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Feature request: Overview

Postby jimw127 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:39 am

Greetings, my request may be somewhat niche, but it would make my life better. I have an eyefinity setup. I mainly run TM while watching netflix movies on another screen. While mining, I'm often switching from my "asteroid" tab to my default tab. Default, for me, shows ships, npc's, and wrecks. I do this to check and see who is around, not so much to avoid gankers as to watch for other miners. It seems the best way to get busted, or piss other people off enough to investigate me, would be to warp in and start mining the same roids that they had already started breaking down. It would also help spot rats, should I start using mining drones. To save me from switching back and forth, could it be programmed to click the default view when the program is otherwise idle? The "roid" tab could be the tab directly to the right of the "default" tab.

This would also be handy when I'm in the next room. I have the "sound warning" for any chat requests and chat keywords in the local log, but I sometimes come look at the screen and could see from the doorway if anyone is in the belt with me.

I may just be paranoid, I don't know. I actually went to bed with the thing running last night and woke up with over 3 million veldspar (my overview only shows veldspar). That is mining in an adjacent solar system with no bases. There are usually 7 or so people in the system, but I've never seen anyone at a belt, just a wreck or two. There are ice fields there, but I don't mine ice. It is tempting to make it a routine. With this feature though, I could more easily watch what is going on while at the keyboard doing other things and stay in system so it would go faster.

I enjoy watching my automated miner work. Its relaxing, sort of like watching a fish tank or something.

On further thought, to really utilize this- I use the warp to 200k then warp to zero to approach belts. Upon reaching the 200k mark. Switch to the default tab overview and if there are any ships (human ships, not npc), then just warp to another 200k spot to find an empty belt, then approach the belt and begin mining? Other than keeping your log in time reasonable, this seems like the lowest a profile can get. The only time I've ever been talked to was by a ship in visual range, and if a ship cannot see or hear my mining cycle then I won't be narc'd.

I'm still pretty new to the game. I may not have a grasp of what people look for when trying to crusade against bots. Still, would help my peace of mind- not to mention make at-keyboard zero attention mining easier.

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