How are you all making more than your subscription in high sec?

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How are you all making more than your subscription in high sec?

Post by rwas »

Currently mining with a Retriever, 1420m3/165.5 seconds.

Making roughly 6 million an hour. At 8 hours a day (which I'm a little nervous to do, even though this is an alt account), 5 days a week, that's ~960m per month.

That's enough for a PLEX + ~300m extra, and that's if I stick with setting it up every day.

I'd love to make enough to pay for both my primary and main account, which I COULD do I guess if I had two mining accounts (960m + 960m = 1920m, which is enough for 3 plex + a little leftover, provided I don't get ganked).

Any suggestions?
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Re: How are you all making more than your subscription in high sec?

Post by Beaker76 »

I have TM plus with an Orca boost. I also refine and manufacture with my ore so profits are enough to support 4 accounts total with some ISK left over. I also SP farm with the other characters. That nets about 400-500 mil ISK per character/per month.
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Re: How are you all making more than your subscription in high sec?

Post by evei2p »

@OP Sounds like you need better skills and a better ship. Full-skill Mackinaw in high sec (assuming you fit with 3 laser upgrades rather than a damage control, so we're talking like a 0.9 system) will yield a combined 2731.702 per 145.8 seconds. Use tech 2 modulated miners and you get a combined 3186.986 per 145.8 seconds. I believe Hulk has better output but a tiny ore hold, but it's another option. You can also use mining drones in 0.9+ systems as rats aren't an issue.

You should also be reprocessing, so need to train your reprocessing skills and then move your ore to the highest base yield facility that's still convenient. e.g. Perimeter has a citadel with 54% base yield on ore reprocessing. Then you move your mineral to Jita and sell.

Or move to nullsec and use a Skiff. Currently getting 2757 per 145.8 seconds with minimal fleet boosts (just 10% yield with Mining Foreman V, so 2506 without boost), and that's without modulated strip miners. Mining bistot and arkonor, including the 5%/10% variants, in a 52% base yield facility with shitty reprocessing skills (training Reprocessing Efficiency V still, so no bistot or arkonor reprocessing skills yet), and I'm doing 11.42M/hour. When my skills are done training and I switch to modulated miners, it should be more like 16-17M/hour.

Plus getting ISK from rat bounties and drops, just the ones that appear on grid, for about 2.14M/hour. Not a lot but it's still added income.

If you stay in high sec, keep an eye out for anomalies on your probe scanner. I'm not sure if they ore anoms spawn in high sec? But I generally mine exclusively in anomalies, at least in null sec. The ore is usually better.

Also keep in mind the ORE Strip Miner (not modulated) is getting a yield buff soon, so you could swap to that if you can't use modulated miners.
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which setup for profitable highsec mining?

Post by MarkS »


im mining in a 1.0 system with a procurer, but i only make ca. 40-70mio a day,
i already changed the system and its not the problem that the belts are empty
i tried different options in TM, but its not a big change

my procurer has 2 strip lasers and a mining upgrade 2

its not even the plex for this acc i get out of the mining, so im sure im doing it wrong and need some help

im not sure how many hours its good to use TM every day, dont want to get caught

thanks for your help
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Re: How are you all making more than your subscription in high sec?

Post by VanGoghGaming »

You can only make so much in the safety of a 0.9 or 1.0 system. You still want to maximize the time spent in belt before warping back to station to unload, so use a Retriever instead of a Procurer since it has almost double the capacity of the ore hold. An Orca would be even better if you have the skills!

Other than that you may try going mid-sec and looking for ore anomalies which have better ore than regular belts. You could also mine ice anomalies and have TinyMiner switch into an ore ship when the ice belts are depleted.

Another good option for high sec mining are certain agent missions that contain valuable ore. For example the Recon mission (part 3) has loads of Pyroxeres and Plagioclase up for grabs and since it's not in a regular belt you can bring a more expensive ship (like the Mackinaw) without running the risk of getting ganked!
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