Free Trial of TinyMiner and TinyMinerPlus [LATEST VERSION]

Download the fully functional free trial version of VanGogh Gaming's TinyMiner automated Eve mining bot software.
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Free Trial of TinyMiner and TinyMinerPlus [LATEST VERSION]

Postby VanGoghGaming » Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:58 pm

NEW: TinyMiner and TinyMinerPlus v5.79 have been released!

- v1.10: Each laser on its own asteroid and configurable interval for lasers reset.
- v1.20: Supports gang mining in a fleet. Added support for Windows Vista.
- v1.30: Configurable mouse speed. Added workaround solution for getting stuck on an asteroid.
- v1.40: Added new options useful for mining ICE and some code optimizations here and there. Added registration key protection.
- v1.50: Can activate any mid or low slot module (shield boosters, armor repairers, active hardeners, etc). Automatically closes the server shutdown information windows.
- v1.60: Added easy to read status bar showing the Total Runs done so far, current mining Cycle and Time left from the current cycle.
- v1.70: Added slightly randomized times for warping to belts and locking asteroids. Implemented generic HotKey to quit TinyMiner: CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE can't miss that! No more struggling to move the mouse against the macro!
- v1.80: Added TinyMiner Warp to Zero - Hauler / Trade route runner! Rapidly transport your goods or pickup the items you bought over many stargate jumps. Save hours of time zipping through the stargates!
- v1.90: Added Insta-Mouse option especially for the few users with slower computers or who experience a general slow mouse speed. This won't affect the main majority of users and shouldn't be used if your mouse speed is already very good.
- v2.00: Added a text log window showing what TinyMiner is doing step by step. The text log is also saved to a file called "TinyMinerLog.txt" under the "My Documents\TinyMiner" folder upon exit.
- v2.10: Added customizable times for TinyMiner to take random timed pauses inside the station in order to mimic human behaviour - time for a quick snack anyone?

- v3.0: This is somewhat of a larger upgrade and it's been a while since you were waiting for it so here goes:
- Upon popular request I have added customizable Profiles so that you can save your options depending on which ship you're using.
- Added descriptive Tooltips when you hover your mouse cursor on each and every TinyMiner option.
- TinyMiner will now launch the combat drones and activate the specified modules immediately after warping to the asteroid belt without waiting for an asteroid lock before that.
- NEW: "Damage Detection". TinyMiner can optionally detect shield damage and only then activate your modules of choice instead of always activating them upon arrival in the asteroid belt.
- NEW: "Gate Mining" option for those juicy systems full of asteroid belts but no station. You can now mine them and unload the cargo in a nearby system and at the same time stay safe from suicide gankers. This option is only available for TinyMinerPlus members!

- v3.1: Fixed a bug with setting the destination in the Warp to Zero Hauler introduced by the Empyrean Age v1.1 patch.

- v3.2: All the following features have been implemented in version v3.2:

- The TinyMinerLog.txt log file will be written to disk every 5 minutes (not only at program exit as before).

- All log entries have the current date and time prepended to them.

- A pause button has been implemented. It will be available during all actions that take longer than 10 seconds such as warping or mining cycles. It won't be available during short actions such as targeting roids or starting mining lasers. When you're done with the pause simply click the button again to resume the paused operation where it left.

- There is an increased delay after jumping when using the gate mining option from 6 seconds to 15 seconds. Hopefully that should be enough for everybody.

- The program will mark empty belts and will not warp to them again in the same mining session. If all available belts from your mining folder have been marked as empty the program will dock the ship and terminate the mining session.

- Increased the size of the Reset Lasers field to 4 digits.

- TinyMiner will check if the initial handle to the EVE window is still valid and if it's not then it means EVE has crashed or disconnected so TinyMiner will terminate as well.

- Implemented a shield critical damage check. If it's reached then TinyMiner will quit EVE in order to try saving your ship.

- Now you can choose between combat drones for defense or Mining Drones for an increased mining yield!

- Implemented The Jettison option. Basically after each mining run instead of docking to the station to unload, TinyMiner will just jettison the ore into space and carry on mining.

- v3.3: Minor bug fixes and overall optimizations.

- v3.4: Added an option to unload the ore at a POS Corporate Hangar Array.

- v3.5: Added a feature to display the time left from a mining cycle in the taskbar caption when the program is minimized and increased the length of a saved profile name to max 15 characters.

- v4.0: Fixed a couple of bugs introduced by the Apocrypha expansion.

- v4.1: Implemented faster asteroid targeting as well as faster starting and stopping mining lasers. The mining drones are now mining the first targeted asteroid for better yield. Added a "fallback" feature, if the first laser is mining the first asteroid but the other targeted asteroids are out of mining range then the other lasers will also mine the first asteroid. Implemented detection for end of warp resulting in less time wasted overall. Added better support for Vista and Windows 7 eliminating those annoying delays when using the Aero theme. Also fixed a couple of bugs introduced by the Apocrypha 1.2 patch.

- v4.2: Added a feature to specify a local time at which TinyMiner will perform the last mining run and then safely dock your ship before terminating the mining session. Also added a button to make the current run final when clicked.

- v4.3: If, upon warping into a belt, the asteroids are out of targeting range then TinyMiner will mark that belt as "Undesirable" and it will return to it only after mining the other more "healthy" belts. Also added a feature to use bookmarks set at 200km away in each belt so that TinyMiner can warp directly to the first asteroid in the Overview thus eliminating any approach time. The Warp to Zero Hauler / Trade Route Runner now has an option to repeat the process until there are no more items to transport or pickup. This is especially useful when you need to move a larger quantity of minerals than it can fit in a single freighter load.

- v4.4: Optimized the lasers management, now the asteroids will no longer be unlocked every time. The program will first check how many asteroids are still left standing after each mining cycle and if they are less than the number of lasers then a fresh batch will be targeted. Therefore no more time will be lost with unlocking thus further boosting your mining yield.

- v5.0: There are many new features jam packed into this version:

- The right click menu positions that were changed in Dominion have been fixed so you are able to use the Warp to Zero Hauler and the Mining Drones correctly now.

- You can now select whether you want to unlock the targeted asteroids after every mining cycle (as seen in older versions of TM, this can be somehow useful in sparse belts) or keep the current behavior of targeting a fresh batch only if an asteroid popped after the previous cycle (this is the default behavior useful in most cases).

- Added a new feature to check if the ship's cargo window is open. If it's not then it will quit EVE at once. This is useful in the rare case where you get ganked but your pod is not destroyed so that you don't warp endlessly through belts with just your pod.

- During the random breaks when waiting inside the station the program will also perform a "Stack All" on your ore from the ship's hangar.

- New "Jettison ore after warping to a safe spot" option useful to avoid those pesky can flippers as well as having an Orca boosting your miners and picking up the cans left at the safe spot.

- Improved behavior when the Orbit option is disabled. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, the Orbit option is used to Approach asteroids that are out of range. If this option is disabled and the "Warp from 200km" option is also disabled then when TM runs out of asteroids within its mining range it will mark the current belt as empty and move on to another belt. If the "Warp from 200km" is enabled and there aren't any more asteroids within mining range then TM will simply warp to the station in order to come back and warp again to the first asteroid in the Overview.

- New "Monitor local chat for hostiles" option. You can select which types of hostiles you wish to monitor (can choose from Horrible, Bad, Neutral, Good and High standings as well as war targets, corporation and alliance members). You can also select what happens when a hostile is detected (quit EVE immediately, dock to station or warp to pos and quit EVE or wait for system to clear). I will have to update the tutorial page with a new screenshot showing the position of the Local chat window but for now I can say that it needs to be placed in the center of the EVE window so that the upper side touches the black stripe of the widescreen and the right side touches the Overview. Also make sure to enlarge the column containing the player names so that their names do not cover their standing icons to prevent proper detection. If you choose to quit EVE when a hostile is detected then the program will also save the chat window as a bitmap file in the same folder so you can view it later.

- New "Wormhole mining (monitor the onboard scanner)" option for mining in a Wormhole where the Local chat is not available. Works in a similar way as described above only you use the onboard scanner window instead of the chat window. The program will take an initial snapshot of the scanner and then constantly monitor it for changes so make sure you don't cover it with other windows by mistake during its operation. If the snapshot changes it will also be saved as a bitmap file in the same folder as the program for you to view later.

- When the program quits (due to any reason including end of mining session, disconnection, critical damage, hostile found or anything else) it will now save a screenshot of the entire EVE window before closing it. The name of the screenshot file will always be "ClosingScreenshot.bmp" so old ones will always be overwritten by the newest version in order to save disk space.

- New "Voice over" option. You can now choose if you want TinyMiner to read out loud the log messages. You can select between no narration at all, read most log messages or read only the important ones. You can tweak the actual voice settings in your Windows Control Panel -> Speech. I've heard that voices have been improved in Windows Vista and 7 over XP but you will have to judge for yourselves.

- New "Shutdown" option. You can now select if you want TM to shutdown your computer when the mining session is over or in case of an emergency exit.

- New option added to the Warp to Zero Hauler / Trade route runner. Now you can select whether you want to transport the items between two stations, a station and a POS or two POSes. You can also set the number of jumps to Zero if you want to transport stuff in the same system. This should also help with fueling POSes. The term POS refers to a bookmark made on a POS structure that can hold stuff inside (Corporate Hangar Array, Ship Maintenance Array, Ship Assembly Array, Control Tower, etc).

- v5.2: Fixed a bug with the Warp to Zero hauler when transporting stuff between a station and a POS or the other way around. Fixed a bug with detecting hostiles in local chat while the ship was in warp. Fixed a bug with the ship undocking while there were still hostiles in local chat. Added options to check the local chat and private message Log files for keywords you specify and even type a random answer to prove you are a real person and then Quit EVE to avoid detection. Alarm sounds will be played when keywords are found or when the program quits EVE. Updated the program to be compatible with the Tyrannis expansion. Also the program will detect when the Map Browser has been opened by mistake and will gracefully close it.

- v5.3: There are some exciting new features in this version:

- TinyMiner is now Microsoft Authenticode® certified. Basically this means that now you are assured the program comes from a trusted source and it is safe to use (of course you knew that all along but now it's kind of official). Also you are no longer required to disable the UAC in your Windows 7 or Vista. As long as you install the program in a privileged location such as Program Files (for example in C:\Program Files\TinyMiner) it will work correctly without disabling the UAC.

- In order to align itself with the latest Windows 7 and Vista guidance regulations, TinyMiner will no longer save files in the same folder where it is installed. Instead of that, all files (settings, logs, screenshots) will be saved in a new folder under the "My Documents" path. The "C:\Program Files\TinyMiner" folder will only contain the main program executable and nothing else.

- Although this may have been true for quite some time now it's worth reiterating that TinyMiner works great with any Windows theme, not only Classic style. Yes, even Aero works very well.

- Added a "Minimize EVE" option especially useful when mining ICE since you will have long cycles of inactivity during which the program will minimize the EVE window so that you can do other stuff on your computer. At the end of the cycle the EVE window will be restored again and TinyMiner will continue with docking and unloading as usual.

- A new "Advanced Options" button at the top allows you to switch back and forth between the general options and a few advanced options. Among these you can find:

- An alternate method to detect if the lasers have been activated. If you're mining in a differently colored system and you're experiencing problems with the proper activation of the mining lasers then be sure to check out this new option.

- Added an option to keep the TinyMiner window on screen without minimizing it if you prefer it that way. Just make sure it doesn't cover the EVE window.

- Added an option to specify a waiting delay after undocking to allow the ship to move away from the station so that it doesn't get stuck when warping.

- Now you can specify if you want to keep the mining lasers running after the last mining cycle until the ship warps out so that you can effectively top up your cargo. The lasers will still be reset as usual during the other mining cycles except the last one.

- v5.4: Fixed a bug with monitoring the hostiles in local chat where the ship would undock while there were still hostiles in the system. Added an advanced option to specify an additional waiting period after the hostiles had left the system to ensure they are not coming back to hunt you down. Also fixed a couple of bugs introduced by the Tyrannis 1.1 patch.

- v5.44: Fixed a few bugs with the right click menus, HUD position and windows resizing introduced by the Incursion 1.1.0 patch. Added an option to repair your ship in station after unloading the cargo (this will also repair your drones). Added an option to load mining crystals from your station's hangar into the ship's cargo after unloading the ore first. You can now select which shortcut to use for quitting EVE Online (either the new one ALT-SHIFT-Q or the old school one CTRL-Q). Also it is now possible to decide whether you'd like to use the old "Window Mode" or the new "Fixed Window" style for your EVE Online window (both modes must still preserve the 1024x768 size).

- v5.45: The "Dock" command was moved back where it belonged in the right-click menu so now the program knows where to click it again.

- v5.46: The "Selected Item" window has been returned to minimum size once again and as such the Overview is a bit higher now as it used to be prior to the Incursion expansion. If you select the "monitoring hostiles in local chat" option now, TinyMiner will Not start the mining session until the hostiles have left the system. Also you can now re-use the "Warp to Zero Hauler" without restarting TinyMiner as long as you don't restart the EVE client.

- v5.47: The "Selected Item" window is now slightly larger by a few pixels and as such the Overview has been pushed a bit down now as a result of the Incursion 1.4.1 patch. Also the HUD has been lifted by a few pixels and this has been accounted for in all mouse click calculations. Fixed a bug with loading mining crystals from a Corporate Hangar Array. Now the Corporate Hangar Array window must be placed directly above the ship's cargo window (overlapping the drones window if any) just like when you are inside a station.

- v5.5: Fixed a few bugs introduced by the Incursion 1.6 patch. The modules are now correctly activated by mouse and the mining crystals are once again loaded into the ship's cargo at the beginning of each new run. The critical shield damage detection as well as regular damage detection are also working as intended. Added an option to target asteroids by mouse (just in case the "Ctrl-Click" shortcut isn't working well for you). Added an option to notify you by email if something goes wrong during a mining session. You can choose to receive an email whenever TinyMiner has quit EVE Online due to some emergency situation. This will be especially useful if you have an android phone (or similar) capable of receiving emails so that you are always on top of things. Make sure to specify the correct settings for your mail server and click the "Send a Test Email" button to verify everything is working as intended. If your ISP doesn't provide you with an email address you can always use a free email server such as Gmail ( on port 465), Yahoo ( on port 465) or Hotmail ( on port 25) as long as you have an account with them.

- v5.51: Fixed the targeting and laser activation bugs introduced by the Incarna expansion. Added proper install and uninstall routines.

- v5.52: Fixed the cargo window in station and repair ship bugs introduced by the Incarna 1.1.1 patch.

- v5.53: Fixed the Undock button, Add as first waypoint position, targeted asteroid icons and other small font-related bugs introduced by the Crucible expansion.

- v5.54: Fixed the "Eve window not found" bug introduced by the Crucible 1.0.1 patch.

- v5.55: Fixed the bug related to the Undock button from the new neocom panel introduced in the Crucible 1.1.1 patch.

- v5.56: Fixed the "Autopilot button position" bug introduced by the Escalation to Inferno 1.0.1 patch. Also the "Warp to Zero Hauler" now uses the new "Jump" button from the "Selected Item" window to travel through the stargates. The autopilot button is not being activated for the very last step in the jump sequence so that it doesn't warp at 12km away from the station but instead it will manually warp to zero and dock the ship. For redundancy reasons the "Add stargate as the first waypoint" functionality has been preserved as a fallback measure just in case the Jump button fails to work.

- v5.57: Fixed the cargo window and loading/unloading problems introduced by the unified inventory concept from the Inferno expansion.

- v5.58: Several bug fixes and improvements have been included in this version:

- Fixed the bug with normal and critical damage detection introduced with Inferno.

- Changed the local chat to "compact members list" for an increased number of hostiles that can be detected.

- Changed the "repair ship in station" option to right-click on your ship from the Ships window instead of center of the Eve window so that now you can use both "monitoring the local chat" and "repair ship in station" options at the same time. When right-clicking on your ship the "Get Repair Quote" option must be the second one in the context menu! Make sure to disable the "Load Station Environment" option in Eve Display & Graphics settings!

- Fixed the bug with "Loading the mining crystals" option. Now it will work correctly while docked in a station. For POS Mining you don't need this option since you can simply use an "Ore filter" on your cargo and keep a few spare crystals with you at all times. Due to setting the filter they won't be unloaded with the rest of the ore and so they will be automatically reloaded in your mining lasers as soon as the current crystals are burnt out.

- Fixed a bug with unloading the cargo when using the included "Warp to Zero hauler / Trade Route Runner".

- Moved the directional scanner window a bit down (when using the Wormhole scanning feature) placing it just above the shields in order to avoid false positives from system messages (such as asteroids popping).

- Changed the TinyMiner profiles to use the XML format so now when saving a profile it will be compatible with all future versions regardless of new options being introduced or obsolete options being removed! Unfortunatelly this means that right now you will have to re-make all your profiles so that they are saved in the new format.

- Introduced a new option in TinyMiner's Advanced Settings: Now TinyMiner can press F10 after undocking to open the system map in order to provide a uniform black background all over the Eve window. This option is especially useful if you experience trouble with the laser activation detection (active/inactive) due to the background color in your particular system. Make sure to select the "Solar System Map" instead of the "Star Map" and also minimize the "World Map Control Panel" window after doing so!

- Introduced a "Mine Belts Sequentially" option in TinyMiner's Advanced Settings: Now you can mine the belts in consecutive order rather than choosing a random belt every time. So TinyMiner will begin with the first belt, mine it until empty, then move on to the second belt and so on.

- Introduced a "Mission Mining" option in TinyMiner's Advanced Settings: Now TinyMiner can use acceleration gates so it can effectively mine the asteroids from all agent missions. If you wish to use this option make sure to add the acceleration gates to your asteroids overview profile and sort the overview by Name so that the acceleration gates will always appear first! TinyMiner will navigate through all the rooms in a mission and mine the asteroids that it finds on the way!

- v5.59: Fixed the "gate mining" bug introduced by the latest Inferno patch. Fixed the waiting delay for resuming the mining run after the hostiles have left the system. Introduced a new advanced feature to allow for additional mining cycles if the ore hold is below 80% capacity at the end of each mining run.

- v5.60: Fixed the "Repair ship in station" and "Close POS Hangar" bugs introduced by the Retribution patch. Added a new Advanced option to ignore the detection of the Ore Hold window (use ONLY if you are having problems with this specific feature! This shouldn't happen if everything is set up correctly!). Introduced a new Warp to Zero Hauler feature called "Free Style Travel" that doesn't need any bookmarks, just set the destination manually and let TinyMiner fly your ship there (the Overview still needs to contain only stargates). Now the Warp to Zero Hauler can also activate your modules after jumping each gate (useful for covert ops cloaking devices, hardeners, boosters, repairers, etc). Introduced a new feature to have the local chat or private messages sent to you by email if any of your specified keywords are found in the local chat or if you receive a private message. That way you can immediately log in remotely from your smart phone, laptop, tablet, work computer, etc, using Logmein, TeamViewer or similar apps and respond to the chat yourself thus confirming that you are a real person mining peacefully and not an Eve Online Mining Bot!

- v5.61: Fixed the "undock button", "repair ship in station", "drones launching delay" bugs introduced by the Odyssey expansion. Various small optimizations for faster start-up and smoother operation. A registration wizard has been included to streamline the registration process.

- v5.62: Added the "Don't reset the lasers after each cycle" option for continuous mining and further blending in with the regular human miners in your system! Fixed the gate mining, warp to zero hauler, repair option, undock button detection and a few other minor bugs that were introduced by the Rubicon expansion.

- v5.63: The following bug fixes and new features have been introduced in this version:

- Turn off the lasers before warping back to station when using the "Don't reset the lasers after each cycle" option so that you don't lose what's been mined during the last cycle.

- Stop the lasers before checking for full cargo so that an accurate measurement can be made including the ore mined during the last cycle.

- No delay after picking up the drones in case of hostiles found. The ship will GTFO as fast as possible but may leave the drones behind if they were too far away when hostiles showed up in system.

- Fixed the detection of private messages which was broken due to CCP changing the name of private chat log files.

- Added proper detection of the "Scan" button on the Directional Scanner which has been changed by CCP in a recent patch.

- Optimized starting the lasers so that now they start faster all around and especially when using the "Target fresh asteroids without unlocking first" and "Set all lasers on the same roid" options together.

- Added the possibility to use mixed combat and mining drones together.

- The "Gate Mining" feature can now be used for mining systems at two jumps away from your station. Additionally you no longer need stargate bookmarks when using gate mining for an adjacent system and you will need only one intermediate bookmark when using gate mining for a system two jumps away.

- Added a new advanced option to "Stop the ship from orbiting if lasers are active" so that once TinyMiner gets within mining range it will stop the ship since approaching is no longer necessary.

- Added a new advanced option to check if the cargo or ore hold has been completely filled up (100%). This is in addition to the "One more mining cycle if your cargo is less than 80% full" option. Use whichever you like best, they both work great!

- v5.64: Fixed many bugs introduced by the Rhea expansion including the detection of asteroids in belt, active lasers detection, directional scanner, 80% full cargo check, ore unloading and many others.

- v5.65: Fixed clicking the "Add stargate as first waypoint" context menu position and "Targeted asteroids detection" bugs introduced by the Carnyx expansion.

- v5.66: Fixed the Warp to Zero Hauler detecting the correct yellow stargate icon as well as properly detecting the targeted gas cloud icons in the Overview bugs introduced by the Aegis expansion.

- v5.67: Fixed a few bugs involving the correct detection of the autopilot button, end of warp, active lasers and shield damage introduced by the Vanguard update.

- v5.68: Fixed the AutoPilot button position bug introduced by the February 2016 update.

- v5.69: Fixed "Adding the stargate as the first waypoint" context menu position bug introduced by the Citadel expansion.

- v5.70: Added the "Orca drones-mining mode" feature for truly mining like a boss without worrying about starting and stopping lasers and other time-wasting micro-management! Also fixed the "hostiles detection" and "checking for 100% full ore hold" as well as several other behind-the-scenes tweaks and bugs introduced by the Ascension expansion.

- v5.71: Fixed a few bugs concerning orbiting when mining with an Orca, detecting red hostiles in local chat and clicking on a mining spot bookmark after undocking! Also this new version v5.71 heralds the introduction of the TinyMiner "BlackOps" DLC Pack focusing on stealth, cunning and blending in with the other players. Among the juiciest goodies you will find:

- Check belts for rats on arrival and during mining.
- When rats are found warp to another belt or kill them with combat drones.
- Monitor the probe scanner continuously for ore sites and ice belts (if none are found you have the option to mine the regular asteroid belts in the meantime).
- Use additional Eve Online clients to monitor the overview for pirates at wormhole entry points.
- Auto-restart Eve Online after the daily downtime and continue mining.

- v5.72: Fixed the context menu mouse click positions when picking up and engaging the mining drones bugs introduced by a recent Eve patch. In this version TinyMiner brings into the spotlight two important aspects of high-sec mining, namely mission mining through acceleration gates and the king of empire space, the Orca industrial command ship! Empire agents often offer missions that contain juicy asteroids of higher quality than what you'd normally find in the belts of similar security systems. Once you clear the rats with your favorite combat ship then you can bring your Orca and let it feast on the remaining asteroids for great AFK profits! In order to maximize the time spent mining, TinyMiner can now move the minerals from the Ore Hold into the Cargo Hold and Fleet Hangar for a total of more than 50% extra storage space! This can be applied to any mining ship but the Orca will benefit the most from this feature and now it can almost clear a belt in one go!

- v5.73: Fixed a bug when moving large stacks of different types of ore from the Ore Hold into the Cargo Hold or Fleet Hangar. Fixed a bug with detecting shield damage when the screen brightness is dimmed from a message box that has the focus. New in this version, added an advanced option for moon mining when you are at a citadel with a moon drill module and can warp directly to the newly created asteroid field upon undocking!

- v5.74: Fixed a bug with checking when the ore hold was 100% full after restarting the Eve Online client for the daily downtime. Fixed a bug with launching combat drones for the TinyMinerPlus Double Client when using the "BlackOps DLC Pack" and the option to monitor the Overview for rats. Changed the "Moon chunk mining" option to work together with the "Warp from 200km" option by using an intermediate bookmark within warp range from both the station and the newly created asteroids field. Fixed a bug with the "Warp to Zero Hauler" that would cause the program to wait a long period of time before resuming the operation after a gate jump.

- v5.75: Added a Market Trading, Items Seller and Assets Hauler module. The Market Trading module takes care of updating your buy and sell orders so that they are always on top (this works simultaneously for as many Eve Online clients as you want if you have a character ready to trade in every major trading hub). The Items Seller module will automatically set up sell orders for the specified items in your hangar. Last but not least the Assets Hauler module will take care of picking up your items from as many waypoints as you specify and bring them all in one central hub (Jita for example). No bookmarks are required!
Although the TinyTrader is a standalone add-on, it is integrated with the TinyMiner Suite and you can set it up to check and update your market orders while TinyMiner takes its scheduled breaks from mining inside the station!

- v5.76: Fixed a bug in TinyTrader with managing multiple orders of the same item. Fixed a few bugs introduced by the Eve Online, February 2019 update including: the "Dock" option position in the context menu, "Mine" and "Return to Drone Bay" options for mining drones and the autorestart after the daily downtime setting (using the new "Launch Group" button).
Added an option to start/stop command burst modules for the Orca and Rorqual industrial command ships.
Added an option exclusive to Rorqual pilots to recall excavator drones and/or activate the nexus invulnerability module in case hostiles are detected in the system.

- v5.77: Fixed a bug with the "Auto-Restart after the daily downtime" option. Added a new "Switch Ships" option for the "BlackOps DLC Pack". Now TinyMiner can switch to an ICE mining ship whenever an ICE belt has spawned in the scanner window and then switch back to mining regular belts with your ORE mining ship when the ICE belt has been mined out!
Added two more options for the market selling module of the TinyTrader Standalone Add-on. Now TinyTrader can sell packaged ships from your "Ships" tab and it can also sell immediately those items for which the difference between the top Buy and Sell orders is too small to make it worth creating a Sell order!

- v5.78: This is just a small update meant to fix a couple of bugs. Fixed a bug with detecting the new undock button introduced with the Invasion expansion. Fixed a bug with TinyTrader concerning a market order being fulfilled while still processing previous orders.

- v5.79: Fixed a bug with docking the ship at the end of a trip with the Warp to Zero Hauler. Fixed a bug with the TinyTrader confirming the price change dialog in certain situations.


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What is included with each purchase?

Postby VanGoghGaming » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:11 am

What is included with each purchase?

Are you a casual player looking to buy your EVE Time Codes with just ISK? Perhaps you wish to always have enough ISK to keep replacing your lost PVP ships and be always ready to jump back in the PVP fray? If you purchase the Classic version of TinyMiner the package will contain:

- The Classic TinyMiner application (with the advanced "extra" options disabled)
- The Free Warp to Zero - Hauler / Trade route runner (valued at $14.99, yours for FREE)
- The TinyMiner EVE Online Guides Bonus Pack (valued at $49.99, yours for FREE)

Are you a professional player determined to rake in some serious ISK and take advantage of more advanced mining options such as "Orca/Rorqual Mining", "Mining Drones", "Monitor Local Chat for Hostiles", "Monitor the Directional Scanner in Wormholes", "Jettison Can Mining", "Jettison at a Safe Spot", "Gate Mining", "Mission Mining" and "Check for Full Cargo"? Perhaps you want to double your ISK with 2 accounts on the same PC? If so then the TinyMinerPlus package is a perfect match for you! Here's what you'll get:

- The TinyMinerPlus application for two EVE clients on the same computer (with all the "extra" options activated)
- The Classic TinyMiner (with all the advanced "extra" options enumerated above activated)
- The Free Warp to Zero - Hauler / Trade route runner (valued at $14.99, yours for FREE)
- The TinyMiner EVE Online Guides Bonus Pack (valued at $49.99, yours for FREE)


Exclusive Bonus: The TinyMiner "EVE Online Guides Bonus Pack" Valued at $49.99, yours for FREE, this Ultimate Collection includes:

- 10 (ten) EVE Online Comprehensive Player's Guides spanning all aspects of the game (training skills, fitting ships, using drones, agent missions, ecm & eccm, market & trading, carriers faq, POS guide and much, much more!
- 7 (seven) EVE Online ISK Making Guides, leaving no stones unturned when it comes to fattening your ISK wallet! Discover insider secrets for manipulating the EVE market in order to sweep billions of ISK!
- 4 (four) EVE Online PVP Guides, learn how to effectively blow up other players' ships into spacedust! Ever wanted to become a pirate? Aargh, look no further!
- 4 (four) comprehensive EVE Online Wormhole Guides, the elusive sleepers and their riches will reveal all their secrets! Life in a wormhole can be very profitable indeed!
- A Complete Miner's Guide, this one really crunches down the numbers on everything you would possibly need to know about mining anything, with any ship, anywhere in EVE Online!
- A Complete PI (Planetary Interaction) Guide, totally autopilot profits don't get any better than this! This also includes full PI Material Diagrams.
- COSMOS Missions 101, a detailed walkthrough on how to complete these unique type of missions and getting billions of ISK worth of faction items and blueprints!
- In-Depth 2D Maps of the EVE Universe, perfect for finding that sweet secluded mining spot where you can mine yourself a fortune!

Buy with confidence, we've been successfully selling products on eBay for over a decade. If there's one thing we've learned during all these years is that customer satisfaction always comes first! Please check our impeccable 100% positive eBay Feedback (vital testimony of our relentless dedication to our customers).
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