Feature Request: Module Activation Order

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Feature Request: Module Activation Order

Postby Helibob » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:05 am

Would it be posssible to change to order in which modules are activated when the always activate option is selected?

I have noticed that the program operates as follows: undock, wait undock timer, select warp destination, warp, check for target ore, launch drones (if used), activate Alt/Ctrl F modules (if selected), target ore, activate lasers.....

durring this procedure your ship is vulnerable the whole time up defense module activation... I have been attacked by PC Pirates both right after dock, and right after landing in belt... luckily I was sitting at the keyboard and could activate my defense modules manually before being red boxed thereby allowing enough time for Concord (when in High Sec) to get rid of the pests before I took to much damage. would it be possible to change the order to:

undock, wait undock timer, activate Alt/Ctrl F modules, select warp......

this would have the effect of making your vessel more secure during the time it takes to initiate warp and get your drones deployed in the belt...

Thank you for the wonderful program

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