True need for Salvaging Bot for high sec

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True need for Salvaging Bot for high sec

Post by Zalish65 »

I myself am just 1 month from flying a golem and running a 2nd window and looting/salvaging is already a pain in the keester. I'm wondering if you might consider coding a stand alone salvager bot for mission runners in high sec.

I'm thinking it wouldnt be totally bot and would need a few things to be done by the player.

1. Make bookmarks manually on main mission runner, then trading to your salvage pilot, set up the bookmarks like we do for mining and the station to drop off at.
2. Make the program tractor, loot and salvage each wreck, using ab if needed to travel between wrecks.
3. When cargo is full, have the salvager dock and offload, then return.


1. Manually fly the salvage ship to each room, then turn on the bot and let it salvage all the wrecks in the room. Manually dock/undock and warp and use warp gates instead of the program. That would make it simpler.
Then you'd just need a bot that can use ab, loot/salvage/tractor each wreck.

I notice a few of the ie "crappier" mining programs are already beta testing these. I'm not looking for a 0.0 or low sec salvaging bot. Only for high sec myself.

Any thoughts on this?
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