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  • First Strike February Playtest Is Live
    published on February 22nd, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Attention Vanguard, 

    The call has arrived, and it is once again time for you to report to the frontlines to do the Deathless’ bidding. The new First Strike playtest has opened its doors and is live until 12:00 UTC on 26 February. The playtest is open to all Omega players as a part of Founders’ Access, and just like in previous playtests, there are serious rewards on the line for industrious warclones. Depending on your activities on the ground, you may walk away with impressive spoils.

    Card4 Rewards-&-Recognition-Wplex 1920x1080

    Detailed information about the playtest, rewards, and alterations that have been made to the current build of the game, can be found here

    JOIN FIRST STRIKE FEBRUARY Garmur Arkombined image

    Make sure you tune in to CCP TV at 16:00 UTC today (22 February) as EVE devs will be going live to talk about all things Vanguard, and join the Q&A on the Discord server at 16:00 UTC tomorrow (23 February). In addition, the Live2Feed stream from 14:00-16:00 UTC tomorrow will feature EVE Vanguard, so stay tuned for that. 


  • 15% Off PLEX Plus Free SKINs
    published on February 21st, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Bargain hunting capsuleers,

    For a limited time, you can pick up select PLEX packs in the EVE Store for 15% off the regular price and receive free Gilded Predator SKINs as a bonus with packs of 500 PLEX or more.

    The sale runs until 29 February, giving you an opportunity to grab one of the following:

    • 500 PLEX + Drake Gilded Predator SKIN

    • 1,000 PLEX + Gila Gilded Predator SKIN

    • 1,500 PLEX + Ishtar Gilded Predator SKIN

    • 3,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, and Eagle SKINs

    • 6,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, and Ishtar SKINs

    • 12,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, and Raven SKINs

    • 20,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, Raven, and Megathron SKINs

    You can use PLEX in direct exchanges in the New Eden Store, where you can purchase SKINs, Omega subscriptions, starter packs, Skill Extractors, apparel, and more. Alternatively, you can sell your PLEX on the in-game market, where other pilots will pay hard-earned ISK for it, giving you extra funds for your immortal endeavors!

    Save Big NowNew Starter Packs NES

    New starter packs in the New Eden Store

    New starter packs are now available from the New Eden Store! Each one contains an assortment of Omega, Skill Points, cerebral accelerators and SKINs, and they’re the perfect way for new and veteran players alike to continue their journey through New Eden in 2024.

    Here’s what’s inside each one of the packs:


    • 14 days Omega

    • Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

    • 50,000 Skill Points

    • 2 x Core Ship Operations Expert System

    • Rifter Snowline Bladeracer SKIN

    • Nereus Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN

    • Inquisitor Khanid SKIN

    • Heron Zento Isideko Combine SKIN

    • Venture Radioactives Reclamation SKIN

    Bronze starter pack


    • 30 days Omega

    • Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

    • 250,000 Skill Points

    • Mining Barge Operations Expert System

    • Rifter Snowline Bladeracer SKIN

    • Iteron Mark V Lodestrike SKIN

    • Inquisitor Khanid SKIN

    • Heron Zento Isideko Combine SKIN

    • Caracal Steel Cardinal SKIN

    • Vexor Luminaire Rising SKIN

    • Arbitrator Crown and Swords SKIN

    • Scythe Hazard Control SKIN

    • Retriever Rockbreaker Pioneer SKIN

    Silver starter pack


    • 60 days Omega

    • Standard 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

    • 500,000 Skill Points

    • Falcon Blue Tiger SKIN

    • Ishtar Glittering Dream SKIN

    • Scimitar Emergency Response Squad SKIN

    • Devoter Crown and Swords SKIN

    • Sabre Hazard Control SKIN

    • Stork Zento Isideko Combine SKIN

    • Hulk Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN

    • Viator Serpentis SKIN

    • Men & women’s 'Olympian TorsoRig' Body Augmentation

    Gold Starter Pack


    • 90 days Omega

    • 2 x MCT Certificates

    • Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

    • 500,000 Skill Points

    • 10 x Skill Extractor

    • Golem State Police SKIN

    • Paladin Imperial Jubilee SKIN

    • Leshak Metamateria Exotica SKIN

    • Vargur Yoiul Star SKIN

    • Kronos Caille Neon SKIN

    • Charon Vitalshift EGO SKIN

    • Orca Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN

    Platinum Starter Pack

    All four packs are available now, and each one can be purchased once per account.


  • Havoc Update – LP Trading & Ship Balance
    published on February 20th, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Loyal capsuleers,

    New Eden is constantly in motion, ever-evolving, impacted by corruption and suppression, and subjected to the havoc wrought in space and on the ground. A new update sees an influx of strategic enhancements, focusing on enriched Factional Warfare experience, quality of life improvements, and the much-requested return of Loyalty Point (LP) donations. Many of the changes being implemented are in direct response to community requests, specifically proposals for ship rebalancing via the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), which recently concluded its annual summit in Reykjavik.


    Cooperation within corporations is a cornerstone of EVE Online, and the return of LP donations is a key step toward further fostering this vital aspect of gameplay. Since LP donations were paused following the release of the Havoc expansion for monitoring the new ecosystem, many groups & communities within the warzone and beyond have expressed a strong need to have this re-enabled sooner rather than later. The ecosystem will continue to be monitored, so in anticipation of the potential impact on the economy and to ensure a balanced environment, a future update will introduce a tax system to these transactions.

    This enhancement is part of EVE's ongoing commitment to respond to community feedback and to refine the in-game experience, making cooperation not just a part of survival in New Eden but a thriving aspect of its rich, player-driven narrative.

    Osprey Navy Havoc February update


    The EVE community has pointed out myriad opportunities for rebalancing through the CSM, and this feedback has been instrumental in the changes implemented in the new update. In the spirit of fostering a more dynamic and competitive Factional Warfare environment, significant ship rebalances are being introduced to enrich capsuleers' strategic options in New Eden.

    The essence of these changes lies in addressing the dominance of certain ships, such as the Exequror Navy Issue, Osprey Navy Issue, and Caracal, which have historically overshadowed their counterparts due to their superior range and damage capabilities. These vessels receive slight adjustments to ensure they don’t dramatically surpass the diversity of viable ships in their respective classes. Furthermore, the Bellicose and the Republic Fleet Firetail receive much-needed enhancements to affirm their place in the combat ecosystem.

    Exequror Navy Issue February Update


    Throughout the cluster, nuanced adjustments are being introduced to refine the PvP experience, particularly for veteran pilots. These tweaks, grounded in player input, aim to subtly enhance the strategic diversity and balance of ship performance, making engagements more dynamic without drastically altering the established combat landscape.

    Marauders will experience a minor reduction in warp speed, a change designed to subtly affect their battlefield mobility. This adjustment opens up new tactical opportunities for adversaries, potentially allowing for more strategic isolation of marauders in conflict scenarios.

    In the realm of command ships, enhancements focus on fostering a balanced distribution of roles and effectiveness. A modest increase in the range of command bursts by 50% is introduced to improve their operational flexibility in fleet settings, enhancing their support capabilities without overshadowing other fleet components. The Nighthawk and the Astarte receive slight modifications to promote balance and encourage diversity in PvP situations.

    Entropic disintegrators, synonymous with Triglavian might, are adjusted to offer a more measured performance. The initial damage output is slightly reduced, with a compensatory increase in damage ramp-up per cycle.


    Recent enhancements to the EVE Online Excel add-in empower players with even more advanced tools for corporation member tracking, market order analysis, and structured data management. These updates, including intuitive search functions for structures and stations as well as comprehensive insights into market dynamics, are designed to optimize data-driven decision-making in New Eden. Detailed patch notes and discussions can be found in the EVE Online forums. To facilitate a seamless integration of these new features, a sample worksheet is available, providing a practical starting point for data-hungry capsuleers to leverage the full potential of the Excel add-in.

    Excel x EVE New logo


    EVE Online continues to evolve, with a focus on ensuring that the journey through New Eden is constantly improving. Whether through balance adjustments, quality-of-life improvements, or player-influenced alterations, the sandbox keeps expanding, and the sky is not the limit but merely the beginning.

    Be sure to check out the for additional information about quality of life changes and bug fixes.

  • First Strike February Playtest
    published on February 20th, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    At the ready Vanguard, 

    Once again, the battlefield calls and legions of warclones will answer. The latest First Strike playtest kicks off at 12:00 UTC on 22 February and runs until 12:00 UTC on 26 February, opening the doors to EVE Vanguard for the curious and competitive around New Eden. As in previous First Strike events, the playtest is open to all Omega players as a part of Founders’ Access. 


    As warclones take to the frontlines in droves to do the Deathless’ bidding, rest assured that not only are you doing your part to spread corruption in New Eden, but also contributing to the ongoing development of EVE Vanguard, which is very much a collaborative effort.

    Already, our Founders have been instrumental in providing valuable insights into areas for improvement, which are being implemented in current and upcoming builds of the game. We will continue to collect feedback from players to improve and build upon a solid foundation.

    Push to talk (PTT), a much-requested quality-of-life feature with a mappable shortcut key (default is left ALT) has been added (for now it needs to be reset for each session), along with the following updates and improvements to this build: 

    • The ability to remap the sprint command to a different key has been implemented (for now it needs to be reset for each session). 

    • An issue causing players to reload after firing one shot has been fixed. 

    • An issue causing the client to crash when characters died has been fixed.  

    • An issue that saw dropped loot boxes spawning underground when placed on the metal floor has been fixed. 

    • The ability to add players on the same squad to favorites is now available. 

    • Reduced issues where security tools / ISPS prevented players downloading the client

    We look forward to seeing your rampage on the battlefield and receiving your post-deployment feedback to further improve EVE Vanguard. 


    Just like in previous playtests, there are serious rewards on the line for industrious warclones. Depending on your activities on the ground, you may walk away with impressive spoils. Vanguard who eliminate 50 threats (which include NPCs, other Vanguard, or turrets) as part of a squad of two or more, will receive the Atron Arkombine Arisen SKIN. Any kills made by a squad will count towards the total for each member, but should any warclone in the squad die from friendly fire, all progress in the deployment will be void. 

    Atron SKIN Vanguard reward

    Collecting 2,000 units of biomass will earn players the Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKIN, but keep in mind that your progress will be void if you attempt to collect biomass by shooting one of your squadmates. 

    Talwar SKIN reward Vanguard

    Additionally, Vanguard who reach the top 10 leaderboard for most contracts completed with successful extraction during the event, will be handsomely rewarded with PLEX. 

    Leaderboard Rank  

    PLEX Reward 











    Also, completing the challenge of eliminating 50 threats with the help of your squad mates counts toward a longer-term challenge which will culminate in unique rewards later this year. In the December playtest, it was enough to simply launch the game, and in January, you needed to complete a deployment as a squad member. To unlock the big reward in June, you need to complete at least four of six challenges, so make sure you don’t miss out. 


    As in the previous First Strike playtests, the doors to Vanguard will be open to players with Founders’ Access, meaning the only requirement to join the event is to have Omega. For those who haven’t already, this is the perfect time to upgrade, as both the EVE Store and the New Eden Store are offering a bundle including 14 days of Omega access and the Astero Arkombine Arisen SKIN for a limited time, giving anyone interested in jumping into EVE Vanguard an unmissable opportunity. 

    Aster SKIN reward Vanguard


    EVE Vanguard is a collaborative effort between developers and players, and your participation on the battlefield is invaluable. We look forward to seeing you in the First Strike February playtest, and continuing to work with you toward the creation of the ultimate FPS experience within the EVE Universe.  

    Make sure you tune in to CCP TV at 16:00 UTC on 22 February as EVE devs will be going live to talk about all things Vanguard, and join the Q&A on the Discord server at 16:00 UTC on 23 February. In addition, the Live2Feed stream from 14:00-16:00 on Friday 23 February will feature EVE Vanguard, so stay tuned for that. 


  • Patch Notes - Version 21.06
    published on February 20th, 2024 at 11:00 AM


    The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 21.06). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2023-11-14 Last update: 2024-02-20

    🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by the player's feedback or suggestions.

    Patch Notes For 2024-02-20.1

    Features & Changes:

    LP Donations:

    • 🤝 LP donations from characters to corporations, and from corporations to corporations, is now possible again.

    An LP donation tax might be introduced in the future. We will monitor how the LP market is affected in the coming months.

    Winter Balance Update

    In this balance pass, we are hoping to address some long-standing community concerns with projection and overpowered weapon systems - while also cutting down and boosting some outliers to hopefully promote alternative options for a more vibrant death and destruction filled ecosystem.

    Weapon Systems:

    Entropic Disintegrators

    Triglavian weapons have been very powerful for a long time, especially since they feature medium ranges with better than blaster tracking, while in many cases, pre-ramp DPS can also be on par or close to other ships which operate at the same range. While we originally looked into reducing their tracking, we decided that the better alternative was to lean into their identity as a ramping damage weapon. Triglavian weapons are being adjusted to have slightly lower base damage, but they will retain the same damage at max spool as they have now by increasing the maximum ramp multiplier. The Mimesis implant set and Nergal/Ikitursa will end up having a small damage increase at max spool. We are also increasing the damage multiplier per cycle so it will still take around 30 cycles of the weapon to reach max ramp.

    • Base damage reduced by 20%

    • Damage multiplier per cycle increased from 5% to 7%

    • Damage multiplier max increased from 2.5x to 3.125x

    This should make them weaker at killing tackle ships, since the initial damage when target swapping is lower. This will also help other alternative options that fill the same role stand out more, like in the case of the Omen Navy Issue vs the Vedmak, with the Omen Navy Issue now offering much better initial DPS.

    The Triglavian AT ships have also been adjusted to maintain their unique quality of reaching max ramp in 20 cycles instead of 30 cycles.

    • Hydra - Additional damage multiplier per cycle increased from 0.5% to 0.75% per level of the Covert Ops skill.

    • Tiamat - Additional damage multiplier per cycle increased from 0.5% to 0.75% per level of the Recon Ships skill.

    Note: We have chosen to not adjust the capital weapon variation (Ultratidal) at this time.

    Rapid Light Missile Launchers

    Rapid Light Missile Launchers have been incredibly powerful for some time, especially when combined with range bonuses. As we re-balanced the Cerberus in the Viridian Expansion last summer, we intentionally removed the light missile range bonuses from the ship. In this balance pass, we are removing all the remaining per level range bonuses to Rapid Light Missiles, to match the precedent set with Rapid Heavy Missiles, which do not increase with Bastion or Spaceship Command skills.

    Note that role bonuses from ships will still apply just like with Rapid Heavy Missiles (Mordus Legion Ships and Combat Battlecruisers).

    • Caracal - Missile velocity bonus now only applies to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles.

    • Osprey Navy Issue - Missile velocity bonus now only applies to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles.

    • Onyx - Missile velocity bonus now only applies to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles.



    While we are happy with the on-grid power of Marauders since the adjustments we made in the Viridian Expansion, Marauders can still feel oppressive in certain scenarios. Marauders currently only warp 12.5% slower than T1, Faction and T3 Cruisers, which doesn’t leave much room for them to out-maneuver Marauders when choosing to avoid them. It also does not give players much reason to choose smaller hulls over a Marauder when travel time is a consideration for PVP and PVE. To tackle this, we’re reducing the warp speed of Marauders down to the same base level as T1 and Faction battleships.

    • Warp speed for the Marauder Class (Paladin, Golem, Kronos, Vargur) reduced from 3.5 AU/s to 3.0 AU/s.

    Black Ops

    • Cloak Velocity Speed Role bonus increased from 6.5x to 7.5x to match the current stated trait role bonus of 650%.

    The trait role bonus wasn't being applied properly.

    Field Command Ships

    In an earlier balance pass, we removed the Command Burst range bonuses from the Field Command group of Command Ships in exchange for an increase to Command Burst strength. This change, however, has made them feel a bit too difficult to use while skirmishing, so we are re-adding the Command Burst range bonus at Combat Battlecruiser strength.

    • Added 50% Role Bonus to Command Burst Range to the Field Command subgroup of Command Ships (Absolution, Nighthawk, Astarte, Sleipnir).


    The Astarte is currently the least used Command Ship and it struggles to compete with the cheaper Brutix Navy Issue hull. We also boosted the Deimos in an earlier balance pass which has made the extra ISK cost for upshipping into the Astarte hull not feel as worthwhile as it once was. To help address this, we are giving the Astarte a small bump in rep power to help it stand out more as a tankier alternative to the Brutix Navy Issue.

    • Armor Repairer bonus increased from 7.5% to 10% per level of Gallente Battlecruiser skill.


    Because the Nighthawk is overperforming in wormhole space and becoming oppressive, we are toning down on its damage by lowering the Rate of Fire bonus, but partially compensating it by increasing the Kinetic Damage bonus. Our aim here is to slightly lower the Nighthawk’s damage output and shift it more into Kinetic so players have more options to counter them outside of firewalls, such as fitting Kinetic Hardeners, Reactive Hardeners and bringing Tech II Gallente ships.

    • Rate of Fire bonus for Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles reduced from 10% to 7.5% per level of Command Ships skill.

    • Kinetic Damage bonus for Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles increased from 7.5% to 10% per level of Caldari Battlecruiser skill.

    Exequror Navy Issue

    The Exequror Navy Issue was the least used faction Cruiser in the game prior to Uprising. We are happy we managed to pull it out of the abyss it was in, but it’s now at the very top of the pile along with the Osprey Navy Issue and has become incredibly dominant.

    • Medium Hybrid Damage bonus reduced from 25% to 20% per level of Gallente Cruiser skill.


    The Bellicose continues to have low usage as both an Ewar Platform and a Combat Cruiser. With the changes made to Rapid Light Missiles, we want to make sure there are strong Tech I options for going all-out with medium missiles. This is why we are increasing the speed and powergrid output of the Bellicose, to help it stand out more against the Caracal as a speedier alternative for shield setups and help enable armor setups.

    • Max velocity increased from 240m/s to 260m/s.

    • Powergrid output increased from 700 tw to 780 tw.

    Republic Fleet Firetail

    Prior to Uprising, all 4 navy Combat Frigates (Comet, Slicer, Hookbill and Firetail) had similar usage, with the Firetail slightly trailing. Post Uprising, the other 3 ships have increased in usage considerably, but the Firetail has been left behind. We are adding a smaller falloff bonus to help boost the Firetail’s versatility, especially for Auto-Cannon setups.

    • New bonus added, 5% bonus to Small Projectile Falloff per level of Minmatar Frigate skill.


    • The closest Forward Operating Base, or Zarzakh, will now appear in the loyalty points section of the wallet when looking at Malakim Zealots or Commando Guri LP.


    • 🤝 It is now possible to pre-overheat modules while under the effects of jump cloak. (This is the temporary invulnerability and cloak you have from recently arriving in a new system from a Stargate, Shipcaster, Ansiblex or Wormhole.)

    User Interface:

    • Changed the fill color of the Corruption bubbles in the Insurgency Window to match the Corruption color of the UI.


    • Voice over has now been added in Spanish.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Ship Autopilot will now jump through Ansiblex Gates.

    • Damaged Laser Crystals will no longer be counted as modules for the "repair all" option for Nanite Repair Paste.

    • It is now possible to import fits for the Avatar.

    • It is now possible to search for “blueprint” and “officer” in the search New Eden bar.

    • The quantity field no longer cuts off the numbers of charges in in the Fitting window in simulation mode.

    • The Zarzakh Toll Cost is no longer rounded up or down to 3 significant figures, and now always shows the correct cost.

    • The basic Shield Amplifiers will now appear in the Storyline Section of the Market.


    • Abyssal Mining Crystals now have a red-colored icon to match their red beam.

    • Complex Mining Crystals now have an orange-colored icon to match their orange beam.

    • Rare Moon Mining Crystals now have a red beam to match their red icon.


    • The region description of Immensea now uses the correct spelling of “Arkonor”.

    User Interface:

    • The Agency no longer opens with an incorrect tab in focus.

    • The Show Legend option choice in the Price History tab of the Market window is now preserved when switching between tabs.

    • Container icons in the Input Material Location drop down menu of the Industry window no longer move to the right when scrolling up and down.

    • The background of the Factional Warfare Enlistment window now fills the window. We have also removed the header icon and window title.

    • The Medium Industrial Core link in the "Can Fit Role bonus" for the Porpoise now correctly links to the Medium Industrial Core.

    • The arrow icons in the Agents category of the Character Sheet now face the correct way after the window has been collapsed.

    • Factional items in the Loyalty Point Store now correctly show the Faction marks.

    • The Compression window now correctly opens after choosing the Compress option when the window has been minimized.

    • The View Inside button tooltip now shows the correct tooltip.

    • Removed the extra line space in the tooltips in the Insurgency Info Panel.

    • The Insurgency gauges in the Info Panel are now clearer when viewing them over different backgrounds.

    Patch Notes For 2024-02-09.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Expired the 2023 Winter Nexus cerebral accelerators and boosters.

    Patch Notes For 2024-02-08.1

    Features & Changes:


    • The support for macOS 10.14 has ended and it is no longer possible to start the client on this operating system. Please upgrade at least to macOS 10.15.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed a client freeze/crash from pirate insurgency audio.


    • Fixed incorrect appearance of Astero icons.

    • Fixed missing texture on the Deathless Shipcaster.

    • Fixed missing Upwell Storage Facility icons.

    Patch Notes For 2024-02-01.1

    Features & Changes:

    Science & Industry:

    • The SCC surcharge component of the Industry Job Installation Fee has been increased from 1.5% to 4%.

    To learn more about the Industry Job Installation Fee and how it's calculated, you can check out the Viridian Expansion Notes here or over on the EVE University wiki.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue where Police Bobs at suppressed gates, stations, and hangars were heard but not seen.

    • Fixed an issue where audio for suppressed stations could fail to load

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-24.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Expired the 2023 Crimson Harvest cerebral accelerators and boosters.

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-19.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue where suppression police “bob” audio was not affected by advanced audio volume sliders or inactive client muting.


    • Fixed an issue where suppression police “bob” trains emitted extra smoke particles.

    • Fixed an issue where the cloud around a pirate FOB (Forward Operating Base) would disappear after some time.

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-18.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • In some situations, audio would not play correctly in Gallente, Amarr and Pirate hangars. This has been resolved.

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-17.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Turrets should no longer duplicate on certain ships when changing SKINs.

    • Corp and alliance banners should now display properly on the Deathglow Remnant SKIN.

    • Addressed an issue which was sneaking erroneous yellow textures into jumpgates.

    • Fixed some missing textures and Z-fighting in and around the Fulcrum.

    • Blinking lights on Bane are no longer going nuts.

    • Rear engines on Wolf are animated again.

    • Fixed decal and VFX issues with multiple SKINs.

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-16.1

    Features & Changes:


    A new balancing mechanic has been added to Insurgencies: The Ambition Modifier.

    • The Ambition Modifier will change how many corruption 5 or suppression 5 solarsystems a side requires for victory in an insurgency campaign.

    • Whenever an Insurgency campaign is won by the pirates, or the anti-pirates, that side will increase their ambition modifier by +1 if they currently have equal or more ambition than the other side.

    • If an Insurgency campaign is won by the side with less ambition, it will reduce the ambition modifier of the other side by -1.

    • The Ambition Modifier can go as high as +13, requiring a side to fully corrupt or suppress 20 solarsystems for victory or to make the FOB vulnerable.

    • Information about the Ambition Modifier can be found ingame in the pirate insurgency guide page in the agency.

    • Added a new insurgency filter to the starmap and the classic starmap.

    • New Graphics, Audio and VFX have been added to Insurgency solarsystems and the pirate FOB to reflect the corruption and suppression state, campaign state and the Ambition Modifier.

      • As corruption goes up, stargates and stations will start to feature pirate billboards, electrical faults, fires, smoke, and clouds.

      • As suppression goes up, stargates and stations will start to feature police drones and “bobs”.

      • The Pirate FOB will feature additional VFX as the ambition modifier increases.

      • The Pirate FOB will also feature new VFX on the ‘undocking ports’ of the FOB as the pirates win solarsystems.


    • The Angel Cartel and the Guristas Pirates have increased patrols in the Zarzakh solarsystem.

      • These new NPCs will attack militia players, but will otherwise be neutral to capsuleers who choose to keep the peace in Zarzakh. They will engage anyone who has a deathless retribution timer.

    • The Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates have also deployed new patrols in the surrounding solarsystems of Turnur, G-0Q86 and H-PA29. These NPCs will be friendly to capsuleers who have chosen to enlist with them but will attack anyone else on sight.

    Defect Fixes:


    Patch Notes For 2024-01-09.1

    Features & Changes:


    • We’ve made some changes to DED sites which can spawn in high-security space (Difficulty 1/10 through to 4/10). Some of those DED sites required keys to be acquired in order to activate certain acceleration gates to move on to the next room of the site. We’ve changed those rooms so now those acceleration gates no longer require keys, and now just require all the pirate NPCs to be killed in the room to progress to the next room. We’ve made this change because with the old keys, if a player warped out of the site, or was destroyed in the site, or simply decided to keep the key, then the site would then often be incompletable by other players and would still persist in the solarsystem until it naturally despawned days later, frustrating explorers who put in effort to scan it down. We’ve opted to only do this for 1/10 through to 4/10 for now to avoid altering PVP balance in the higher rated lowsec/nullsec DED complexes where players can get some level of safety in a site once they’ve made it through the gate that requires a key.

    Patch Notes For 2024-01-04.1

    Features & Changes:

    The Winter Nexus has concluded. Thank you for participating in the Winter Nexus Event.


    • If you are enlisted with Angels or Guristas, clicking the faction icon on the character sheet will now open the insurgency window instead of the FW one.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Added Premium marker to the many premium SKINs that were missing one.


    • Fixed Pirate Strongholds being referred to as ‘Forward Operating Bases’ in the reward section of the pirate stronghold agency page.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-19.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue with combat scanner probes only tracking the position of a ship or object the first time you scanned it, and not updating to their new position if they moved for subsequent scans.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-15.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • When stealing from the ESS Main bank, the buff bar icon above the HUD will now be present again.

    • A live fix was deployed to the Insurgency backend service yesterday afternoon, Suppression stage 5 will now stop solar systems from progressing or gaining corruption after Corruption level 4.


    • Fixed an error on the Insurgency Guide Page that incorrectly claimed that the suppression 2+ bonus was 3% to LP gains per additional level of suppression instead of the correct amount of 5% LP gains.

    • Fixed an error with the German and French news window items having swapped text.

    • The “Always use English voice” option now behaves as intended. You may need to toggle this setting if you have changed it recently.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-14.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Added an icon to the Insurgency map for the Ice Refinery Heist when it is available in a system.

    Structures & Deployables:

    • Factional Warfare leaders from all sides have pointed out that the lack of office space in NPC stations has made it difficult to stage adequately, especially where citadels are forbidden. Accordingly we have increased available office space across 69 stations in Factional Warfare systems. 🤝 We thought this would be a nice thing to do heading into the holidays. The stations are as follows:

    • 24th Imperial Crusade

      • The following stations have increased office space from 16 to 24:

        • Asghed III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Halmah IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Assembly Plant

        • Tararan IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Mehatoor VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Dihra V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Arzad VIII - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Tzvi VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Huola VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Kamela V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Kurniainen IX - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Oyonata VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Tannakan VII - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Gammel III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Iesa IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Testing Facilities

        • Myyhera III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Sasiekko III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

        • Sosala IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support

    • Amarr Navy

      • The following station has increased office space from 24 to 32:

        • Mehatoor III - Amarr Navy Anchorage

    • State Protectorate

      • The following stations have increased office space from 16 to 24:

        • Onnamon IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Eha III - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Innia II - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Aivonen VI - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Enaluri II - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Enaluri V - State Protectorate Assembly Plant

        • Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities

        • Nisuwa VII - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Rakapas II - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Hykanima I - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Elanoda IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Nourvukaiken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Ishomilken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Usi III - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Sujarento IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support

        • Oshaima IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support

    • Caldari Navy

      • The following station has increased office space from 24 to 32:

        • Onnamon VII - Caldari Navy Anchorage

    • Federal Defense Union

      • The following stations have increased office space from 16 to 24:

        • Fliet III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Caslemon III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Parts I - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Villore VI - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Esesier IX - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Orvolle VII - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Covryn III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Uphallant II - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Eugales V - Federal Defense Union Assembly Plant

        • Moclinamaud VII - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Mercomesier III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Intaki II - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Ostingele IV - Federal Defense Union Testing Facilities

        • Aidart IV - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Jufvitte IV - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Costolle V - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

        • Ouelletta II - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support

    • Federation Navy

      • The following station has increased office space from 24 to 32:

        • Intaki V (Intaki Prime) - Federation Navy Anchorage

    • Tribal Liberation Force

      • The following stations have increased office space from 16 to 24:

        • Dal I - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Lulm IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Olfeim IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Abudban IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Ofstold IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Gukarla V - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Orfrold IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Anher I - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Hek VII - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Ebolfer V - Tribal Liberation Force Testing Facilities

        • Eszur III - Tribal Liberation Force Assembly Plant

        • Floseswin IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Amo II - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Auner VI - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

        • Hadozeko II - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

    • Republic Fleet

      • The following station has increased office space from 24 to 32:

        • Amo III - Republic Fleet Anchorage

    User Interface:

    • Added a new in-game news item highlighting the Ice Refinery Heist and the AIR Daily Goals.

    • The “start guidance” button in the Selected Item window for the Ice Refinery Heist Guided Entities now provides helpful feedback when the button is disabled.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed a defect where the Shield effect was disappearing sometimes in the Ice Refinery Heist activity.


    • Updated collision for some of the assets in the Ice Refinery Heist activity.

    • Increased brightness on the Data Link in the Ice Refinery Heist Activity.

    • Fixed typo on Muninn registry decal.

    • Fixed faction decals from showing up incorrectly on various ships with Deathglow Remnant SKIN fitted.

    • Fixed incorrect coloring on Deathglow Remnant SKIN license icon.

    • Fixed incorrect coloring on Hurricane and Vexor Deathglow Hunter SKIN.

    • Removed erroneous VFX appearing on multiple Rattlesnake SKINs.

    • Removed censored Guristas decal from appearing on Gila when using Chinese language setting.

    • Fixed m.isaligned corporation emblem on Bowhead

    • Fixed missing textures on models for Rokh and Abaddon.

    • Toggled VFX visibility off for various ship SKINs when Shader Quality settings are Low.

    • Fixed overlapping Killmarks decal appearing on multiple Gila SKINs.

    • Fixed registry decal for Mimir which was previously using the Bestla registry decal.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-12.1

    Features & Changes:


    The Ice Refinery Heist has been added as a new activity in the Pirate Insurgencies.

    • Large, fleet-oriented sites that will spawn when corruption or suppression reaches stages 3 and 4. The Ice Heist will share the LP reward with up to 30 pilots before being diminished.

    • The Ice Heist will allow T1, T2 and T3 ships of battleship size and below to enter. Depending on if you’re a pirate, opposing militia member, or a neutral player will determine where you land in the site. Neutral players will get a suspect timer on entering.

    • To succeed in the Ice Heist, players will need to be within 5,000m of the new guided tanker objects, and using the radial menu, right click menu, or selected items, start ‘guidance’ on the tanker and it will start flying towards their factions' loading bay/scaffolding for extraction.

    • Groups will earn 1 point for each tanker ship guided back to respective home bases.

    • The first side to reach 10 points will be rewarded and will increase corruption/suppression accordingly.

    • A tanker can only be guided by one player. The tanker will stop being guided if the ship guiding it is no longer within 10km or is destroyed.

    • Be aware that there are opposing NPCs which will focus ships which are guiding tankers.

    AIR Daily Goals:

    AIR now presents Daily Goals, a perfect opportunity to gain rewards for activities you’re already doing or have something to do when you’re unsure what’s next!

    • After each downtime, players are assigned a set of four daily goals, each aligning with distinct career paths: Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer, and Soldier of Fortune.

    • The set of goals is the same for all players each day.

    • Successful completion of these goals rewards players with both ISK and EverMarks.

    • Players who accomplish at least two of the four daily goals are additionally granted Skill Points.

    • The AIR daily goal interface has been integrated into the AIR Opportunities window.

    • ISK rewards are taxed by the player’s corporation and EM rewards are duplicated, giving the same amount of EM to the player as well as the player’s corporation.

    • All unclaimed Corporation Projects and AIR Daily Goals rewards that are older than 30 days will be claimed automatically. This process will start in January 2024.

    • AIR Daily Goals replaces the Daily Challenges system.

    Corporation Projects:

    • The Scan Signature project type has been updated. Now only the first successful scan of a particular cosmic signature by a particular character is recognized as a contribution to the project. This still allows multiple characters to contribute by scanning the same signature each, but each character can contribute to the project only once per particular signature.

    Missions & NPCs:

    The Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates epic arcs have been reset back to their original standing bonuses and cooldowns.

    • The final end of arc missions are now granting 30% faction standing bonuses again.

    • The missions are once again on a 90-day cooldown before they can be repeated.

    Structures & Deployables:

    • Zarzakh has gained more office space and now has 64 office slots.


    • EVE Vanguard First Strike reward is now available and can be claimed in the NES until 2024-01-15.

    • Capsule Arkombine Arisen SKIN can be now applied to both regular Capsule and the Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant.

    Defect Fixes:

    AIR Opportunities:

    • Added missing tooltip description for the Pirate Insurgencies feature tag.

    • Fixed the Epic Arc Opportunity Images sometimes being too bright.


    • Accepted Missions are now automatically tracked in the Info Panel.

    • Fixed an issue where travel based objective chains would not be available when a mission was tracked in an offered state.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-08.2

    Air Opportunities

    • AIR Opportunities ore anomalies were temporarily disabled while we investigated an ongoing issue. They have since been re-enabled.

    • Disabled opening AIR Opportunities on first dock.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-08.1

    Features & Changes:

    Factional Warfare:

    • Fixed an unintended interaction with direct enlistment where you could remote repair or provide remote assistance to someone who is directly enlisted with a militia with a PVP timer in the same corp as you, while you are not direct enlisted in the same faction as them. This is now treated as a criminal action in high security space.

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:

    • Fixed a defect and exception where the stage value in the guristas FOB system could show an incorrect, very large number after a vanguard contract completed.

    Air Opportunities

    • Update Post Downtime - We have disabled AIR Opportunities ore anomalies temporarily while we investigate an ongoing issue.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-07.1

    Features & Changes:


    The EVE Vanguard: First Strike event begins today and runs until December 11th!

    • During the First Strike event players in Vanguard will add corruption to the Guristas insurgency that is centered in Hevrice whenever they complete contracts. Players logged into the EVE Online client can see the effect of the Vanguard on the corruption levels within this Guristas insurgency through the insurgency UI.

    • Insurgency systems will now use a triangle instead of square at Corruption level 5 in the autopilot route display.

    AIR Opportunities:

    • AIR Opportunities now opens by default when a player is docked for the first time after downtime.

    • The Opportunity Details page of Pirate Insurgencies now displays Corruption and Suppression information.

    • The search/filter/sort header now sticks to the top of the page when scrolling.

    • Feature pages now include an info icon with a tooltip explaining which opportunities are listed there.

    • Feature tags now include their feature icon.

    • Factional Warfare and Pirate Insurgencies opportunities no longer show non-relevant faction sites.

    • Rewards tab introduced with one unified area to claim all unclaimed rewards for opportunities.

    • AIR Opportunities now displays how many opportunities the player has in their Active and Rewards tabs.

    • The claim button in the Opportunity Details page of Corporation Projects now plays an animation when players claim their reward.

    Corporation Projects:

    • New Project Hangars role.

      • Corporation members with this role will have access to their corporation's Project Hangars.

    • Project Creation summary.

      • Each collapsed subsection of the project creation form will now display a summary of what was authored in that section.

    • Updated the details page for Corporation Projects to include a section that shows the ISK value per contribution.

    • Info panel entries for corporation projects now show their progress even when collapsed.

    Homefront Operations:

    • Unique Transmissions will no longer appear after a character has first viewed it.


    • The cost of Domination Ballistic Control System in the Malakim Zealots Loyalty Store has been increased to 64,000 LP´s and 25,714,300 ISK to match the same price as the Dread Guristas Ballistic Control Systems.


    • The support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 has ended and it is no longer possible to start the client on those operating systems.

    User Interface:

    • Insurgency systems experiencing Level 5 Corruption will show up as triangles in the route instead of squares. Waypoints will still be crosses.

    • The updated Settings Menu introduced in Havoc is no longer full-screen. It now opens windowed and center aligned.

    • If players skip the character select screen when logging in and have unclaimed daily gifts, the Daily Login Campaigns Neocom icon will now blink blue momentarily when a player is docked for the first time in a session.

    Defect Fixes:

    AIR Opportunities:

    • Agent missions that are in the offered state (not accepted) are no longer auto-tracked after settings are cleared.

    • Horizontal card scrolling is no longer misaligned for the Epic Arcs and Introductions sections of the Opportunities home page.

    Corporation Projects:

    • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to claim their contribution rewards for Corporation Projects.

    New Player Experience:

    • Improved off-path handling throughout the experience.

    • Added additional highlight banners to make instructions clearer.

    • The Dock button in Selected Items will now stop blinking when warping to the station following the mining experience.

    • Skipping the tutorial during a camera animation will no longer disable camera controls for the remainder of the session.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an issue where several words were divided in the Settings Window for the German language.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-06.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Ship decals no longer misbehave when zooming in and out.

    • Addressed multiple issues with applying SKINs and switching ships in Upwell hangars.

    • Faction emblems no longer appear on traitor NPC hulls.

    • Fixed multiple issues with errant VFX, decals, and blinkies on various SKINs.

    • Metamorphosis blueprint no longer has an image of the Sunesis.

    • Minor tweak to audio triggers when other capsuleers enter/exit wormholes.

    • Fixed an issue where new Alliance Tournament VFX were erroneously appearing on older Alliance Tournament ship models.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-05.1

    Features & Changes:


    Winter Nexus Event!

    • The Winter Nexus event has returned to New Eden! This in-game event will run until downtime on January 4th 2024.

    • Volatile Ice Storms have begun to appear across highsec, lowsec, and nullsec space. These ice storms spread out across the stargate network two jumps from a central system, and occasionally move from system to system just like metaliminal storms. These storms provide bonuses to ship thermal resistances and module overheating for all capsuleers flying within them. Sansha's Nation and Outer Ring Excavations have both mobilized to take advantage of the novel forms of stellar ice found within these storms.

      • Wightstorm combat anomalies have begun appearing within the Volatile Ice Storms. These sites are full of hostile Sansha's nation vessels, and CONCORD advises capsuleers bring a battlecruiser ship or better when attempting to engage with these forces. The Wightstorm Forward Base site found within storms that originate in highsec space appears to be guarded by the weakest Sansha fleets, with the nullsec Wightstorm Transit Site posing an intermediate challenge and the lowsec-based Wightstorm Muster Point offering the greatest challenge for the greatest rewards.

      • Wightstorm data signatures can also be found within Volatile Ice Storms. These Sansha's Nation data sites can be hacked by enterprising capsuleers equipped with scan probes and data analyzer modules.

      • Volatile Ice Field anomalies can also be discovered within Volatile Ice Storms. These fields of newly discovered stellar ice have recently been captured by ORE and Mordu's Legion forces who have driven away the Sansha harvesting fleets. These ice fields can be accessed through a special ORE-commandeered acceleration gate that only allows medium and small mining and hauling ships to enter (Expedition Frigates, Mining Barges, Exhumers, Industrial Ships, Blockade Runners, Deep Space Transports, and the Porpoise). The volatile ice found within these fields cannot be reprocessed by standard facilities, however Outer Ring Excavations has set up mobile ice collection operations within each of these ice fields and is willing to trade with capsuleers who contribute to their mining operation. Capsuleers can trade seven units of volatile ice with the ORE representatives in the ice fields to receive a package of valuable salvage and items that ORE forces collected from the wrecks of Sansha ships. Rumors suggest that other valuable Sansha salvage has frozen directly into some of the ice chunks and can be occasionally picked up along with the ice by normal mining activities.

      • Rewards that can be found by capsuleers within all of these sites include valuable Overseers' Effects, hundreds of festive ship SKINs, limited-time Cerebral Accelerators, character apparel, special Sansha's nation combat boosters, Sansha's Nation pirate implant blueprints, and rare faction modules. 

    • Limited-time Ice Storm filaments are now available that will instantly transport capsuleers into one of these volatile ice storms. Each filament clearly states in its description how many capsuleers it can transport and whether it will take them to a highsec, lowsec, or nullsec storm.

    • A new Yoiul Festival seasonal challenge track can be found within the Agency. These challenges can be completed over the course of the event by engaging with the combat, hacking, and ice mining sites within the Volatile Ice Storms. Completing these challenges will provide players with points that will progress them along a reward track consisting of new exclusive Aurora Universalis skins, Sansha combat boosters, and ice storm filaments.

    • A new set of daily login gifts are available over the course of the Winter Nexus event including snowballs, ice storm filaments, new Aurora Universalis skins, Sansha combat boosters, EverMarks and up to 650.000 skill points. Players can receive all of these rewards by logging in everyday between now and January 4th.

    • An expert system has been included which will allow all players, including alpha accounts, the ability to fly an Endurance and fit an Ice Mining Laser to mine ice for 4 days. 


    • CONCORD has updated the security ratings of Villore, Bereye, Hek, and Parchanier to 0.9, 0.9, 0.8, and 0.9, respectively, following another security audit in these systems. CONCORD does not expect further updates in the foreseeable future.

    • Several empire intelligence networks have been alerted to reported sightings of high-profile members of Arkombine arriving at The Fulcrum in Zarzakh.

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an exception which prevented the corruption score from updating in the info panel for the solarsystem whenever pirates captured an insurgency site.

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-04.1

    Features & Changes:


    Winter Nexus Themed Character Select and Wreck Icons

    • In preparation for Winter Nexus, the Character Select Screen is updated, and present icons tagging wrecks of your helpless victims as you claim your bounties!

    Patch Notes For 2023-12-01.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Office spaces in Zarzakh have been increased from 24 to 48

    Defect Fixes:

    • The Traits tab on the Aligator is once again visible.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-30.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Security audits continue throughout core Gallente space, with CONCORD reporting that the security ratings of Villore, Arnon, and Parchanier have all increased to 0.8. Bereye, the Federation’s Judicial Branch capital, received an increase in Federal garrison numbers and saw its security rating rise to 0.8 as well. In the Minmatar Republic, Hek’s security rating rose to 0.7 as RSS paramilitary police troops arrived in large numbers.


    • Evermarks can be donated again


    • Prize ships for Alliance Tournament XIX winners have been added:

      • The new Assault Ship, named: Shapash

      • The new Heavy Assault Cruiser, named: Cybele

    • More details about the ships can be found in the Alliance Tournament XIX Wrap-up news article that will go live shortly.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed a minor memory leak.

    • Fixed a problem where sounds were not playing after enabling audio (without restarting the client).

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-28.1

    Features & Changes:


    • The continuing chaos brought upon by the Pirate Insurgencies has encouraged the Gallente Federation to carry on with their security audits, with Villore’s rating increasing further to 0.7. Navy strongholds, installations, and outposts have been constructed in Arnon and Parchanier to increase their defensive power as well, raising their security to 0.7.

    • The Minmatar Republic, in response to the Angel Cartel insurgencies, has similarly built military facilities in Hek, raising its security status to 0.6.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-24.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an insurgency bug where after the pirates won, a FW Ihub could be invulnerable until downtime after the pirates gave it back.


    • Fixed multiple issues with decals and emblems not displaying properly across several ships.

    • Fixed an issue where Aurora VFX was appearing on other SKINs.

    • Fixed the glowmap on the Thrasher Fleet Issue’s boosters.

    • Adjusted the lifetime of GPU particles for missile impact smoke.

    • Fixed the gold sheen on the Alliance Tournament Monument in Manarq.

    • Fixed the Praetor I’s shader issues in preview windows.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-23.1

    Features & Changes:

    Pirate Insurgencies:

    • Increased the amount of suppression gained when the empire militias complete insurgency sites by 33%.

    • Decreased forecasting time for future insurgencies from 48h to 24h.

    • When a former insurgency FOB system ends the period of pirate occupancy after a pirate victory, it will now start at 100 points over the victory point threshold required to make the IHub vulnerable, instead of 500 points over the threshold.

    • Pirate insurgencies will now only spread within the empire space controlled by their primary insurgency enemies. This means that the Angel insurgency will no longer spread into Caldari/Gallente regions, and the Guristas insurgency will no longer spread into Amarr/Minmatar regions.

    • The factional warfare HQ systems for each empire (Onnamon, Intaki, Mehatoor, and Amo) have a base suppression level of 2 and can never drop below that level.


    • The dramatic appearance of the pirate insurgencies has caused the Gallente Federation to begin a security audit of some potentially vulnerable key systems. The Federation Senate headquarters system of Villore has been deemed insufficiently secure given its proximity to the warzone and relatively low security levels. Multiple new Federation Navy facilities have begun appearing in the Villore system and this increased Navy presence has caused the security status of Villore to increase from 0.5 to 0.6.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-22.1

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:

    • Fixed a rare issue where solarsystem info panel would fail to display if the corruption/suppression service timed out when a client was trying to connect.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-21.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Insurgency Sites will now give suspect timers to neutral players who are not enlisted with an appropriate militia for the campaign, similar to existing Factional Warfare complexes.

      • For Angel Insurgencies, players who are not in the Minmatar Militia, Amarr Militia or Angel Cartel will get a suspect timer for entering outpost raid sites.

      • For Guristas Insurgencies, players who are not in the Caldari Militia, Gallente Militia or Guristas Pirates will get a suspect timer for entering outpost raid sites.

      • It’s no longer possible to enter a gated insurgency site with a Warp Core Stabilizer fitted.

    • Added a note that says “There currently are no active Insurgencies” for the Insurgency Systems agency page if no insurgencies are in the active state.

    • There is now a pop-up warning when activating a stargate which would take you to a corruption 5 pirate insurgency system.

    • Insurgencies will now display “LAWLESS” next to the security status in the solarsystem info panel when corruption 5 has been reached.

    • Corruption 5 High and Low Security systems will now appear in bright red on the autopilot route, and Lawless is included in the tooltip.

    Science & Industry:

    • Added missing Nanite Engineering skill requirement to manufacture the Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II blueprint. The small, large and capital variations all required this skill at 1. This will mean that it will now benefit from the 1% time reduction bonus per level.

    Defect Fixes:

    Corporation Project:

    • Corporation Statistics are no longer cut off in Japanese.

    • Fixed an issue where some clients have been unable to see their contribution progression to Corporation Projects in the UI.


    • Faction NPC police will no longer block capture timers for pirate players if they are spawned inside Highsec complexes.

    Homefront Operations:

    • It's no longer possible to remote repair the acceleration gates and receive payouts for it.


    • The Mining Ambush dungeon will no-longer send misleading chatter if the site is contested by both sides fairly equally and one side wins shortly before the other side kills enough cruisers and battleships to cause them to flee.

    • The evemail message you receive for capturing a dungeon while under the effects of suppression will now correctly contain the bonus LP you got and not just the flat value.

    New Player Experience:

    • Improved off-path handling throughout the experience.


    • Removed the QA option from the context menu of enlistment opportunities.

    • Tracked Homefront Operation, Factional Warfare, and Pirate Insurgency opportunities will no longer be untracked when they become 6 or more jumps away.

    • The opportunity timer will now visibly count down when the tooltip is open.

    • Fixed an opportunity info panel issue where the jump count and button could disappear from the entries.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an Issue where the enlistment window could appear blank if a player has stacked it or docked it in another window.

    • Fixed text being obscured by the icons to swap factions and to the insurgency dashboard in the FW Map window.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-20.1

    Features & Changes:


    • When a system is at corruption or suppression level 5, more sites will now spawn aside from the Open ADV-1 and Open ADV-5.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-16.1

    Defect Fixes:

    Corporation project:

    • Corporation projects with payment option can now be created with non-ASCII characters.

    • Links to Corporation projects in the Wallet’s Transaction will now show the correct Project name when using non-ASCII characters.


    • The repair service in pirate FOBs is now working as intended.

    • The Insurgency Dashboard will now use your autopilot avoidance list and safety settings when displaying the ‘number of jumps’ an insurgency system is away from you, instead of always closest.

    User Interface:

    • Font size changes in the Settings Window will update directly without having to relaunch.

    • Tooltip appears when hovering over a hyperlink.

    • Fixed elements of the Zarzakh agency page so that it is now formatted correctly, and text doesn’t go out of bounds or overlaps in different languages.


    • Fixed an issue causing the NPE to become unfocused when guided to accept a Career Agent mission.

    • Players will now be instructed to track a goal during the ACP Career Path introduction.

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-15.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Players will receive an EVE Mail Notification when leaving their player corp on their own volition.

    • The EVE Mail Notification received when getting kicked out from the corp now includes the information about 30 day auto claim for corporation project rewards.

    Missions & NPCs:

    • The Amarr now mutually dislike The Deathless by -2.0 like all other empire factions.

    • The Guristas now hate the Caldari state by -9.0, instead of having neutral standings towards them.

    • Various other law enforcement and pirate organizations have adjusted their standings.

    • Insurgency Mining Ship has been added to the default overview profiles which include FW and Insurgency NPCs.


    • Pirate Insurgencies have been added to the Opportunities interface.

    • Tracked opportunities now display their ‘tracked’ icon by default within the Opportunities interface.


    • The Caldari State have held military control of the newly built Samanuni to Athounon gate for an extended period of time thanks to the efforts of loyalist capsuleers enlisted with the State Protectorate. Thanks to these efforts, Caldari stargate engineers have managed to upgrade and secure the connection and it will no longer be able to be disrupted by the Federal saboteurs if they are able to seize Athounon.

    • Samanuni has been removed from the autopilot blacklist.

    • The FW map has been updated to reflect that the Samanuni → Athounon gate connection is now permanently connected.


    • Players will no longer land inside the deathless shipcaster portal effect in the center when warping to it, and instead land outside it.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Adding the missing ‘5x penalty to entosis link duration’ to the Azariel traits tab.

    • Fixed the Alligator Heavy Missile kinetic damage bonus not applying correctly.

    Homefront Operations:

    • Corrected a few typos in conversations.

    • Hostile homefront NPCs should now show as red again instead of neutral.


    • Fixed Mordu battlecruiser NPCs incorrectly claiming they are based on the Talos instead of the Naga hull.

    New Player Experience

    • Added a missing UI blink in the fitting window in Part 1 of the experience.

    • Updated the info panel objective at the end of Part 1.

    • Corrected a highlight banner at the end of Part 1.

    • Improved off-path handling throughout the experience.


    • The entire Info Panel will no longer disappear if the Opportunities info panel section becomes completely empty by traveling out of range of all tracked opportunities.

    • Changing the UI Scaling settings twice while no opportunities are tracked will no longer make tracking impossible.

    • The Opportunities home page will now display a consistent order of content sections when opened for the first time after logging in.

    • Players in stations will now have their Opportunities information updated every five minutes to remove opportunities that are no longer available in their current system.

    • Clicking the faction icon on Epic Arc opportunity cards will now open the opportunity details as intended.

    PVE & NPCs:

    • Fixed some behavior NPCs being passive or showing as neutral instead of red.

    Corporation Project

    • Factions will be prioritized over character, player corporation and player alliance names in the scroll down menu for Contribution Methods.

    • Contribution Methods for Defend and Capture FW Complexes now has a drop down menu for faction selection.

    • Remote Armor Repairing or Shield Boosting a capsuleer associated with a specific faction is now getting counted for projects in which faction is a requirement.

    • Search Filter for Unclaimed Rewards has been added to the Projects tab in the Corporation window.

    • Payment in ISK is getting copied over when duplicating a Corporation Project that contains ISK reward.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed the hint when trying to enlist for a pirate faction and not having high enough standings claiming you need 0.0 standings instead of -2.0.

    • Mutaplasmid Items Show Info window now shows 2 decimal places for attributes they can affect, instead of none and rounding down, so players can easily see in game what the actual mutation numbers are.

    • Window will no longer scroll up after changing option from the drop-down menu in Settings Window’s "Display & Graphics" tab in the Settings Window

    Patch Notes For 2023-11-14.1

    Havoc Expansion Notes were given out early, as is the new custom with Expansions, and they can be found here: Havoc: Expansion Notes.

  • Community Beat for 16 February
    published on February 16th, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Hello spacefriends, it's time for another Community Beat!

    Before we get started, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hi. My name is CCP Lumi - I'm the newest member of the Community Team. I'll mainly be focusing on player gatherings and of course, I'll be helping out the team with a variety of other projects.

    Now, let's look at some of the cool things that are going on across the community...

    Starting Guide to Faction Warfare

    For those of you that have wanted to dip your toes in Faction Warfare, CrazinessOfTheInternet made a starting guide! Check out his video below.

    In the coming weeks, he will continue his series with frigate builds for each faction.

    Frigate Free For All

    Speaking of frigates, it's time to mark you calendars! On Saturday 20 April, A Band Apart and Stay Frosty are hosting their 10th annual Frigate Free For All. Thousands of fully fitted frigates will be handed out to everyone who wants one!

    Frigate Free For All

    Battle in Delve

    On the topic of large fights, we came across this video from a recent 300 billion battle that happened in Delve. Here's the battle report.

    Art Corner

    As always, capsuleers continue to impress us with their brilliant artistic skills. Over on r/Eve, T'Amber shared some of his amazing ship skin prototype designs. If you head over to his Twitch channel, he might design your request next!

    Cpt Armarlio recently added posters of the Absolution, Dramiel, Prospect and Sabre to his Etsy page. Have a look:

    Posters by Cpt Armarlio

    Upcoming Player Gatherings

    Player Gatherings

    London - The first UK meet-up of the year is happening in London on 2 March! Join your fellow internet spaceship lovers at Heist Bank, North Wharf Road at 12pm. Head over to the EVE London Discord for more details.

    Leeds - The party continues in Leeds on 30 March. You can find your spacefriends at O'Neils, Boar Lane from 3pm onwards. Again, more details on Discord.

    Montréal - On the same day (30 March), you'll also be able to meet up with players in Montréal. Doors of the Sugar Shack, Rang Montcalm, open at 11am. Make sure to join the Discord server and to get your tickets on Eventbrite.

    If you are organizing a gathering or meet-up, reach out to [email protected] to tell us all about it!

    That's it for now. We hope you've enjoyed this week's Community Beat.

    See you next time! o7

  • New Vanguard playtest coming soon
    published on February 15th, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Attention Vanguard, 

    The battlefield is calling once more, and your service is required. Preparations for the First Strike February Playtest have begun, and seven days from now legions of Vanguard will go boots-on-the-ground for the third time, doing the Deathless’ bidding, earning amazing rewards, and contributing to corruption in New Eden. The playtest will run from 22-26 February and is open to all Omega players. 


    On 22 February, the doors to the battlefield will open for the next First Strike Playtest, and Omega warclones will once again take up arms and fight for glory and chaos. In addition to proving your loyalty to the Deathless by completing contracts and impacting the level of corruption in New Eden, you will have the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards by proving your mettle on the frontlines. These rewards include the Atron and Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKINs, as well as PLEX. 

    Vanguard Feb rewards

     As in the previous playtests, you will need Omega to get Founders’ Access to EVE Vanguard. The EVE and New Eden Stores are offering a Warclone Omega Bundle, giving you 14 days Omega access, along with the Astero Arkombine Arisen SKIN for a limited time. Make sure you upgrade to Omega so you don’t miss out. 

    NES Offer for Vanguard

    Make sure you are ready to go on 22 February, and we will see you planetside.

    Warp to New Eden

  • New Starter Pack available now!
    published on February 14th, 2024 at 11:00 AM

    Up-and-coming capsuleers,

    Starting your journey in New Eden is an exciting prospect, and you can get going even faster by securing a Starter Pack, which includes valuable items like 7 days Omega, Core Ship Operations Expert System, two Basic Glamourex Boosters, and stunning SKINs to decorate your ships.

    This pack will enable you to speed up your skill training, increase your standings with the factions of New Eden, and look amazing while doing it, all for a fantastic price.

    Don’t delay, get the Starter Pack today!

    Starter Pack 2024 RifterBUY NOW

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