Is gang mining in a fleet possible with TinyMiner?

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Is gang mining in a fleet possible with TinyMiner?

Post by Gromek »

Does this support mining while in a fleet of any kind?
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Post by VanGoghGaming »

Yes, ever since version 1.20! It supports gang mining in a fleet to increase your mining yield even more. You can select if you're the fleet commander or a fleet member and TinyMiner will behave accordingly.

You can check out this new feature in the free trial version of TinyMiner. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.
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Post by roycebayles »

I run the plus with 2 toons of course both in hulks and i have a 3rd with minning foreman 5 however in the plus version i cant fleet them because i lose my drones due to assist and guard feature! it would be awesome if the fleet tab was in the plus version as it is in the regular version !
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