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  • Announcing the Summer of Streams
    published on July 5th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Curious Capsuleers,

    A packed summer schedule awaits you in EVE Online as the Summer of Streams begins! From now through until September there will be plenty of new official streams, dev blogs, and Q&A’s for you to get stuck into!

    Dozens of CCP devs will be doing deep dives into all sorts of topics from Photon UI to updates from Team Security and the state of Factional Warfare. You’ll find those dev blogs here on EVE News and the streams over on CCPTV . You can also follow us on EVE’s official Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming Q&A sessions that will be happening throughout the summer. Be sure to get your questions ready!

    The first of the dev blogs titled EVE Evolved: Tech, Audio & Visual Evolution Dev Blog is already out and goes into depth about all the tech that is continually evolving EVE.

    The rest of the July schedule is as follows:

    Week of 11-17 July:

    • Team Security: 2021 in Review Dev Blog
    • EVE Events & Minmatar Liberation Day CCPTV Stream

    Week of 18-24 July:

    • EVE x Star Citizen Lego Buildoff CCPTV Stream
    • Security Q&A on Discord

    Week of 25-31 July:

    • EVE Player Data Dev blog and CCPTV Stream

    Much more will be coming throughout August and beyond so stay tuned and stay up to date.

    Topics Upcoming in August:

    • State of the Union: Factional Warfare & Frontlines
    • The Future of Heraldry & InterBus
    • Retrospective on the Siege Green update
    • EVE Evolved: UI past, present & future
    • Status of the First Arc & Narrative Driven Development
    • Embracing New Players: What have we learned and what lies ahead

    Get ready for a Summer of Streams where you’ll learn more about the past, present, and future of New Eden!

  • Community Beat for July 1
    published on July 1st, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Greetings Spacefriends!

    In the last episode, we saw some great projects from the community, including the Battle of Bricks Lego Submissions, a beautiful watercolor, and the plans for a player-run Federation Day Event! Let's quickly touch on that final point event and get things rolling with this edition of the Community Beat!

    Poster Perfect

    Federation Day was a massive success last weekend seeing celebrations across multiple Gallente systems! One of the events we featured last week was a poster design contest - we’d like to say a big congratulations to Miyoshi Akachi for their submission below. We had a look through the submissions ourselves and there was a lot of tough competition, but well done to everyone who submitted an entry!

    52152569761 164188f82d o

    As a part of the same event, a conga line was formed over in Luminaire where Che Biko captured a great shot of the capitals being illuminated of the fireworks being fired from the conga line.


    A great time was had by all and a massive thank you to both the organizers and all those that attended the event as well!

    Eve Pandora - FW Campaigns

    a875fae1fa305604c42d48b8f06a3e62fc87793f Before The Agency as we know it existed in New Eden there was a web-based tool also known as the Agency which served as a hub for player-created missions and campaigns. Today this tool has continued to grow and evolve and is known as EVE PANDORA.

    Developed by DeT Resprox from T.R.I.A.D, its purpose was to create a mission system that could be used by individual capsuleers, corporations, or alliances from all over New Eden. Today, EVE PANDORA received a big update featuring Automated FW Campaigns. You can check out more details on this phenomenal project below:


    We spotted this picture over on Twitter and felt that we just had to share it! Featuring multiple Titans hanging outside of a Keepstar, they are all simultaneously firing off a bunch of Lance Doomsdays to create an awe-inspiring light show. Neat.


    Player Meets Up and Coming

    For the last few Community Beats we’ve featured upcoming Eve Player meets around the globe and we thought we’d give a little mid-ish-year reminder of upcoming gatherings that we’re aware of so you can make sure you don’t miss out!

    Of course, if you’re aware of a meeting that’s happening that we don’t know about, or you're thinking of organizing one yourself - we’d love to hear about it! You can drop a message on the Out of Game Events forum to let us all know!

    Big Prize Stream from Gustav Mannfred

    2 Years request to bring the old arena back update Eve Partner and Streamer Gustav Mannfred is planning on running another summer event stream, this time featuring around 180b ISK in prizes! Gustav is also going to include a passive track too, meaning that even if you can’t make one of the scheduled live streams, all is not lost, and you’ll be able to still participate! The first stream is coming up July 16 & 17, for Minmatar Liberation Day so be sure to check out their Forum post for more details.

    If you don’t know of Gustav Mannfred we’d recommend checking him out over on Twitch where they stream a mixture of PvE and PvP EVE content. Gustav has had a big desire to bring back the old-style Abyssal arena-style combat, so it's not uncommon that you’ll see them engaging in Proving Ground Arena PvP, but drop by, and have a chat with them about it!

    Thats a wrap!

    We conclude this week's Community Beat with a very cool video recently made by the Arataka Research Consortium covering the developing story in Athounon and Arshat!

    Head on over to the Eve Online forums to chat! We’d love to hear if you’ve seen or found anything mysterious around the cluster, or have any stories to tell too!

  • EVE Evolved
    published on June 28th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Glorious Capsuleers,

    Today EVE Online takes another step towards EVE Forever with EVE Evolved. EVE Evolved is CCP Games’ commitment to keep EVE Online at the forefront of visceral supremacy with features designed to enhance the sensory experience of New Eden like never before. Today, you can expect breathtaking visuals in every system with remastered nebulas and an incredible overhaul of dozens of career agent sites.

    The updates you’ll experience in this release are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the foundational updates that are always taking place. EVE Evolved commits to an investment in EVE’s underlying tech to ensure New Eden stays at the cutting edge of technology while also continually improving performance. Just one example of this commitment is last year's launch of Quasar. These foundational upgrades to EVE's tech pave the way for a more beautiful, efficient EVE.

    You can expect more to come with continual investment into the foundational tech, the graphical fidelity, and the gameplay of EVE.

    DirectX 12 and Photon UI – Continuous Foundational Improvements

    Twitter Newsfeed Copy 1024x512

    DirectX 12 will bring a slew of improvements in stability and performance to all citizens of New Eden. Helping modernize the game engine for the third decade, it shortens the opportunity gap for implementing the new level of visual fidelity and allows the building of an exciting narrative for players.

    DirectX 12 also opens the door to even more graphical upgrades in the future such as DirectX Raytracing while no longer being hindered by DirectX 9!

    Speaking of graphical upgrades, Photon UI continues to see iteration and improvement. Compact mode comes today as a direct result of player feedback. You can enable this with the “More” button adjacent to “Close” in the upper right-hand corner of the active window. From here, select the Compact Mode option from the drop-down menu that appears.

    Twitter Newsfeed Copy 1024x512

    Currently, compact mode is available for windows where information density is important, such as the overview, D-Scan, Chat and Fleet windows, People & Places. Keep an eye on EVE news for details on the continued evolution of this fantastic user interface.

    Texture and Sound Updates – The Ultimate Sensory Experience

    Building a sensory experience that you can get lost in needs more than just graphical improvement. EVE Evolved represents a threefold strategy to improve and upgrade the EVE Online experience.

    Massive strides have been made in texture compression, meaning that the textures you now see in-game will be of higher quality than ever before. This also applies to new high-definition nebulas across New Eden. Additionally, packed textures were removed resulting in fewer graphical artefacts and cleaner visuals for every asset in EVE with minimal impact on client performance.

    Twitter Newsfeed Copy 1024x512

    EVE’s audio experience is also seeing updates with EVE Evolved and it’s better than ever. Engine sounds are now handled better, particularly with the mixing of other ships in each scene. Take a listen the next time you take a warp with your fleet!

    Finally, the career agents have had their mission sites completely overhauled with new cloud effects, new asteroid designs, and updates to mission assets and structures. Sound effects have been improved here, too, with features such as bringing back cloud cover in sites and hanging the way that they sound.

    dungeonID4092-Before and After

    All of this comes following the recent massive update to real-time reflections in EVE and last year’s Bring Out EVE’s Colors update. It also allows the team to look forwards to remastering and redesigning older content such as EVE’s Highsec missions.

    Setting Players on the Path to Glory

    While EVE marches on its own journey, so too does every new Capsuleer entering New Eden. Many of those fresh Capsuleers begin their EVE life with career agents as a first step to finding their place in the universe. With this new update, that journey has evolved with a plethora of improvements to the career agent experience and the brand-new AIR Career Program.

    New players getting their teeth into career agents now will be in for a treat. Career agent missions feature remastered environments designed to entice and to create an immersive experience like no other. The Enforcer career agent is seeing further improvements that shape what is to come: a modernized conversation window (when using Photon UI) and highlights to help guide new players.

    Twitter Newsfeed Copy 1024x512

    The AIR Career Program (ACP) works with and follows on from each career agent, taking players down four career paths of recommended EVE content. Players are rewarded handsomely as they complete goals with support from recommended Skill Plans. The ACP culminates in a graduation moment, sending players out as capable Capsuleers ready to tackle the challenges of New Eden!

    Twitter Newsfeed EN 1024x512

    This Path to Glory aims to improve the experience and retention of new players by giving them a guiding hand that helps them find their role in this incredible sandbox.


    Twitter Newsfeed EN 1024x512

    To help accelerate your career further in New Eden, revamped career packs are coming back to the EVE Store. Whether you’re on a path to being a tough Soldier of Fortune or a budding Enforcer or an Explorer, you can expect great value and expertise to support your journey.

    Starting today you can snag the Enforcer Career Pack, Soldier Career Pack, and Explorer Career Pack which contain Omega, PLEX, Skill Points, Boosters, Expert systems, unique attire and several unique ship skins in each- all geared towards your unique career path.

    The Industrial Career Pack will also be available in the future to super charge Industry focused capsuleers.

    Further Updates – Just on the Horizon

    Following the discussions and presentations at Fanfest, a ton of thrilling updates are on the horizon. Veterans and new players alike have a lot to look forward to!

    Big updates to Factional Warfare are in the works with the new Frontlines system currently being designed. Interbus Credits are on the way, soon to offer the awesome perks of Heraldry including Alliance logos on ships!

    The first narrative arc has already begun so keep your eyes peeled for clues as they appear across New Eden and see if you can piece together what the future holds.

    The team looks forward to discussing more throughout the summer in a series of streams and blogs so stay tuned.

    You can also look forward to an exciting expansion with these planned updates and more coming later this year with more details this September.

    EVE Evolved: Always Iterating – Always Improving

    By now it should be clear that CCP is invested in the future of EVE Online. The goal is and will always be EVE Forever. The foundational improvements of the past few years and those arriving today form part of an ongoing story. One that you are a part of as a player of EVE Online.

    The future of EVE is bright so look ahead and get ready for so much more later this year with heraldry and EVE’s first arc!


  • Save 50% on Omega + MCT!
    published on June 24th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    The more the merrier: Save 50% on select Omega + MCT packages from 24 June – 4 July!

    Take advantage of this limited-time offer and train skills on a second character alongside your main, with both gaining the doubled training speed of clone state Omega!

    With Omega enabling access to all skills, ships, and modules in EVE alongside its bonus to training speed, make full use of this offer to unlock your true potential as a Capsuleer and accelerate toward your goals in New Eden!

  • Federation Day Proving Grounds
    published on June 22nd, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Tachyonic Capsuleers,

    Do you like your combat close-up, chaotic, and on the edge of control? Then head over to the Abyssal Proving Grounds for a four-player Thorax free-for-all from 24 June-to-26 June.

    Hosted as part of the Federation Day celebration, this Proving Grounds round has been structured to emphasize the close combat that Thoraxes excel at. To really focus the action on getting up-close-and-personal, all ships that enter this Proving Grounds round will receive a bonus that decreases turret optimal range by 50%, and increases turret falloff by 50%, meaning you’ll need to focus on close-quarters attacks.

    And there also happens to be a 40km wide tachyon cloud lurking in the centre of the arena, which dramatically increases your speed. Ships in the cloud will see velocity lift 300%, while inertia will drop by 50%.

    Close range combat and wild fluctuations in speed? This round will bring chaos and fun to all who join in!

    While in the arena they will also enjoy double the benefits gained from overheating the following module groups:

    • Tackle Modules
    • Propulsion Modules
    • Repair Modules
    • Resistance Modules
    • Energy Warfare Modules
    • Turrets
    • Launchers

    Thorax’s that step into the Proving Grounds for this event will be limited a maximum of one fitted local repair module (shield or armor). Capsuleers, meanwhile, will be restricted to using Meta 4 modules and implants. Additionally, sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield boost amplifiers, shield rechargers, shield power relays, shield flux coils, and core defence field purgers are all banned in this event.

    Ready to take the battle as close to your rivals as possible? Then grab those Proving Filaments and head to the Proving Grounds between 24 and 26 June. And as is always the case, the Proving Grounds leaderboards will allow you to track Capsuleer performance and rewards through the event.

  • Community Beat for June 17
    published on June 17th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    o7 fellow Capsuleers and we are back again with another hit of the Community Beat!

    In the last episode, we covered some of the ongoing projects in the community which have now concluded, so lets us wrap them up!

    The Anger Games 5

    Screenshot 3840x2160

    The Anger Games 5 has now concluded after 3 weekends over on the Twitch channel, with congratulations to the first place winners “Only | Need | Two | Comps”, who walked away with an impressive haul of 32,300 PLEX and a bundle of 42 Triumphant Elite SKiNs. Damassys Kadesh, captain of the winning team this year shared with us the module status after one of the rounds in the tournament and things looked a little toasty!


    The Tournament was intense, seeing a huge variety of ships used, but the hard-earned victories meant that every team scoring at least one win walked away with at least 7 skins! We look forward to hopefully seeing more tournaments soon, but we would recommend dropping by the Anger Games Discord where teams are always looking for new pilots as well as pilots touting their prowess looking for teams. The Anger games is a community-run project, so we would also like to share a big thank you to all the staff that helped run the operation, in addition to all those that participated in a great show and the enjoyment by all of the explosions!



    CSM17Winners After an intense few weeks of campaigning and voting, the new CSM was announced yesterday. Whilst we interviewed the bulk of the candidates over on our Twitch channel giving them roughly 10 minutes each, there were also a lot of interviews done by content creators in the community, in particular, Ashterothi whose interviews for each of the candidates there was at least an hour each! We did give him a bit of a shout-out last time the beat was out and the interviews were still in progress. But, whilst the election season may be over now, if you’d like to learn a little bit more about the new CSM (beyond what they’ve already shared on the forums), we’d recommend checking out Ashterothi’s videos!

    Battle of the Bricks is overheating!


    The LEGO® builders of EVE are in full mobilisation for the Battle of the Bricks community competition. It has only been a few days of the two-week-long window to create the best possible EVE Online or Star Citizen ships, yet we are already seeing fabulous creations. There is still plenty of time to join in on the action! We are keeping the entries pretty close to the chest, but some of the entrances have already been shared publically by their creators! Recognise these two?



    Steel City – Player Meet - July 23

    https cdn.evbuc.com images 260067119 204067543000 1 original

    Next up on the calendar of EVE gatherings we are returning to Pittsburgh USA for the fifth iteration of EVE Steel City. This is a daylong event hosted by EVE partner Rixx Javix which we featured in the previous beat! If you are interested in going, then check out the eventbrite webpage for the event.

    Another Awesome Eve Watercolour


    The creativity of the Eve community continues to astound all of us and this week is no different. Whilst we continue to see the submissions for the competition, Lloyd George continues to impress with absolutely stunning water paints – this time featuring a Hel and a few Einheraji,.. (Einnerherji? Einherji? I think that’s the one?). Lloyd George frequently posts his artwork over on Twitter we’d recommend going to check him out, especially if you are a fan of the creative arts!

    Federation Day – Poster Design Contest


    Federation Day is back in full swing this year and there are 2 events currently in the works by the self-proclaimed “Master of Ceremonies for Federation Day” himself, capsuleer Alain Colcer! First up is Poster Design Contest – with a good pot of ISK and SKiN rewards, the more creative ones out there should have fun with this! The Deadline for this one is June 25.

    Federation Day – Luminaire Party!

    The second event is an in-game one, over in Luminaire, also on June 25 with a series of different events kicking off at 1800 UTC until 00:30 – you can check out the schedule here.

    Partner Shoutout – zehPando


    Todays shoutout is to one of our streaming and podcast partners – Pandoralica (also known as Pando or zehpando)! Pando is a player from 2008 and more recently, a content creator who streams, and does podcast interviews with Fleet Commanders across New Eden. He has an addition to make score cards for his guests (similar to the one featured) and routinely runs fleets and streams his content over on Twitch and more recently, was successful in campaigning to join the CSM for CSM17! He's a wonderful person to interact with and happy to answer all sorts of questions, we’d recommend checking out his content!

    That’s all for today's instalment of the beat. Head on Over to the Eve Online forums to chat about anything in today's beat and share any stories (or explain how you think you say Einherji..!)

  • Welcome to CSM17!
    published on June 16th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Greetings New Eden,

    The Noble Citizens of New Eden have spoken, and after tallying the votes, we are delighted to present you with the 17th Council of Stellar Management. We welcome all the new (and previous) council members and are looking forward to continuing our close collaboration with the community on another exciting year in EVE Online.

    This year, we saw 30814 confirmed votes with the players from the following top 15 countries leading in the number of votes cast:

    Country Votes
    United States 9923
    United Kingdom 3271
    Germany 2729
    China 2275
    Canada 1447
    Russia 1038
    Australia 1001
    Japan 859
    Netherlands 744
    France 632
    Sweden 458
    Poland 402
    Norway 387
    Denmark 327
    Austria 299

    On another note, we love EVE Online, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the average logon time among all players who participate in the CSM elections is a little over 178 days. It is awesome to see such a continued unwavering passion over the years from you <3

    The next few weeks and even months are going to be dedicated to the onboarding of all CSM members. It is an important period where we will go over all the ground rules and ensure we are on the same page in terms of expectations from one another. Therefore, even if the new council is in immediate effect, please be reasonable with your requests and understand that it may take a few weeks before everyone is up to speed.

    Thank you to all those that voted and Fly Safe o7

    [Join the player discussion about the CSM17 on EVE Online forums.] (https://forums.eveonline.com/t/welcome-to-your-new-csm/367249)

  • Gallente Federation Day Returns
    published on June 16th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Proud Capsuleers!

    Gallente Federation Day returns running until 28 June, offering you the chance to grab log-in rewards, take part in new challenges, and pick up some special offers!

    Federation Day Parades

    The glorious Federation Day parades return for 2022, offering pilots the chance to show off their firework-flinging skills at parades in the Luminaire, Villore, Dodixie, Lirsautton, Alentene, Orvolle, and Octanneve systems.

    Also returning from last year’s celebrations are the special mining blitz events, and stunning monuments where you can pay tribute.

    A new Gallente Grand Prix

    This year’s celebrations also go hand-in-hand with a special Grand Prix event. While you raise a glass to the glorious Gallente Federation, why not take part in a race around New Eden to further show your support?

    Cloudy with a chance of carnage

    No event would be complete without a fresh new Proving Grounds challenge to tackle. Taking place between 24-27 June, this Proving Grounds event focuses on turret damage, and includes an intriguing new twist.

    A huge Tachyon Cloud at the center of the arena provides a 300% boost to velocity, and a 50% reduction in ship inertia. As well as finessing your ship fits, you’ll also need to play carefully with this environmental effect if you’re to emerge victorious.

    Celebrate with the EVE community

    On 25 June you can also enjoy a player hosted event taking place in Luminaire from 18:00 UTC! Throw your fireworks around, light up your ships, and wow the crowd to earn cash prizes and a selection of SKINs.

    There’ll also be a bonus trivia quiz, poster design competition, and plenty more besides. Head over to the thread on the official forums for all the details.

    Free gifts and new challenges

    Log in for at least eight days during the event and you’ll earn a selection of SKINs, and boosters! Fresh seasonal challenges will also be available, giving you even more opportunities to earn rewards.

    Special sales & the return of Federation Police SKINs

    The Federation Police SKINs will make a very welcome return to the New Eden Store for the duration of the event, along with an expanded collection of Luminaire Rising SKINs.

    A selection of Federation-themed bundles will also be available on the EVE Store, packed with Skill Points, boosters & SKINs. Dress up in style as you race around New Eden!

    News Item EN 820x485

    See you at the celebrations!

  • DirectX 12 Mass Test on Singularity
    published on June 14th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Testworthy Capsuleers,

    Following up on our mass test last week, we are planning a follow-up mass test on Singularity on Thursday, June 16th, at 17:00 UTC.

    We'll be testing addiontal performance improvements for problems found in the last mass test. This is related to following graphical features:

    • DirectX 12
    • Changes to texture compression
    • Changes to LOD-ing of objects and textures
    • High-res nebulas

    How to connect to Singularity for this test:

    • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
    • More detailed instructions on connecting to Singularity are available here .

    Testing Instructions

    When logged in on Singularity use the command /moveme in any chat window and select the system FD-MLJ from the pop up to be relocated to the testing system.

    After that, we ask that you join the in-game channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)

    Fly whatever ship you want (optimally one, which can fight in a fleet fight) Join fleet W or X (should be in fleet finder)

    Your attendance would be most welcome! All participants will receive a small reward of two million skill points on Singularity. If you had any questions or feedback, please warp on over to the EVE Online Forums

  • EVE’s been challenged!
    published on June 13th, 2022 at 03:00 PM

    Constructive Capsuleers,

    The EVE community has been challenged! The players of Star Citizen have the pilots of New Eden in their sights, and we need to respond with... LEGO® bricks!

    The EVE team adore LEGO® – many of us built our first spaceships from the plastic bricks long before New Eden was brought to life. When we saw the Star Citizen team share an amazing LEGO® custom build from their community, we couldn’t resist playfully suggesting bringing a LEGO® Venture to the party.

    Within minutes, our space friends (and bitter rivals!) on the Star Citizen team issued us a challenge.

    Of course, we accepted. How could the EVE community not step up to prove who puts the most passion into building out their fleets?

    The challenge is on! That means it’s time to see who uses LEGO® to build the most amazing spacecraft from EVE Online or Star Citizen. All you need to do is think about which ship seen in New Eden you might want to reimagine in LEGO®.

    And, yes, to any Star Citizen players reading, you are allowed to build an EVE ship if you want. __But if you want to submit a Star Citizen creation then check out their side of the challenge. __

    LEGO BUILD OFF 820x461

    The challenge runs from 13 June-to-27 June. To enter, once you've picked your ship, you can build it physically using your own bricks, or digitally with the official, easy-to-use free software LEGO® Studio, which lets you build using an endless supply digital bricks. If you go with a physical build, you only need to submit a photo using the hashtag #battleofthebricks. Digital builders, meanwhile, just need to submit their LEGO® Studio file to [email protected]

    There will be prizes for the best photo submission, but if you are a physical builder, we’d encourage you to recreate your model in LEGO® Studio - because only entries that come in as a LEGO® Studio file will be eligible for the grand finale live build event.


    Why enter? Most importantly, we need to triumph over Star Citizen’s players! This is a challenge to see which community can do the best, most creative, innovative things with LEGO®. And what better prize could there be than showing which spacefaring gaming community is the best when it comes to building spacecraft? But there’s some actual prizes to be won as well.

    Everything will culminate at a special finale event later this summer, where the EVE Online community team will off against the Star Citizen community team in a grand finale on Twitch. We’ll select the most impressive three digital EVE submissions to take to Twitch – while our Star Citizen friends pick their preferred trio – and then build the best single entry from each community live on Twitch.


    The top three builds our judges select as finale candidates will receive a year of Omega subscription and a ticket to Fanfest 2023. As the Fanfest in the year that EVE turns 20, you can be sure it will be an EVE community gathering like no other. And, of course, the top entry will be built live on Twitch, and become part of EVE history!

    Meanwhile, three photo submissions will be selected at random, each receiving a stunning 3D printed EVE model.

    As for which game community will triumph overall on the day? You’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    As if all that weren’t enough, as part of the live streamed finale the EVE Online community team and Star Citizen community team will go head-to-head in some of the most ridiculous and excruciating challenges we can think of - and all for a good cause.

    ExtraLife logo KO

    Extra Life is a fundraising program of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. The Extra Life community fundraises year-round to ‘Change Kids’ Health to Change the Future’. Donations go to member children’s hospitals to fund critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, along with innovative research, vital paediatric medical equipment, and child life services.

    Importantly, this challenge isn’t about who has the biggest LEGO® parts collection or the most experience with custom LEGO® builds. We’d be thrilled to see some EVE-playing master builders join the challenge, but we’re also looking to reward creativity, ingenuity and playful ideas.

    If you can reproduce a cruiser in 10 bricks or less, perfect! Maybe you want to see what you can do using only the pieces from a single official LEGO® set? That sounds amazing! Have 100s of thousands of databased LEGO parts sorted meticulously? We can’t wait to see your creation!

    See the full rules and guidelines here along with instructions on how to submit your entry.

    All that’s left, then, is for you to pick a ship and get building! Just make sure ‘everything is awesome’!

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