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VanGogh Gaming's TinyMiner & TinyMinerPlus - Tutorial Page!
Updated for the latest Eve Online expansions and patches up to Equinox, June 2024 release!

Pro TIP: create a new profile for your mining character in the Eve Online Launcher and use that solely for mining with TinyMiner and you'll never have to change your mining settings ever again! Then you can simply mirror ALL the game settings from the next screenshots EXACTLY as shown in this tutorial and you'll be up and running in no time at all with TinyMiner mining like a champ as most of our pilots are fond of saying!

Eve Launcher Character Settings - Click to view at Full Size!

Eve Launcher Mining Profile - Click to view at Full Size!
Click to see the Full Size screenshot! Click to see the Full Size screenshot!

TinyMiner runs perfectly on all versions of Windows (7, 8.1, 10 and 11) and on all desktop themes (Classic, Basic, Aero, Metro). It also works with all desktop resolutions (minimum 1024x768) so that even your old laptop can run it flawlessly! TinyMiner is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and the peace of mind knowing that you are running a safe application! Other fly-by-night Eve Mining Bots ask their users to disable the UAC (User Account Control) in order to even work! The UAC is a very important part of Windows and it helps to protect your PC so it should Never be turned off!

This tutorial page is all about setting up your EVE Online so that TinyMiner can mine like a champ! For a comprehensive description of all TinyMiner features and capabilities and all options included please visit the Features and Settings Overview pages!

Tutorial Main Menu

The tutorial has been broken down into smaller sections for easier understanding. Please start with the first one below (all screenshots assume you are using Eve Online's legacy interface):

  • Tutorial Page 1: EVE Online Settings Setup for TinyMiner. This first page will show you how to set the various "Display & Graphics", "Audio & Chat" and "General Settings" options from the EVE menu accessed when you press the Esc key after you log in. Read this page first!
  • Tutorial Page 2: How to position the various in-game windows while the ship is docked inside the station or undocked in space. This tutorial page will show you the correct location of the Ship's Inventory, Cargo, Drones, Overview and Selected Item windows. Please read it carefully because it is very important to get every detail right!
  • Tutorial Page 3: Here you will find out how to set up some of TinyMiner's more advanced options such as "Gate Mining", "POS Mining", "Monitor Local chat for Hostiles" and "Monitor the OnBoard Scanner in Wormholes".
  • Tutorial Page 4: EVE Online Setup for the Warp to Zero - Hauler / Trade Route Runner. Learn how to rapidly transport your goods or pickup the items you bought over many stargate jumps or how to automatically transport fuel to your Citadel or POS.
  • Tutorial Page 5: EVE Online Setup for the BlackOps DLC Pack. Learn how to use all the exciting new features present in this DLC Pack such as: "Actively detect rats spawning in the overview and tank, avoid or kill them with combat drones", "Monitor probe scanner for Ore or Ice anomalies", "Switch ships for mining Ore or Ice", "Auto login after the daily downtime" and "Moon chunk mining".
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Eve Online PLEX's, Omega Time, DLC Packs (Alpha, Meteor, Star and Galaxy Packs), Special Edition Codes - Direct Email Delivery in 5 minutes or less for returning clients! All prices in USD instead of EURO (much more affordable)!


TinyMinerPlus v5.85 Eve Online Mining Bot Macro Miner, Market Trader, Items Seller and Assets Hauler has just been released, fully compatible with the latest Eve Online updates, expansions and patches, including the newest installment, Havoc, Eve Online June 2024 Release!

This improved EVE Mining Bot Macro Miner comes with all the top features and reliability you have come to expect from the classic TinyMiner and in addition to that it supports TWO EVE Online clients at the same time, on the same PC for a total and complete Mining Extravaganza!

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