Feature Request: Trade Route Runner Multiple Legs

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Feature Request: Trade Route Runner Multiple Legs

Postby TJRedleg » Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:45 am

Ok I guess you knew this was coming.

Request the ability to do multiple leg trips. I'd say a good number would be 10 legs with the ability to drop off or pickup items. The the primary GUI could be tabbed with one tab for mining and the other tab for routes. The mining tab would remain as it is now.

The route running tab would contain the interface similar to the one already implemented in 1.9 but with multiple entries. The idea would be for each bm in the destinations folder match up with specific entries on the interface that correspond to each leg in the trip. Each leg would have the same data that is currently used number of jumps, deliver or load options. Number of jumps is relative to the current position. I'm sure you can figure out the best way to do this I was just thinking out loud.

Maybe ten legs is to much I'd say a minimum of five might be reasonable.

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