Ascension expansion for Eve Online (SOLVED)

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Ascension expansion for Eve Online (SOLVED)

Postby surfn1080 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:22 am

Hello i am a returning player to eve online and i am wondering if this still works and is safe with this new expansion launch.

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Re: Ascension expansion for Eve Online (SOLVED)

Postby VanGoghGaming » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:37 am

Yes, TinyMiner version v5.70 works great with Ascension and brings the new "Orca Drones Mining Mode" for the ultimate peace of mind!


As such the Orca and the Porpoise have become the "go-to" choices for high-sec AFK mining in style without leaving a trace and they rack up tons of ISK without worrying about starting and stopping lasers and other mundane, time-wasting micro-management!
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