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  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Gallente Federation Rocked by Loss of Systems to Triglavians, Amarr Empire Celebrates Foundation Day
    published on August 5th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, with the fall of the Gallente Federation's Angymonne and Archee systems marking another victory for the Triglavian invaders despite the valiant efforts of EDENCOM capsuleers. Elsewere, amidst the chaos of the war with the Triglavians, the Amarr Empire celebrates the Foundation of the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet

    Federation's Angymonne System Falls to Triglavians Despite Capsuleer Assault on World Ark

    Angymonne, Everyshore – EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir reported to the Inner Circle on the fall of Angymonne over the weekend, stating that the fall of the system was attributable to heavy concentrations of Triglavian invasion groups and considerable support from "terrorists and traitors" in the ranks of the so-called "Kybernaut Clade", pro-Triglavian capsuleers from across New Eden. Despite the best efforts of EDENCOM and its allied capsuleers, organizing under the EDENCOM Defense Initiative banner, the system fell to Triglavian control a little over a week ago.

    Marshal Valkanir singled out for praise the efforts of capsuleers in assaulting a Triglavian Xordazh-class World Ark as the invasion reached its climax. While the system fell to Triglavian invaders in the end, the World Ark was repelled giving a window in which Federation Navy and EDENCOM forces were able to evacuate a large number of civilians from the industrial colonies of Angymonne. Although the system's ice belts have been an important resource for the Federation, planetary mining operations in Angymonne have been in decline for some years due to surpluses in the heavily-industrialized Elalan constellation.

    A Caldari Business Tribunal trading station in the system has been receiving refugees since the invasion of Anymonne began and most were able to depart the system before Triglavian World Arks returned to the system to finalize their conquest and continue their stellar harvesting operations.

    Tenth System Lost to Invaders as Conquest of Archee Brings A0 Star Under Triglavian Control

    Archee, Sinq Laison – Triglavian invasion forces succeeded in conquering the Gallente system of Archee yesterday, delivering a second blow in succession to the Federation and bringing the total of New Eden systems seized by the Collective to ten. The Triglavian victory has also brought a system with a central A0 class star under control of the Collective, believed by analysts of Triglavian communications to be a priority for the invaders.

    Long a relatively lawless backwater of the Wyllequet constellation, Archee has nevertheless been exploited for its ice fields and numerous moons by tramp miners and hardscrabble mining outposts. The sparsely populated system fell swiftly but it is expected that civilian casualties will be relatively light and escaping shuttles and civilian transport flights continue to trickle out of the system.

    The loss of two Federation systems in rapid succession has prompted further protests from citizens across Gallente territories with Senate delegations from all regions joining those from Essence, Everyshore and Sinq Laison in pressing President Celes Aguard to take more action to bolster the Federation Navy and EDENCOM. All Federal reserves have been activated for the duration of the emergency and steps are being taken to step up essential industrial production. Constituent state and polity militias and security forces are being trained and armed for a variety of duties normally undertaken by the Federal military in order to release more units for counter-invasion duty.

    Above: TES Jamyl the Liberator in "Imperial Seal" Parade Formation in Amarr Prime

    Amarr Empire Marks Foundation Day as Empress Issues New Decrees on War Against Triglavians

    Amarr Prime, Domain – Celebrations marking the Foundation of the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet have begun across the Amarr Empire, with Avatar-class Titan battlegroups in parade formation in Amarr Prime and the capital systems of the six Royal Houses of the Empire. Imperial and religious authorities across Amarr are strongly emphasizing that observance of the Imperial Rite's requirements must continue despite the "test of faith" represented by the Triglavian invasions.

    While even those forms of dissent permitted within the Amarr Empire have been muted since a crackdown on theologians questioning Empress Catiz I's "Two Swords Doctrine", there has been growing disquiet among the Holder classes at the degree to which the Amarr Navy and House Fleets have been overstretched in defense of the vast territories of the Amarr Empire. The rate of casualties and materiel losses has been such that the Empress recently decreed the re-activation of all of the Empire's so-called "Mausoleum Fleets", a vast number of ships from various periods of the Empire's history placed in storage under the care of a number of religious orders dedicated to preserving these ancient reserves.

    The work of refitting these ships has been accelerated but it is expected that overall performance of Amarr forces will inevitably degrade as older technology is pressed into service on the front lines. In order to better orchestrate the disposition of Amarr forces, Empress Catiz I has decreed that the Ministry of War shall have paramount authority for determining which units are seconded to service under EDENCOM command authority. This order has given a renewed purpose to a ministry that the late Imperial Chancellor Aritcio Kor-Azor once described as "a vast moribund bureaucracy of theorists and accountants routinely ignored by the Imperial Navy and Royal Heirs".

    While the authority of overall command within the Imperial Military Circuits remains with the Royal Heirs, in their capacity as Sword Marshals of the Empire, the power of the Ministry of War to divert units to EDENCOM duty represents a significant check and a reminder that ultimate authority rests with the Imperial Throne.

    Minmatar Republic Control of Floseswin IV "Secure but at Risk" According to CONCORD Conflict Monitors

    Floseswin, Metropolis – CONCORD conflict monitors have assessed that Minmatar Republic control of the liberated planet of Floseswin IV is "secure but at risk" due to the dominating position of the 24th Imperial Crusade in the Metropolis warzone. Floseswin IV has been heavily fortified by Minmatar forces under the command of Hetman General Kanth Filmir during the course of a brutal planetary campaign, with several army groups from Republic Command supplemented by a large force from the Brutor Vanguard. Floseswin IV resistance units have also been forged into a major fighting force by Republic Justice Department advisors under the command of Liberator General Nola Ashok.

    While the fortified cities of the Northern continental mass are reckoned to be close to "impregnable", the liberated cities of the Southern continent remain a matter of concern as Republic Command engineers and units of Sebiestor Field Sappers repair and upgrade defenses. Units of the Republic Security Services are also reported to be working alongside the Krusual Covert Operators in hunting down and eliminating hold out units of Amarr forces in the cities. For their part, CONCORD monitors report that the majority of Amarr forces that were not evacuated have dispersed to the jungles and mountains of the region.

    Although House Sarum's forces show no sign of renewing major operations on Floseswin IV so far, the dominant position of Amarr militia forces in the region has provided cover for significant restoration of Amarr supply bases. In particular, the Amarr stronghold of Aset has been quietly built up with a number of planetary fortresses established in system, an effort being replicated in several other long-held systems in the Eugidi constellation.

    Overall space superiority has also permitted a number of Imperial Navy "search and destroy" operations, with several Brutor Vanguard capital ships reported destroyed in Floseswin as Amarr forces dismantled Minmatar cynosural beacon networks in the system. Amarr diplomats have protested the use of orbital bombardment to reduce the defenses of Sarum-occupied Port Kul during the final Minmatar offensive and Amarr fleets have refrained from retaliating in kind. Despite this apparent attempt to occupy a moral high ground against the background of Triglavian use of orbital bombardment with impunity, Amarr special forces are reported to be operating across Floseswin IV and gaps in aerospace-orbital defense nets are being exploited to drop supplies to remaining Amarr forces.

    In Other News

    • Sardar-Colonel Parvaz Sarkovas Named Chief of EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate by Provost Marshal Valkanir
    • Director Haavo Tagematsu of Caldari House of Records Appointed Head of EID Cultural Intelligence Section
    • Chief Executive Panel Summons Caldari Naval Staff to Meeting with Megacorporation Security Force Commanders
    • Lai Dai Protection Service Reports Successful Raids on Illegal Pure Blind Corporate Scrip Repositories
    • Black Market Corporate Scrip Records Isolated and Identified by "Seek and Tag Information Warfare Worm"
    • "Caches of Deathglow, and Human Remains" Reported Discovered on Skarkon II Following RSS Raids on Angel Cartel
    • Khumatar Kril Efrit Hails Skarkon Security Forces for "Thwarting a Major Plot by Vile Terrorists and Slavers"
    • Republic Justice Department Denies Permission for SARO Counter-Subversion Unit to Operate in Minmatar Territories


  • The Scope - Total War Rages in New Eden
    published on July 16th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope Galactic News Network Reports on Total War in New Eden!






  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Liberation Day YC122 Edition
    published on July 10th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, as the Minmatar Republic marks Liberation Day amidst news the Floseswin IV offensive has driven Amarr forces from the planet, and the Caldari State reckons with the loss of Ichoriya to the Triglavian Collective.

    Liberation Day Celebrations Boosted by Collapse and Retreat of Amarr Forces from Floseswin IV

    Matar, Pator – News of the retreat of Amarr forces from Floseswin IV has lent a carnival atmosphere to many of the Liberation Day celebrations across the Minmatar Republic and wider Matari diaspora, today. Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor struck a triumphant note amidst the remembrance of those still enslaved during his speech from the Great Caravansarai on Matar. Republic Fleet Ragnarok-class Titan battlegroups are also in parade formation at key locations across the Republic to mark Liberation Day.

    "Today, we celebrate the 142nd anniversary of the Great Rebellion and the liberation of the Matari spirit and people. Even still, we must never forget those who never saw the light of freedom in their lifetimes and we can never cease our efforts to liberate those who remain in bondage across New Eden. Let us also hail the liberators of Floseswin IV who have swept the Amarr invaders of that world before them and back into space! Floseswin's people are and shall remain Matari and free!"

    Above: RFS Oskla Shakim in parade formation in Hek as Liberation Day celebrations ensue

    In Floseswin itself, the recent acquisition of system control by forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade did not translate into altered fortunes for House Sarum and allied forces on Floseswin IV in the last two weeks. The Minmatar Republic's Southern Floseswin IV Army, under the command of Hetman General Kanth Filmir, had been able to keep up pressure on the beleaguered Amarr forces trapped in two pockets centered on the cities of Port Kul and Jolan Kraal.

    Reports from Jolan Kraal indicate a major uprising took place last night with heavy fighting taking place around key infrastructure. Forces under the command of the Khanid warlord Alar Chakaid were evidently unable to maintain control of the city's shield generators as the defenses fell later this morning. The SFIVA's 2nd Army Group subsequently broke through and, although confused reports indicate continuing Amarr resistance, the liberation of Jolan Kraal is certain.

    At Port Kul, House Sarum forces under Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari appear to have taken the decision to evacuate amidst a major uprising in that city and shortly after the situation in Jolan Kraal became clearly untenable. Reports indicate that House Sarum forces and allies from House Ardishapur used Redeemer-class battleships to establish an evacuation jump link to Arzad while Port Kul's orbital defense batteries provided covering fire. An unknown number of troops and support personnel were evacuated before Port Kul's defense batteries were destroyed by Brutor Vanguard Skalmöld-variant planetary assault dreadnoughts.

    Large numbers of House Sarum troops remain in Port Kul and General Mazari is reported to be directing the rearguard action. The status of Duke Alar Chakaid is unknown at this time. Hetman General Kanth Filmir has broadcast a general communique calling on all Amarr forces to surrender or face certain death at the hands of the combined SFIVA/Resistance forces.

    The situation on Floseswin IV has been keenly followed by Minmatar capsuleers, with their repeated efforts to support the SFIVA and resistance cited by both Sanmatar Shakor and General Filmir. As well as visiting parade formations of Republic Fleet ships throughout key Minmatar systems, Minmatar capsuleers will be marking the Liberation Day celebrations with their own Tribal Tournament events in the Dal system. 

    Above: Entropic Disintegrator Werposts Enforce Triglavian Control Over Ichoriya System

    Recriminations as Fall of Ichoriya Increases Caldari State Losses to Four Systems

    New Caldari Prime – The fall of the Ichoriya system to Triglavian invaders, despite very heavy fighting and a strong resistance effort by EDENCOM capsuleers, has led to serious recriminations among the Caldari executive classes and an increase in protests by workers across the Caldari State. The loss of Ichoriya, a key and formerly secure system in Black Rise, has put in jeopardy Caldari Navy and Kaalakiota Corporation logistics operations vital to Caldari militia efforts in the contested systems of the region.

    While Ichoriya has a low population, with efforts primarily geared towards extraction of resources from the gas giants and moons of the system, the fall of a fourth Caldari system is a serious blow to the State. Caldari Navy tactics and equipment used in the fight against the Triglavian invaders have come in for severe criticism from pro-EDENCOM and Caldari capsuleers alike. Questions have been raised as to the state of Caldari Navy leadership and training, with some noting that Caldari corporate forces have done much better when involved in engagements with Triglavian fleets.

    In the meantime, very heavy fighting continues in Nalvula, with Caldari corporate security forces attempting to repel Triglavian ground forces. The response from Triglavian Collective invasion units has reportedly included frequent use of orbital bombardment, and heavy suborbital and surface weapons. Broadcasts from Nalvula's planets are severely disrupted and becoming harder to maintain as invasion forces expand their footholds on the surface.

    In Sakenta, the heavily-industrialized barren planets have apparently been invaded very rapidly by Triglavian forces. Contact with underground colonies has been lost and surface facilities are reporting heavy Triglavian activity. Caldari Navy and State Peacekeepers have mounted a resistance campaign on the temperate planets but Triglavian war machines and drones are steadily eroding their defenses.

    Arvasaras, the third system lost by the Caldari State, is noted for the industrial exploitation of its valuable primordial worlds, known colloquially as "lava planets". Other planets have small populations in colonies mostly concerned with scientific and surveying operations. Communications are so far intact and reports indicate some Triglavian landings with no direct contact so far.

    Observers of the Triglavian invasion strategy have suggested that their doctrine adopts a "total war" stance when they are challenged by serious opposition. Total eradication of armed resistance has been noted many times over on different planets, particularly on Caldari worlds where active defense has been attempted in the face of overwhelming Triglavian forces. The Triglavian strategy may be aimed at encouraging settlements on future conquered planets to surrender without resistance but it is unclear that this is the reason for their violent response to armed resistance.

    In the State, protests have been increasing in number and crowd size as Caldari losses mount. Workers express anger and frustration at the failures of Caldari Navy forces openly and even the cities of New Caldari Prime have seen huge protests despite heavy corporate police presence. Mid-tier executive class chatrooms and holobars are said to be hosting heated discussions and a rising tide of dissent at the course of Caldari State management of the war so far. Criticism of EDENCOM's alleged favoritism towards the Amarr Empire is also on the rise, in an unusual departure from executive class practice of making no adverse comment on their allied empire.

    In Other News

    • EDENCOM Refuses to Confirm or Deny "Diplomatic Contacts or Intelligence Operations Centered on Triglavian Collective"
    • Amarr Ministry of War Refuses to Comment on Floseswin IV Situation; "Upper Rebel Provinces a Matter for Sword Marshal of the Sarum Military Circuit"
    • Majority of "Indentured Workers" Evacuated from Low Population Harva IV's Chemical Processing Plants on Coasts of the "Quasi-Temperate" World
    • Intara Direct Action Unleash Crippling Network Worm During Raid on Guristas Covert Outpost in Pure Blind; Financial Networks in Region Affected
    • Umamon Corporate Scrip Exchange Networks Reported Closed for Maintenance Hours Before IDA Raid; Umamon Executive Panel Refuses to Comment
    • Khumatar Kril Efrit Authorizes "All Legitimate Military, Law Enforcement and Security Contractors to Kill Criminal Warclones on Sight"
    • Capsuleer Efforts to Provide Aid to Vale Planets and Continue Evacuation Efforts Applauded by President Celes Aguard
    • Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization Proscribed by Unanimous Vote of CONCORD Assembly; "Intriguerre" Broadcasts Defiant Response


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Gallente Federation Day YC122 Edition
    published on June 19th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, as the Gallente Federation celebrates the Federation Day weekend amid high security and in defiance of the ongoing invasions by the Triglavian Collective.

    President Celes Aguard Issues Call for Citizens to Volunteer for Service as Federation Day Celebrations Begin

    Gallente Prime, Luminaire – Federation Day weekend celebrations have begun across all Gallente regions with the Federation Navy showing the flag in key locations with Erebus-class battlegroups from the elite Garoun Lunaries Fleet in parade formation. President Celes Aguard has issued a call for all Federation citizens to "consider what they may do in service of our great Federation and to protect the liberties we all hold so dear."

    President Aguard has personally insisted that the celebrations go forward to demonstrate the unity and resolve of the Federation in the face of the Triglavian invasions. This decision has not been without its detractors, with many pointing to the Triglavian occupation of Vale and the potentially devastating consequences for billions of federal citizens.

    Senator Filidor Cassiete of Eustron district has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the withdrawal of EDENCOM and the Federation Navy from Vale: "After the abandonment of our citizens to a fate that may well be worse than death, this extravagance and military posturing is nothing less than grotesque. Celes Aguard's election talk of unity and security for all systems stands revealed as repugnantly disingenuous." Senator Cassiete is a prominent member of the New Sociocrats political bloc which opposed President Aguard's candidacy in favor of Mentas Blaque.

    Federation Day celebrations are traditionally held on a Saturday close to the 21st June, other Federal calendar events and circumstances permitting. As a result, Saturday 20th this year marks the primary celebration of the 237th anniversary of the foundation of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime in 23121AD (BYC115).

    Celebrations in space are also being marked by Gallente capsuleers in fine style on Saturday with a Federation Day fireworks event, ship-racing contest and a pageant.

    Above: FNS Ingenomine in Parade Formation Above Gallente Prime

    Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Hails Minmatar Military Gains on Floseswin IV as a "Liberation Offensive"

    Matar, Pator – Successful Minmatar military operations carried at on Floseswin IV were hailed by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor as a "Liberation Offensive that shall push the slaver occupiers off our planet and into oblivion" at a press conference held at the Matar HQ of the Central Military Staff Circle, today. The "Liberation Offensive" on the Southern Continent of Floseswin IV has so far pushed Amarr forces out of dozens of towns and many hundreds of settlements, forcing a general retreat behind the protection of heavy shields covering occupied major cities.

    Additionally, reports of a general uprising within the occupied cities have emerged, with CONCORD monitors indicating fighting has taken place in all five occupied cities. Sporadic reporting from journalists and communications received from resistance groups indicate that only in Port Kul and Jolan Kraal have the Amarr forces successfully suppressed the uprisings.

    In the coastal cities of Oshiak and Uinar Landing, whole sections of the two cities are understood to be under the control of guerilla fighters backed by special forces units. The latter are believed to be warclones from the Brutor Vanguard and Krusual Covert Operators mercenary corporations. In the heavy industrial settlement of Korax City, in the Korax River Valley of Southern Floseswin, many of the factory complexes are reportedly occupied by armed local workers operating under the command of RJD Liberator General Nola Ashok's "liberation detachments".

    The Sarum grip on its Port Kul HQ appears firm, following an attempted uprising put down by a swift response from Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari's forces. CONCORD monitors in the city have reported that casualties were relatively low, with House Sarum troops focusing their heaviest firepower on armed "rebels", while using field-effect weapons to stun civilian crowds and pacify entire city blocks. Military experts have noted these techniques are a staple of Amarr slave-taking operations.

    With no monitors or journalists freely operating in the city of Jolan Kraal, news from the occupation directed by notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid is scarce. Minmatar commanders allege several massacres have taken place ever since the city fell under Chakaid's command, following its isolation from the main Sarum occupation zones. Chakaid has dismissed these reports as "crude subhuman propaganda" but continues to broadcast "sermons" promising various apocalyptic scenarios should "Minmatar savagery damn Floseswin IV for all time".

    Supreme Commander of the Southern Flosewin IV Army, Hetman General Kanth Filmir has called on Amarr forces to lay down their arms and surrender, offering terms including evacuation for "professional soldiers who have committed no crimes" in exchange for the "full return of all Floseswin citizens to the Minmatar Republic, wherever they may be at the present time." At least 150,000 were taken off-world by House Sarum in the initial stages of the invasion. The RJD believes up to 150,000 more were taken during periods of Amarr system control, according with CONCORD estimates that House Sarum is keeping a quarter of a million prisoners as a "hostage reserve" in secure locations within the Sarum-controlled Bleak Lands and Devoid regions.

    Above: Nalvula IV, Ground Combat Between Triglavians and Caldari Corporate Forces Reported

    Intense Ground Combat Reported in Nalvula and Sakenta as Caldari State Mobilizes Corporate Citizens

    New Caldari Prime – Caldari State military officials have confirmed reports of multiple clashes between State and megacorp security forces on several planets in both the Nalvula and Sakenta systems. The Caldari State is rapidly mobilizing its entire corporate citizenry to "war service" status and has switched a number of its industrial centers over to military and logistical efforts.

    Nalvula's fourth planet is relatively well populated for a low-security corporate colonial world, and Triglavian landings on the planet have been met with heavy resistance from the planetary defense forces. The CBD megacorp's Spacelane Patrol and SuVee's Peace and Order Unit have a considerable presence on the planet, with it being reported that mobile anti-orbital and ballistic launchers are in the arsenal of the heavily-armed security troops. Triglavian forces attempting to seize industrial facilities, such as mines and processing plants, are also being attacked on sight with anti-materiel railguns. The response from Triglavian forces has been described as "swift and ruthless" with heavy use of orbital and aerospace support. Triglavian ground assault vehicles are reported to be in evidence but there have been few reports of drones.

    In Sakenta, the most intense ground combat is reported to have taken place on the heavily-industrialized worlds of Sakenta IV and VI, with Triglavian forces again taking steps to seize mining, reprocessing and manufacturing facilities. Caldari Navy and State Peacekeeper troops are prominent in the defense of Sakenta planets due to the general importance of the system and the strong presence of all "Big 8" megacorps on its planets. The heavily populated worlds of Sakenta III and V have also been the scene of Triglavian landings, though reports claim that large numbers of drones, strongly resembling rogue drones, are apparently engaged in extensive surveying efforts and responding to Caldari resistance with "only small escalations in counter-force".

    In Other News

    • Criticisms of EDENCOM War Efforts Shift to Accusations of "Bias Towards Amarr Empire"; EDENCOM Dismisses "Absurd Conspiracy Theories"
    • Mordu's Legion Command Denies GalNet Claims of "Rogue Warclones" Operating in Raravoss and Sakenta to "Acquire Ancient Star Technology"
    • AEGIS Dimisses Allegations of Complicity in SARO "Red Troop" Actions During Molden Heath "Warlord Uprising"
    • Upwell Consortium Confirms Rogue Drone Attacks on Covert Research Facilities Have a "Triglavian Origin"
    • EDENCOM Intelligence Investigating "Guristas Presence in Classified Research Zones" Following Reports from Capsuleers
    • Guristas Pirates Carry Out Raid on Quafe Company Warehouses in Saranen; Quafe Refuses to Comment on Theft
    • Angel Cartel Leader on Skarkon II Killed by "Seykal Hit Squad", say Witnesses; Brutal City Street Ambush Left Nine Dead
    • Khumatar Kril Efrit Issues Emergency Orders on Skarkon II; "Foreign Terrorists and Slavers" to be Indefinitely Detained Without Trial
    • Qilfim Ur-Sarum, Holder of Raravoss, Reportedly Seeking Asylum in Federation; House Sarum Response to Inquiries: "There is no such person."
    • Key Ammatar Fleet System of Sasta Secured as EDENCOM Fortress Established by Amarr Forces and Loyalist Capsuleers


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Conquests and EDENCOM Fortresses Edition
    published on June 15th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, as the Triglavian Collective invasion campaign conquests mount despite EDENCOM success in establishing fortress systems across New Eden.

    Above: Sakenta star under intense Triglavian manipulation.

    EDENCOM Under Fire Following Conquest of Four Systems by Triglavians

    Yulai, Genesis – EDENCOM's conduct of defensive operations against the Triglavian invasion forces has come under heavy criticism across the CONCORD empires and associated territories, following the conquest of four systems by the Collective. The fall of Sakenta and Nalvula in the course of days, combined with the conquest of Raravoss and Vale has called the entire EDENCOM strategy into question as fear grips populations in throughout New Eden.

    The official stance of the core empires remains one of full support for EDENCOM, with the CONCORD Inner Circle reaffirming the command of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative remains in the hands of Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir. EDENCOM points to the establishment of 16 fortress systems and the defense of a dozen more as evidence that the strategy of fortification and defense in depth has been highly successful despite all out assaults by the Triglavian Collective.

    Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir has reiterated her personal thanks to "those capsuleers who have remained loyal to the civilization of New Eden and greatly contributed to the defense of dozens of our star systems and uncounted billions of our citizens." Marshal Valkanir had harsher words for "the traitors amongst us who have been swayed by the honeyed words and poisonous lies of a ruthless foe." CONCORD and EDENCOM have issued directives against collaboration and support for the Triglavians by populations living in colonies and space infrastructure covered by the Yulai Accords and Convention.

    The fraught issue of "traitor capsuleers" remains a major point of contention with efforts to suppress pro-Triglavian capsuleers hampered by decades of regulations and infrastructure ensuring strong anonymized, encrypted and open access to FTL comms and transportation networks. Independent capsuleer infrastructure has added hugely to the problem, together with reported disputes between factions of the Inner Circle, SCC and DED over the limits of the CONCORD mandate.  

    Above: Nalvula IV in reduced light of its sun

    Caldari State Left Reeling as Sakenta and Nalvula Fall to Triglavian Invaders

    New Caldari Prime – The Caldari Chief Executive Panel is meeting in emergency session as the Caldari State absorbs the shocking news of the fall of the Sakenta and Nalvula systems, today. Despite the best efforts of Caldari State forces, EDENCOM and allied capsuleers, the Triglavian Collective's assaults on the two star systems resulted in the total conquest of both, throwing the Caldari State into some disarray as highly disturbed citizenry have protested across Caldari territories.

    With the loss of Sakenta, a relatively quiet system in The Forge region lying close to the centers of Caldari power, the State has been deprived of a system focused on planetary resource extraction, manufacturing and support for State military. The many barren planets of Sakenta are the site of thousands of mining, manufacturing and assembly colonies, settlements and transhipment nodes. The two temperate planets of Sakenta III and V have long functioned as population centers supporting megacorp activities in the system.

    The proximity to New Caldari and the resource rich nature of the system has led to it being a location of interest to all of the "Big 8" megacorps. The fall of Sakenta, with its State War Academy station and large recruitment and training operations, prompted the summoning of the CEP to its emegency session. However, the fall of Nalvula, a system in the notorious Mito constellation under development by the CBD and Sukuuvestaa Corporations has only heightened the sense of urgency.

    With the support of its Jastokuaskaanonen Saikkan Luovhaikya (Storm Peaks Policy Trust) ally, Kaalakiota Corporation, SuVee has demanded the CEP issue a general order for mobilization of the Caldari State's corporate citizenry to war service status. The CBD Corporation and its PKN Interstellar allies, Lai Dai and NOH, are reportedly supportive of this extraordinary measure. Observers believe the large interests of the Ishukone Corporation in Mito will also sway it to support the measures and persuade its more conservative Hyasyoda and Wiyrkomi allies to accept it.

    Above: City lights of Vale II as planet falls into shadow of the Triglavian invasion

    Continuing Panic in Vale as Trickle of Evacuations Leave Billions Stranded

    Vale, Essence – The heavily populated planets of Vale are experiencing widespread disruption and panic as the Triglavian conquest of the system makes itself increasingly felt. The normally bright yellow star of Vale has dimmed significantly as Triglavian stellar manipulation continues and fears of crop failures, famine and permanent winters are sweeping the system's temperate planets.

    A rich system, self-sufficient in agriculture and most types of planetary industry, Vale's multi-billions population could not be evacuated during the collapse of the defense. Some few millions were lifted off from Vale II and VI with the support of the Material Acquisition and Chemal Tech corporations' space infrastructure, but a bare trickle of ships escaped from Vale IV and V before Triglavian interdiction made the efforts too dangerous.

    FTL communications with the populated planets and other colonial sites in Vale have been maintained, with the Triglavian approach to utilization and administration of the system appearing to differ from that seen in Raravoss. Triglavian forces have certainly landed on the four temperate planets but have made no aggressive moves or threatened the major population centers. However, a Federal Marines base on Vale II was obliterated from orbit by a Zirnitra-class Dreadnought after it opened fire on Triglavian overflights in its territorial zone.

    Vale local authorities have issued orders for planetary defense to stand down and take "no aggressive or precipitate action against Triglavian forces." Unnamed Federal Navy sources have condemned the Vale planetary administrations as "cowardly collaborators." Senator Filidor Cassiete of Eustron district rejected this saying, "The people in Vale have been abandoned by EDENCOM and the Navy, what do people expect them to do? Fight dreadnoughts with last decade's hover tanks and militia rifles? It's a disgrace that serving military have called them cowards in anonymous briefings to journalists."

    Above: Final Evacuations from Port Sarum, Raravoss III

    Silence from Raravoss Colonies as Triglavian Grip on Planets Tightens

    Raravoss, Domain – In stark constrast to the contact maintained with the Vale system, a complete silence has fallen over the first system to fall to the Triglavian invaders: Raravoss in the Domain region. A largely industrial system with most settlements underground on its mineral rich barren planets, Raravoss authorities were able to evacuate several million through the transhipment facilities on the planets Raravoss I, II, III and IV before the Triglavian takeover was completed. Nothing at all has been heard from the hardscrabble colonies on Raravoss IX and the House Sarum ice-mining facilities on Raravoss VIII.

    Before communications were lost with Raravoss III, the most heavily-exploited and colonized planet of the system, several reports indicated Triglavian forces landing and moving to directly seize and occupy its underground facilities. One report has claimed that the transhipment node of Port Sarum, scene of desperate evacuation efforts, was destroyed by orbital bombardment. A conflicting later communique broadcast on a House Sarum military channel stated, "Port Sarum, Raravoss III orbital defenses neutralized, enemy landing in force, orbital launch facility lost."

    Imperial Navy and House Sarum forces have taken up positions in the Zemoth and Vaarma constellations with a view to repelling possible Triglavian expansion out of Raravoss. EDENCOM has refused to comment on reports that AEGIS special forces remain in Raravoss. The Upwell Consortium has also refused requests for the clarification of the role Arkombine and Mordu's Legion mercenary clone units reported to be active in Raravoss.

    Above: Raravoss star undergoes radical change as Triglavian transmuter continues to manipulate it

    CONCORD's Project Discovery Launches Flow Cytometry Citizen Science Program

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Project Discovery division has announced and launched a new citizen science program focusing on flow cytometry analysis aimed at providing insights into the novel coronavirus afflicting space industrial facilities and some colonies across New Eden. Responding to media inquiries, CONCORD officials have stated categorically that the pathogen and disease it causes are completely unrelated to the Kyonoke Plague and the bizarre pathogen first encountered in Taisy, and later responsible for the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119.

    According to preliminary analysis, CONCORD Biosecurity Treams and Project Discovery scientists have determined that the relatively widespread and rapidly-moving new virus appears to have emerged several months ago. The working theory on the rapid spread of the virus is that the massive movements of people and materials involved in the construction of system and planetary defenses over the last year are primarily responsible. The source location for this particular novel coronavirus has not yet been ascertained but it bears a close resemblance to numerous viruses long present in human populations across New Eden.

    A Project Discovery spokesperson said, "Our presumption is that this virus has emerged in an outlying planetary settlement and was able to spread when a large influx of workers went in and out of the location during a defense construction program. That said, our project is not concerned with that and is rather focusing on the application of citizen science to flow cytometry analysis of cell populations. We hope to support the efforts of scientists from the University of Caille, Hedion University, Sisters of EVE and the Society of Conscious Thought."

    CONCORD is especially concerned to rapidly address this novel virus due to the threat it poses to the war effort against the Triglavians due to its spread through space industrial installations and associated colonies. Some have suggested the spread of this virus is a remarkable coincidence that may indicate a sinister source, reports Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour. For their part, CONCORD scientists have noted that the pathogen, while of great concern, would be considered "suboptimal to say the least as a military biowarfare asset, and shows absolutely none of the hallmarks of Triglavian bioengineering encountered so far."

    In Other News

    • Triglavian Probe into Skarkon System Met with Heavy Resistance and Withdraws Following Stalemate
    • Triglavian Collective Forces in Eygfe Retreat from Footholds on Eygfe III and V After EDENCOM Bulwark Established
    • AEGIS Troops Accused of Summary Executions in Palmon Mining Colonies; Reports Denied by EDENCOM
    • Rogue Drone Attacks on Upwell Facilities Reported; CDIA Assess Swarms as "Triglavian Controlled"
    • Thousands of Holders Petition Imperial Court as Triglavian Attacks on Amarr Systems Continue
    • Imperial Privy Council Issues Orders Placing All Holders Under Direct Command of Sword Marshals
    • Several Theologians Arrested by Ministry of Internal Order as "Two Swords Doctrine" Publicly Questioned
    • Gallente Federation Mobilizes Retired Reserves Following Aguard's Signing of War Powers Directive
    • Federation Day Celebrations to Proceed with Focus on Military Deployment and Recruitment Drive
    • Federal State, Nation and Sovereign Polities Authorized to Triple System Militias and Planetary Defense Forces
    • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Appoints Kril Efrit as Governing Khumatar of Skarkon System
    • RSS Issues Warrants for Arrest of Hundreds of "Angel Cartel and Slaver Collaborators" on Skarkon II
    • Khumatar Efrit to Hold Talks with CBD, Eifyr & Co. and Skarkon Clans on "Removal of Slaver Mercenaries"
    • Skarkon Clans & Territories Trade Association Declares "Full Backing for Khumatar Efrit"
    • Vimoksha Chorus Assault on Khabi VIII Defeated by "Joint Ardishapur-Thukker Fleet", Claim Locals
    • Increased Blood Raider Attacks in the Bleak Lands Condemned by House Sarum as "Evil Cultist Support for Invaders"
    • Serpentis Corporation Offers Military Grade Boosters to System and Planetary Defense Militias in Federation
    • Guristas Pirates Condemn "Renegade Capsuleers Unable to Distinguish Between Free Enterprise and Terrorism"
    • BREAKING: Caldari Megacorps Mobilize Entire Corporate Citizenry to "War Service Status" After CEP Vote
    • BREAKING: First Full Mobilization of Big 8 Megacorp Citizens Since Provist Invasion of Luminaire
    • BREAKING: Megacorp Security Forces Order Protestors to Report for War Service


    • CONCORD Monitors Report Massive Minmatar Offensive Under Way on Floseswin IV
    • Uprisings in Southern Floseswin IV Reported Across Amarr Occupation Zones
    • Heavy Suborbital Activity as Missile Launches and Counter Missile Fire Detected
    • Southern Floseswin IV Army Groups Bypass Jolan Kraal as Assaults Focus on Sarum HQ of Port Kul
    • Monitors Report Large Air-Sea Landings by Minmatar-Aligned Mercenary Forces on Southern Coast


  • The Scope - Raravoss Falls to Triglavians
    published on June 7th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope Galactic News Network Reports on the Fall of Raravoss!




  • Inauguration of Gallente President Celes Aguard Held Under Heavy Security
    published on May 15th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Caille, Gallente Prime – President Celes Aguard has formally assumed leadership of the Gallente Federation following her inauguration today in Caille, the traditional capital of the Federation Union of Gallente Prime. Under heavy security, outgoing President Jacus Roden administered the oath of office to President Aguard on the Dais of the Four Freedoms in Liberty Square, Central Caille.

    Despite the unusually high security measures, a consequence of the February Election Attacks, large crowds thronged Liberty Square, Crystal Boulevard and many streets of Central Caille. With so many from the diverse communities of Caille on the streets, and with many interstellar visitors, a carnival atmosphere was achieved, despite the ubiquity of Caille Gendarmes and Federal Police.

    After administering the Presidential Oath to Celes Aguard, Jacus Roden made a short valedictory address in which he pledged to "continue to serve the peoples of the Gallente Federation in any and every way that I can." Jacus Roden's plans for private life are not known and he has made himself available to the Aguard administration's transition team in the short term.

    Above: President Celes Aguard

    Making her inaugural address, President Celes Aguard thanked Jacus Roden for his presidential service and for "resolutely and loyally ensuring a peaceful transfer of power in the democratic tradition of our great Federation, despite grave and vicious attacks on our way of life."

    "Our Federation is a shining beacon of liberty in this universe, providing a realm for all the people to pursue their prosperity, with all their vital diversity, and in unity with their fellow citizens. As it has been, so it shall be under my administration and this Gallente Federation will be for all the peoples who live within it, no matter where they live. Whether it be Luminaire or Reblier, Crux or Beyt, Essence or Solitude, all the territories of the Federation will receive the support and security they are due under my administration.

    "Nor shall my administration seek to impose a central vision on the many and varied cultures of our diverse and far-flung Federation. The principles of autonomous democracy, local sovereignty and co-operative federation will be upheld and strengthened by my federal administration. Equally, the unity and prosperity of our great Federation is threatened by interstellar war and internal threats alike. My administration places the highest importance on achieving peaceful co-existence with our neighbors, and total and implacable resistance to those who would destroy our way of life, whether that be by invasion, terrorism or subversion.

    "My fellow citizens of the Federation Union, you have placed the highest trust in me and I am deeply humbled by it. I shall serve you and the principles of our great Gallente Federation until my dying breath. Peace, prosperity and liberty to all!"

    Representatives of the other major empires were present at the inauguration and are understood to have had meetings with President Aguard. From the Caldari State, Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon, Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoya, and Sukuuvestaa CEO Kuikiainen Onita represented the Chief Executive Panel.

    Leading the Minmatar Republic delegation, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor chose to personally attend, underlining the importance the Tribal Council places on close relations with the Gallente Federation. Chiefs Acassa Midular and Einnar Aeboul, of the Sebiestor and Thukker Tribes respectively, were also present.

    For the Amarr Empire, Lady Ersilia Kor-Azor and Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon headed a delegation keen to establish improved diplomatic and trading relations with the new Gallente administration. Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf of the Ammatar Mandate was also in attendance, while the Khanid Kingdom was represented solely by its ambassador to the Federation.

    In Other News

    • Many New Senators Enter Gallente Federal Senate as "Anti-Centralist, Hawkish and Ethnic Groups Make Gains" – Villore Guardian
    • Intaki Assembly Expresses "Deep Concern" at Caldari State Protectorate Resumption of Control in Intaki System
    • Minmatar Tribal Council Authorizes Republic Security Services to "Eliminate Angel Cartel Presence and Restore Order on Skarkon II"
    • Tronhadar Free Guard Seizes Control of Mahonisgard on Skarkon II Following Agreement Between Eifyr & Co. and CBD Corporation
    • Reports from Skarkon II of Onikanabo Brigade Mercenaries Landing in CBD Corporate Zone; "No Comment" - CBD Corporation
    • Shipping Agents Report Large Movements of Krusual and Thukker Mercenary Corporations Through Hek – Metropolis Financial Journal
    • Expert Distribution Signs Contract with Minmatar Territorial Defense Guards to "Supply Small Arms, Ammunition and Accessories"
    • Hyasyoda Corporation Files "Record First Quarter Sales of Military Aerospace Products"; Expects to File "Strong Second Quarter Performance"
    • Lai Dai and Quafe Dismiss Reports that Thefts of Subcranial Nanocontroller Shipments Jeopardize PKN Interstellar's Consumer Tech Roadmap
    • Empress Catiz I Issues Summons to Royal Heirs for Privy Council Meeting on Interstellar Diplomacy and Trade Next Week
    • Lord Aslan Ul-Qosh of Oris Orders New Investigation of "Terrorist Attacks on Planetary Holdings"; Insists on Purge of Local MIO


  • Celes Aguard Wins Gallente Presidency at Third Try in Narrow Victory Over Shaileen Ramnev
    published on May 11th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Luminaire, Essence – The third time of trying brought good fortune at last for Governor Celes Aguard, as final totalizations in the Gallente Presidential Election narrowly gave the win to her after a hard-fought campaign in which Shaileen Ramnev's strong showing put the result in doubt until all results were in. Governor Aguard's victory will make her the first female President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime with Jin-Mei heritage.

    Former Arcurio Mayor Shaileen Ramnev has conceded and congratulated Governor Aguard in a personal holocall. Senator Suvio Bellaron has issued a statement of congratulations, as have Councillor Wayaki Kayara and Senator Kelen Ontbad. There has been no word as yet from the camp of Mentas Blaque. Outgoing President Jacus Roden issued a statement of congratulations alongside the certification of results made by the Federal Elections Commission.

    With all totalizations and adjustments made, the federal districts totals stood at 31 for Celes Aguard, 23 for Shaileen Ramnev, 4 for Suvio Bellaron, 3 for Mentas Blaque, and 1 for Kelen Ontbad. Sub-district totals were 427 for Aguard, 382 for Ramnev, 47 for Bellaron, 32 for Blaque, and 15 for Ontbad. Popular vote totals stand at 46.37% for Aguard, 42.32% for Ramnev, 5.25% for Bellaron, 4.13% for Blaque, and 1.41% for Ontbad.

    Governor Aguard's victory represents solid backing for her "unity, security, diversity" message and program across the entire Gallente Federation. However, the appeal and political impact of Shaileen Ramnev's platform of reconciliation and strong self-governance is clear from her emergence as a very strong challenger out of a field of well-known, experienced and popular politicians. The result perhaps represents the least clear endorsement for a presidential winner in the last two decades but the presidential mandate of Governor Aguard is beyond doubt when considering all metrics.

    Of the clear losers, Senator Suvio Bellaron will be pleased to have finished substantially ahead of Mentas Blaque, and his position as a leading liberal voice in the Senate will likely not be damaged. The future of the as-yet-unsigned "Bellaron Bill" to outlaw capital punishment does, however, seem in doubt given the support that Governor Aguard drew from Jin-Mei and Mannar communities sceptical of central-interventionist measures such as the bill.

    While Senator Kelen Ontbad clearly anticipated a trailing performance, coming last among the established contenders will be a blow. Yet it may be that being knocked into fourth place is a bigger humiliation for career politician, administrator and FIO Head Mentas Blaque.

    Governor Celes Aguard's campaign was clearly given a notable boost by the endorsement of Mannar politician Wayaki Kayara, but her long record on frontier security, emphasis on unity of the Federation across all regions, and her status as a capable governor of a major Gallente system were critical. With the Gallente Federation continuing to deal with the aftermath of the February Election Attacks, the ongoing threat of the Triglavian invasions, and the instability of the miltia warzones, Governor Aguard's third run evidently captured the moment for many people.

    President-elect Celes Aguard will be inaugurated as President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime on Friday May 15th.

    The Scope Election HQ Team: Lina Ambre, The Scope; Ret Gloriaxx, The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx; Kavash Timuryi, Leremblopes Sentinel; Oskar Illutain, Villore Guardian; Sashara Qistan, Luminaire Star Herald

    In Other News

    • Federal Navy Reports Temporary Alert Escalation in Iyen-Oursta; Caldari State Commanders in Perimeter "Fully Co-operated in De-Escalation"
    • Communications Glitches in Akat Province, Intaki V Federal Sub-District Resolved with Help of Pend Insurance Infrastructure
    • Colonial Government Elections on Vevelonel V Pass Without Incident as Turnout Very High Amidst Federal Police Presence
    • Three Dead in Riot Aboard Agoze V FedMart Retail Center Over 1 ISK Voting Promotion after "DeepSector Mob Stormed Polling Station"
    • Quafe Megacorporation Accused of Using "Soft-Drink-Responsive Subcranial Nanocontrollers" Trial to "Push Favored Senate Candidates"
    • Senators Call for Committee into "Corporate Influencer Technologies" Over Aliastra, Egonics, FedMart & Quafe Election Activities
    • Intaki Assembly Members and Sub-District Senate Races "Target of Thwarted Assassinations Plot by Aenebra Cult" – Intaki Prime Gendarmes
    • Serpentis Statement Denies Involvement with Synth-Booster Election Offer; Salvador Sarpati Postscript Notes "Splendid Idea, Mind You!"
    • CONCORD Monitors Report "Uneasy Quiet" on Floseswin IV as Republic Fleet and Imperial Navy Increase Border Patrols
    • Thukker Tribe Council of Caravans Declines Petition on Krullefor Organization Links to Seykal Clan; "Not a Matter for Great Caravans"
    • CBD Megacorp Acts to Secure Transport Links in Territories Adjacent to its Colonial Mining Concession Zone on Skarkon II
    • LDSS Airkio's Promise Situation Unclear as Lai Dai-SuVee Bring in Kirkinen Risk Control "Specialists"; Capsuleer Speculation Mounts
    • Lai Dai Refuses Comment on Tamo Raid as State Customs Monitor "Unusual Corporate Scrip Transactions Across Constellation Fluid Routers"
    • LATE BREAKING: Insurgent Presidential Candidate General Julianus Soter Congratulates President-Elect Celes Aguard


  • Election Special: Voting for New President Underway Across Gallente Federation in Delayed Weekend Poll
    published on May 9th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Luminaire, Essence – Trillions have been voting throughout the Gallente Federation, following the opening of Federal Presidential and Senate Election polls across all districts at 00:00 8th May New Eden time. Outgoing President Jacus Roden has ordered the highest level of civilian and military security at vital infrastructure across New Eden, vowing that there will be "no repeat of the February Election Attacks."

    While all eyes are on the race for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, a fifth of the 903 Federal Senate seats are up for election in this year's cycle, with 181 sub-districts also voting for their Senate representatives. Early indications are that voting participation numbers are very high, with Federal elections and communications authorities reporting high usage of secure voting channels in all sub-districts.

    Polling Indications

    Following latest pre-election polling, The Scope's Election HQ team has assessed the race for the Presidency as a contest between two strong runners: Mies Governor Celes Aguard and former Arcurio Mayor Shaileen Ramnev. Senator Suvio Bellaron of Intaki may still have a path to victory but his chances are hurt by weakness outside the Placid and Essence regions. Ramnev's reconciliation message has resonated with many voters but the popularity of Aguard's "unity, security, diversity" message has proved enduring. Aguard's pledge to link Solitude directly to the main Federation gate network has particularly energized voters in that region.

    Mentas Blaque, former Senate Head and Chief of the Federal Intelligence Office, has performed relatively poorly in polling despite his aggressive attempts to project himself as the face of Gallente "prosperity with security." Our analysis team suggest much of his appeal has been undercut by the strong security record of Governor Aguard and the insurgent campaign of Federal Defense Union General Julianus Soter. While the latter is trailing among the most prominent candidates, voters inclined to back hawkish views have been split across three campaigns with Blaque's spotted record as FIO head hurting him.

    Senator Kelen Ontbad of Colelie has seen his presidential hopes collapse as polls over the last month have indicated clearly his appeal amongst dovish and reconciliation-minded voters has drained away in favor of Shaileen Ramnev's campaign. Ramnev's campaign has been boosted significantly by a number of endorsements from senators of the Labor-Populist Alliance and other key figures in the "Doves" bloc. Analysts speculate that aggressive anti-reconciliation campaigning against Ramnev served mainly to highlight her as the leading champion of such positions.

    Political and Ethnic Attitudes

    The role of political parties and ethnic groups has been felt keenly in the Senate races but has also had significant influence over the Presidential campaign. Suvio Bellaron has strong support among backers of the Federalist-Liberal Party, but equally is opposed by many among the Jin-Mei and Mannar communities for his central-interventionist views. Observers have also noted that Mannar voters have swung decisively behind Governor Celes Aguard since fellow candidate and Mannar Councillor Wayaki Kayara ended his campaign in favor of the governor's. Kelen Ontbad's hopes were perhaps most heavily hit by the defection of many among the Matari diaspora to the cause of Shaileen Ramnev.

    The issue of Senator Bellaron's capital punishment abolition bill, passed by the Senate and awaiting approval or veto by the next president, has also been polarizing across political party and ethnic lines. Both the New Sociocrats, largely backing Mentas Blaque, and the Progressive Union, strong supporters of Celes Aguard, have outright condemned the bill and called for it to be vetoed by the next president. The Jin-Mei bloc continues to rail against the measure, while the Intaki diaspora strongly supports it.

    Gallente supporters of the Labor-Populists and Federalist-Liberals have tended to back a ban on capital punishment. Analysts believe the Soter campaign's backing for a capital punishment ban, despite his overall hawkish positions, has reduced further his somewhat limited appeal outside Gallente and Intaki communities.

    Weekend Polling Ends Sunday

    For his part, two-term President Jacus Roden has stayed above the political fray, notably declining to endorse former political ally Mentas Blaque, and has indicated he intends to be a "neutral guarantor of the peaceful transfer of government according to the democratic will of the peoples of the Federated Union". The election weekend polling will end at midnight New Eden time on Sunday, with final results expected to be declared late on Monday. The inauguration of the next President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime is scheduled for Friday 15th May.

    The Scope Election HQ Team: Lina Ambre, The Scope; Ret Gloriaxx, The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx; Oskar Illutain, Villore Guardian; Sashara Qistan, Luminaire Star Herald; Kavash Timuryi, Leremblompes Sentinel; and Olivera en Zakali, Placid GalNetNews

    In Other News

    • Foiritan Commission Hopes to Deliver "Preliminary Investigation Report on Election Attacks" to Next President "Within Weeks"
    • Aliastra Corporation Backs Shaileen Ramnev for President in Unusual Move Speculated to Relate to Aliastra Ambitions in Caldari State
    • Quafe Megacorporation Providing Redundant Channels for Federal and Elections Communications on its Encrypted Corporate Network
    • FedMart Offers "Secure Voting Through Physical and Digital Outlets"; All Voters Using FedMart Facilities Credited with 1 ISK Voucher
    • Egonics Inc. Denies Accusations Popular "EgoPolis" EgoCast Talk Show Influencing Electorate Through Subliminal Messaging
    • Gallente Police Directorate Overseeing Colonial Elections on Vevelonel V Following Supreme Court Ruling Against Braille District
    • Synth-Booster Manufacturer Offers "Complementary Election Day Neural Boosters"; Federal Authorities Investigating Serpentis Corporation Links
    • Guristas Pirates "Main Suspects" after Daring Raid on Lai Dai Facility in Tamo Reportedly Seizes 100,000 LD-X100 Subcranial Nanocontrollers
    • CBD Megacorporation Protests to Minmatar Republic Following Warclone Incursions on Skarkon II; Reserves Right to Deploy Spacelane Patrol Troops
    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Petitions Tribal Council to Block Sebiestor Marshals Investigation into Finances of Krusual and Thukker Mercenaries
    • Kanth Filmir Promoted to Hetman General of the Republic by Decree of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor; General Filmir Orders "Rest Day" for SFIVA Divisions
    • RJD Liberator General Nola Ashok Calls on Floseswin IV Population to "Resist Amarr Invaders with Every Fiber and Sinew"
    • Lord Aslan Ul-Qosh Appointed Holder of Oris as Powerful Minor House of Qosh Elevated to Direct Vassal of Imperial Throne


  • Formation of EDENCOM Announced Following Triglavian Attacks Amidst Capsuleer Day Celebrations
    published on May 7th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of CONCORD's AEGIS division formally announced the formation of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) in a press conference at DED headquarters in Yulai, today. The presser follows a wave of attacks by Triglavian Collective forces against EDENCOM production facilities involved in distributing materiel to capsuleers in conjunction with the Society of Conscious Thought's celebration of Capsuleer Day YC122.

    Capsuleers have been urged by CONCORD to repel the Triglavian assault forces, and retrieve any technology and materiel taken from the previously hidden EDENCOM facilities. Marshal Valkanir expressed disappointment that "our counter-intelligence efforts have so far not prevailed against Triglavian subversion" but railed against "those who would support the Triglavians and their invasion of New Eden."

    "While preparations for a change in defensive strategy have been advanced for some time, it is clear to the CONCORD Inner Circle and core empires that now is the time to formalize a dedicated common defense pact across the cluster. The New Eden Common Defense Initiative is that pact and my own AEGIS division will operate as the central co-ordinating organization within EDENCOM. The focus of EDENCOM will be on accelerating the fortification of New Eden's star systems, supporting the member states of CONCORD in their defense efforts, and working as closely as possible with capsuleers loyal to the cause of our common civilization."

    Present at the briefing alongside Marshal Valkanir were Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya and DED Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall. While EDENCOM will take the lead in the new strategy of defense in depth and accelerated fortification, Marshal Elladall's DED forces will continue to engage in counter-Triglavian operations together with their many other duties in New Eden.

    However, it is understood that the Inner Circle's empire delegates had insisted on the establishment of a dedicated command organization more closely aligned with the interests of the core empires. The Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation had taken a particular lead in promoting this change as their expansive territories have borne the brunt of Triglavian invasion efforts. President Jacus Roden and Empress Catiz I have personally co-ordinated on this matter, with their respective allies and satellite states falling in line with the new plan.

    In Related News

    DED and AEGIS forces have confirmed that Triglavian forces continue to carry out extensive experimental operations on planetary surfaces across New Eden. Over the past month, systems across New Eden have seen populations seized and transferred to various environments. Triglavian experimental environments in Fliet, Dakba, Notoras, Oppold and Palmon have been assaulted and populations recovered by AEGIS forces, in some cases allegedly working with Arkombine mercenaries in the pay of the Upwell Consortium.

    Even today, Triglavian scout forces have been sighted in Geztic, Gultratren, Nani, and Passari following a pattern indicative of support for Triglavian surface operations. Reports of collaboration and subversive support for the Triglavian Collective are also on the rise across New Eden, with analysts speculating that Triglavian memetic propaganda is responsible for a number of recent incidents.

    In Other News

    • Gallente Federation Prepares for Presidential Election Weekend with Highest Security at Vital Infrastructure
    • Federation Navy Forces Mobilized to Peacetime Security Alert as Presidential Campaigns Enter Final Days
    • Governor Celes Aguard Considered a Strong Contender Since Last Month's Support by Former Candidate Wayaki Kayara
    • "Kelen Ontbad's Campaign Focusing on Improving Influence in Senate as Polling Reality Sinks In" – Luminaire Star Herald
    • Senator Suvio Bellaron Reportedly Doing Well Across Placid, in Vieres Constellation and Luminaire as Anti-Capital Punishment Message Appeals
    • Mentas Blaque's Aggressive Campaign Targeting Shaileen Ramnev "Effective Against Reconciliation Message but Could Backfire" – Villore Guardian
    • Souro Foiritan's Federal Investigative Commission "Not Ruling Out" Theory Triglavian Subversion Operations Behind February Attacks
    • Inner Circle's Militia War Powers Subcommittee Reconvenes to Consider Further Revisions to Law on Status of Orbital Bodies
    • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh and Ambassador Keitan Yun in Bilateral Negotiations Over Floseswin Conflict
    • Minmatar Republic Control of Floseswin Solidifies as Lasting TLF Superiority Enables Republic Fleet Actions Against Sarum Logistics Bases
    • CONCORD Monitors Report Sporadic Fighting in Southern Continent of Floseswin IV as Republic Command Encirclement Tightens
    • Five Major Cities and Various Towns on Floseswin IV Remain Under Amarr Control in Three Fortified Pockets Along the Southern Coastline
    • Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid Broadcasts Threat to "Unleash a Sea of Fire and Blood" if City of Jolan Kraal is Attacked by Republic
    • Caldari State Megacorporations Convene in Second CEP Summit to Consider "Reconsolidation of Corporate Interests Within State"
    • CBT Gazette Notes "Legal Hiatus in Case of LDSS Airkio's Promise"; Reports of "Strange Developments" in Lai Dai-Sukuuvestaa Dispute


  • Kaalakiota Backs Sukuuvestaa Over Lai Dai in "Ghost Ship" Tussle
    published on April 1st, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Saisio, The Forge – This afternoon, a seemingly undamaged Raven-class battleship bearing the Lai Dai logo emerged from a wormhole in Saisio near the Sukuuvestaa Corporation station in orbit of Moon 20, Saisio VIII. According to sources aboard the Sukuuvestaa HQ, station security personally led by Kauliken Uusazoken took the derelict ship into custody and towed it to the station after it failed to respond to repeated communication attempts. Reports indicate that the ship appeared to be adrift without power.

    Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoy released a statement calling for SuVee to return the battleship and any crew to Lai Dai's possession. "If witness reports are accurate, the Raven matches the description of LDSS Airkio's Promise, flagship of our wormhole expedition which went missing nearly a decade ago. A single Raven retrofitted to function as a laboratory hardly constitutes a threat, even to the Peace and Order Unit." Among the missing were nearly six thousand employees on the research vessel and its escorts.

    While SuVee has declined to release details about the ship or potential presence of crew, they did release a brief statement reading in part, "As the vessel in question qualifies as salvage under applicable State law, Sukuuvestaa Corporation will retain custody of the vessel and maintain a primary interest in its disposition."

    In a move emphasizing ongoing political realignments in the State, Kaalakiota Corporation, nominally Lai Dai's fellow "Patriot Bloc" member, quickly released a statement in support of SuVee's position. The move by KK suggests Lai Dai would have no easy time of it should they choose to escalate the dispute to the Caldari Business Tribunal or Chief Executive Panel.

    Additionally, the current summit meeting of the CEP is considering the critical issues of megacorporation territorial concessions, corporate security force jurisdiction, and the current status of Inner Circle negotiations on the Emergency War Powers Act YC110. In this context, Lai Dai making too much of a relatively minor salvage suit would risk losing face before the other megacorps.

    In Other News

    • Floseswin Conflict Instablity Continues as 24th Imperial Crusade Regain System Control Despite Heavy Resistance
    • Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone Sees Seven Systems Retaken in Counter-Offensive by State Protectorate Forces
    • Minmatar Generals Tight-Lipped as "Military Experts" Speculate on Fleet and Command of Floseswin IV Liberation Campaign
    • Reports of Heightened Triglavian Activity in Chibi system, Aridia region; "No Comment" from Khanid Military Circuit
    • Mayor Shaileen Ramnev "Awake and Responding Well to Therapy" Report Doctors at Arcurio Hospital
    • Governor Celes Aguard Issues Statement on Election; Hopes "All Candidates are Able to Continue Campaigns Next Week"
    • Krullefor Organization Raids Angel Cartel "Smuggling Bases" on Skarkon II; RSS Tacitly Supporting Thukker Gangsters say Anti-Krullefor Group
    • Guristas Pirates "Increasing Activity in Technology Trading Black Markets" says Report from Caldari Customs Co-ordination Corporation


  • New Gallente Elections Date Set as Souro Foiritan Tapped to Head Investigative Commission
    published on March 30th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Luminaire, Essence – The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has set the date of the new Presidential and Senate elections for the weekend starting 8th May this year. Results will be declared the following Monday and President Jacus Roden has declared his intention to transfer power at a presidential inauguration on 15th May.

    While holding the re-scheduled election of a new Federation President and the fifth of the Senate up for election this year has been a priority for the Roden administration, there have been delays in the drive for "normalization". Reports of erratic network connections have flared up again in outlying regions and districts of the Federation. In addition, several members of the Federal Elections Commission were in attendance at the Festival of Chareté hosted by Ensî Beatrice Batteuse in Central Garoun on 28th March.

    Some Gallente media have lambasted Federal Elections Commissioners for putting a "Royalist Drinking and Sex Festival" above the request from President Roden to set a date by 28th March. Other outlets have sided with the Commissioners and Ensî Beatrice Batteuse for observing the traditions of the Garouni fertility and abundance rites despite all. The Scope's Ret Gloriaxx was in attendance at the festival but we take no particular editorial line on the matter.

    In closely related news, President Roden has appointed his predecesor, President Souro Foiritan, as head of the Federal Investigative Commission into the attacks on the federal elections and communication networks. President Foiritan has been charged with assembling an "independent and determined body of investigators and assessors" as swiftly as possible.

    In Other News

    • CONCORD Inner Circle Continues Talks on Future Revisions to Emergency Militia War Powers Act
    • Demonstrations Outside Republic Security Services Compound on Amo III Dispersed by Krusual Tribal Marshals
    • Chief Acassa Midular Reacts to Amo III Crackdown by Filing Tribal Sovereignty Dispute Over Lands Surrounding Compound
    • Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid Broadcasts Sermon of "Reclaiming by Holy Fire" on Floseswin IV; Claims Support of Teachings of St. Junip
    • Scholars of Hedion University Department of Sacerdotal Hagiography Express "Deep Outrage at Perversion of St. Junip of Aerui's Holy Wisdom"
    • Valklear General Kanth Filmir Welcomes Republic Justice Department Commander and Troops to Floseswin IV HQ
    • Liberator General Nola Ashok Brings RJD Troops, Materiel and Specialist Techniques to "Fight to Free Our People and World"
    • Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Meets to Consider Megacorporate Territorial Concessions and Corporate Security Force Jurisdictions
    • Sukuuvestaa and Kaalakiota Co-ordinated Program of Planetary Fortification and System Defenses Enhancement Completes "Core Hubs Phase"


  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: A Triglavian Mystery and Minmatar Politics Heat Up
    published on March 26th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings an exclusive account of a Triglavian mystery in Sinq Laison, news of political strife in the Republic, and our usual summary of other news from around New Eden.

    Exclusive: Authorities Mystified as Population of Esmes III Town Discovered in Triglavian "Environmental Facility" on Goinard II

    Goinard, Sinq Laison – The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx can exclusively reveal that the population of the town of New Concept on Esmes III are alive and apparently reasonably well. After detecting strange signals emanating from the storm world of Goinard II, CONCORD's AEGIS division discovered a bizarre environment maintained on the rocky surface of that inhospitable planet. Within the heavily protected environment were the population of New Concept colony, so recently believed to have been reduced to their constituent molecules by a Triglavian raid on 8th March.

    While intrepid reporter Ret Gloriaxx, of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, was unable to gain access to the strange environment or interview the fortunate survivors of New Concept, it was possible to secure an exclusive interview with AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir. It should be noted that this interview was only granted after Marshal Valkanir had assured herself that the situation in Goinard system was secure, following unusual Triglavian activity in space and on the surface of Goinard II.

    "I am afraid that operational secrecy requirements mean that I cannot reveal too much to you, Sieur Gloriaxx, but I can say that all inhabitants of New Concept, Esmes III, that are in the records available to us were found in the Triglavian facility on the surface of Goinard II. The nature of that facility? Clearly some form of experimental environment. The structure itself was considerably hardened against the storms of Goinard II and guarded by Triglavian combat drones. More than that I cannot say at this time. Our operation to secure the facility and the inhabitants of New Concept was a complete success. They are now safe in AEGIS custody."

    "Motivations of the Triglavians? It's not my role to speculate, Sieur Gloriaxx. I'm a soldier charged with organizing major elements of the defense of New Eden. Our forces responded to a threat and by good grace were able to save lives thought lost. Are they all completely unharmed? I can't say that, I'm afraid, and I'm unwilling to discuss individual cases. Suffice to say that Triglavian methods of intelligence gathering can be taxing to the subject. We've seen this sort of thing before, on a smaller scale. Yes, I'd say the Triglavians are adapting their approach as the invasion campaign continues. They remain a dire threat to New Eden. Thank you, Sieur Gloriaxx, that will have to be enough."

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx wishes to note that a combined force of capsuleers cleared the Goinard system of a substantial Triglavian scouting force during the time AEGIS and CONCORD forces were apparently carrying out operations on Goinard II. Other sources available to investigative reporter Ret Gloriaxx have suggested that AEGIS has secured a number of similar facilities elsewhere in New Eden. The Scope has also been told that captured civilians and military are almost certainly being tested in various ways by the Triglavians. One source has claimed that Triglavians are "biologically adapting" some prisoners to various environments.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx will continue to pursue the truth and publish it for all citizens of New Eden!

    Minmatar Tribal Council Passes New Internal Security Measures Amidst Heated Debate

    Matar, Pator System – There were heated scenes at the Tribal Council, this morning, as proposals for a "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination" were passed by the votes of the Brutor, Krusual, Starkmanir and Thukker Chiefs. Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe vigorously opposed the measure, while the Nefantar and Vherokior Chiefs chose to abstain.

    The debate on the controversial proposals was held in open session at the insistence of the Sebiestor and Vherokior Chiefs, under the rule that any two tribes of the Republic may call for and be granted an open council. Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor did not exercise his option to speak in the discussion and under the rules of the Tribal Councli he has no vote on decisions.

    A particularly robust exchange of views was had between Sebiestor Chief Acassa Midular on one side, and Chiefs Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual Tribe and Einnar Aeboul of the Thukker Tribe on the other. Chief Midular raised the issue of "vast financial and resource appropriations for mysterious purposes that my own forensic accountants have traced to the Krusual Covert Operators, Tronhadar Free Guard and Trust Partners."

    Chief Dykon asserted that matter was "not remotely germane to the proposals before us and the raising of it demonstrates a reckless disregard for proper order that has come to be the hallmark of certain Sebiestor clans and their representatives." Chief Aeboul described the evidence brought up by Chief Midular as "barely worth the notice of the council," but added "I shall be sure to have an aide make a note to look into it further."

    Starkmanir Chief Jeoran Setul brought the debate to a close, moving the proposals to a formal vote that passed by four to one, with two abstaining. The new Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination will have broad powers of investigation, evidence gathering, witness summons, arrest of suspects and appropriation of material vital to the security of the Tribal Republic.

    The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx hopes and trusts these measures will be temporary and not overlong impinge on the liberties of the Minmatar people!

    In Other News

    • Federation's Aliastra Rumored to be Seriously Exploring Application for Full Corporate Status in Caldari State
    • Gallente Federal Defence Union Complete Full Capture of All Systems in Caldari-Gallente Militia Warfare Zone
    • Uneasy and Unstable Situation on Floseswin IV as Minmatar Liberation Armies Fortify Lines "Trisecting Amarr Occupied Zones"
    • Capsuleers on Each Side of Amarr-Minmatar Militia Conflict Debate Terms of Ceasefire and Amarr Withdrawal from Floseswin IV
    • Guristas Pirates Reportedly Using Capsuleer Sourced Corporate Scrip to Purchase Black Market Ship Manufacturing Upgrades


  • CONCORD Inner Circle Summit Breakthrough on Emergency Militia War Powers Act
    published on March 24th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Inner Circle Summit on the militia warzones crisis has made a diplomatic breakthrough on the rules for strategic operations and system control as laid out in the Emergency Militia War Powers Act YC110 (EMWPA). The so-called "YC122 Revision 1" to the EMWPA will also provide a framework for future revisions dealing with the status of orbital bodies in militia warzone systems.

    CONCORD's executive and directive council, made up of Empire Delegates and CONCORD's Presidium, the Inner Circle has been deadlocked for months over the breakdown in norms and conventions concerning the conduct of warfare and administration of occupations in the two militia warzones that straddle the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente borders, respectively. While high-intensity talks continue on the status of planetary and other orbital bodies, the newly-agreed EMWPA YC122 Revision 1 measures are coming into force across the warzones by Inner Circle directive.

    In a major concession to the Amarr Empire's delegate, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the influence of special interests groups and agents operating from militia stations will be heavily curtailed. The Minmatar Republic's Keitan Yun was for his part keen to see that "outside parties be properly designated as valid combat targets when intruding on militia operations." It is believed that the Federation's Devan Malate continues to back the Republic's position. The State's Alakoni Ishanoya was apparently in support of all these measures while promoting revisions aimed at enhancing the role of battleships and other heavy vessels produced by Caldari megacorporations.

    Diplomatic sources have indicated that the breakthrough is in large part due to the intervention of the Society of Conscious Thought's Elder Mentor Matshi Raish. Considerable pressure on forging a solution has also been brought to bear by Federation President Jacus Roden and the Chief Executive Panel of the Caldari State. CONCORD's Presidium, together with the DED and AEGIS, has additionally been highly concerned that escalating warfare between the empires could render New Eden highly vulnerable to Triglavian invasions, Drifter subversion efforts or the depredations of Sansha's Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant.

    In Other News

    • Gallente Federation Security Council Eases Restrictions on Communications Bandwidth as Infrastructure Restoration Completed
    • Minmatar Tribal Council Meeting to Consider "New Measures to Enhance Internal Security of the Minmatar Republic"
    • Explosion on Muttokon II Claims Life of Krullefor Organization Underboss; Mercenary Commandos Reported at Scene
    • Strange Signals Rumored to Emanate from Goinard II; AEGIS Operation Reported to be Underway; No Comment from CONCORD
    • Federal Defence Union Capsuleer Militia Complete Operation to Seize Control of Entire Kurala Constellation
    • Capsuleer Offensive Against Triglavian Stellar Manipulator Installations Claims Complete Removal Outside Invasion Zones


  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-19
    published on March 19th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    President Jacus Roden Sets March 28th Date for "Normalization of Gallente Federation Politics and Society"

    Luminaire, Essence – Responding to growing public and political pressure, President Jacus Roden has announced that he intends all branches of the Federal Administration to work towards "the normalization of Gallente Federation politics and society by March 28th." The President outlined his instruction that staged easing of the Federal State of Emergency should complete on the specified date, as well as his request to the Federal Elections Commission to be in a position to announce on that day the date of the Federal Presidential and Senate Elections.

    The Federal Senate has been requested by President Roden to prepare proposals for the establishment of an Independent Commission of Investigation into the Election Attacks. The Federal Security Council has been directed to reduce all restrictive measures to the necessary minimum and terminate them entirely on March 28th. The Federal Intelligence Office has been tasked to work on evidence-gathering at the express direction of the Senate Security Intelligence Committee.

    While protests against emergency provisions that are increasingly seen as unnecessary have continued, a number of civil society organizations have expressed satisfaction at the President's commitment to normalize Federation political and social freedoms by the end of the month. Planetary authorities across the Gallente Federation are calling on protestors to cease actions such as blockades and occupations, while congratulating their citizens for reasserting their freedoms.

    Inner Circle Recalls All Empire Delegates to Yulai for Renewed Negotiations as Conflict Monitors Warn of "Catastrophic Scenario" on Floseswin IV

    Yulai, Genesis – The CONCORD Inner Circle has urgently recalled all Empire Delegates to Yulai for renewed negotiations over the crisis over the administration of militia warzones. CONCORD conflict monitor warnings of a potentially "catastropic scenario" unfolding on Floseswin IV have put new urgency into the call for resumption of negotiations.

    The Inner Circle's CONCORD delegates aim at steering the "Big 4" empires towards a new settlement reconciling the Yulai Accords and Convention with the Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110. The previous rounds of negotiation have always foundered on deep disagreements between the Amarr Empire and the united front of the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic as to the legal status and scope of Federation/Republic trade sanctions against the Empire. The Caldari State has generally adopted a flexible attitude but has maintained its support for the basic Amarr argument that any renegotiation of the Yulai Accords and Convention should include the sanctions issue.

    A series of planetary conflicts involving apparent acts of aggression by each of the "Big 4" over the last year or so have highlighted the unworkability of the confused legal situation going forward. While the Caldari State and Gallente Federation have variously drawn back from the relatively minor incursions perpetrated by forces loyal to their empires, the conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic has erupted from bitter border fighting to a situation perilously close to open war beyond the militia conflict zones. In particular, the fighting since the House Sarum invasion of Floseswin IV has brought the sides to the brink of mutual annihilation on the planetary surface.

    The Inner Circle will embark on a high-intensity summit meeting in a last ditch effort to hammer out a compromise over the next few days.

    Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid Openly Threatens to "Unleash Ninety-Three Thousand Black Daggers Across Rebel Provinces" in Campaign of Terror

    Floseswin, Metropolis – The notorious Khanid warlord and religious leader Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid has broadcast messages across Floseswin IV threatening a campaign of terror across the Minmatar Republic. In the broadcasts, Chakaid promises to "unleash ninety-three thousand Black Daggers across the Rebel Provinces where they shall surely seek the dark hearts of the Minmatar blood beasts." The references to "Black Daggers" and "Rebel Provinces" denote Amarr ceremonial weapons and the Minmatar Republic respectively. Students of Amarr sacred mythology suggest the number ninety-three thousand to have some special significance within Khanid cult practices, though this is unclear.

    Chakaid's broadcasts from his base in the occupied city of Jolan Kraal have been a notable element of Amarr propaganda on Floseswin IV since his arrival on the planet. The Chakaid propaganda is particularly detested by Minmatar fighters for its religious and ecstatic nature. The Cardinal Duke's unwavering habit of opening and closing his broadcasts with devotional chants and ululations of exhortation is reportedly also disliked by several Amarr field commanders.

    On condition of anonymity, one source at the Amarr Imperial Court spoke to the Scope about this extraordinary development: "While many nobles consider the Cardinal Duke of Fabai 'out of control', as the direct vassal of King Khanid and a Theology Council Cardinal, Chakaid is undoubtedly considered one of the most dangerous men in the Amarr Empire. Even so, many are asking themselves how he can keep getting away with his outrages. It is whispered that Privy Council measures have been taken to limit his scope but, in the context of what is increasingly seen as a holy war, this latest action does no more than skirt the limits of the law."

    In Other News

    • Mordu's Legion Planning Space Combat Exercises Across Lowsec Regions as Concerns Grow Over Maintaining Military Capability Against Triglavians
    • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Reportedly "Apoplectic" at Hearing News of Khanid Terror Threats Against Minmatar Republic During CONCORD Press Briefing
    • Angel Cartel Suffers Serious Blow in Molden Heath as Raids Carried Out by Seykal Expeditionary Force and Krusual Covert Operators Under RSS Mandate
    • Minmatar Tribal Council Meets to Consider "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-operation" Proposal; Matar Planetary Security Warns of Threat from Amarr Agents
    • PKN Interstellar Commissions Quafe to Research "Entertainment Refreshment Potential of Subcranial Nanocontrollers Meshing With Soft Drink Delivery Systems"


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  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-16
    published on March 16th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Protests Outside New Riennes FIO Building Flare into Violence as State of Emergency Comes Under Continuing Fire

    New Riennes, Mies IV – A seventh day of protests outside the New Riennes FIO Building turned violent this morning, with several injured as growing crowds reacted to the attempts of FIO security guards to clear a path for a vehicle convoy.

    Chaotic scenes ensued outside New Riennes FIO as a crowd of several thousand surged around the front and sides of the building, blocking the path of road vehicles. The FIO's uniformed security guards attempted to clear the crowds from a side entrance as an incoming convoy approached but tempers flared into a series of running battles between protestors, security guards and New Riennes city police. A number of people were hospitalized but no serious injuries have been reported.

    The latest incident comes as political and civil pressure builds up for President Jacus Roden to end the Federal State of Emergency and establish an independent commission of investigation into the election terror attacks.

    Lord Arrach Sarum Declares Floseswin IV "Land of Devotion or Damnation"; Escalates Planetary Conflict to Total War

    Sarum Prime, Domain – Royal Heir Arrach Sarum has issued a declaration in religious terms that amounts to a formal escalation of the Floseswin IV conflict to a state of total war.

    "As Royal Heir and Sword Marshal of House Sarum, I declare that Floseswin IV is a land of blazing devotion and blackest damnation, where only martyrs or apostates can possibly remain. The Holy Light of Amarr spread itself over that world, in generosity and charity, and even still apostasy reared its head. Floseswin IV is a world now where only holy swords and divine flames can answer the evil shadows lingering there. Martyrdom in this blessed struggle brings life eternal and glorious to the faithful. Persistence in sin and blasphemy shall bring only the final death."

    The Scope's correspondents in the Amarr Empire and at the CONCORD Assembly in Yulai understand that the speech amounts to designating the entire planet of Floseswin IV a warzone in which all present are formally considered combatants under Amarr laws of war. While such a declaration would previously have been the exclusive preserve of the Imperial Throne, the ancient office of Sword Marshal, now revived by Empress Catiz I, retains the religious privilege to make such rulings.

    Valklear General Kanth Filmir, commanding Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV, expressed contempt for Lord Sarum's declaration. "This has always been a total war for us. It was a total war the day the cursed Amarr arrived in Pator. It will be a total war until the day the last brother or sister is returned to us. Everything else the slavers say is their usual brand of hypocrisy and self-deception in service of vast evil. Needless to say, the liberation of Floseswin IV continues."

    Matar Planetary Security and Republic Security Services Back Tribal Proposals for "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination"

    Matar, Pator System – Proposals for a "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination", laid before the Tribal Council by the Brutor, Krusual and Starkmanir Tribal Chiefs yesterday, have received the backing of Khumatar Allek Berialsh of Matar Planetary Security and Chief Director Kril Efrit of Republic Security Services. In a joint statement, Khumatar Berialsh and Chief Director Efrit lauded "these commendable proposals by the chiefs of several of our great tribes and we feel sure the other chiefs will recognise the sagacity of the idea, joining all the Seven Tribes in pursuit of public safety and tribal security."

    Recent developments in the militia conflict in Metropolis region, increased Angel Cartel activity and "violent outback guerilla campaigns against Matari security forces" have reportedly cemented thinking in Republic security circles along hardline proposals evocative of "Rebellion Era necessities." Tensions between a number of tribes with counter-posed views on Minmatar security and survival have been rising since the Mikramurka Coast attacks by the Blood Raider Covenant.

    So far, comment on the new proposals has not been forthcoming from the chiefs of the Nefantar, Sebiestor, Thukker or Vherokior Tribes.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange Trading Limits Eased After Senate Commerce Committee Reports "Financial Market Risks Reduced"
    • Bizarre Rumors of "Giant Black Hounds" Attacking Troops Close to Occupied City of Jolan Kraal Sweep Republic Command Southern Army Group
    • Caldari State Reimposes Full Customs Regime on Trade with Gallente Federation as "Immediate Need for Support Expires"
    • Triglavian Invasion Forces Continue to "Probe, Raid and Seize Colonial and Orbital Assets and Populations"; AEGIS Deploys More Troops to Invasion Zones


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  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-08
    published on March 8th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Senators Privately Call on President Roden to Establish Commission into Security Failures; Protests at Security Council and FIO Measures Grow

    Villore, Essence – A number of Federal Senators have privately called on President Jacus Roden to establish a commission of investigation into the security failures leading up to the election terror attacks, the Scope has learned. Protests are also growing over the continuing imposition of certain restrictions on freedoms during the ongoing Federal State of Emergency.

    While President Roden has so far publicly resisted the immediate establishment of a commission of investigation, the Scope's sources have suggested he has indicated sympathy for the idea in private discussions with a group of senior Federal Senators. The Federal Security Council and the Federal Intelligence Office have both advised that a commission should only convene once the evidence-gathering phase being overseen by the FSC and FIO has concluded.

    Public scorn and outright opposition to the FIO's enhance powers of investigation, seizure and arrest are growing daily, however, and the Federal Security Council, more respected and trusted by most citizens than the FIO, is now attracting ever more strident protests. The Scope joins the calls of concerned Federation citizens and experienced Federal Senators for a swift start to an independent investigation into the outrages perpetrated during the election attacks.

    Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force Retake Floseswin System Control in Counter-Offensive Against Amarr Militia

    Floseswin, Metropolis – Militia fighters of the Tribal Liberation Force have successfully seized control of the Floseswin system following a days-long counter-offensive aimed at reversing the successes of the 24th Imperial Crusade and squeezing off the pipeline of reinforcements and supplies to Amarr forces on the planet of Floseswin IV.

    Valklear General Kanth Filmir hailed the recapture of the system as "a victory for the annals of the Minmatar people." The Republic Command's Southern Army Group on Floseswin IV has begun sustained bombardments of Amarr orbital defense positions and reports of guerilla operations behind occupation lines have reached the Scope.

    For their part, House Sarum and its allied forces have satisfied themselves with retreating behind the newly-extended field fortifications and shield-generators now covering all occupied cities and major towns in Southern Floseswin IV. The Scope understands that Minmatar intelligence believes the largest cities have been garrisoned with the "most fanatical" Amarr forces newly-arrived on the planet.

    The presence of a large number of antimatter reactors sited so as to power the shielded defenses of the Amarr remains a matter of concern for CONCORD conflict monitors. Additionally, an unknown number of Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines armed with hypersonic antimatter missiles remain hidden in the oceans of Floseswin IV.

    In Other News

    • Triglavian Raiding Party Depopulates Colonial Settlement on Esmes III; Report: "Town Stripped of Biological Matter on Molecular Level"
    • Caldari State Requests Mobilization of Reserve Security Corporations to Defend Outlying Colonies from Triglavian Attacks
    • CONCORD Assembly Authorizes Release of New Investment Tranche for Fortifications from New Eden Defense Fund as SCC Reports Increased Revenues
    • RSS Condemns "Outside Agitators with Links to Amarr and Angel Cartel Slaving Rings"; "Attacks on Minmatar Clans on Behalf of Cartel are Terrorism and Treason"
    • Intaki Assembly Assures Concerned Citizens of Safety and Integrity of Medical Support for Victims of Election Terror Attacks
    • Exsanguinated Minmatar Corpses Found in River Flowing North from Amarr Occupation Zone in Southern Floseswin IV; General Filmir Accuses Amarr of "War Crimes"


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  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-05
    published on March 5th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    President Jacus Roden Addresses Federal Senate; Promises Continuity of Democratic and Constitutional Order

    Villore, Essence – President Jacus Roden has promised that continuity of democracy under the Federation Constitution remains his "first priority" in an address to the Federal Senate. Describing the holding of elections as "absolutely essential" and his personal relinquishment of power to the next president as "my greatest desire as a citizen", President Roden expressed his view that a date should be set by the Federal Elections Commission no later than the end of the month.

    The Presidential Address ranged across a number of topics connected to the 27th February Attacks and their aftermath. President Roden updated the Senate on the continued progress in restoring system- and planetary-level communications networks to full capacity, following the resumption of parity of communication across the federal networks. The Senate also heard that the Federal Security Council would be lowering the alert status of the Federal military from an effective "war footing" to what the President described as "a more prudent emergency status that will avoid unnecessary risks."

    While the President emphasized his "deep yearning to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice", he reported that investigative efforts were in a preliminary phase of gathering evidence from a "very large number of affected locations, distributed networks and virtualized datastructs." The Senate also took a vote endorsing the ongoing emergency measures and operations of the Federal Administration.

    House Sarum and Allies Land Reinforcements on Southern Floseswin IV as Amarr Militia Maintain System Control

    Floseswin, Metropolis – House Sarum has been landing large numbers of reinforcements at the occupied cities and towns its forces control on Floseswin IV, following sustained system control by Amarr militia and the establishment of orbital dominance over Southern Floseswin IV. As well as a considerable number of House Sarum and 24th Imperial Crusade ground forces, the reinforcement groups include troops from a variety of other Amarr military organizations.

    In an unmistakable sign of House Sarum's commitment to the struggle for Floseswin IV, Lady Kiyshara Sarum, a member of the Sarum Royal Family, has arrived in command of the 12th Lance of the Sarum House Guards. Lady Kiyshara, a cousin of Empress Jamyl I, is also accompanied by a large contingent of Cult of St. Jamyl Militants. Even more notably, House Ardishapur has also committed a member of its royal line, Lord Ottakar Ardishapur. Forces deployed by House Ardishapur include the 19th Ammatar Consular Brigade and a chapter of the Flagellant Order of St. Arkon.

    Other forces include a mixed force of Royal Uhlans, Asbara Cyber Knights and Khanid Zealotic Sikarrs led by the notorious warlord Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid. A full Commandery of the Order of St. Tetrimon is also present, bringing with it three cohorts of Tetrimonic Kameiras. The markedly religious flavor of many of the military formations reinforcing the House Sarum occupation is considered "an ominous sign" by military historians and analysts specializing in Amarr doctrines of warfare.

    CONCORD Conflict Monitors Gain Access to Devastated Coastal Town in Southern Floseswin as Amarr Forces Retake Littoral Zones

    Southern Continent, Floseswin IV – Amarr forces under Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari have escorted a CONCORD conflict monitoring team to the destroyed coastal town of Northflow Bay, following the successful retaking of a broad sweep of the littoral zones connecting the three main Amarr occupation zones. The monitoring team has reported a confirmation of the destruction of the town by antimatter device detonating in an airburst over the settlement.

    House Sarum forces were able to push back the Republic Command's Southern Army Group as Minmatar positions on the coast became untenable under offshore and orbital bombardment. Establishment of space superiority by 24th Imperial Crusade forces has led Valklear General Kanth Filmir to retrench his lines across terrain the Minmatar can more readily defend. The majority of Minmatar gains made in the recent offensive remain secure as both sides reorient and reinforce.

    General Mazari asserted that Northflow Bay's civilian population had "either fled the fighting or been massacred by rebel partisans," at a recorded briefing of the CONCORD monitoring team on site. "Northflow Bay was an entirely military and valid target at the time of its destruction by our strategic submarine forces. We could not allow a vital supply node to remain in enemy hands. The missile strike was legal under interstellar norms but more importantly entirely justified under our own laws of war," General Mazari claimed.

    In Other News

    • Intaki Assembly Declares Restoration of Planetary Communications Complete; Cities Remain Quiet as Federal Marines Patrol Streets
    • Growing Calls Across Gallente Federation for Independent Commission of Investigation into Security Failures Leading to Election Attacks
    • PKN Interstellar Adopts Lai Dai Subcranial Nanocontrollers into Technology Licensing Package Aimed at Khanid Kingdom and House Tash-Murkon
    • Sanmatar's Taskforce for Counter-Subversion to be Headed by Chief Director Kril Efrit of RSS Clandestine Activity Division
    • Guristas Pirates Reportedly Hijack Shipment of Archaeological Artefacts from Kirkinen Risk Control in Oijanen System


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  • The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02
    published on March 2nd, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    State of Emergency Maintained as Gallente Federal Communications Networks "Restored to 97% Capacity"

    Luminaire, Essence – President Jacus Roden has reaffirmed that the Federal State of Emergency across the Gallente Federation will be maintained until further notice, despite the news that federal communications networks have been restored to almost full capacity.

    As was hoped, the Federal Security Council was able to issue a notice last night declaring "all Federal Communications Networks are open to traffic with the totality of bandwidth restored to 97% capacity as it stood before the attacks against the Gallente Federation, last week."

    However, at the executive directive of President Roden, the Federal Security Council has indefinitely extended the Federal State of Emergency. The Federal Senate has formally declared no objection, though it retains the ability to countermand the emergency measures as a matter of the Federation Constitution. The ongoing efforts to re-establish full security across Gallente regions, continued work to restore system and planetary networks, and the intense investigative efforts all contribute to a sense that the Federation remains under serious threat.

    Gallente Federal Elections Commission Rules Out Swift Decision on Election Date

    Villore, Essence – Following meetings with the Federal Administration, Senate and the Federal Military Commission, the Gallente Federal Elections Commission has ruled out a swift decision on the date of the elections that must be held as soon as possible once the emergency has abated. The Commissioners are "totally committed to holding the necessary and constitutionally mandated elections." However, the Elections Commission believes it cannot set a date until the situation has fully stabilized.

    Consideration has also been given to the medical status of a number of leading presidential candidates who were seriously injured in the terror attacks on 27th February. Governor Celes Aguard, Senator Suvio Bellaron and Mayor Shaileen Ramnev are all considered out of danger. Governor Aguard's personality synchronization following body death and recloning is understood to have left her with some experiential time loss. Fellow presidential candidate, Councillor Wayaki Kayara has been assisting in her contempogrok therapy. Senator Bellaron has regained consciousness following successful treament to prevent neurological damage and is recovering well in Intaki system. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev is no longer in critical condition but remains under intensive care.

    Amarr Militia Forces Regain Control of Floseswin System; Minmatar Offensive Pauses as Orbital Struggle Ensues

    Floseswin, Metropolis – The Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade has regained space superiority and system control in Floseswin, following an offensive evidently aimed at cutting space and orbital support for the Minmatar offensive in the southern continent of Floseswin IV. Heavy fighting over the last weekend saw the Republic Command Southern Army Group's thrusts into Amarr-held territory effectively divide into three broad zones the occupied cities and towns controlled by House Sarum.

    The Minmatar offensive does appear to have paused having achieved this strategic objective, following the successful seizure of the system by Amarr militia. A fierce struggle for dominance of the orbital zone over Southern Floseswin IV has begun. Reports of further strategic launches from southern oceanic deeps are unconfirmed. Amarr occupation zones all maintain access to the sea and House Sarum efforts are reportedly focused on regaining land corridors between their zones along a coastline they appear willing to devastate with antimatter weapons.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Reopens Under Limited Trading Regulations Activated by Senate Commerce Committee
    • CONCORD Conflict Monitors: "Orbital Surveys of Southern Coastal Port Town on Floseswin IV Confirm Antimatter Warhead Airbust"
    • Caldari State Lowers Alert Status of Caldari Navy and State Peacekeepers; Maintains Low Duties on Supplies to Federation
    • Khanid Lord Alar Chakaid Elevated to Cardinal Rank in Decree Marking Consecration of Grand Basilica of St. Garkeh
    • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Expresses "Grave Concern That Minmatar Republic May Harbor Uncounted Enemies Within"


  • President Roden Speaks as Federation Communications Stabilize Following Terror Attacks
    published on February 28th, 2020 at 06:23 AM

    Luminaire, Essence – In the aftermath of last night's terror attacks and suspension of Federal elections, President Jacus Roden has addressed the Gallente Federation, vowing to secure democracy and bring to justice the perpetrators. President Roden made his address as Federal communications networks stabilized, although some planetary networks continue to operate under heavy limitations.

    President Roden's address outlined the events, his administration's immediate reponse, and what future efforts will be made to resolve the crisis.

    "My fellow citizens of the great democratic Gallente Federation. We have been attacked. We have all been attacked in the most infamous act of villainy since the betrayal of the traitor Anvent Eturrer. Grave as his treachery was, it is eclipsed by an attack not simply on the Federation but, crucially, on the foundational principles of this great democracy. Let me be clear. Like the traitor Eturrer, those who perpetrated these vile attacks on our way of life shall be brought to justice swiftly and surely.

    "Allow me first, my fellow citizens, to mourn with you for those we have lost, for those injured so gravely, and for all victims and families affected by these outrages. It is my sad duty to report that the confirmed death toll from these evil attacks stands at over 7,000. Tragically it is likely to be even higher in the final accounting. Many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, have suffered injury.

    "The physical attacks on presidential candidates, Federal installations and civilian infrastructure account for the greater number of the immediate casualties. Sadly, such was the scope and effect of the parallel network attacks, it is sure very many will have been injured consequently, and many more will lose their lives. We will mourn in full, as a democracy and a Federation, in due time.

    "Now, I wish to update you all on the status of those of our leading democratic presidential candidates who were attacked in the course of last night's events. I am glad to report and confirm that Governor Celes Aguard is alive and recovering in a secure facility. Though she suffered physical death in the bombing at New Riennes, along with so many others, her federally-registered personality backup and clone was successfully restored. The assassins failed here, even as they brutally murdered thousands.

    "I can also report that Senator Suvio Bellaron is alive and in stable condition, following transfer by Federal Marines to a secure medical facility in the Intaki system. We hope and trust that he will fully recover. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev's condition remains grave though I am told it has stabilized. I have directed Federal Marines to secure the hospital in Arcurio and their Medical Corps to render all necessary assistance."

    "Councillor Wayaki Kayara was slightly injured in a terrorist attempt made on his life, while he visited military veterans on Mannar Seginde. I am told those brave men and women, who have already given so much to our Federation, unhesitatingly fought to protect him. One veteran has been hospitalized but Councillor Kayara is expected to make a full recovery. It would appear that there was no direct attempt made on the lives of Senator Kelen Ontbad, Chief Director Mentas Blaque or General Julianus Soter, though our initial intelligence assessment is that they were all targets.

    "If these violent acts of terror and attempted assassinations of presidential candidates were not evidence enough of a monstrous plot to strike deep at the heart of our democracy, which plainly they are, then the attacks on our Federal and planetary communications more than confirm the base intent of these attacks. With deep regret we agree with the Federal Elections Commission's decision to suspend elections until further notice. We are resolved that this suspension shall be short and that the necessary, vital democratic process will work the people's will as soon as possible.

    "The Federal Administration, working with all federal agencies, CONCORD agencies, and trusted commercial partners, has restored the core functionality of the Federal FTL communications infrastructure. Even so, much data has been lost and many planetary networks remain unstable or are providing limited service.

    "My administration is working tirelessly to restore full communications function at every level of the Federation: regionally, system-wide and on every planet and orbital. I can report that the Federal and civilian FTL connections to Solitude region have been restored after a mercifully brief period of disconnection. Military and security force networks retained basic connectivity. The Federation is grateful to CONCORD for making available SCC and DED bandwidth for Federation government traffic.

    "I am also grateful for the measured and generous response to this tragedy, not only from CONCORD, but from our interstellar neighbors: the Minmatar Republic, Caldari State and Amarr Empire. All have assisted in some measure and a greater tragedy may well have been avoided by caution and forebearance. I must express my particular deep gratitude to Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and the Tribal Council of the Minmatar Republic for their unstinting and valuable support during this crisis. Our alliance, founded on our common belief in the liberty of human beings, remains strong.

    "Let me now turn to the future. I wish to reassure you all, simply as a fellow citizen of the Gallente Federation, but yes as the President of our great democracy that the continuity of democratic government is my number one priority. Meeting that priority requires the re-establishment and reinforcement of the security of the Federation and its citizens. It requires that democratic elections be held securely and in full freedom. It requires the peaceful transfer of power to the next duly-elected President of the Gallente Federation.

    "I pledge to meet the priority I have laid out in full. My fellow citizens, amidst this scene of tragedy and villainy, take heart. The Federation will endure. The Federation is Liberty; and Liberty can never die."

    President Roden's administration has estimated that close to full service on interstellar and system-wide FTL comms networks will be restored over the weekend. Planetary networks and other infrastructure may take more time to restore. It is projected that essential services will be restored early next week in most locations. The Federation Navy and Federal Marines remain on high alert.

    In Other News

    • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Remains Closed to Trading Under Directive of Federation Security Council
    • Kimotoro Stock Exchange Experiences Volatility Over Day's Trading but Megacorporation Stocks See Slight Gains
    • Republic Command's Southern Floseswin Army Group Close to "Cutting Land Communications Between Several Amarr-Held Cities"
    • Full CONCORD Assembly Session to Meet Over Weekend as Inner Circle Co-ordinates Escalation Avoidance Efforts Along Recognised Empire Borders
    • General Ceasefire Efforts in Militia War Zones Break Down as Minmatar Republic and Caldari State Reject Proposals for Conflict Freeze
    • Minmatar Republic Asserts its Right Under the Yulai Accords and Emergency Militia War Powers Act to "Liberate Floseswin IV" and Continue Metropolis Campaign
    • Caldari State Maintains Militia Warfare in Caldari-Gallente Conflict Zone Must Continue as a "Legitimate Exercise in Recovery of Corporate Property"
    • Amarr Privy Council Meeting Continues as Political Strains Caused by Efforts to Quell Dissent Among Holders in Sarum and Ardishapur Realms Over Course of War
    • Khanid Kingdom Military and Security Police Forces Carry Out Widespread Sweeps in Aridia and Khanid Regions; Reports of Many Thousands of Arrests
    • BREAKING: Reports of Antimatter Warhead Detonating Over Small Coastal Town on Southern Continent of Floseswin IV Confirmed; Casualties Unknown
    • BREAKING: CONCORD Monitors "Tracked Submarine Launched Hypersonic Missile Flight from Position in South Polar Deeps," Claims Source
    • BREAKING: CONCORD Believes "House Sarum has Several Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines Hidden on Floseswin IV," Leak Indicates
    • BREAKING: Source "Urged CONCORD Monitors to Share Intelligence with Minmatar Republic"; CONCORD Mission Maintained Neutrality Under Yulai Accords


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