Tip: Cargohold to Corp Hangar

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Tip: Cargohold to Corp Hangar

Postby TJRedleg » Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:46 pm

What: Move ore from your cargo hold to your corp hangar INSTEAD of to your items.

Why: The main benefit is that I don't have to interrupt my miners in order to move ore from my items to corp hangar. I only mine in .7 space or higher where office rent is pretty cheap. I have a separate hauler toon that I use to haul ore and refine. I usually haul it to a station where I have good standing and end up paying no taxes with zero waste. Which is why I decided to move ore to my corp hangar instead of items. Now I don't have to mess with trades or contracts and my miners can stay in the belts while my hauler does his pickup.

How: open your corp hangar window and position it the same way as your items window. You may have to increase the height of the corp window just a little but the width can remain the same.

Results: So far so good no issues that I can tell.

Disclaimer: It works for me if it doesn't work for you or in some way messes up the program or your computer don't blame me.

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