I had doubts but 5 years later this is still rocking

Download the fully functional free trial version of VanGogh Gaming's TinyMiner automated Eve mining bot software.
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I had doubts but 5 years later this is still rocking

Postby GuilleRG » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:39 pm

After 5 years that I bought my TinyMiner plus license, it paid back a lot for just the $23.99 I paid for it. For me its the best eve mining tool ever, easy to configure and easy to figure out what is wrong if it fails.

Also, VanGoghGaming is always helping his customers and I can only say thanks for developing this great tool. Perhaps the greatest benefit to us all is that VanGoghGaming is actively maintaining TinyMiner keeping it up to date all these years for us to enjoy the ever changing Eve Online universe!

If you are new and can't afford to make great ISK you can just train up 1 or 2 miners and make your living in high sec, buying your stuff and ships until you grow up enough to pilot them.

After few months mining you will be able to buy your own freighter, and like me an Orca to boost your mining operations.

If you doubt if this is real or not, just try the trial, and get an idea of how cool TinyMiner is ;)

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