Great App - How much are you guys making per day?

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Great App - How much are you guys making per day?

Post by lordofknowhow »

i love this app.
got working perfect

was wondering what everyones avrage income from 1 account is.
i currently use just one account with hulk and seeing as t1 strips work better with the app im using them and has 11m3 cargo hold

so i havnt quite figured out yet what my income is from using the app as i've only had a day.
Old Scratch
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Post by Old Scratch »

Well first off, put some cargo rigs on your Hulk. With expanded cargoholds and cargo rigs, you get just over 17,000 m3 of space.

Secondly, I've done a bit of math, and how much you make depends on your ship and setup, where you're mining, how long you mine, and where you can sell your minerals.

If you have a near-maxed out Hulk and one mining yield implant, along with 17,000 m3 cargo, you should be able to pull in about 42,000 m3 of ore per hour. For pure Veldspar, that's 3.36 million ISK per hour, or 80 million ISK every 22 hours.

If you go to 0.5-0.6 and mine mostly higher-end ores, you can make 100 million ISK every 22 hours or more... the only problem is finding a place to sell the minerals for a decent price and transporting them there.

If you can manage to get a freighter eventually, the selling problem should cease to be an issue, as you can carry almost 100 million units of minerals in one... far more if you pack it full of GSCs, but that's expensive in and of itself.
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Post by Gdemon »

well on the income side of it as i've stated in other posts i mine ice 16 hours per day , i don't leave them going 24 hours a day so my toons dont give the impression of been macro's, anyways currently i'm mining 1000 units of ice per day roughly and this equates to around 150m per day income ill be putting my 3rd barge out there next week so 200m per day is gonna be nice :D
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Post by JohnyR »

I make about 20 milion isk per day in high sec with my retriever just mining veldspar and scordite, from 13:00 till 00:00. Can't wait to get a Hulk and make some serious ISK with TinyMiner!
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