime situation. Once again, Shaileen Ramnev shows why she should be considered a strong contender in this election."


    Senator Kelen Ontbad Visits Minmatar Militia Warzone Headquarters on "Fact-Finding Mission"

    Amo, Metropolis – Gallente Senator Kelen Ontbad of Algintal visited the staff headquarters of Valklear General Kanth Filmir of the Republic's Territorial Defense Guards, last night, declaring his visit a "fact-finding mission" for the Senate Gallente-Minmatar Relations Committee. General Filmir is overall commander of the Minmatar Republic's military response to the invasion of Floseswin IV and received Senator Ontbad at his HQ on the Tribal Liberation Force station in Amo, giving the ethnic Vherokior politician a short tour of the strategic operations center before holding a joint press briefing.

    Questioned on the criticisms of the Republic's diplomatic and military strategy from various quarters, General Filmir was unequivocal in his response:

    "The wiseacres on Matar can hoot and holler about the Sanmatar's diplomatic strategy from the safety of their lodges but I for one support any moves that save Matari lives and hold open the door to the return of those captured by the Sarum forces. Likewise, I repudiate the blood-drunk braying from Minmatar capsuleers who have called my men and women 'layabouts' even as these fighters struggle to recover the cities and people of Floseswin IV. My focus is on the liberation of our people and rolling back the invaders and occupiers from our lands. Every politician or capsuleer who has aided that cause selflessly and without thought of personal glory, I commend. The rest are fit only to receive water and shelter so far as I am concerned."

    Senator Ontbad brushed aside questions as to a possible run at the presidency and sought to underline the importance of diplomacy in his own remarks to the assembled press:

    "In the course of my visit here in Amo, I have found Valklear General Filmir to be a man of strong passions justified by years of service in the cause of freedom for the Matari people, all Matari people. It is not my place to comment on the politics of the Republic itself but, in terms of the politics of our people as a whole, I appreciate deeply the need to balance military strength with diplomacy. The reality is that our people will not be returned through military adventurism or destabilizing terrorism but by means of maintaining the security of the Federation and Republic, while pursuing every political and diplomatic means to end the scourge of slavery."

    One swift reaction to the comments of General Filmir and Senator Ontbad came from Tobias Efrit, a veteran Krusual parliamentarian influential in trade and security matters:

    "Filmir may have been a Midularist once but he's always been a loyal warrior for the Matari people. I hear his views with the utmost respect. As for Ontbad, he's a fop and a dilettante, as his idiotic equation of our military and covert operations with 'adventurism and terrorism' demonstrates clearly. People who think it would be a good idea to have an itinerant artist turned professional weathervane as leader of our most important ally just because he's of the Tribes need their heads checking. That right there is just another version of Midularism's squishy soft notion that it doesn't matter who's in charge so long as it's a so-called 'democracy'. No, I say it would be best for the Federation to have a strong leader and one they pick without any nonsense emanating from our quarter."

    In the Gallente Federation, the intervention of Senator Ontbad has gone down relatively well with academic and media commentators. However, it had a mixed reception in Minmatar communities and notably appears to have left the hawkish element of the so-called "Roden Coalition" cold.


    In Other News

    • DED and AEGIS Assess Triglavian Invasion Defense Efforts as "Stable" in New Year Briefing
    • Independent Analysts Suggest Militia Warzone Crisis "Stalled Progress" of Counter-Triglavian Campaign
    • Wayaki Kayara Visits Mannar Homeworld Restoration Initiative; Urges Greater Investment in Project
    • Cardinal Sourem Itharen Transferred to Theology Council, Vacating Capsuleer Emissary Post
    • Vimoksha Chorus Raid Reportedly Strikes Esaeel VI Gas Mining Colony; Casualty Numbers Unknown
    • Angel Cartel Crime Boss Assassinated by "Seykal hit squad" on Hrober V; Locals Braced for Reprisals
    • Vherokior "Special Spicy Sauce" Sweeping Hyasyoda Middle Management Menus after Mistaken Delivery
    • Dispute Between Sebiestor Tribe and Matar Planetary Security Flares Up Again Over Dokvat Airport Jurisdiction
    • BREAKING: House Kador Emancipates and Transfers to Federation Surplus Workers Recently Moved from Aridia to Genesis
    • BREAKING: Officials on Both Sides Indicate the Transfer is Reparation for YC110 Kador Incursion into Ratillose system


  • Flosewin IV Occupation and Inner Circle Peace Summit Dominate New Year YC122
    published on January 7th, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    Occupation of Floseswin IV Continues as Amarr Forces Regain Control in Key Systems

    Floseswin, Metropolis – The Amarr military occupation of the southern continental zone of Floseswin IV continues amidst low-intensity fighting on the planet, as difficult weather conditions set in across the southern hemisphere. While Minmatar Republic Fleet space superiority has been regained and maintained due to the efforts of the Tribal Liberation Force and allied capsuleers, and the northern population centers have largely been liberated or secured, heavily dug in House Sarum troops have maintained their positions in the south.

    Protected by heavy fortifications, surface-to-orbit defense systems and the onset of the southern rainy season, House Sarum forces exert control over all the major population centers of the southern regions, with some five to seven million Republic citizens reported to be held in the grip of the occupation forces. The Sarum expedition commander, Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari has also asserted that approximately 150,000 "criminals and prisoners of war" were transported offworld during the twenty days of Amarr control of the system following the invasion.

    Rumors that the Amarr forces have brought weapons of mass destruction to Floseswin IV were played down by General Mazari at a press briefing held in the southern continental capital of Port Kul: "This talk of nuclear and chemical weapons is black propaganda put about by our enemies. Amash-Akura's laws of war forbid the use of weapons that poison the land so these claims are absurd on their face. Let us never forget that we saved the Minmatar from self-destruction in the fires of nuclear warfare they were on the brink of unleashing on themselves. Even today, they are the ones that use such weapons. We of Amarr cleanse the land with Holy Light, not poison it."

    Challenged on the presence of Amarr antimatter reactors powering the formidable defenses of the occupation forces, General Mazari dismissed the suggestion that these may be overloaded to cause widespread destruction and casualties as "slanderous nonsense and defeatist thinking we would never contemplate for a moment." For their part, Minmatar ground commanders are understood to take seriously the risks of antimatter reactor breaches, whether deliberate or caused by combat operations, given the Amarr have reportedly placed such facilities at the center of the population zones they control.

    Elsewhere in the Amarr-Minmatar milita warzone, the 24th Imperial Crusade has scored some victories and recovered ground in a number of systems. The House Sarum ordered recovery of control over Arzad system has been welcomed by Lord Olacar xer Sarum on behalf of Royal Heir Arrach Sarum. More significantly for the Floseswin situation, the Amarr militia has also restored space superiority in Kurniainen and Isbrabata, reversing Minmatar gains and increasing logistical flexibility for House Sarum forces. While major movements of troops, materiel and "prisoners" have been prevented by the Republic Fleet since achieving control of Floseswin space, the Amarr Empire's fortified supply bases in Aset, Uisper and Vimenini have continued to facilitate supply drops by Amarr blockade runners and other subcapital ships.


    Inner Circle Peace Summit Focuses on Reform of Militia War Laws and Normalization of Trade

    Yulai, Genesis – Peace talks between the major powers focused on recent flashpoints in the militia warzones, not least the Amarr invasion of Floseswin IV, resumed in the New Year with renewed focus on closing loopholes created by the interaction of the Yulai Accords, Yulai Convention and the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act YC110. Following high level meetings between President Jacus Roden and Lady Hamideh Kador, and separately Lord Arrach Sarum's talks with a Kaalakiota-Sukuuvestaa delegation, representative delegates at the CONCORD Inner Circle appear to have aligned on a framework for talks aimed at resolving the ongoing conflicts and preventing future escalations.

    Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh of the Amarr Empire has emphasized that interstellar trade must be "normalized and restored to the position agreed under the Yulai Accords and Convention that wisely forbade the unilateral and unrestricted imposition of sanctions against any member state of the CONCORD Assembly." Following the talks spearheaded by the Kador Royal Heir as personal representative of Empress Catiz I, the position of the Gallente Federation has perceptibly moved in favor of this approach in exchange for the "withdrawal of foreign troops of all kinds from orbital bodies on which they have no jurisdiction or right of claim under the Yulai Accords" as Gallente Delegate Devan Malate put it. Both the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic have maintained far-reaching trade and financial sanctions against the Empire since the suppression of the Kahah slave uprisings of late YC120.

    Reports from the Caldari State also indicate that Empress Catiz I has agreed to extend bond repayment schedules for the Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement, permitting Caldari State corporations to redirect trillions of ISK that had been set aside to meet impending bond deadlines. Observers of the Amarr Imperial Court note that the SarumGlobal Bank and the House Tash-Murkon investment funds in particular would only have agreed to such rescheduling on the personal request of the Empress. Large reciprocal trade and investment agreements are expected to flow from a number of megacorps and the "trade for peace" proposals are being strongly supported by the entire Caldari State.

    While some in the Minmatar Republic have accused Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor of allowing himself to be outmanoeuvred by Amarr diplomacy, the Republic's leadership has pointed out that the reported 150,000 Republic citizens captured on Floseswin IV continue to be held as "prisoners of war" without entering the Amarr Empire's slave system. Ambassador Keitan Yun claimed, "the suspension of so-called 'labor force processing' was a direct result of negotiations we took part in with the support of the Gallente Federation."

    The Minmatar Delegate to the Inner Circle continued: "We are clear that the Minmatar Republic will maintain its rights under the Yulai Accords and Convention to lawfully impose specified sanctions on the Amarr Empire, and its client states, in response to illegal slaving and the brutal repression of civilians. There can be no disputing we are entitled to do this under provisions the Amarr themselves signed up to. On the other hand, we do not object to the Federation's efforts to secure sensible reforms and new protections for planetary populations in warzones."

    Talks at the Inner Circle continue while CONCORD Conflict Monitors encourage stabilization of the situation on Floseswin IV pending the outcome and to facilitate humanitarian operations.


    In Other News

    • Shaileen Ramnev Attendance at Arcurio New Year Festival Fuels Speculations as Election Registration Deadline Approaches
    • Insider Claims Meeting betweeen Jacus Roden and Mentas Blaque was "Stormy" as President Maintains Refusal to Endorse any Candidate
    • Caldari Navy Security Intelligence Reportedly Investigating Templis Dragonaurs Cells in Corporate Security Forces
    • Governor Celes Aguard to Hold Rally on Mies IV; Likely to Formally Declare Presidential Candidacy
    • SCC Raid of Guristas Finance Node in Pure Blind Fails as Billions in Corporate Scrip Datablocks are Transferred Out; Inside Tip-Off Suspected
    • Councillor Wayaki Kayara of Mannar Seginde Rebuffs Senator Kelen Ontbad as Both Position for Independent Runs at Presidency
    • Intaki Assembly Asserts Sovereignty within Intaki System under Federation Constitution and Rejects Federal Security Council Demands
    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Designates Dokvat in Mikramurka Region as "Planetary Security Zone"; Orbital Defense Construction Begins
    • Federal Marines Deploy on Vevelonel V as President Roden Authorizes Intervention Against Colonial Militia Coup
    • Midna Lyre's "The Red Album" Sells Millions of Copies Over Festival Period; Critics Hail New Songs as a "New Peak for Sonik Sabik Genre"
    • Octanneve Authorities Struggling to Cope with Influx of Refugees from Vevelonel as New Storms Increase Displacement of Population on Octanneve V
    • Federation-CONCORD Joint Initiative on Kabar (Mannar VIII) Reports "Ecological Restoration Indicators Remain Positive" in End of Year Report


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Yoiul Festival Trading and Talks Edition
    published on December 12th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as the Yoiul Festival period witnesses accelerated trading and renewed efforts at peace as the start of YC122 approaches.

    PKN Interstellar Declares Launch of HyperNet Relay "Successful Beyond All Projections"

    Jita, The Forge – The PKN Interstellar consortium has issued a glowing report on the first 48 hours of market activity on their newly-launched HyperNet Relay trading and communciations network, hailing the launch as "successful beyond all projections." While detailed financials are not available, the consortium – led by the CBD, Lai Dai and NOH megacorporations – has confirmed that transactions on the new network are "well into the multiple trillions of ISK after only 48 hours of operation."

    PKN Interstellar has also noted that the high activity has allowed it to accelerate its associated FTL communications operations as the influx of Quantum-Entangled 4-Helium HyperCores allows it to synchronize and encrypt vast numbers of QE 4-He pairs for distribution across the new communications network it is constructing.

    In related news, the next phase of the Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy station redevelopment and expansion project is advancing on schedule, according to PKN Interstellar's latest updates to the Chief Executive Panel and Caldari Navy board. The project is now moving forward to prepare and lay down the foundation frameworks for construction of a communications and science hub that will eventually be a major element in PKN's FTL communications backbone. Deep Core Mining Incorporated has also begun to work on preparations for a mining operations center that will co-ordinate exploitation of the vast resources of the Jita 4-4 moon itself.

    Above: Next Phase of Jita 4-4 Redevelopment and Expansion Underway

    Inner Circle Starts Fourth Round of Peace Talks on New Protocols for Militia Warzone Planets and Orbitals

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Inner Circle has formally begun a fourth round of peace talks aimed at resolving the recent escalations in militia warzone fighting and occupations on planetary and other orbital bodies. The urgency of the talks is due to the ongoing conflict in the Amarr-Minmatar militia warzone, particularly the House Sarum invasion of the Minmatar colony world of Floseswin IV.

    However, a number of recent incidents on militia warzone planets, moons and other orbital bodies have exposed shortcomings in the interstellar legal framework and conflict resolution protocols. A number of loopholes and gaps, that were until recently covered by mutual understandings and informal pacts, have been torn open by incidents such as the FDU's pacification of riots by Caldari citizens in Iralaja system, Seykal Clan attacks on Huola VI, and notably the lengthy corporate warfare and asset removal operations carried out by Lai Dai Protection Services on Intaki V. The full-scale invasion and high-intensity warfare on Floseswin IV is the worst incident yet in terms of the level of interstellar conflict in the border zones and raised tensions between all the CONCORD powers.

    Reports from Yulai suggest that the Inner Circle is establishing a framework that will provide time for a number of initiatives being promoted by the Gallente Federation and Caldari State to proceed while the CONCORD Assembly prepares draft protocols that may form the basis of addendums to the Yulai Convention and Accords, together with significant amendments to the Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110.

    Above: Operational Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger

    Citizens of New Eden Look Forward to Yoiul Festival Celebrations Despite Conflicts Across Cluster

    Yulai, Genesis – Despite a year that has seen escalating invasions by the Triglavian Collective, and considerably heightened tensions along the border zones between the "Big Four" empires, the citizens of New Eden are apparently determined to make the best of the increasingly cosmopolitan and cluster-wide celebrations of the end-of-year Yoiul Festival.

    As part of the festivities, a water reclamation project is encouraging capsuleers to turn in any stocks of meltwater they may have for processing, with a return of water ice "snowballs" for use in the traditional capsuleer activity of firing charges of compacted water ice crystals at one another in mock space combat. The Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger facilities can be found across New Eden's high-security zones at Yoiul Festival sites.


    In Other News

    • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Delegation Meets with Lord Arrach Sarum to Discuss Militia Warzone Conflict
    • President Jacus Roden Rumored to be Attending Bilateral Talks at Habu VIII Sponsored by Quafe
    • Senator Kelen Ontbad Declares Sarum Invasion of Floseswin IV an "Affront To Civilization"
    • Mannar Seginde Councillor for Diplomacy Wayaki Kayara Cautions Against Undermining Roden Peace Initiative
    • Capsuleer Candidate General Julianus Soter Eligible for Presidential Election Fee Funds Under Federal Military Provisions
    • Minmatar Militia Gains in Warzone Mount Against Background of Sarum Occupation of Floseswin IV
    • Valklear General Kanth Filmir Hails Efforts of Minmatar Militia but Urges Swift Recapture of Floseswin System
    • House Sarum Forces Reported to be Fortifying Positions on Multiple Planets in Aset, Uisper And Vimeini Systems
    • Republic Fleet Operations in Heimatar Warzone May Indicate Preparations for Counter Invasion of Devoid
    • Kameiras Assault on Floseswin IV Leads to Capitulation Of Southern Continental Colonial Capital
    • Khanid Secret Police Execute New Sweeps Across Mishi IV as Theology Council Considers Evidence Against Holders
    • Vimoksha Chorus Assault on Chamume III Mining Colony: "Total Destruction of Settlement and Thousands Captured"


  • Minmatar Militia Makes Gains in Warzone as Sarum Assault on Floseswin IV Continues
    published on December 9th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    Floseswin, Metropolis – While the House Sarum campaign to "Reclaim" the planet of Floseswin IV continues, as Amarr control of the system is maintained, the fighting in other systems of the Metropolis region miltia warzone has resulted in a number of gains for the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force.

    CONCORD's CDIA Conflict Monitoring Section has previously indicated to the Scope that Amarr control of a number of systems in Metropolis was "facilitating" the House Sarum "Reclaiming Operations" in Floseswin. With a number of key systems on the periphery of the warzone changing hands, the Scope obtained an update from the Conflit Monitoring Section:

    "As you suggest, in our previous assessment it was clear that Amarr control of a number of systems in the militia warzone was facilitating logistics operations and enabling the so-called 'Reclaiming' on Floseswin IV to proceed more readily. Given the long real space distances between the Floseswin system and House Sarum's staging bases in Myherra and Gammel, it was apparent that a corridor of way-station systems was being used to move materiel and military forces from the Sarum bases directly into the warzone."

    "As you may be aware, Amarr logistical doctrine calls for movements of materiel and troops to proceed under heavy escort. The favored platform for the Empire remains the workhorse Archon-class carrier. Use of unescorted freighters by the Amarr is generally an emergency provision only, and their jump gate networks in the area are no better than the Republic's after years and years of warfare in the militia warzone. We would take the view, today, that the recent capture of Isbrabata and now Eszur by Minmatar militia forces has significantly reduced the options for House Sarum logistics, which clearly allows counter-operations to be better targeted by the Republic. The breaking up of control within the area surrounding Floseswin would also increase the risks associated with use of star gates by conventional drive ships, and further narrow the options for Sarum supply operations."

    The Scope can also report that gains made by Minmatar forces in Metropolis have also led to the capture of the Ardar system adjacent to Floseswin, and lying on a route back to the Minmatar Republic's staging system of Amo. The CDIA also noted, "Evidently it is helpful for the Minmatar to have a system cleared of Amarr jamming installations to which the Republic forces massed at Amo can directly jump. Both the Republic and the Empire are engaged in constant efforts to rebuild their own beacons and establish new jamming nets. Regardless, House Sarum control of Floseswin continues to give them the ability to project forces direct to that system, albeit less easily with fewer way-stations available, and the political impact of system control remains the key enabling factor to their planetary operations."

    The Scope will continue to cover this major border conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic.

    In Other News

    • CONCORD Inner Circle Schedules Fourth Peace Talks Session for Yoiul Festival Period; Multilateral Diplomacy Continues
    • Eifyr & Co. Signs Deals to Supply Infantry Combat Boosters to Intara Direct Action and Seykal Expeditionary Group
    • Mentas Blaque Remains Tight-Lipped Amidst Rumors President Jacus Roden Will Decline to Endorse any Candidate as Successor
    • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Send Joint Delegation to Sarum Prime with Militia Warzone Ceasefire Negotiations on Agenda
    • Blood Raiders Mocked for "Cowardice" as Attacks on Amarr Loyalist Structures in Derelik "Evaporate" in Face of Defense Fleet
    • Shaileen Ramnev Schedules New Speaking Engagement in Arcurio Amidst Speculation of Renewed Presidential Candidacy
    • Ni-Kunni Holders "Put to the Question" by Cheshm Khan Reportedly Implicate Prominent Mishi IV True Amarr House
    • Senator Kelen Ontbad Visits Leremblompes; Itinerary Includes Talks with Mannar Seginde Politicians
    • Frostline Laboratories Rumored to be Developing "New Long-Range Exploration and Resource Extraction Technologies"
    • Duke Chakaid of Fabai Vows "Total Elimination of Ammatar Treachery and Collaboration with Terror in Khanid and Aridia"


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Campaign Propaganda Broadcasts Edition
    published on December 4th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as Zorya Triglav continues to broadcast propaganda and potential candidates for the highest office of the Gallente Federation manoeuvre for position.

    Triglavian Strategic Shift Leads to Special Measures from CONCORD Inner Circle

    Yulai, Genesis – As the invading forces of the Triglavian Collective continue their strategic shift of operations from the deployment of World Arks to increased activity focused on stars, CONCORD's Inner Circle has re-emphasized the importance of supporting DED and empire fleet operations against Triglavian Stellar Observatories and in defense of CONCORD installations. The Inner Circle authorized a release of Quantum Entangled 4-Helium from its war reserves this past weekend, matching this with a few days of tax relief to promote increased capsuleer industrial and market activity.

    As the demands on the New Eden Defense Fund continue to be considerable, the tax relief measures ended Monday and CONCORD continues to deploy assets to monitor stellar activity, Triglavian operations and to defend member state systems, planets, and other orbital bodies and installations.

    CONCORD's Special Affairs for Regulations and Order (SARO) division is believed to be monitoring the extent to which capsuleers are heeding the propaganda broadcasts of Zorya Triglav, while the CONCORD Defense Intelligence Agency is working with the Secure Commerce Commission and member state partners to attempt to put in place blocks against Triglavian autonomous information warfare agents.

    Above: Zorya Triglav broadcast on space billboard

    Capital Punishment Bill Passes; Roden Tables Approval Decision for New President

    Libertopolis, Villore – After months of campaigning, debate, committee reviews, and numerous revisions to Senator Suvio Bellaron's original proposal, Head of Senate Aulmont Meis called a vote on the Federal Directive bill that would ban capital punishment at the Federal level and institute guidelines for its use at lower divisions of government. In the end, the vote was split 471-422 in favor, with 10 abstentions.

    Responding to the news, outgoing President Jacus Roden issued a short statement: "As Federation President, I respect the decision of the Senate but I consider the issues raised by this Federal Directive too serious and far-reaching to be subject to an approval or veto process by myself as an outgoing, second-term president. I am therefore tabling this Federal Directive to Ban Federal Capital Punishment and Regulate Sub-Federal Punishment for the consideration of the next President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime."

    "We're unhappy with the Senate's decision, but we respect the outcome of the vote," Senator Faron Shu of Lirsautton commented. "We certainly support President Roden's wise decision to leave such a momentous and divisive issue to the president who will have to spend the next five years implementing this measure, if they agree it is actually needed. I cannot speak for the Sang Do council, but clearly a Supreme Court challenge is not necessary pending the decision of the new president."

    Under the Federal Directive as passed, member states and districts can continue to use methods of capital punishment without rebuke, given that they satisfy a test of humane application and a delay period of a year between a guilty verdict and a penalty decision. The "humane application" stipulations would disbar further use of Lirsautton VI as a place of exile, as the Federal Administration considers such punishment an effective death sentence that would fail to satisfy the requirements, but would allow other forms like public executions. Previous drafts of the bill had called for condemnation of the latter. The bill stipulates a deadline of five years for member states and districts to implement legislation in the spirit of the guidelines.

    Suvio Bellaron Declares Candidacy for Federation President

    Reacting to President Roden's statement on the capital punishment bill, Senator Suvio Bellaron declared his intention to stand as a candidate for the presidency of the Gallente Federation: "As our understanding of intrinsic human rights evolves, our Federation is challenged to share that understanding and, at the same time, respect the developing understandings of our many cultures. I may have wished for more with this bill, but I appreciate the magnitude of our accomplishment. As President Roden has decided that the next president will take the decision on approval or veto of this Federal Directive, I am today announcing my candidacy for the highest office. This issue is vital to the future of law and peace in our Federation."

    Notably, given Senator Bellaron's candidacy for the presidency, the Placid vote was largely in favor of the bill, but it did lack the support of Placid's Reborn Senators, who voted against. Senators representing sub-districts in Giatole and Marele more than made up for that, although some had thought they would largely vote against. "With years of hindsight, we've come to realize that we made poor decisions in the heat of the moment as citizens of the Federation. Maybe all of our decisions made in the heat of the moment are poor," a Mannar Senator said off-the-record on the matter of Anvent Eturrer. "I couldn't have supported the original draft even if I wanted to – my constituents would have recalled me on the spot – but the compromises reached in committee made it reasonable."

    While some may have hoped for this hot button topic to be resolved before the Presidential and Senatorial Elections next February, the decision of President Roden has likely made this a major issue of the entire campaign. Though many had speculated that Senator Suvio Bellaron intended to make a run at the presidency, the delay in approval of his cherished capital punishment ban has given him a clear and distinct issue on which to base his campaign.

    Governor Celes Aguard Opens Renuiphoria Festival on Gallente Prime

    Caille, Gallente Prime – Governor Celes Aguard hosted the opening ceremony for the Renuiphoria this morning, sending regional political analysts into a frenzy of speculation that the governor of the Mies system, and former presidential candidate, is looking to another run at the leadership of the Federation in the coming election.

    Governor Aguard's speech started with an overview of the feminine festival's history in Caille, then went on to lionize its inclusive nature and the appeal of its ideals across lines of identity. She compared her mixed Gallente/Jin-Mei heritage to the festival's cooperative spirit. At the end of her speech, the Governor started the celebration by tossing dried fruits and berries across the white brick streets.

    The Renuiphoria originates from lunar festivals held during the Age of Rouvenor, which were used to place women with special skills together and allow them to find apprentices for their crafts. This especially applied to all arts from fine to sexual. In the post-industrial era, the Renuiphoria was the main route of distribution for new products such as birth control. According to myth, the Renuiphoria celebrates the days when the divine Chareté rescued her sister, Renuit, from her overly controlling husband, Tenaros. The trio are members of a local moon pantheon, though the modern festival is not religious, nor exclusive to women.

    In the center of Caille, city artists of various levels put their best work on display. They will receive feedback from their peers and find patrons in the arts and academics community. Top advertising firms always make a point to send talent scouts to the festival. The festival is scheduled to last a week in Caille's City of Ancients. Attendance is free and open to all.

    Scope political analyst Zalawi Marguva drew parallels between Governor Aguard's commencement speech and her campaign speeches. "If it sounds like a script you've heard before, that's because you have. The Governor wants to kindle voter interest. With the Federal Defense Union's re-established dominance in Verge Vendor and Intaki, she won't be robbed next time,” he said, referring to the controversial “No Vote” law that had put Aguard at a severe disadvantage in YC111. Others question the real potential of a third Aguard run at the presidency following her poor results in the YC117 election, with Shaileen Ramnev's creditable second-place performance attracting the bulk of the anti-Roden vote.

    Many are waiting to see which candidates will seriously vie for the hawkish and business oriented voting blocs that underpinned Jacus Roden's successful campaigns and have been an enduring bulwark of his authority as Gallente President.

    In Other News

    • Combat Operations on Floseswin IV Continue as House Sarum Forces Step Up Assaults on Minmatar Population Centers
    • Partial Capsuleer Blockade of Floseswin IV "Disrupting Offworld Transports" Report CONCORD Conflict Monitors
    • Amarr Control of Floseswin and Corridor to Bleak Lands "Facilitates Reclaiming and Logistical Support Operations"
    • Caldari State Delegation to Inner Circle Offers to Mediate over Floseswin as Third Peace Talks Session Breaks Up
    • Amarr Delegate Sirdan xer Qosh Welcomes Caldari Offer While Blasting Gallente FIO for "Interference and Destabilization Activities"
    • Templis Dragonaurs Cell Evades Arrest Following Robbery of Garoun Investment Bank Vaults in Hueromont
    • PKN Interstellar Registers PKN Cryptographic as Caldari State Corporation as Plans for HyperNet Relay Comms Network Proceed
    • Cheshm Khan Make Further Arrests on Mishi IV After Discovery of Large Caches of "Deathglow and Insorum" Hidden in Ni-Kunni Holder Estates
    • Federal Security Council Expresses "Grave Concerns" Over Reports Intaki Assembly Considering Syndicate Bid for Security Franchise

    Breaking News

    • Multiple Deathglow Attacks Against Amarr Towns and Industrial Concerns with "Heavy Casualties" Reported on Huola VII
    • House Sarum Alleges Minmatar Terrorists Responsible After Ushra'Khan Operatives Captured on Huola VII
    • Kameira Lodge Confirms Services Retained by House Sarum as Assault Troops Reported to be Staging in Sahtogas


  • CONCORD and Empires Mount Major Operations Against Triglavian Stellar Manipulation; Capsuleers Fighting On All Sides
    published on November 26th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD has confirmed that it has begun major operations to counter the threats apparently posed by Triglavian "stellar observation and manipulation efforts" in multiple systems across New Eden. The primary co-ordinator of planetary and orbital defense against Triglavian invasions, Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir said, "I can confirm that CONCORD is co-ordinating closely with member states in a broad effort to thwart Triglavian attempts to manipulate star system environments across New Eden."

    The Scope has established that flashpoints between Triglavian forces and CONCORD/local empire forces are scenes of fierce space combat in at least half a dozen star systems. Capsuleers have reported Triglavian stellar platforms and CONCORD observatories are the focus of fighting in Aedald, Agal, Furskeshin, Kihtaled, Oberen and Skarkon systems. Triglavian invasion forces are present in a number of systems surrounding the flashpoints.

    Most disturbing of all are reports that capsuleers are fighting on the side of both CONCORD and Triglavian forces. The Scope has also learned that the Triglavian Collective has apparently aimed a message that may be a direct appeal for capsuleers to join their forces. Experts in Triglavian communication protocols have translated the "DIRECTIVE KYBERNAUT" message as follows:


    Analysts believe the Triglavian term "Kybernaut" refers specifically to capsuleers based on intercepts of Collective communications apparently discussing augmented pilot corpses recovered from the remains of "singleton command nucleus vessels".

    Above: Battle Around CONCORD Observatory in Kihtaled System (courtesy ARC)

    Provost Marshal Valkanir also commented on these reports: "CONCORD's Directive Intelligence Agency believes the Triglavians are attempting to entice independent capsuleers into renegade actions that would suit the interests of the invaders. The Triglavians pose an existential threat to all of New Eden. We trust that capsuleers will continue their efforts to combat the Triglavian menace and work with local defense forces to this end."

    Questioned on the consequences of siding with the Triglavians, the head of AEGIS replied, "Any capsuleer siding with the Triglavian invaders is a traitor to civilization on a level with the dupes of Sansha's Nation and the murderous followers of the Blood Raiders. We condemn them utterly and warn them that they are playing with the very future and survival of New Eden."

    CONCORD and core empire forces are co-operating broadly on many fronts with major investment in planetary defense, star system monitoring and invasion response fleets flowing from the New Eden Defense Fund. Large numbers of CONCORD personnel are also in combat daily with Triglavian forces and their drone auxiliaries. Provost Marshal Valkanir was able to confirm that SARO commandos had successfully boarded a Triglavian defense pylon recently "at great risk to their lives, preventing its self-destruct protocols from triggering and allowing us to analyze its technology."


    In Other News

    • Arrests as Kingdom's Cheshm Khan Secret Police Uncover "Blood Cultist Network on Mishi IV"
    • Intaki Space Police Delegation Visits Navyii Akat for Talks with Intaki Assembly
    • Vimoksha Chorus Raiding Fleet "Destroyed by Triglavians" Claim Eyewitnesses on Dehrokh II
    • Govenor Celes Aguard to Open Renuiphoria Festival in Caille; Speculation Will Launch Presidential Campaign at Event
    • Standoff in Mikramurka Region of Matar as Sebiestor Tribal Marshals Refuse to Hand Over Evidence to RSS Agents
    • Chief Acassa Midular Blasts Khumatar Allek Berialsh for "Gross Disrespect" so Soon After Funerals of "Sundsele Six"
    • Capital Punishment Abolition Bill Sharply Divides Political Blocs as Final Vote in Gallente Federal Senate Looms
    • BREAKING: Order of St. Tetrimon Suicide Attacks Down Territorial Defense Guards Carriers in Floseswin system as Sarum Expeditionary Force Strikes
    • BREAKING: Landings of Shining Flame mercenaries on Floseswin IV encounter fierce resistance from Republic Command and Brutor Vanguard forces
    • BREAKING: Red and Silver Hand Company Excoriator and Auspex Class Slaver Ships Sighted Over Main Aquacultural Colony of Floseswin IV
    • BREAKING: CONCORD Inner Circle Summons Core Empire Delegates for Emergency Talks


  • Governor of Ammatar Mandate Elevated to Holder Rank; Ardishapur and Sarum Houses Hold Summit Amidst Ceremonies
    published on November 8th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    Lord Ekroz Salaf of Jabruan Becomes First Ammatar Raised to Imperial Nobility

    Tanoo, Derelik – Celebrations erupted throughout the Ammatar Mandate today, after Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur declared that Governor Ekroz Salaf has been given the Holding of Jabruan Province on Eshtah II. Lord Governor Salaf, an ethnic Nefantar, will be the first native Ammatar Holder in the history of the Empire, despite a long history of high-ranking Ammatar acting as a caste of "petty nobility" within the Ammatar Mandate.

    Lord Ardishapur made his surprise announcement during a public address made at a ceremonial reception on Tanoo II, originally scheduled to mark the induction of Lord Salaf into the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order by Empress Catiz I. In attendance at the reception was Lord Arrach Sarum, visiting to hold summit talks with Lord Ardishapur on co-operation between their neighboring dominions and Imperial Military Circuits.

    The Ammatar Mandate has been moving over to a system of Imperial Holdings since YC111, when the late Lord Yonis Ardishapur began a reorganization of the region following the so-called "Elder War". As the previously quasi-independent hierarchy of Amarr nobles mixed with Ammatar elites has been steadily supplanted, concerns have grown in the Mandate that the Nefantar who stayed loyal as Ammatar would be reduced entirely to a servile class.

    The unstable position of Ammatar elites since the Elder War, which saw a large number of prominent Nefantar leaders rebel and defect to the Minmatar Republic, had been significantly shored up by the appointment of Ekroz Salaf to the governorship of the Mandate by Lord Yonis Ardishapur in late YC111. The establishment of a native Ammatar as the Mandate's governor assuaged concerns among the Ammatar petty nobility that their lands and slaves would be confiscated from them. However, fears that the Elder War defections forever jeopardized the chances for Amarr-loyal Nefantar to rise to prominence have remained high. The elevation of Lord Salaf of Jabruan to the Imperial nobility will have all but erased remaining fears and concerns, and hence has evoked widespread celebrations in the Mandate.

    Following several recent slave rebellions across the Empire, such as in the Kahah, Alkabsi, and Thebeka systems, a number of "purist" Holder families, many from the Kador and Khanid territories, have been increasingly vociferous in claiming that lords who are not True Amarr are unproven in their lineage and faith, and that they are of "subversive character". One prominent critic, Duke Alar Chakaid of Fabai, King Khanid III's own Plenipotentiary Representative to the Imperial Court, has called the Ardishapur Family's handling of the Ammatar "grossly lenient" and warned that "lesser races" in positions of power threaten the future of Amarr.

    Observers of Amarr politics believe that the decision to ennoble Lord Salaf is a pointed rejection of this attitude. One experienced diplomat called the Scope's attention to the presence of Lord Sarum at the ceremonial reception, indicating that this, together with the high mark of favor conferred on Ekroz Salaf by Empress Catiz I, would make it "unthinkable to publicly question the ennoblement of Salaf". Lord Ardishapur's staff have dismissed questions from reporters suggesting that the establishment of House Salaf may be intended as a concession following the recent slave rebellions.


    Lords Arim Ardishapur and Arrach Sarum Discuss Security of Amarr Empire and Amarr-Minmatar Warzone Situation

    Consular Palace, Tanoo II – Personally co-chairing the first "Sword Marshals Council" held between the Ardishapur and Sarum Military Circuits, Lords Arim Ardishapur and Arrach Sarum are understood to have discussed a wide range of issues pertaining to their respective and neighboring demesnes and military circuits. Most notably, under the terms of the territorial and military reorganization ordered by Empress Catiz I, in line with her newly promulgated Pax e Kilizhi Do doctrine, the Ardishapur and Sarum Houses share responsibility for the Amarr-Minmatar militia warzone.

    While the Sarum Military Circuit covers the largest swathe of warzone systems by far, the Ardishapur hold responsibility for a key sector of the conflict zone in the Heimatar region. The strategic position of the Ardishapur-controlled Ammatar Mandate also underlines the importance of close co-operation of forces under the command of the two Royal Heirs. A number of Imperial Navy staff officers, 24th Imperial Crusade commodores and chartered mercenary commanders allied to Houses Ardishapur and Sarum were in attendance at the council. Co-ordination of responses to yesterday's Seykal Clan raid against a HZO Refinery colony on Huola VI was confirmed to be an urgent addition to the agenda.

    The two Sword Marshals have also let it be known that they discussed matters of internal security and stability across their dominions and the Amarr Empire in general. Lord Sarum has been pressing for reform of the Ministry of Internal Order and was joined in this call by Lord Ardishapur in a joint royal memorandum on internal security. Additionally, the Order of St. Tetrimon has acceded to a request by Lord Ardishapur that it place its powerful counter-insurgency strike fleets at the disposal of both Houses Ardishapur and Sarum for "anti-cultist operations".

    In a public briefing hosted by Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum and Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf, it was further announced that House Ardishapur has converted the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade of penal troops into a regular military formation. The troops of the new 19th Ammatar Consular Brigade, consisting of the 33rd Tanoo Guards Regiment and 14th Sasta Sappers & Miners, have been formally emancipated from their penal service and entered into the Ammatar military as freemen with 6-year terms of regular service to fulfil.

    Also announced was the transfer from House Sarum's custody to the Ammatar Mandate of a number of criminals wanted for atrocities carried out during the so-called "Vindication Wars" with the Minmatar Republic. The notorious slaver Orlon Zashev featured prominently at the head of the list of transfers, putting paid to rumors that House Sarum had placed the fugitive in charge of alleged slave-taking operations being planned for Floseswin IV. The Scope's correspondent noted that Lord Olacar xer Sarum responded with "cold contempt" to questions about those rumors.

    "I find it incredible that any loyal Amarr would waste a moment's consideration on obvious black propaganda being spread by the enemies of the Empire," said Lord xer Sarum. "Nobody has anything to fear from a full and complete reclaiming of any planet by House Sarum. Contrary to the lies told about the Amarr Empire, we are interested in building and renewing societies, not destroying them. As for the traitor and criminal Zashev, he has broken many of our most ancient laws, including the codes of righteous warfare. It is only right that his first punishments be for his heinous atrocities against Imperial subjects and civilians in the Ammatar Mandate."


    In Other News

    • Chief Acassa Midular Calls Meeting of Sebiestor Tribe's Mikramurka Region Clans as Tundra Killings Reports Stoke Tensions
    • Intaki Assembly Renews Astral Mining Inc's Intaki System Astromining Franchise; Awards Communications Franchise to Semiotique Superluminal
    • Sarum Police Guards Investigating Seykal Clan Finances and Links to Organized Crime, Hijacker Gangs and Kidnapping Rings
    • Senator Suvio Bellaron Welcomes Return of Capital Punishment Abolition Bill to Senate Floor After Lengthy Committee Delays
    • Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi Negotiators Meet Sanmatar Shakor to Discuss Opening of Matari Commodities Markets to Combine TNR Traders
    • Ammatar Customs Bureau and Molden Heath Regional Militia Officials Exchange Intelligence on Piracy and Smuggling at Kenobanala Border Fortress
    • Caille University: "Mannar Veterans Will be a Major and Influential Constituency in Election Held Against Backdrop of Triglavian Invasions"
    • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Corporations Seal Multi-Trillion ISK Package of Contracts to Fortify, Equip and Arm Caldari State Colony Defense Forces


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Geopolitical Wrangling Edition
    published on November 7th, 2019 at 12:20 PM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden amidst continuing geopolitical wrangling over rights in the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar warzones.

    Intaki Assembly "Considering All Options" as Ishukone and Mordu's Legion Formally Decline to Renew Shipping and Security Franchise

    Intaki, Placid – After two weeks of relative peace on Intaki V, the Intaki Assembly has been meeting with representatives from the Gallente Federation, Ishukone Corporation and Mordu's Legion to discuss the tendering and transition period for the Intaki system's federal shipping and security franchise. While it has been much speculated on for months, Ishukone and the Legion have now formally given notice that they do not intend to seek renewal. The Intaki Assembly is understood to be be consulting with the Federal Administration over "stopgap measures" in the short term.

    Ishukone Corporate Counsel Majima Umokka said, "The Ishukone Corporation has long regarded our involvement in the Intaki shipping and security franchise arrangements as a remnant of a period where many mistakes were made. Ishukone Corporation is proud to have worked with Mordu's Legion to shield the Intaki people from the excesses of the criminal Heth regime, and the brutal realities of warfare carried out by so-called 'emergency militias', but there comes a time for all enterprises to reach their natural conclusion. Now is that time for Ishukone, and our partners in Mordu's Legion, in the matter of the Intaki system S&S franchise."

    This latest news has unsettled many on Intaki V, coming as it does so soon after an uneasy peace was established on the planet following the departure of an expeditionary force of mercenaries and corporate security troops led by Lai Dai Protection Service. There are many units belonging to various private military companies remaining on the surface, although most of these are allied to Ishukone, Mordu's Legion or the Intaki Assembly itself.

    There is also a sizeable combined contingent of Federal Marines and Federal Defense Union troops present at the major cities of Lenoika and Navyii Akat. Additionally, talks are still ongoing between the Intaki Assembly, protest organizations and "rebel Intaki Militia" to achieve peaceful disarmament and political amnesty.


    Amarr and Minmatar Authorities "Exercising Restraint and Caution" as More Troops Move to Staging Zones on Borders of Militia Warzone

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Conflict Monitoring Secretariat has noted that both the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic "are in actuality continuing to exercise restraint and considerable caution with respect to the Amarr-Minmatar CEMWPA Zone, contrary to the impression given by rhetoric on both sides." However, CONCORD monitors continue to be concerned by the steady build up of troops in key staging areas around the periphery of the Amarr-Minmatar warzone.

    The Amarr Empire's House Sarum has reportedly moved large numbers of transport ships, troops and planetary operations materiel to bases in the Bleak Lands, with Gammel and Myyhera believed to be the main staging systems. Additionally, there are reports of significant military traffic and logistical operations being run out of the core House Sarum system of Alkabsi in the Domain region.

    Sources on the Alkabsi V Sarum Family Logistic Support station have described significantly increased security measures and the imposition of "restricted zones" in normally low-security docks and cargo-handling facilities. One eye-witness has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that "huge numbers of Amarr mercenaries are staying in worker habitat units all over the station and there are slave-taker gangs sleeping on their ships in the restricted docks." Our source also repeated rumors that the infamous slaver Orlon Zashev has been commissioned by House Sarum to orchestrate the "Reclaiming of Floseswin IV."

    Our exclusive source also revealed that: "The Shining Flame mercs are proper mentalists. This one time they held a 'naked bar' in the middle of Concourse Three, Blue Sector. You never seen anything like it, especially the business with the toilet paper!" Our source also commented that Order of St. Tetrimon troops are "big drinkers, proper tanks on them, but don't make trouble" and "the Red and Silver Hand's troops are very proper, very polite, but don't spend much, tight as a duck's arse, really."

    The Minmatar Republic is also known to be moving significant special militia and ground-fighting troops into its own positions along the borders of the warzone, with Abudan and Amo serving as the focus of much of the open movements. It has also been reported that the Republic Command's Territorial Defense Guards, under Valklear General Kanth Filmir, have been working with the Republic Fleet and Tribal Liberation Force to support stabilization and security efforts in Minmatar-populated systems occupied by Amarr forces. Newly-appointed to his role as head of the Territorial Defense Guards, General Filmir is a veteran Minmatar warrior, formerly an admiral in the Republic Fleet and commandant of Molden Heath's regional defense militia.


    In Other News

    • Inner Circle Remains Deadlocked on Yulai Convention and Accords "Loopholes" under Emergency Militia War Powers Act
    • Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Briefing: "CONCORD Places a High Priority on Analyzing and Responding to Triglavian Stellar Manipulation"
    • Sebiestor Tribal Marshals Confirm Bodies Found in Remote Tundra of Mikramurka Region; Locals Claim "Six Corpses Found with Datapads"
    • Ammatar Governor Ekroz Salaf Awarded Cross of the Sacred Throne Order; Speculation that Imperial Favor Clears Way to Ennoblement
    • Potential Gallente Presidential Candidates Mulling Chances as Federal Elections Finance and Security Measures Pass in Senate
    • Lai Dai Corporation Announces Subcranial Nanocontroller Technology After Filing State Patents at Caldari Business Tribunal
    • Mind Clash Worlds Champion YC121 Nadia "Silver Bear" Tanaka Given Executive Reception at Hyasyoda Arcospire Pinnacle Suite
    • BREAKING: Minmatar Seykal Clan Forces Raid HZO Refinery Mineral Extraction and Processing Facility on Huola VI
    • BREAKING: Seykal Claim "Execution of Overseers, Recovery of Tribal Resources and Liberation of Slave Workers"
    • BREAKING: HZO Refinery Statement: "All Huola VI HZO Colony 3 Workers are Free Imperial Subjects from the Amarr Empire or Ammatar Mandate"
    • BREAKING: House Sarum Vows "Swift and Crushing Response to the Theft, Kidnappings and Murders of the Huola VI Outrage"


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