Playing EVE Again After 2-Year Absence

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Playing EVE Again After 2-Year Absence

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I know I had a license for SOME version of TinyMiner, but I'm not sure which. In any event, I'm more than willing to open up the wallet again to get the latest version. What's recommended? I'm a bit confused by all the new versions. Also, can I upgrade my old license? It's for whatever version you guys were selling in 2008 for $10, I believe.

My old EVE account that I've reactivated can almost fly a Hulk, so I'm pretty excited. What's the usual strategy? Cargo expanders and regular Strip Miners that don't need crystals? Volume over mining speed to lessen the number of trips to the hangar, right?

I'm just not sure where to start anymore. And remember, gentlemen, be proud to be botters. Mining is dead boring, and we ultimately provide a service for other players (except people who want to mine manually) by making materials a lot cheaper for industrialists and large corporations.
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Re: Playing EVE Again After 2-Year Absence

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Yes of course you can upgrade your old license. Currently you own a Classic license so you can upgrade it to the Plus package. You can find more information including download links in this forum thread from the registered users section of the forum: ... ?f=2&t=573

Welcome back and have fun with TinyMiner!
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