Thinking of coming back.

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Thinking of coming back.

Postby mikeya » Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:19 pm

Kind of missing EVE and I've read through the forums here but as you've always all been helpful in the past I thought I'd ask here!

1) Can I mine safely in a system that has a pirate outpost on the agency window or will I eventually be scrammed and killed by NPCs that are above what one would expect for the system? I don't want to come back and lose an orca straight away?

2) I take it orca is the best way to go - maxed out am I looking at around 15-20m per hr?

3) What sort of hours are people considering safe to be botting the mining? 4, 8, 12?

4) As I will stick in highsec is it worth me joining a corp to get moon-mining - looking at it it appears a lot safer from wardeccing.

Cheers for any input

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