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Need some help

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:22 pm
by XxX_KrYaK_XxX
So, I bought Eve a while back, but I forgot about it. I did have tons of skills queued the last time I played, so I have pretty high levels of things, basically, I just need general advice. I've looked through the forums just to see what people are saying and I've bought a Mackinaw and a Retriever. Idk where to go from here tho. I kinda wanna stay in highsec, but it doesnt really matter if I can get more without dying somewhere else. I also looked through the best setups and couldnt really find much. I'm pretty bad at optimizing tinyminer as well, so if you could put a little bit on what I should set the settings as that'd be amazing.


What ship should I use?
What skills should I upgrade?
What should my ship setup be?
What should my tiny miner setting be at?
Where should I mine?
Basically, just play the game for me pls. :D
(broken into the categories)
Hull Upgrades 2
Mechanics 3
Repair Systems 1

Drone Avionics 1
Drones 5
Light Drone Operation 5
Mining Drone Operation 2 (training to 5 currently)

Propulsion Jamming 1

Capacitor Management 0 (I have the skill, but not trained)
Capacitor System Operation 3
CPU Management 4
Power Grid Management 4
Weapon Upgrades 1

Gunnery 2
Motion Prediction 2
Small Hybrid Turret 4

Light Missiles 0
Missile Launcher Operation 2

Afterburner 1
Navigation 3

Industry 5
Mass Production 1

Astrogeology 5
Mining 5
Reprocessing 5
Salvaging 1 (training to 5 currently)
Scordite Processing 0

Archaeology 0
Astrometrics 1
Survey 3

Science 4

Shield Emission Systems 0
Shield Management 0
Shield Operation 1
Shield Upgrades 3

Caldari Cruiser 0
Caldari Deystroyer 3
Caldari Frigate 3
Caldari Industrial 1
Exhumers 1
Mining Barge 5
Mining Frigate 3
ORE Industrial 1
Spaceship Command 4

Target Management 3

Trade 4 (training to 5 currently [Active; 3 days:23 hours:34 minutes left])

Re: Need some help

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:50 pm
by pyurgin
Skill up for a Mack and use that.

Re: Need some help

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:17 pm
by crazysonoran
..or an Orca since you are working on mining drones 5. It mines slightly faster than a Mackinaw and hauls a TON more ore so fewer trips back to unload.