Can someone help set this up?

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Can someone help set this up?

Postby timkatt » Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:17 pm


I tried to setup this by myself but i got stuck outside the station and it wouldn't warp to the belt?

I could throw you a couple dollars if you help me through teamviewer or something.


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Re: Can someone help set this up?

Postby VanGoghGaming » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:06 pm

If you could post a screenshot when you are undocked I could take a look and maybe spot what's wrong with your setup. Also if you read the log file displayed below the Eve window it should provide some useful clues as to what's going on.

Try to watch your mouse cursor (lower the mouse speed in TinyMiner to make it easier to watch). After undocking you should see the mouse going to your bookmarks folder window which should be open in the top left corner of your Eve window as shown in the tutorial screenshots. There it should right-click on a bookmark and select the first option from the context menu, "Warp to Location Within 0 m".

What is the mouse doing for you?
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Re: Can someone help set this up?

Postby Jaak27 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:03 pm

one time after finishing using warp to zero hauler I forgot to switch the overview tab back to mining. as a result the ship stayed near the station for the first cycle and then finally warped to a belt on its own before I figured out what I had done.

sometimes I have to go over the settings multiple times and read and read before I figure out my mistakes. I am slowly getting familiar with TM. It's truly a gem.

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