Tip: Warp to 10k

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Tip: Warp to 10k

Post by TJRedleg »

If you're lazy like me whenever you create mining bm's you simply warp to a belt and start bm'ing individual rocks at whatever intervals you decide are best. But what can happen is when you WTZ more often than not you will be put in the middle of a cluster of rocks. Sometimes when this happens your ship will get stuck either while trying to orbit or worse yet trying to warp back to the station. What Ive learned to do is to set the default warp to distance at 10km. This way I know I'll never get stuck in a belt. If you configure TM to orbit then your ship will be "pulled" closer depending on what your orbit distance set to, mine is 3k.

1. If docked in station simply undock.
2. Right click on a belt or some other warpable object and set your "warp to default distance" to 10km.
3. Set your orbit distance at whatever you desire.

Granted you can do it the old fashioned way and make bm's that are 1k away but that requires time and effort. I'd rather just warp to a belt and start bm'ing rocks instead of moving x amount of kms and bm'ing in space.

The only thing I might do if I'm taking my time is to bm one end of a long belt then warp back to that bm. Then bm individual rocks at 5 or 10km intervals.

1. BM end rock on belt.
2. Warp away, I usually warp to the nearest planet, then warp back to the end rock.
3. In your overview start bm'ing rocks every 5 or 10km or whatever distance you like.

I think this ensures good overlapping coverage.

On belts where the rocks are fairly tight, my personal favorite, I don't use the end of rock method Isimply eyeball it.
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