Monitoring custom chat channels

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Monitoring custom chat channels

Postby caos901 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:08 pm

Is there a way for me to monitor a channel like local is for keywords? I want to be able to monitor keywords to monitor neutrals in neighboring systems.

Monitor chat channel called "Jita Intel". Ideally this would be a channel that has no chatter in it other than intel.
If the name of the neighboring system comes up or any other keywords listed it would act the same as if there was a neutral player in the system. It would dock up and wait x amount of seconds before undocking.
So if I'm mining in one system and the app picks up a keyword in the "intel" channel it would treat it like a neutral player has entered the system and wait x seconds before resuming.

Maybe this could be part of the Black Ops addon or a Nullsec addon.

From my experience in Nullsec, enemies will rush down to the known mining systems and immediately upon entering your system each of them will warp to a different belt to try to get tackle on you before u can get out. Being able to catch them a system or two away and wait to see what their intentions are could very well save your ship. Most nullsec areas have these intel channels and any chatter other than intel is prohibited.

I understand this is very situational to someone living in Nullsec as are all or most of my suggestions.

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